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ICloud-iOS-7-Bypass.zip free download

ICloud-iOS-7-Bypass.zip free download

iphone unlocked

Can't download free or purchased apps from app store on IOS 3

This just started the other day. I can get into the app store on my Iphone 3 with IOS 3.1.3 but when I go to get an app for free or to purchase, they Free button does not respond when I select it. I cant select the ratings section on the bottom of the page for an application either. I have the same problem with application that cost $$$. I am able to purchase songs via iTunes.


I have only seen a couple of posts on the Net where others are having the same issue.


Any input would be helpful...



I know...upgrade to OS 4.x....I would but everything I read says that the phone is basically useless after the upgrade as everything is too slooooooooow.

iphone unlocked

TS3682 Can't download apps keeps saying my credit card is felines and it just stared two days again I can't download even free already downloaded

My apps will not update it keeps asking for a credit card and the one I have work but it keeps saying declined

How to free up iCloud space from pictures

iCloud tells me Ive run out of space for backups.


I am backing up my iPad which has very few photos and my iPhone which has a lot.


Storage & Backup reads:


iPhone 3.7GB

iPad 364MB

Docs&Data 8.6MB

Mail 312.2MB

Available 643MB


Drilling down into my iPhone

4.4GB Next Backup Size

4.1GB Camera Roll

151MB iBooks

22MB Twitter

12MB Whatsapp

5MB Waze


Anwyay, we can see the culprit here


My Photos App Shows this:

Camera Roll 414

Photo Library 2459

Last 12 Months 407

Last Import 23


My question is how should I manage this in a smart way?  My iPhone is 32GB.  I have quite a bit of free space.  But how does this really work?


As I take pictures, I want them backed up on the cloud in case something happens to my phone.  Once I plug it into my mac, those pics in the Camera Roll go into my Photo Library, right?  So if they are in the Photo Library, I shouldnt need to back them up to the cloud anymore.


So here is my question...I actually have duplicates on my phone right?  I can see those 23 last imported pictures, they are all in the Camera Roll but they are also in the PhotoLibrary (on my iPhone).  If those 23 pics are in the Last Import, that means they are backed up to my iPhoto app on my mac.  Which is why they show up on the iPhones PhotoLibrary folder.  So there is no sense in having them in Camera Roll as well, is there?  Taking up valuable iCloud space...


How should I proceed?  I want to free up the space I have in Camera Roll by having all those pics and movies show up in PhotoLibrary and have a hardcopy on my ssd but I dont want them backing up into iCloud.


I DO HOWEVER, want to maintain the iCloud-CameraRoll-backup feature activated so that pictures I take today until the time I backup to iPhoto on Mac, are backed up to the iCloud.



Can I delete photos off my iPhone To free up capacity but keep the on iCloud and my iPad

MY iPhone has run out of capacity. Can I delete photos off that but leave them on iCloud and my iPad?

How to download iCloud

How to download icloud

iCloud the maximum number of free accounts have been activated on this iPhone how to fix this

i have problem here on iCloud using my iPhone when i log in it says the maximum number of free accounts have been activated on this iPhone how to fix this guys? please reponse

I need simple advice as to how to transfer store photos from my iPhone 4 to iCloud to free up memory on my phone

Hi....I have 1400 odd photos on my iPhone 4 and am running out of memory so I bought extra storage (25GB) on iCloud which I have set up to use.  However Im not familiar with how iCloud works and I dont synch my iPhone with a computer but I want the comfort of knowing that when I transfer the photos to iCloud they are there and need to know how to access them again if/when I want to.


I have looked at the Photos & Camera section in General Settings but really have no idea what Camera Roll, Photo Library or Photo Stream refer to.    I take photos as and when the mood strikes me, dont share them with anyone and only want to retain them for future reference as and when I feel like it.


Which leads me to my queries:

1. How do I transfer the photos to iCloud?

2. Can I open folders to seperate different batches of photos in iCloud?

2. When I have done this is it safe to delete the photos from my iPhone?

3. If so how do I delete them all in one go?

4. How do I access the photos again from iCloud?


Please keep the answers/ instructions simple/idiot proof as no doubt you will have surmised by now that the nature of my queries is indicative of my limited knowledge as to exactly what can be done with my iPhone!!!!



