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i tried to download iso 7.4 and my iphone 4 wont turn on

i tried to download iso 7.4 and my iphone 4 wont turn on

iphone unlocked

My iPhone 4 is shut off and wont turn back on unless i plug it in an outlet & when i do that it says connect to Itunes & then i do that and the phone wont turn on & it shows nothing is plugged in HELP

My iPhone 4 is shut off and wont turn back on, unless i plug it in an outlet & when i do that it says connect to Itunes & then i do that and the phone wont turn on & it shows nothing is plugged in . HELP!

& it keeps trying to turn on but it wont . like the apple logo pops up for a minute , then turns off.

iphone unlocked

my iphone 3g s wont charge it will keep off but on the charger it will everynow and then turn on but you only see the apple then it will turn back off what should i do

exactly what the question says?

Iphone 4s wont randomly shut down and wont turn on

I pressed the home button to look at the time & it randomly shut down . i pressed the home button several more times & still the screen was blank. This happened last night ( like 30 minutes after i updated to the newest iOS and downloaded beyonces new album ) and i left it plugged in on my laptop for about an hour, then i plugged it in the wall , i tried a lot of things. i unscrewed the back and took the battery out for 3 minutes , even forced down my power button ( WHICH IS BROKE BTW ) , none of that worked . then i left in in the wall for another hour , still nothing . Please i seek assistance badly. i need my phone to call my dad everyday after school and i cant afford a new one.

Thanks in advance

My iPhone 4 wont turn on It wont go passed the charging icon and then when I take the charger out it says it needs charge Its not the charger as iv tried several and holding lock and home button doesnt work please help

My iPhone 4 wont turn on, It wont go passed the charging icon and then when I take the charger out it says it needs charge. Its not the charger as iv tried several and holding lock and home button doesnt work please help!!!!!

Battery on 5 Turn off and then wont turn on again

I was at work and noticed my battery was at 5% so turned it off to save power. Tried to turn it on again an hour later and it refused to untill i got home and plugged it in.
Led me to believe that I would of been better leaving it on!
Anyone else come across this before?

iPhone wont download email

how do I reset the phone?

My iphone 4 wont turn on

I left  my iphone 4 on the table for two minutes and as I was supposed to call someone it would not respond. The screen was black and I cant turn it on anymore. The iphone has not been damaged in any way, so I dont know why it just died. What should I do?

Iphone 3g wont turn on


My iPhone 3 wont turn on

I have an older 3g that my boyfriend has been using, Dose not have any water damage let me just start this off with that, And its always been in a case so no hard damage has been done to it. It was working perfectly fine then all of a sudden it shut off and we thought the battery had died. Well plug it in to the wall charger nothing. Plugged it into the computer nothing, and also tried resetting it while on the wall charger and the computer.. Nothing ive had that phone for a good 3 years almost not once did I have problems. Does anyone know how to fix this or will I have to take it into a apple store.. Let me remind you where I live there isnt a apple store and the closest one is about an hour and 45 min. away.

iphone 4 wont turn off

I hadnt turned my phone off for a while as the button on the top (on off button) doesnt work any more (phone is way overdue to be replaced) anyway, so i let the phone run flat to see if it would reset some settings and help my phone run better, however the screen still has the circle of lines on it and the screen wont turn off. Its been doing this for over an hour now. I plugged the phone into the charger to see if it would turn back on but unfortunately this didnt work either, if anyone has any suggestions could you please help me out. Thank you in advance.

Iphone 3G S wont turn on At all

I have a 16 GB iphone 3G S, and I have been using it a while today. I took it out of my pocket at about 1:30 p.m. and it wouldnt turn on. I dismissed it thinking it was just un charged. When I got home, I put it in the charger for about an hour. WHen I came back, it was still blank and wouldnt turn on. I tried it in three different outlets and the same thing is happening. Help?
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iPhone 3G wont turn on I tried everything

What do I do when my iPhone3G wont turn on? I tried the advices I found in forums, it has been recognized by iTunes, downloaded an upgrade, but in the process it turned off again and now none of the previous stuff works anymore, it doesnt go further than the logo. People also told me its too old and late, that I should just get over it and buy a new one... Im going to do it eventually but until then..any ideas Please, Im desperate!

iPhone 4 wont turn on 3G at all

3G wont turn on on my iPhone4. I touch the switch, but nothing happens. It doesnt even try to switch to 3G. It stays on EDGE.
I tried Network settings reset. Doesnt help.
The phone is bought in UK unlocked, and is used in Latvia. 3G is present in my area, it works perfectly on iPhone 3GS. Im holding the phone so that it has full reception.
The thing is - it doesnt do anything at all when i toggle the switch. Back and forth. Nothing.
Any ideas why and how to enable it? I generaly dont use 3G, but its kinda silly that it doesnt even work...
screenshot showing 3G on but still on EDGE: http://cl.ly/f26582358ebe4bb51c85
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iPhone wont turn on please HELP

I turned off my i phone last night woke up this morning and tried to turn it back on. The black and white apple icon shows up for about 5 seconds then the screen turns blank... I cant get it to turn on, does anyone know how to fix this

Iphone wont turn on

my iphone turned off and now will not turn on. Its been a week since it turned off what do i do?

iphone wont turn on at all

ok so my iphone turned off and wont turn on i mean nothing not the apple nothing just a blank screen is there anyway to fix it?

