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https picasaweb.google .com m viewer

https picasaweb.google .com m viewer

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Safari and Picasaweb Links to unlisted albums don't work

Opening unlisted album links for picasaweb on the iPhone simply doesnt work!
The url to an unlisted(private) album looks like this:
So you simply end up with the public albums.
First I thought this is an issue with Googles mobile version of PicasaWeb.
But then Ive tried switching my user agent for Firefox to iPhone 3.0...
Then a link like this:
Safari apparently transforms the and into %5B and %5D ... which shouldnt be a problem. Or should it
But even with the correect mobile link it doesnt work.
So lets recap: The link to an unlisted album works on the user agent of iphone 3.0 but doesnt work on the ACTUAL iphone with software 3.0 on it.
Now the big question: is this googles fault or apples?
Im afraid its the latter... I tried it on a device with windows mobile and opera - the result: works perfectly fine!
So, whats going on here?
Apple, anyone, please react to this!
And I am apparently not alone with this issue:

iphone unlocked

Why can't I log in to https

I have had my iPhone for a week or so now... I had been accessing secure websites (and still can, mostly) but one in particular wont let me in...
I can enter my user name and password, but the submit button is grayed out. I cleared my cookies and history and did a power cycle reboot on the iphone. Still no worky.
What is going on? Is there a genius out there that can help me? I need this access to conduct business. ACK!

https secure browsing certificates

In Safari on the iTouch (2.1 software, and presumably the same as iPhone) I can connect to an https site. I can see the little lock icon in the address bar. But how do I know that the certificate has actually been checked and verified?
In Safari on the Mac, if I click the equivalent lock icon, I can see the certificate. This doesnt work AFAICT on the touch, the lock icon seems to only be a display. Ive been trained to check the certificate before trusting the website with passwords tied to money etc.
I could believe that in this stripped-down version of Safari, they dont have the hooks to view the certificate, and maybe I will just get a warning if it cant be verified, or maybe there wont be a lock icon? But I havent been able to find that documented anywhere. For all I know, this stripped-down Safari doesnt check certificates at all.
Can anyone shed any light on this, and if you think you know, point me at some Apple documentation that makes this clear?
Id really like to use my touch to access eBay, etc., but not if I cant be sure Im really on a secure page.
Powerbook G4 12" Mac OS X (10.5.5)

IMlite Viewer

Hello is anyone using the IMlite Viewer for Exchange? If you are how did you set that up? I get this error: There was a problem accessing the account. Please check the account settings. Does anyone know how to fix it? I have put in my email address, the external server name, the domain name, username and password.
iPhone OS 3.1.3

Snapshot Viewer

Is there an app. that will allow the iphone 3G to view this file?
latitude 520 Windows XP Pro

AutoFill Names & Passwords on https pages not working 3.0

Ive enabled AutoFill Names & Passwords
(Settings > Safari > AutoFill)
and logged into a number of https: pages;
Im able to access them as always but Safari isnt saving my login info...have to key it again when returning to the site.
Has anyone been able to use AutoFill w/ https: sites yet? Side-note: Safari does seem quicker...good stuff.
MBP 2.4ghz Core 2 Duo Mac OS X (10.5.5) fueled by red kryptonite.

unable to connect to https pages using mobile provider

PC photo downloader viewer

What photo viewer/downloader/editor applications does the iphone recognize on PC and how do I set it up or to change it in itunes?
I had adobe photo album starter edition but I guess I didnt register or something and the application expired and it is now causing me problems in downloading and I need to get a new application, preferably a free one.
Any suggestions or recommendations?

Netflix Movie Viewer

I was wondering if it would be possible to load the software that Netflix uses to watch instant movies to the iphone? I am considering purchasing one and this would be a huge plus for me as I would be able to watch movies on my train commute daily.
I am guessing NO right away since I beleive this software relies on Windows Media Player in some ways.
Dell Windows XP

How do I stop FinePix Viewer from opening every time I connect my 27 De

I was recently given a fujifilm camera, which is a decent camera but has a, what i consider awkward downloading prog. It opens everytime i plug my iphone 3gs in...?
How do I stop FinePix Viewer from opening every time I connect my ...
Im using a imac, 10.5.8, iphone 3gs.
I cant find a prefs panel in finepix viewer anywhere, any help much appreciated.
Imac Mac OS X (10.5.8)

iPhone app that allows cable transfer of files and viewer feature

Hi Guys,
Now Im really getting desperate...
Does anyone know of an app that allows you to transfer files to your iPhone via the USB cable and has a partner iphone app that allows you to view the files.
Im looking specifically for PDF and Html viewer.
I cant use the WiFi and cant download using 3G...too expensive.
Ive tried a few apps thus far but they allow you transfer files to locations that the iphone apps cannot access.
Kind regards,
Kind regards,
Dell Latitude E6400 Windows XP Pro

Safari crashes every time I go to www.google.com or use Google serach

Address Book Google Synchronization & Google Sync

I want to have my Address Book on my MacBook, Google Apps account contacts, and my iPhone 3G contacts all synced together.
I first set up the new Google Sync, which has worked wonderfully, but I couldnt figure out a way to sync new contacts added on my MacBook to Google.
So then I disabled the contacts portion of Google Sync, and synced my Google contacts through iTunes. This seems to update Google contacts from my Address Book during sync along with the iPhone. But it I have to be plugged in to receive the changes.
Is there a way to have my MacBook Address Book, my Google Contacts, and my iPhone contacts to be all wonderfully synchronized together over-the-air
MacBook Mac OS X (10.5.5) iPhone 3G