HT1976 my icloud on my pc has been damaged since my last upgrade on iphone When I go to control panel and click on icloud icon nothing happens Also when I boot up pc is says icloud procedure.exe is not there

my icloud on my pc has been damaged since my last upgrade on iphone.  When I go to control panel and click on icloud icon nothing happens.  Also when I boot up pc is says icloud procedure.exe is not there.  How can I repair this?

HT4972 I have an Iphone3 and I cannot download the ios 4.3 I try to update and it says I am fully updated However I still cannot add any apps to my phone how do I go about downloading the ios 4.3 from the ios 4.1.2

I have an Iphone 3g and I cannot download any operating system past the ios 4.2.1. This operating system will not allow me to download any apps to my phone because they all say I need the ios 4.3.  Where and how do I go about downloading a newer ios in order to download apps to my phone?

Lost application - download again for free

I needed to recover my iPhone, iMac, etc. I am back in business, but when resyncing my iPhone, I deleted Brothers In Arms and now it is gone (I deleted it off phone and my reload of iTunes does not know about it). Can I re-download it for free or am I out $9.99?

Buying another app and letting it download without getting it for free

I have the iMob app on my phone and I bought some respect points in the form of another app. I now want to buy more respect points but since Ive bought the app before, it wont allow me to buy it again, it just tries to give me a free download but obviously the free download doesnt come with the respect points since Ive already used them. How do I fix this so that I can buy the app again and download it properly?
MacBook Mac OS X (10.5.4)

Trying to download a free app and asking for credit card

Trying to download free apps on my Iphone, and it always asks for my credit card.

does this occur to other people, and how can I by pass this.

How can I automatically download free Application updates in iTunes

Every day I have to click Applications then click Check for updates, then if there are updates available have to click View Updates, then click Download All Free Updates. This gets to be a pain over time.
Does anyone know of a way to make iTunes download these updates for you without having to manually check every day? Perhaps an apple script or some other automated function would be a big help if anyone has any ideas let me know!
Macbook Mac OS X (10.4.6)

Every time I try and download an app it says my payment method has been declined when the apps are free

Everytime I try and update or download any apps it takes me to the payment page and says payment method declined when everything I am doin is supposed to be free please help ?

HT1222 hi there I've got an iphone 3GS & i want to download skype but when i try it says i need iOS 4.3 where do i get iOS 4.3 from


do i need iOS 4.3 for skype? if so, where do i get it from?


High iOS 6 Data Usage Turn off iCloud

For those of you with unexplained excessive data usage, Ive pinpointed the problem to a bug in iCloud. Unfortunately, turning off individual iCloud services will not solve the problem, youll have to delete the iCloud account from the phone.


Heres a video demonstrating the problem.


I hope this helps. If it solves your data usage problem, be sure to report it to Apple and spread the word.

iOS 5 Memory and icloud disasterS Is it a haloween thing

In a nut shell, I have an iphone 4, Last week itunes asked me to update to the new version, I did. This was shortly followed by asking me to upgrade to the new firmware IOS5 .... That was the last time i saw my iphone working properly... what happened next was a series of very odd iphone behaviour.


1) After udate my iphone was restoring and then it said something about having to confirm the restore with apple.. then it said that teh restore will continue after a restart.... Guess what .... It never restored evreything... why ... Beacuse it came up with a message saying that there was not enough memory....I lookek on the iphone and again guess what ....after a restore there was 10.8 GB of what itues classed as Other data on the phone... Thet data ate up the memonry and consequently and therfore there was no space to do anything on a 32 GB iphone!!!


2) After three restores ..... The Other 10.8 GB data was still there...ODD He...The phone seems to confuse my mobile me account with the Itunes account..!!!! no one seemed to know the content of this other DATA.


3) I was connected to a senior guy in apple who sounded like he knew his way around the iphone and he did.. he advised me to restore to factory settings. Before that he advised me to backup to the cloud... I DID..... VERY BIG MISTAKE as i realised later ... it didnt backup evrey thing. Anyway i got my iphone back to factory setting  BUT ...... The Other data on the phone seems to grow and shrink at will!!! ... it started from 0.34 GB at factory reset to 5.2 GB after instaling some apps and all on its own it disapeared before reappearing at 2.4 GB...... (Is this a Haloween thing)... At some point I was given the explanation that this may be the operating system occupying part of the memory ......(believe that if you wish)


4) My iphone then was attempting to recover from the icloud ..just one problem... it told me that some of the tracks couldnot be copied from ituens to the iphone because they are not compatible with the iphone !££$ ... Ther were from the itunes store and if apple doesnt recognise their own stuff .... then we have a problem.


