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how unlock iphone 4s apple id

how unlock iphone 4s apple id

iphone unlocked

i have an iphone 4 orange uk locked i contact to orange uk they said my phone is removed from their network so plz apple support team unlock my phone tell me now what should i do now to unlock it



i bought an iphone 4 orange uk locked.. i conacted orange uk to unlock my phone ... they said ur phone is removed from our network,but my phone says invalid sim .. and my phones status is wild card activated...  plz help me now what should i do


waiting for your kind reply


thanks  apple team

iphone unlocked

HT4623 i hv buy a iphone4 frm jaipur bt i think this is my mistake becoz im faceing network prblm and apple autrsd service center said tht this is an unlock phone and we cant help u .so finlly im going to court agnst apple

i hv buy a iphone4 frm jaipur...bt i think this is my mistake becoz im faceing network prblm,and apple autrsd service center said tht this is an unlock phone and we cant help u....so finlly im going to court agnst apple....

What do i have to do to unlock my iphone 4 at apple.com

Hello my dear friends:


I am writing from the DR a friend of mine sent to me an iphone from the states but I have to unlock it at the apple.com site. please tell me the link to unlock it using the apple.com

how can i unlock my iphone 4 with apple.com

how can i unlock my iphone 4 with apple.com ?

Can Apple unlock my iPhone 3GS

Can Apple unlock my iPhone 3GS? My contract is over.

how do I unlock my apple ID

my apple Id on my iPhone is locked. I cant seem to find why. I can log into the iTunes store, but when I try to update apps on my iPhone it says its locked. how do I unlock it?

Iphone 4 with contract finished unlock by at&t or apple

I have a iphone 4, but the contract has termined, right now i have a iphone 4S,  but i want to unlock iphone4, i called At&t and they cant cause they cant see the iphone in the system..  they told me i have to call apple..   I called apple.. and they cant neither .. they told me that At&t must unlock the iphone..   (and I called att and apple 4 times..    even in conference and nobody knows ...   It is possible?


What can i do?


Iphone 4 is contract free for a 4S upgrade...  So Who have to unlock? :S


kind regards

Looking for an Apple supported factory unlock for my now unused iPhone 4 Please help

I recently upgraded my contract with AT&T and purchased an iPhone 4S.  With iOS 5 Im able use iCloud instead of Gmail for Calander/events/notes, etc for my personal use.  The issue Im having is, I want to use my old iPhone 4 (also upgraded to iOS 5) as my work phone so I can use iCloud rather then Gmail for my work line as well.  The problem is, the line is provided through another carrier (not AT&T, and yes it is a GSM network not CDMA) and because its paid for and provided by my employer, I cant pick which carrier I would like.  I contacted AT&T to have my iPhone 4 unlocked and recieved a response saying they have an agreement with Apple that they cannot provide the unlock code.  OK, Ill bite.  I did a little more research and discovered that the carrier can contact Apple and supposedly Apple is able to unlock the phone via an iTunes sync.  I emailed AT&T back again, and they basically said they dont initiate anything with Apple and Im stuck with an iPhone 4 I cant use.


Bottom line, as a Macbook Pro, iPad, and iPhone 4S user, the only thing Im stuck with using (not by choice) is this stupid android phone that work gave me, keeping me from utilizing iCloud for my appointments and other Calander functions.  I have permission from my employer to swap out for any phone that Id like (at my expense of course) and seeing as I have this iPhone 4, I want to use it so I can keep all my devices in sync.  So far my only option is to jailbreak the phone which I dont want to do, or sell my iPhone 4 which I also wouldnt want to do.  I could also purchase an unlocked iPhone 4 from Apple, but seeing as I have an iPhone here and the only option would be for an 8gb, it seems counter productive to 1) spend the cash and 2) have half the storage space on the device.


I cant find any information on Apples website in regards to emailing them about the issue, or any issue for that matter, so Im kind of stuck between a rock and a hardplace with an android phone that drives me nuts.  If AT&T is unwilling to help me due to an agreement with Apple to not provide unlock codes for the iPhone do I have any other options besides jailbreaking or selling it?  I want to be able to continue to use my old iphone without violating the end user agreement.  Thanks.

