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i switched from switched from iphone to android not getting text messages

i switched from switched from iphone to android not getting text messages

iphone unlocked

how do i receive texts after i switched to android

i just switched to a galaxy note 2 and i cant receive texts from iphones unless they go on their iphone and turn on the sms message button.


any suggestions?

iphone unlocked

Work switched to android Now I am not receiving texts from iPhone users

My work recently had us switch to android. Now when my friends text me they send texts as iMessages and the messages go through, but I am unable to receive any of the messages. They do not default to SMS. If the user selects to send as a text the text will go through.


However, this is not an option on group chats... So for example I am in a chat with 2 people and it was previously iMessage they still continue to chat in iMessage with no indication that I do not recieve the text.


I have never used iCloud or any other apple/mac device on my account.


I have deleted the iphone from my apple account.

I have changed my password.

I have deleted my phone number from my apple account.


What else do I need to do in order to get these text messages? I no longer have access to the iPhone.



I had an iPhone and I switched to a Samsung Galaxy Mega and I no longer receive text messages from iPhone users How can I stop this

I had an iPhone and I switched to a Samsung Galaxy Mega, and I no longer receive text messages from iPhone users. How can I stop this?

my iphone 3 GS shows mirror image i.e backward reversed text when switched on or woken up Any explanations or solutions

Hi, my i-phone 3GS suddenly started showing all text in reverse or mirror image when it wakes or is switched on.  By toggling the on/off swtich it may revert to normal eventually but it takes time.   Problem is recurrent for 3 days and makes the phone unusable in a hurry.   Any explanations or solutions.

i have just switched to samsung and i have removed the sim from the iphone however i am still receiving texts rather 'imessage' on the old iphone how do i make sure all messages only come to my new phone

i have just switched to samsung and i have removed the sim from the iphone however i am still receiving texts rather imessage on the old iphone. how do i make sure all messages only come to my new phone

Switched to a used iPhone 3g

Hello everyone.

My boss gave me his iPhone 3g after he upgraded. Im switching from the android market (thank god).



Anyways - I called my mobile provider, got my data plan and everything swapped over.

However, whenever I go into the App Store to download something, the install bar is half-loaded and nothing will download.

For example:


Im trying to download the facebook app. I see the little blue box to the right that says +Free. When I click it, the bar disappears half way, but turns green. I can see a few letters NSTAL... and thats it. When I click it, the box turns blue again and nothing happens.


Any idea whats going on? Ive attached a screen shot of my issue.



iPhone gets switched off suddenly

Heyy my IPhone got suddenly switched off and is not getting on. I updated software to 3.0.1 recently. I was wondering why this is happening ? could anyone please let me know how to solve this issue
I Phone 3GS iPhone OS 3.0.1

switched from ipod to iphone

now having trouble syncing music that i load into itunes to my iphone. any ideas or suggestions? pp
iPhone OS 3.1.3

Alarm when iPhone 4 is switched off

I finally got my first iPhone last weekend and Im very pleased (as you can imagine).
There is one thing Im wondering about though. When I switch off the iPhone, the alarm doesnt fire up until I switch on my iPhone again. Thats rather odd, as all my previous phones did switch themselves on for alarm, can be snoozed, etc. while off.
Am I missing something here, is there any alarm app, thats capable of switching the iPhone on by themselves!?
Kind regards,
iPhone 4 - iOS4.0.1 iOS 4

switched off

hi everyone, sometimes i cant switch on my iphone iphone 4g..maybe its funny but i think that my iphone live his own life=)

HT4061 my iphone switched off not restart

my phone switched off unable to reboot

Switched iPhone to new computer - re playlist

I recently changed computers to a new Macbook Pro - and have a some playlists on the iPhone that are grayed out. I have putt my iTunes library on a external hard drive (ehd) - it syncs with my iPod fine - but the playlists on my iPhone are accessible only through the iPhone - grayed out in iTunes - so I cant really change anything on the iPhone. How do I remove, alter or now add a playlist from the iTunes onto the phone?
MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.6.3)

My iphone 4 will not receive texts sent when it's been switched off

I turn my phone off every night when I go to sleep, usually if someone has sent me a text in this time I receive it when I turn the phone back on.

Since I have updated to ios7 the texts sent while turned off are just disappearing and I never get them. Anyone know how to resolve this? Thanks.