iphone 4g wont turn on

i woke up this morning and my phone wont turn on, i have it charging and it still doesnt even show a picture on the screen of it charging both with computer and plugging it into the wall
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iPhone 3G S wont turn on

A couple of hours ago my iPhone was working as normal when I played someone a minute of video Id shot on it. 2 hours later when i pulled it out of my pocket to send an SMS it wouldnt turn on even though it must have had over 50% of battery charge. Pressing the home button or pressing and holding down the sleep/wake button made no difference just dead black screen. So I tried plugging it into my computer - nothing happened - iTunes didnt open as normal. So it took it out, opened up iTunes and re-plugged in the iPhone - nothing happened to the phone still a dead blank screen and the iphone did not appear in iTunes. iTunes eventually brought up an error message that said iTunes cannot connect to your iPhone due to an unknown error. the phone is a blank dead screen and still not showing up in iTunes. Anyone have any tips on sorting this or do I need to take it in to get serviced?
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All of a sudden today out of the blue my Iphone wont turn on?
Anyone else ever have this problem?
Any ideas why or what i should try?
Help please
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my iphone suddenly wont turn on

ive had my phone for nearly 10 months, ive never dropped it, ive never spilled anything on it, ive never done anything shady to it concerning tampering with it, ive treated my phone as if it were gold.
so i cant understand why it suddenly will not turn on at all when it was working jsut fine a few hours before. its not a battery problem, im sure of it, since it was on the charger all night and i had just taken it off of the charger when i discovered the problem.
(by not turning on, i mean literally.. there is no power on it, holding the sleep/power button does nothing, the home button does nothing, i cant even get anything out of putting it back on the charger..)
what is wrong with it, and what is recommended that i do? i pay a lot of money for this phone monthly just to have it randomly decide to die like this. please assist.
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iPhone 3G S iPhone OS 3.0

Iphone 3gs wont turn on

Ive never had a problem with my iphone 3gs until now its not turning on !...

Ive charged it via wall socket/PC/TV and nothing has worked when i charge it from the with the charger it eventually pops up the apple logo then 20 seconds later it dissapears ive tried the hold the sleep/wake button and the home buttton at the same time it just flashes and thats it .

HT1349 my iphone 4 wont turn on at all

my iphone 4 wont turn on at all. how do i fix this?

iPhone wont show up or turn on

My iPhone wont show up on iTunes or turn on. I have tried putting it in DFU mode, doesnt work, trie putting it in recovery mode, doesnt work. I cant put it into any mode. I think it may be completely knackered. Please reply if you know how.

Thank you.

my iphone 3g wont turn on after reset

my 3g wont turn on after i reset my phone through the option on the phone gereral then the main reset button.The only thing that appears when i turn my phone on is the apple logo and the loading symbol below after about 5 mins the loading symbol stops spinning and it restarts itself ive tryed holding down both bottons whilst its plugged into my comp and ive held them down so long to the point where my fingers are in agony and it doesnt even turn off eventually it dies then i charge it and then its the same thing!!!!! help please!!!

iphone died and now wont turn on please help

ok so my iphone battery died and now it wont turn on all it does is shows the charging screen with the lighting bolt i left it on my wall charger for 45 mins nothing happened i then tried it on my laptop and left it for a hour and nothing happened i have tried to restore but the computer wont recognise it so cant restore it i tried hold home and power but for 10 seconds and it just brought me back to charging screen i dont have any warrenty on it i brought it off ebay what can i do do i need to replace my battery and if i replace my battery will it work again

My iphone 4 wont turn on or charge HELP

My iPhone 4 will not turn on, charge, or hard reset. Ive charged it for long periods of time and it wont even show a red battery sign. It all started when my iphone was near death (7%) and it wouldnt charge. That was about a week ago. Ive tried EVERYTHING. Hard resets, plugging it into the computer, using different ports on the walls, switching chargers, and putting it into DFU mode. None of it worked. I dropped my phone in water a few MONTHS ago, but it wasnt damaged at all(surprisingly), and it never showed any signs of water damage. And i got this phone used off ebay last August in near-perfect condition, so i dont have the warranty. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Iphone 4 Turned off and wont turn on

I was playing with my iphone, put it in my pocket for 5 minutes, took it out and it had turned off and wont turn back on, ive tried starting it with the power and menu buttons and itunes wont pick it up
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iphone 4 running on ios 7.1.1 wont download apps

i updated my iphone 4 to ios 7.1.1 as requested by itunes.  now i go in to the appstore and it wont download any app at all. i click on the free button then it asked to put my id password after that the circle loads and it goes back to free. help pls.

Turn on or off automatic download of attachments on iphone 4

First of all let me apologize for asking a question which may have been asked already. Tried the search function but I only saw related topics for the iphone 3GS.
I am purchasing an iphone 4 but before I am able to confirm the purchase, I REALLY need to know if there are ways of not automatically downloading email attachments. I am moving to a new service provider which offers great plans for voice, but not so great for data. I travel a lot and need to make sure that I dont go over the limit of the data plan since it would cost me a LOT of money.
If there is no option, I probably wont make the change.

Just reset iphone and it wont turn back on

Just did the factory data reset on the phone i.e. menu-settings-reset everything-reset iphone and its been stuck on the apple logo for 2 hours and wont turn on it keeps restarting and stopping at the apple logo please helpzorzzz@!!!!@!!!

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