Google Mobile vs Google classic on iPhone

I have been happily using Google Classic on my iPhone frome the start (as opposed to the more simplified Google Mobile option Im presented with). But now each time I go to Google.com on my iPhone it automatically defaults to the Mobile version and will not even allow me to even select Classic. Has anyone else noticed this? I suppose this is no big deal in the great scheme of things but what gives? Any ideas?
imac 24" Intel Mac OS X (10.4.7) iPhone, Apple TV, G4 Flat Panel, Airport Extreme/Express

Cannot go to google.com from Ireland forced to google.ie

I read recently that google had made a new google homepage for the iPhone. To use it all you have to do is go to www.google.com in Safari and the iPhone tailored homepage should appear.
Problem is that in Ireland the iPhone goes directly to google.ie/m and I cannot find a link to go to google.com.
I cannot find anywhere in the iPhone settings to allow me to open google.com. Does anyone know how I can get around this? MacBook I can simply click on the Go to Google.com link at the bottom of the page, but this does not appear on my iPhone.
MacBook 15inch Mac OS X (10.5.2)

HT4204 Google Earth iGoogle and Google are now developed to be used on the iPhone 4S Along with Apple Apps iPhoto Garage Band and AirDisplay which you can see your mouse actually working on the iPhone 4S Important

Google Earth, iGoogle, and +Google are now developed, and can be used on the iPhone 4S.  Along with Apple Apps iPhoto, Garage Band, AirPort Utility, and AirDisplay which you can see your mouse actually working on the iPhone 4S.  Important ?

Conflict between Google application and Google Earth application

Hi, Im facing with a strange thing. Some time ago I have downloaded the free Google Earth application on my iPhone and, some time later, I have realised that it was also availble within the more general free Google applicaton. Thererefore, I have downloaded the free Google application into my iPhone and uninstalled the Google Earth application via my Apple Store in my PC and, after synchronization, into my iPhone as well. The problem is that, after having done it, I cannot use the Google Earth option anymore inside the Google application in my iPhone (it says that there is a missing link...). So, the only solution I have found so far has been to re-install the Google Earth application again in my iPhone (from My Apple Store in my PC)... It works but, as matter if fact, Id like to find a way to have the Google Earth application only once (inside the Google application) in order to not have it duplicated, so increasing the availble space in my iPhone... Do you know how to do? Thanks.
iPhone 3GS Windows Vista

Google Maps I Installed 2.2 but my Google maps is the SAME

Google Maps.. I Installed 2.2 but my Google maps is the SAME!?
What do I do? I know it is updated! Safari is different. Google maps doesnt have street view or anything else new?
MacBook Mac OS X (10.5.5)

Can sync Google Calendar to iphone but not iphone to Google Calendar

It was working fine at one point and now it doesnt. I add events from google calendar and it goes to the phone, but not the other way around. I deleted the calDAV account from the phone and punched it in again, with no results.

Google not available

Anyone else getting Not found error 404 when using google on safari?
iBook G4 1.42ghz 14" Mac OS X (10.4.4) iPod Mini 6ghz, iPod Nano 4ghz

google calendar

is there a way to control which calendars show up on google calendar because they check boxes for individual calendars dont show up

Google Mail

I used Google Mail with my iPod Touch and had no problem, set-up Google Mail on my iPhone, worked before my phone became registered, once registered it wont work. Any ideas?
Imac Mac OS X (10.5)

google calendar

I use google calendar on Google Chrome. How do I get the calendar to appear on my iphone g and stay there when Im not connected? I have on a couple of occasions been able to see all my calendar entries on my phone, but I have no idea how I got them there or how to keep them.
Windows XP

Google defaulting to .com.au

Hello everyone -
Got a brand new iPhone 3gs
One issue - For some reason whenever I search using the built-in search in Safari, it always defaults to the google.com.au domain - how can I change this to .com (US)
iPhone 3GS 32GB iPhone OS 3.1.2

Google calendar

is there a way to sync my google calendar with my iphone without using Outlook?
Compaq Presario Windows XP 3g iPhone

Google Calander

Does anyone know if it is possible to sync ical with my google calander or does the iphone not suport this at present?
MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.7) iPhone

Unsyncing with google

I had a droid eris for a few months, and synced it with my macbooks contacts. I got rid of the eris, got the iphone 4, but now I still keep getting a message on my macbook about wanting to sync my contacts. I deleted all my contacts in my google account, and I still get the message. How do I get rid of this message? Thanks!
imac Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Google Maps

I would like to install Google Maps on my iPhone 4. Cant find it in the app store. Does one exist? If, so, where can I get it?
iMac w/Intel Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Google Contacts

Hi, Im helping a friend set up his new iPhone, but he is still using a PC and wants to sync his contacts easily. The sync will only sync all of the contacts in his gmail rather than a specific group, which is annoying. I know this was a known problem, but Im wondering what some workarounds are? I cant find much anywhere online about it. What do PC people do?
Any suggestions would be really helpful. Thanks!
iMac 24", MacBook 13", iPhone 3G iPhone OS 3.0

Google maps US only

I do have an German iphone and it works terriffic.
The only problem I have is with the google maps application combined with the Adress book.
Everytime I click on an address to show in google maps it cant find the address, because iphone adds United States to the address.
All my Addresses in the US works but the German addresses obviously not. Is there a salvation available yet?
Windows XP

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