No Service when 3G switched on

I have a 3GS iphone and it has started showing No Service when 3G is switched on, even if I am in a 3G zone or not.
I have tried all the factory resets and restores but no joy. When I restore I have done it from itunes, is there anyway of resetting completey but still able to somehow transfer my contacts
Help please.
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iPhone needs connected to itunes everytime it is switched off

My original sim was faulty and I installed a new one. Everything works fine apart from the iphone requesting to be connected to itunes each time it is switched off.Have I missed something?
iPhone 3G iPhone OS 3.1.3

Lost my Iphone 4 and switched to the Droid - Itunes help please

So I lost my iphone4 and instead of getting a new one, i got a Droid instead. My only question is - is there any way to retrieve my contacts and other data from itunes and put it on my new phone?


I got the iphone4 rescently as well and plugged it into my computer and it got all of my contacts and pictures loaded on from my old iphone. Also I havnt used icloud to backup, only itunes. So im pretty sure somewhere on my computer there is a folder of somesort from itunes that is holding my contacts? I hope so!! Any one have an idea of what to do?


( I dont know what the iOS was but it was the most rescent up to date as of last weekend)

Phone has switched itself off can't switch it on again

My phone has just switched itself off for no reason. I can not get it to switch back on...it has a virtually full battery. What should I do?...please help!!!
iPhone 3GS iOS 4

suddenly my iphone 4 is switched off hence it was working properly one min before

Suddenly, my i phone4 is switched of, hence it was working properly, even bettery is charged. now it is completely black out. What can I do?

My iPhone 3Gs is getting switched off within 10 minutes after unplugging it from the charger What can I do about it My iPhone 3Gs is getting switched off within 10 minutes after unplugging it from the charger What can I do about it

My iPhone 3Gs is getting switched off within 10 minutes after unplugging it from the charger. What can I do about it?, My iPhone 3Gs is getting switched off within 10 minutes after unplugging it from the charger. What can I do about it?

Switched from Iphone 4 to Galaxy S4 and cannot receive texts from iPhones

Yesterday, I switched from the Iphone 4 to a Samsung Galaxy S4.  However, I cannot receive texts from friends with iphones.  For some reason, when they enter my number in their phone, it assumes it is an iphone number and sends an imessage.  We have manually changed the contact info to say mobile instead of iphone.  We have deleted and made myself a new contact.  We have restarted phones.  They can see the messages I send them from my new phone, but I cannot get messages back unless they turn imessage off.  This is troublesome because I cannot ask every contact with an iphone to turn off imessage just to contact me.  We traded in our old phones (my iphone 4), and it was completely wiped and restored to factory settings, so I do not know why this would assume my phone is an iphone.  I talked to a Samsung representative and they said to talk with apple now.

Do I need to leave my iphone 4 switched on and unlocked to get my screen fixed

I have a cracked front screen and want to get it fixed. There is a computer store just down the street from my work, which is convenient for me to use. But when I went in the other day to get a quote they said I need to leave my iphone switched on, and if it has a passcode to leave it with them or set the settings to no passcode. I dont partially want to do this because I have a lot of personal information on there that I dont want them to have access to.

So I wanted to know if this is necessary or are they being sleezy

bizarre happening iPhone switched off won't turn on

this morning I charged it, it was showing 100% so unplugged it.
then I went on TwitterFon and while I was typing the phone switched off and wouldnt turn on.
I decided to plug it in and its now giving me the red battery sign on the screen (like it had been completely drained and now charging from the beginning)
Im trying to turn it on but it wont turn on at all. But it was 100% charged 10 minutes ago...
anyone knows whats going on?
macBook Air 2.13ghz, iPhone 3gs iPhone OS 3.0.1

Decline and Accept buttons need to be switched around

I love my iPhone 3GS, I think that its the best smart phone out there. But I would suggest Apple to improve the iPhone design in at least 3 areas.
#1. the DECLINE button is on the left of the phone and ACCEPT is on the right.
The brain function and all industrial design requirements are from left to right.
The most important button, which is ACCEPT should be on the left and DECLINE on the right. How many of you disconnected the incoming call by mistake? Also, when you hold the phone with your right hand (right handed people) the thumb reaches the DECLINE button first.
The following 2 more improvements which are desired by many people are:
#2 Make replacement batteries, like Chinese iPhone replica did
#3 The applications should go into built in memory card and the music into the flash card 32GB. Since we will be able to open the back lid we can swap the card with another 32 GB memory card we can have as many flash cards as we want and have a huge music and video library, instead of waiting 128GB iPhone, that would cost $599.
When I asked Apple tech support, what would happened if my battery dies. Do I need to send the iPhone for a replacement and be without the phone for weeks? They answered that Apple no longer are replacing the batteries, they just send a new phone. Strange... Wouldnt Apple save money if people could replace the batteries themselves?
Mac Pro 3.0 Mac OS X (10.5.5)

