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i forgot my iphone 5 security pass ios 7.04

i forgot my iphone 5 security pass ios 7.04

iphone unlocked

Forgot Pass code iPhone 3G

My 3yr old daughter somehow managed to put a passcode last night and right now I am struggling to use it. This is my brothers phone which he gave to me after he replaced his with iPhone 4. Now my phone is sim unlocked and jail broken as I am not in the US.
I have gone through the threads on the net and they say that do a restore using iTunes. When I do that it gives me an alert that it would restore my phone to original settings and also update my OS to the latest version. My biggest issue is that if the OS is updated then I wont be able to use my phone again. Can anyone help.
iPhone 3G iPhone OS 3.1.2

iphone unlocked

HT4213 If you forgot your pass how do you delete it

My brother decided to put a restrictions

Pass on my phone and he forgot it I dont want to restore my phone

So please help me

HT1725 forgot my security questions what to do

its my first time to download music from i tunes. they are asking me to answer the security questions which i forgot. what can i do?

I forgot the answers to my security questions in the apple store I can reset my security questions and answers

I forgot the answers to my security questions in the apple store,  how can I reset my security questions and answers?

Forgot the answers to my accounts security questions

I forgot the answers to my apple id security questions. Can anyone help me?

HT4528 I forgot the answers to my security question how do I reset them

I forgot the answers to my security question...how do I reset them?

HT4213 Can the restrictions pass code be different than the auto lock pass code

Can the restrictions pass code be different than the auto lock pass code. Defeats the purpose if a child can get into restrictions using the same code that is used to prevent unauthorized access to the phone itself.

i already upgrade to iOS 6.1.3 but cant pass through the iphone Activation it always say activation server is temporarily unavailable help me

i buy from my friend. but the Safari explorer and Weather forcast seems to be crashed. so i made a decission to upgrade to iOS 6.1.3...

New to iOS - backup and security

Hi guys,
Just bought my first iPhone (3GS) so Im a novice when it comes to iOS. I would appreciate if someone could answer a couple of questions I have regarding my device:
1. I am running Windows Vista, and noticed iTunes backs up my iPhone when connected. Is it possible for me to store backups of these backups externally so I can restore in the event of a hard drive failure?
2. I am reluctant to upgrade to iOS 4, solely due to performance issues. I am aware of an update to iOS 4 which plugs a security vulnerability relating to PDF viewing. Does this vulnerability exist in 3.1.3? For the record, I am not interested in jailbreaking.
Thanks in advance.

Security Privacy and Capacity of iDevices such as iPhone 5 iPhone 4S and iPhone 3GS in iOS 6 and earlier versions

Does anyone know whether a virus or spy program could hide in an iPhone outside the iOS? Such virus/spy may be monitoring everything you do in iPhone, including reporting your GPS location and sending pictures taken with iPhone camera to some server over cellular data. The reason I ask about this is owing to mysterious disappearance of over half GB capacity in my iDevices such as iPhones and iPads. You may have the same issue, but you cant find it out as long as your iDevice has a capacity of 16GB or more.


An 8GB iPhone shows a total capacity of 6.7GB, but after being restored to factory settings with the iTunes in my laptop, its total capacity drops to 6.2GB. This is not owing to iOS 6; indeed, I gave a new 8GB iPhone 3GS to another friend last year, and the iPhone also shows a total capacity of 6.2GB despite its iOS4 (not iOS 5 or iOS 6) -- surely I also used the iTunes in my laptop to initialize it and updated it with iOS 4 (the latest version of the time).


Any expert could shed some light on this troubling issue? Thanks!