Does Apple unlock iPhones

I bought an iPhone 4 16gb from ebay recently and the phone service carrier is SaskTel I have tried 3 places to unlock it and none of them worked, Does Apple unlock iPhones,and if so how much does it cost?

Can Apple Store unlock my Iphone 4 so that it works with T-Mobile service

Can I get my Iphone 4 unlocked from ATT service to use with T-Mobile service?

how can I unlock my iphone on the screen I only have the apple logo and a thing that looks like if the phone is working but no advance

how can I unlock my iphone ? on the screen I only have the apple logo and  a thing that looks like if the phone is working but no advance

Why won't Apple give out the unlock code for an iPhone 3Gs when the contract was honored and I am still an AT

Why wont Apple give out the unlock code for an iPhone 3Gs when the 2  year contract was honored and I continued to be an AT&T customer with an iPhone 4. I wanted my old 3gs unlocked so my daughter could use it overseas when she is deployed. AT&T service over there *****, the international plan was not worth it. The individual SIM cards per country are much more reliable and cheaper. Teslestial in Iraq and Afghanistan, Telecom in Croatia,Vodafphone in Germany and Italy.  Why Apple will not unlock these phones for our military to utilize is incomprehensible to me.  These young men and women are fighting for these Apple people to go to work every day, safe, to live lives they have become accustom to yet releasing a phone to use on another network they cant do at least for the military.... WHY APPLE   WHY?   A good excuse not some of the many lame excuses I have received on the phone many times. AT&T states it is Apple that will not allow them to unlock the phones...  Please tell me why?  All I want Is my daughter to have a phone I trust, to be able to call me when she is given the free time to do so and I trust the apple phone.

Apple, please reconsider your stance on this issue.  I am having a hard time understanding why you will not unlock the iPhone. 

A simple code could allow me to talk to my daughter while fighting for our country the Great USA.  Apple should be on the front line and enabling those fighting for our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness to use unlocked phones on reliable local GSM networks.


I honestly hope that someone who has some sort of authority to begin allowing the release of unlock codes, and not forcing people to unlock their phones with some program produced by some hack just to be able to use your wonderful phone.  That is is in a nutshell, People love the iPhone so much that they want the ability to use it on the most reliable GSM carrier available to them.  That should be a major compliment. Even men and women on the front line want your phone. I agree, my service is not the best where I live either, love the GSM technology so stay with it, but if I had the ability to change to the other GSM network that has much better coverage in this area of the country I would change. To change now I would not have my iPhone and that I will not part with. 


Apple, please reconsider opening up the lock code and allow your gem of a phone to be used by many more people in many more areas and most importantly overseas fighting for our country.  I know if this is really thought about Apple would understand and come to the conclusion to release the unlock codes, and stop the people from hacking in to use the iPhone on other networks.


I would love for my daughter to be able to use my iPhone 3gs while fighting for our Free country.


A response would be appreciated.

Thank you.

An Apple customer for 10 years, phones and computers.



i am using factory unlock iphone 3gs if i upgrade it then still i need to unlock it again

i am using factory unlock iphone 3gs if i upgrade it then still i need to unlock it again

What is the process to unlock an iPhone 4 once I have the unlock code

Im leaving work but keeping my iphone 4. Thet have provided me with a PAC details to keep my number and given me an a five digit unlock code. What do i need to do with this ? Im waiting for a new sim card to arrive  which will be using the O2 network. My Company service was Vodafone. What do I do when the new sim arrives. Not sure whether I should take the old sim out then synch with itunes or what to expect from itunes when I do this. I just want to make sure I do everything in the right order and not loose anything on my phone if possible. Many thanks for any help. 

HT1222 if i update ios version does the factory unlock will be lock or remain in unlock mode

if i update ios version, does factory unlock will be locked or remain unlocked

HT4993 hello I heed help I bought me iphone in sallerman in my country but he doesn`t say iphone not unlock Can you help me can you unlock my iphone I from Kazahstan

hello! I heed help. I bought me iphone in sallerman in my country but he  doesn`t say iphone not unlock. Can you help me can you unlock my iphone. I from Kazahstan my imei 990001040153793

Hey guys So I currently when to att to unlock my iphone 4 ios7 phone i currently got the email that att allowed my phone to be unlocked i waited for 24 hours and now its been 7 days Ive restored my iphone many times and wont unlock my iphone

