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IMAP update

IMAP update

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IMAP gmail issues since software 2.2 update

I recently (yesterday) downloaded 2.2 for iPhone. Since then I have had gmail email issues on the phone. Today I tried the following things - all with the same result (cannot connect using SSL, account verification failed, IMAP server errors):
Have restarted phone (several times).
Have erased mail account and entered again (tried with google button, used other and tried both IMAP and POP) (several times each)
Have checked my gmail account for issues (both enabled for IMAP and POP)
Can someone help me? Not much of a point of having an update which is supposed to help the push issues, when you cant access email at all. Does anyone know if Google is having issues?
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iphone unlocked

i wan't update using itunes i want to make update using my phone but when check for an update using software update in setting message appear can't check for update

i want update using itunes, i want to make update using my phone, but when check for an update using software update in setting message appear cant check for update.....?

Where did IMAP go

Have a 3G iphone and was using IMAP to sync with a speakeasy mail account.
Upgraded to 2.2 and had a similar problem as others when I could not delete emails.
Thought I would try to delete account and reinstall, but now when I do that, the account is automatically set up as a POP account and I need IMAP (also access via mail exchange on a PC at home).
I dont remember how I set up IMAP last time, but is there some way to select that option for this account? Ive looked in all the places I can think to look and nothing comes up.
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EarthLink doesn’t support IMAP. Can someone tell who does?
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With the new unified mailbox on the iPhone/iOS4, I finally setup access to all my mail accounts (POP), including our corporate Exchange server (IMAP). I want to be sure I understand how this works.
When Im viewing my corporate IMAP email, Im actually looking at the Inbox on the server. If I delete an email, it is being deleted (moved to trash) on the server.
With my personal email accounts (POP), if I delete an email, Im just deleting the copy of it on my iPhone and it will still be on the POP server.
Are the above two assumptions correct?
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Is this how IMAP works

Forgive my ignorance, but I have used POP up until now.
When I delete an email from my iPhone, it gets deleted from the Mail inbox, and vice versa. Is this how it is supposed to work? I used to delete stuff from my old phone and keep it on my laptop, but that does not seem possible now. Or is something wrong?
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Imap Push

Dear all,
after reading some other postings I learned that imap push is supported on the iphone. But if I add an imap account who has enhanced idle (imap push) available, Im not able to activate push in my iphone settings. So, how does the iphone discover an activated push service on my imap provider? When testing the imap push with another mail client (for example Mail.app) mails are delivered immediately.
Hope you can understand my description
Best regards and thanks for help in advance
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Sorry if this has been written about elsewhere. Basically from reading through this and other forums Yahoo seem to have implemented IMAP on there mail servers for the iPhone only. If you try to setup a Yahoo IMAP account via an e-mail client access is either refused or cut after a while. Now the point of IMAP is to use on several devices and usually one or more PC/Laptop device.
IMAP is no good to me on just the devices it defeats the object. This leaves me with silly situation of
1) Forward Yahoo mail to blueyonder IMAP mail and sync to iPhone.
2) set IMAP Yahoo on iPhone and use Yahoo webmail or Portal (non-starter for me).
3) use MobileMe (dont want to if I can).
If someone can post settings that really work i am using Yahoo free although I have read the paid for service is suffering the same.
imap.apple.yahoo.com ; imap.next.yahoo.com; have both been touted
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Push Vs IMAP

I was wondering if anybody could explain me in simple terms the difference there would be between:
a) using an iPhone with my Gmail account and MobileME push
b) using an iPhone with my Gmail account setup to use IMAP without MobileME push
If Im not mistaken, Gmail IMAP would work like push with a few extra seconds delay, so I didnt quite understand yet why would I need MobileME push. If Mail.app on iPhone works like Mail.app on Leopard, email notification is nearly instant and differs only 2-3 seconds from my blackberry.
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How do you set up imap on firmware 2.0 ? As the options that were there on the 1.1.4 are no longer there. Whenever I have set up my gmail account it will initially work fine until the program realizes that the pop is not available on my account. I need my imap set up and apple...you guys need to stop ruining good things. If its NOT broken DO NOT TRY TO FIX IT!!!
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imap gmail