MLB Audio Pass on iPhone

Hey. I recently purchased the MLB audio pass through MLB.com. I was trying to figure out if I could use this pass on the iPhone right now? I have not had any luck thus far. I was wondering if anyone else has the pass and using it on the iPhone. Or does anyone have any suggestions to get the use of the audio pass?
I see that MLB At-Bat will have an audio feature, but I prefer to not have to pay for this feature twice.
Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.
Windows Vista

iPhone 3GS restriction Pass Code forgotten

I have an iPhone 3GS 16GB. I forgot my restriction pass code. What can I do to unrestricted it?
MB166LL/A Mac OS X (10.6.1) 17" MacBook Pro

iPhone does not give me username prompt for connecting to WiFi only pass

When connecting with my computer, I get a user name and password prompt, but with my iPhone, it only asks for a password and wont log in. What am I supposed to do to get the iPhone to input my user name?
Macbook Mac OS X (10.4.10)

TS1591 Hi i keep getting an error message when ever i try to restore my iphone 3g how can i get pass this stage

I am trying to update a ipone 3 however it is stuck in recovery mode and it keeps giving me an error message, please help

Can't unlock my pass code

Upon updating, I entered a pass code and now its locked me out of the phone. Please advise...

will not accept pass word

I have been trying to update some apps through the app store over my wireless network since yesterday at about lunch time and my iphone 3G keeps telling me that the password is incorrect. I have reset the phone with the two buttons, What else should I do?
Quad core, mac pro

Voicemail Pass-Code

I just recently upgraded to a 16GB Black iPhone 3G from my 8GB 1st Gen iPhone, I set a voicemail pass-code on my first iPhone but I did NOT set one for my 3G and now my 3G is always asking me for my voicemail pass-code, and I have tried putting in the old pass-code and it says it is incorrect?
Does anyone know how to reset the voicemail pass-code?
Black MacBook & 16GB iPhone 3G Mac OS X (10.5.4) 

my iPhone 3G turned off when i dropped it and since then i try turning it on and it won't pass the apple logo what do i do

I dropped My iPhone 3G it turned off and since then ive tried turning it on & it wont boot through the apple logo, i already tried pressing the home button and the log off one but its the same. what do i do?!

Pass Code Change Message

Hi, Can anyone help resolve the following?
Since upgrading to 2.2 I keep getting a pop-up ‘Pass Code’ update message for my work Exchange email. I first updated it to 8 characters from 4 and now it’s asking me for 15 characters. I’ve turned the work email account off for now as it was impacting on my personal email accounts, but I’m still receiving the pop-up message to change the pass code. Any ideas other than deleting my work email account?
Cheers PaloUK
DELL XPS 420 Windows Vista

Entered wrong pass word

I entered my pass code to unlock my iPhone. It wont accept it help

Failed pass code restore

With pass code enabled and data removed after 10 failed attempts, is it possible to restore the phone should it be recovered?
Dell XPS Windows Vista

HT1212 i forget my pass code

connect to itune

Constantly being prompted to enter voicemail pass code

Hello all. So my dad has an first gen. 8GB iPhone. He is running the latest version of 2. X. So constantly he is getting prompted to enter the voicemail pass code. If he is on the home screens, that window will pop up asking for the code. If hes in an app, that window will pop up. It seems to happen every 30 seconds or. When it does come up, we enter the password, it accepts it and goes away. Then it would come back again. Neither of us have any clue why its doing this. Any help you could give would be very helpful.
Thanks and Happy Holidays!
15 inch MacBookPro Mac OS X (10.5.6)

i cant get in to my iphone i forgot my password what do i do


forgot to backup old iphone now i have a new one

my iphone 4s broke so i couldnt see the screen therefore i was only to recover certain things, now that i have a new iphone 4s itunes wont even accept the device?

how to ulock an iphone if i forgot the passcode

My daughter has has forgotten her password to phone and has it has been locked up. What do i need to do?

forgot my restriction password in my iphone 4s

forgot my restriction password in my iphone 4s how can resolve it

Forgot iPhone 3GS code

I forgot my iPhone 3GS code to unlock the iPhone.
Please help me
iPhone 3GS Windows XP

i forgot the passcode to unlock my iphone

I forgot the passcode for my iPhone I just bought today, and now Its locked for 15minutes. Is there any way to unlock it!?

How do I unlock my iphone when I forgot my pasword

Please help me by answering as soon as possible. Thank you.

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