Hey guys ! So I currently went to att to unlock my iphone 4 ios7 phone i currently got the email that att allowed my phone to be unlocked i waited for 24 hours and now its been 7 days .. Ive restored my iphone many times and wont unlock my iphone .. i called in open a case with att but what will they do about it .. I have 2 iphone 4s on going with this process

I change my apple id because i forget my password to my previous apple id but the problem evertime i update my app store my previous apple id still existing even i have already new apple id

I change my apple id because i forget my password to my previous apple id but everytime i update my app store my previous apple id still existing even i have new apple id already

Please do a recall on Apple iphone 4 and 4s Chargers is this an APPLE call or cell phone company problem Apple please help I I take excellent care of my wall charger and it unravel where the charger is attached to the Apple iphone call can u help

Dear community Happy New Year .listen I have a Apple Iphone 4s:I have had this as a gift since may 2012.Its good,but my daughter and about 10 other people I know are having problems with their wall chargers in home and maybe even mobile im not sure.I especially take great care in disconnecting my device and removing the cord when not in use. the wear and tear cannot be that often to cause this damage we are all having !The cord on the charger is unravelling from the base where the apple iphone is attached when or while charging. I have use the cord in very bad conditions because #one I cannot afford to replace this item at the OFFICIAL APPLE STORE so Im guessing people like myself is going to discount stores to make purchase of chargers they most likely not work! I have tried 3 and none work spending anywhere from $8.00-$15.00 dollars. Im also concern about the fact that a lot of CHILDREN who must most likely go un supervised on using this unravelled IPHONE CHARGER CORD  when their parents maynot be aware. I not the voltage may not be of that large in which someone could cause shock or harm Im not certain of this either, However theres always a first Im asking can you either number one recall these chargers via Apple Corportation or two these cell phone companies who sell your product make them accountable for this .I learned today through Apple that the cell phone companies that sell Apple product use 3rd parties material to produce these mobile and home wall chargers and that they are not made by APPLE CORPORATION I WAS VERY UPSET TO KNOW THIS !I am asking you APPLE  to look into this very important concern that not just me but other consumers may have before their is an injury. also if you sell a $500.00 product thats MADE IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY CERTAINLY YOU CAN INCLUDE A GENIUNE CHARGER WITH YOUR APPLE PRODUCT WHEN SOLD IN CELL PHONE COMPANIES STORES AND STRIP MALLS ACROSS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND SURELY PEOPLE ARENT AWARE THAT THE REAL PRODUCT IS ONLY AT THE APPLE STORE EVEN IF THIS IS TRUE !  ps I called the apple store today to get a replacement they wanted to charge me would only offer me a $1.25 cent discount ! IST THIS WHAT APPLE PAY TO HAVE OTHER COUNTRIES MAKE THE IPHONE? THANKS APPLE FOR HEARING MY

CONCERNS....mpena309@gmail.com   or mybigoboy@icloud.com

HT2240 Why is an Apple Update download being sent to us my iPhone 4S for example if it's NOT endorsed by Apple I almost downloaded & paid for it I feel tricked & feel like this should NOT be allowed I want to trust Apple & I thought

Why is an Apple Update download being sent to us (my iPhone 4S for example) if its NOT endorsed by Apple -- I almost downloaded & paid for it!  I feel tricked & feel like this should NOT be allowed! Im talking about the QuickTime 7 Pro registration keys (codes) to use the downloaded QuickTime 7 Pro -- it popped-up on my computer under the guise of Apples downloads!  I want to trust Apple, & I thought I did, until this?  After some research I found out Apple does NOT endorse this!  They need to advertise like all others!  NOT pop-up under the guise that its a necessary update for ALL our Security!  Apple should NOT allow this!  What stopped me is that they said I had to purchase it AFTER the download -- but they didnt say how much!  This is tricky & time consuming Research!  I dont have time to research everything that looks legite from a Trusted Company!  Apple should NOT allow this!!! 

Hey guys apple need to sort this issue people are buying new phones here and the sound not playing from there phones like alot of people are having the same problem apple are ignoring it I went to an apple shop for them to want 150 pounds of me

Hey guys apple need to sort this volume problem out soon like there is guys who have just bought new phones and it is happening to theres.i went to an apple shop for them to tell me I had to pay £150 to get it replaced I dont want a replacement so clearly they know what the problem is apple need to review this site and act fast before they loose alot of customers.