Switched computers - Lost apps

I started syncing my iPhone 3GS with a different computer, which doesnt have any apps on it. Is there any way to transfer the apps from the iPhone to the computer? When I tell the computer to sync the apps with the phone, it tells me everyone on the phone will be replaced with what is one the computer... but there is nothing on the computer. Any help appreciated! Thanks!
iPhone 3GS, MacBook, 24" iMac Mac OS X (10.5.7)

Listening to music with phone switched off

I am looking at purchasing an iPhone. Can you listen to music or other content on your iPhone with the actual Phone side of things switched off. The reason I ask is because it looks like I will be spending quite a lot of time in hospital waiting rooms and they require you to have your phone switched off.
iMac 20in Mac OS X (10.4.8)

iPHONE 3Gs Whenever switched to 3G I cannot make or receive phone calls

For the last 2 weeks, I am having an issue with my 3Gs iPhone where if it has ENABLE 3G turned on, I cannot make or receive phone calls most of the time. I have had this phone since last June, and never had an issue with it before.
I called AT&T and they indicated that perhaps there was a service disruption caused by severe weather (it was very windy the night before this started happening) in Boston area a couple of weeks ago, but that if I enable 3G and reset my phone I should eventually have full signal back. That has not turned out to be the case. I have even restored my phone as a NEW phone and that still has not helped. AT&T also indicated it would not be the SIM chip as I have no problems if I disable 3G in settings.
Another weird thing is the signal strength is showing as full strength most of the time when I have this problems although when I disable 3G and then reenable it, it drops to nothing for a few seconds. I did the cell strength field test and had -90s which is good so I am at a loss. Sometimes if I turn phone off and then on again, I will be able to make a phone call or 2 before it resumes getting CALL FAILED messages, but it always is very short lived.
Could it have something to do with firmware 3.1.3? (Version is 3.1.3(7E18)?
Is anyone else in the general Boston area (Im in Malden) having this issue?
If you have had this issue and resolved it, what did you do?
The phone has no damage, has never been hacked, dropped or gotten wet, and this problem just started out of the blue for no apparent reason.
Is it time to make a Genius appointment? Will they just replace my phone or have to service it?
I also notice my battery life is substantially reduced lately despite minimizing settings per Apple suggestions to maximize performance.
Thanks in advance for any help with this severely annoying problem!

Help Needed Camera not asking to use photo location when switched on

Hey guys, any help would be greatly appreciated.
When I turn on my camera app it used to ask if I wanted to use the location. Now it does not, I am interested in seeing what I can do with the geotagging feature. I checked my settings, and use location is on. I turned it off, backed out, turned it back on again but nothing changed.
When I open up maps and click the little round find me button, it works great.
Any ideas on what I can do to get my camera app working again? Thanks in advance.
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Is it possible to cancel the erase instruction if my phone has not been switched on

I believed my phone had been stolen and was switched off, I could not locate it so activated the erase instruction only to have it handed back to me by a friend the next day. I want to know if it is possible to cancel the erase command.

Pete w

Why does my battery drain whilst travelling and my roaming is switched off

Recently I have travelled to Hong Kong and Australia and have noted that whilst I travel, my iPhone drains the battery at an incredible rate.  When I travel I have roaming, alerts and location services off.  Irrespective of this each time I look at an SMS message the iPhone gives me an alert saying Cellular Data is Turned Off. Turn on cellular data or use wifi to access data. 


I have had this issue with version 4.2, 4.3,4.3.1 and 4.3.2.  I have an iPhone 4 with 32 gb. 


Whilst I use the iPhone in Singapore with 3G enabled and using wifi too I only use 30-40% of the battery in 12 hours  When away from Singapore my battery lasts about 8 hours before its completely drained.


I suspect  iOS is constantly trying to make a data connection for SMS / MMS.


Anyone else faced with this issue?

Uploads to mobile me photo gallery has switched to joint account

Hi All,
Like the title suggests My mobile me uploads have switched from my account to ours joint account. Does anyone know why this has happened and how to switch it back without restoring the phone?
We use our joint account as a shared calender, (although now BusyCal has negated that responsibility) as well as also using it for our joint blog on the mobile me servers, so sometimes I am logged in on my laptop as two users with the iPhone charging. Is it possible this has caused the problem?
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