5) I was asked to reinstall evreything on ANOTHER computer... WITH a FRESH ITUNES..


The best thing about all that ... No body seems to know whats happening .....My closest apple store is around 150 miles ... does anyone have an explanation .... As usual ... The apple team were very courtious, very knowlegable ... very, very ...etc but NO solution. There has been similar rports on the internet if you google it but I just hope this doesnt turn out to be another PR disaster like the antenna saga

HT4623 I have changed passwords several times on my IPhone and it still won't let me sign in to ITunes to download a free app

I have changed passwords several times on my IPhone and it still wont let me sign in to ITunes to download a free app

Como enviar informa& 231;ões para o iCloud do IOS 4.2

Como faço backup do IOS 4.2 no iCloud.

.zip - files

I have the 3Gs. Unable to open attached .zip - files. Is the 4-phone able to open those files?
Kind regards,
MAC PRO(OS X 10.6.5); MBPRO 15/2.66 SSD(OS X 10.6.5); iPhone 3Gs 16GB(4.2.1) Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad

I accidentally deleted album with pictures I have ICloud but how do I retrieve them from iCloud

When I tune on icloud My iphone4 pictrue all gone,how can I retrieve my pictrue from my icloud?

How do I find what zip code I'm currently in

On the 3G is there a way Maps can tell me what zip code Im in?
Some store web sites ask for the zip code or street address to find their nearest location to you. I dont always know the address where Im at but still want to find the nearest store near a job site for example.
I couldnt find an app in the appstore that does this either.
Other OS

Opening zip file on mail

pretty new to the iWork program and having problems opening a pages document. Can you open a zip file on the iPhone? I have not had problems viewing a PDF file, how is the compressed Pages file different?
Any help would be great
iMac Core Duo Mac OS X (10.5.5)

Finding restaurants in a particular zip code

I was trying to find a good restaurant near a particular zip code from Google maps. After entering a particular address using search, it does show the map of that address. However, after that when I enter the keyword Restaurant in the search, it still shows restaurants near my current location.
Is it possible to find restaurants near a particular location?
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Billing zip and last 4 of social required

I resold my iphone 4 to a buyer, and never turned on and activated the phone. When my buyer recieved it, he claims that he cannot activate the phone unless he has my billing zip code and last 4 digits of my social security number.
I have no reason to distrust this buyer, but this baffels me.
When I asked Apple if the phone being sent to me was locked to me personally, they assured me that it was not, and it would only be locked to a phone number after activation.
Has anyone else encountered an issue like this? How can I instruct my buyer to activate his iphone 4?

download ios 4.3 ti ios 4.2.1 iphone 3g

How to upgrade the newer version of  ios of 4.2.1  to ios 4.3.1

App Store Grayed Out Free when I want to download that app

When I got to the app store and I want to redownload an app that I have already download the Free icon that you click to download is grayed out and does not allow men to download. I have tried downloading the app on itunes on my computer but when I sync, the app does not show up on the phone. What is the deal with this?
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Opening and displaying a zip attachment in Mail

The Apple iPhone Commercials clearly show this is possible
when the user taps on the filename.zip attachement and it
opens up the file.
But on my phone it wont open a zipped powerpoint file.
Any comments on this?
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iOS 6 App Store still prompts me for my password for free apps

I feel like Im the only one. Is anyone else still getting prompted?  How can I fix it?

Can I get the 5 free apps that Apple is giving new people buying new iOS devices

I have the 5th gen. iPod touch and 1st gen (obviously) iPad Mini. I watched the whole 9/10/13 Keynote like any other Apple fan, but I was curious about something. Tim Cook said that people that buy NEW iOS products can get iMovie (and whatever the other 4 apps were) for free. If it is the case and its only people that buy the products with iOS 7 that get the free apps that normally cost $4.99 and up then that is bulls***. If I have the SAME product that was released one year earlier and hasnt had an update (the iPod touch and iPad Mini) then I should be able to get those apps. I have already bought them and they are the exact same as the ones on the market now. If there was a new one of each of these devices then I might understand but there isnt. The only difference between mine and a new one is the difference of time in which I bought it.


This makes me really angry and Im a little disappointed in Apple because of the new phone. It makes the iPhone 5 look like garbage and the 5 has only been out for a year...

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