I just bought used Iphone 46 today but in really good condition how do i change the apple id so its under my apple id account

I just bought a used Iphone 46 today off of craigslist and i cant figure out how to change the Apple ID over to mine like for example i dont know how to add the facebook app or any apps cause its saying the other persons Apple ID is still programmed on there i dont know how to change it! can anyone help me...

Apple iPhone 3G Dock Apple Composite AV Cable

Trying to use an Apple Composite AV Cable (MB129LL/B) on a Apple iPhone 3G Dock (MB484G/A) connected to a LCD: No go (regarding video out) so far - is it only me? Has someone got this working together?
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Apple iPhone 5 device only via Apple Store Even though I'm T-Mobile

Okay, I need some SERIOUS help from the Apple community.

I have been WAITING for an iPhone FOREVER.  Like seriously I have an archaic 3G and its rapidly disintegrating.


My question is, is it possible to buy from the Apple store a DEVICE ONLY iPhone 5, no questions asked?  I called Apple today and they said No, it is not possible to buy an iPhone via the Apple Store that is device only.  We only sell devices that come with a 2 year contract.


However, that contrasts the MANY forum posts I have found where many users have been able to buy the iPhone device only.


If possible, what is the procedure to purchase one?


Note that I am on T-Mobile.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone help me on this matter.  Thanks in advance!

Is it possible to unlock my iphone 3G

Im sorry in advance if I havent found already existing topic for my problem. Now the story goes that I purchased second hand iPhone 3G via my friend who lives in UK. He found it for me on some local website or forum of some kind. When I received this iPhone I noticed that its locked, I also found out that its locked to O2 UK. I called O2 customer service and asked if they could release iPhone for me so it could work with all carriers, but they told me there that it is impossible if Im not original owner of this device. Basicly I need to ask the seller to request release for me, but me and my friend dont know seller and havent any contact with him whatsoever, so its impossible to ask him to do that.
Question is that what Im supposed to do now? I mean that iPhone does not work with my local carrier sim-card and O2 refuses to release it for me without original owner and phone number. Is there any chanse that maybe Apple could release it for me? Is there any other ways besides hacking (that is the thing I dont want to do)? Please help me out.
Thank you for any help or advice.

Unlock the Iphone

Who do i contact to unlock the Iphone 3GS after my ATT contract is over?
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iphone unlock

hey im on o2 network and rang them to get my phone unlocked as i am moving and i got a message from them to say it has been submitted to apple does anyone know how long it will take or what i have to do for apple to unlock as i need it done b4 i go away?

Need to unlock my iPhone 4 5.1.1

Can some one help me out

Iphone unlock



A friend just gave me his old iPhone 4 bought at a Apple Store and bought a new one from Fido. My problem is that the iPhone he gave me is locked with Fido and this carrier doesnt work where I live. I went to Koodo and they told me it was locked and to go see Fido to unlock it, so I did. They told me that they were not able to unlock the iPhone 4 on 5.1 because of the update and they also said to go to a little shop near Montreal (doesnt seem legit at all). I went there and they told me that they had to JB it and things like that so I didnt ask them to unlock it.


My question is: why do apple doesnt unlock iPhones with codes like in Europe when the carrier says that the phone is off-contract and eligible for an unlock? Thats clearly taking people for dumbs when they say they have no way to unlock it.

Thank you

Unlock Iphone 3G

First of all just excuse my English though I havent really practise for years...
Ive asked yesterday to my French Operator to unlock my iPhone and he told me a proces I did not understand.
First of all, how do I know that Apple have launched my unlock process ?
Do I receive an email from Apple or is it just a part of luck ?
Second point : what is the real process to unlock ? The two people I had told me 2 different ways, and the French forums tell the one and its opposite.
The main process I found is :
1/ Waiting about 1 week
2/ Connect my iPhone with USB
3/ Launch Itunes and synchronize
The other item found was
3/ Launch Itunes and restore.
Wheres the truth ? Somewhere else should Mulder say, but I dont believe
Thanks for your help
Iphone 3G iOS 4

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