My understanding is that in setting up an imap mail account that any email I send from the iphone, or my desktop (Imac) would be stored on the other device and readable. While I can read the email that come in from either, send mail only appears on the device that I used to sent it from. I did check enable imap in google settings.
Any help is appreciated.
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On Howard Forums I was discussing push email in a thread.
I told people the iPhone does not/will not support IMAP IDLE push email (on firmware 2.0 / iPhone 3G.)
The only push options are:
Exchange using Exchange Active Sync protocol (EAS)
Yahoo Push (IMAP email with Yahoo proprietary push notification)
MobleMe (aka .mac.)
But IMAP IDLE push was not supported.
So I wanted to come here and ask if thats true, or if anyone had heard anything that to the contrary where IMAP IDLE push would be supported. (eg: Gmail could do push this way.)
Or is it just the case that well have to wait until 2.0 is released to find out?
Thank you!
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IMAP Mail Storage

Bare with me as Im new to both iPhone and IMAP email. When using IMAP the emails are stored on the server to enable syncing between all email accounts you may use, but are those emails also stored on your iPhone? The reason I ask is that if I have an email account that say 500mb in total then that takes up quite a lot of valuable space on the iPhone.
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Chance from using POP to IMAP

I currently have Outlook 2007 installed on a Windows business Vista 64
computer and have set up my e-mail to work in Internet mail mode utilizing a
pop account. Since my typical project at work lasts 1.5 to 2 years, I keep 2 years worth of email in my outlook inbox and sent items folders. I archive everything older than that.
I am purchasing an iPhone and have read that it will synchronize everything
in Outlook except the e-mail contents of the inbox and sent items folder.
After reading many of these posts and Apples knowledgebase I believe that I can use the pop e-mail account in the iPhone, but that the only way to synchronize the inbox and sent items folders between the iPhone and Outlook is by using IMAP, Microsoft exchange server and/or Mobilme, none of which I currenly have.
I see in the Outlook help section that I can set up an e-mail account using
IMAP. My email service provider said that they could configure my email account as IMAP.
So, once I have an IMAP email account in outlook, my email service provider, and the iphone...
1. Do I need any special software to push or will both the iPhone and outlook email accuounts be synched when they log into the email server?
2. After copying over all of the e-mail contents of my outlook inbox and sent items folder to the IMAP email account from the pop email account and then synching with the email server, will the iphone have all of my historical email? Are there any limitations?
3. Would any of you experienced users recommend that I go the route of MobileMe while keeping my current pop account instead of changing to IMAP with my outlook and email service provider? Why?
Thank you.

iPhone iMap Groupwise

We have the iPhone set up with our Groupwise at our company. We receive email and send emil just fine on the iPhone and Groupwise. But when we try to delete mail from our iPhone, it does delete, but on our Groupwise on our Computer, it only makes a copy of the mail in the trashed items and the original copy that is still in the inbox is crossed out.
SO my question is, how can you delete an Email from the iPhone using iMap and have it delete from the computers Groupwise?
(I hope any of that made sense)
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IMAP Filter Enquiry

Heres something to ponder.
At the moment Im using Thunderbird (Firefoxs email cousin) - great program, and more versatile than Mail.
I have an IMAP account for one of the emails, and currently have filters/rules that push them to their rightful folder. Now, if I had an email that arrived first on the iPhone, it doesnt have rules, so wheres it going to put it ? Will it go to the inbox ?
I can only assume if I do that scenario, that the Mac will reflect it in the same way when I go back to it. I only ask this because ive had a few IMAP emails just magically delete themselves, and I dont have it set to erase anything off the server.
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exchange gmail and imap

Hi there,
i have just setup an exchange account, a gmail account and an imap account.
the exchange and gmail accounts are both working fine,
but the imap account will not let me send any emails and keeps on saying that the reciepients address is incorrect, but this cannot be so as i am trying to reply to the email! any suggestions as to how to resolve this?
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IMAP vs Exchange Protocol

Anyone know what the difference is between iPhone Mails IMAP and Exchange protocols? I can connect to our Exchange server with either, but would like to know if there are any differences in functionality. Thanks.
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IMAP email question

Ive got my Yahoo email on my iPhone with no problem, but dont understand how to do IMAP for my work email. The screen asks for the incoming mail server which Ive got, but it also asks for an outgoing mail server. When I asked our tech guys for that they said the outgoing (SMTP) servier will be my ISPs SMTP server. But what is that for the iPhone? Thanks.
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IMAP mailbox folders

I have set up an IMAP mail account on my iPhone 3GS.
On the main (home?) screen I can see a list of folders below my Inbox, Sent and Trash icons. Can I remove these or manage them somehow?
Heres a link to what Im seeing http://www.designermagic.co.uk/mailboxes.jpg
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IMAP mail cannot be viewed

I am having difficulty connecting to a non-Exchange mail server (Modus) via IMAP. I can successfully connect to it via POP3 and also via IMAP from mail.app on an iMac.
When I create the account with the same settings as my iMac that works, (leave the IMAP prefix as / but grayed out), I see the mail boxes Inbox, Drafts, Sent, and Trash. If I change the prefix to anything else, including / that I type, not the default, I only see Inbox.
If I click on any of the folders (except Drafts, must not being anything in there), I see no email, only Load 25 More Messages ... 926 messages total, 4 unread in the case of my Inbox. So I click it and the message changes to Loading 25 More Messages ... 926 messages total, 4 unread and I see the spinning wheel for a moment. Still, there are no email messages
Sometimes, that is the end of the story - no email displayed, but it is seeing how many messages are in Inbox, Sent, and Trash.
But this is the interesting part - when I have been trying to a while, over both EDGE and WiFi, sometimes I get a blue pop-up message - not an email - titled Cannot Get Mail with the body, The connection to the server mail.myserver.com failed.
Like I said, I can connect with no problems from my desktop iMac and have verified the exact same settings. I can also send from the iPhone using the IMAP SMTP settings and if I specify something in the IMAP prefix, like /mail, it will create the folder in my IMAP folder structure which I can see from the iMac so I know it is authenticating.
Thank you for your help!
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Convert POP to IMAP

Basically I wanted to have folders for different e-mails for my iPhone. Now I have been using POP ever since I got my iPhone 3G. So now I want to change to IMAP but theres no way apart from making a new account, Id rather not lose all my e-mails.
Please help
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Create IMAP Folders possible

Is it possible to create new folders in any supported IMAP mail account, using only an iPhone?
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imap.gmail.com is not responding

All of a sudden today, my email on my iphone 3gs stopped working. No settings have been changed. I tried doing a hard restart but still not working. Could this be an at&t problem? Id rather not have to recreate all my mail account settings unless I have to, is this something that would normally clear up by itself, like a sore throat? Thanks.
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IMAP and IMAPS issue

Up until today Ive had constant issues with IMAPS and thus Ive stuck to using regular IMAP, but after attempting to configure my iPhone 3G to use IMAPS (SSL on port 993) it now refuses to connect at all, even after resetting the phone, multiple restarts, resyncing the account from my iMac and completely wiping all the IMAP accounts from the phone.
Whats also a bit odd is that I have a second email account (also IMAPS) that has worked flawlessly since day one, no matter what I do with it, if I input the correct settings it just works.
With the malfunctioning account Im getting Unable to connect to the server ---... errors immediately (or sometimes it just sits there pretending to do something.
In the latter case I also get the following error message from uw-imapd on the server:
This problem has existed since 2.0 and Im still having it with 3.1, in fact, its gotten worse.
Anyone have any suggestions?
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Gmail imap and all mail

Hi there, Ive looked for the answer to this but I cant really find it. If I set up my gmail account as an imap account on an iphone do I get all my gmail messages i.e. all 7000 odd in my all mail folder in my gmail account downloaded to my iphone?
In my gmail account this is 350Mb worth.
Is there any disadvantage to this other than using up the memory on the iphone, also if imap duplicates emails which are labelled in gmail in identically named folders on the iphone, isnt this a real waste of space? and as my gmail mail gets inexorably larger, Im not sure this is a good thing.
How have others set this up?
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imap or pop server what should I use

You have probably heart this a thousand times. I read a lot in this forum, but now I am more confused than before. Just bought iPhone 3GS. I want to set up my email. The cox eamil only let me set up pop eamil and I really dont need the cox email. My business email runs through hostmonster.com. They recommend a imap email setup, which I did last night. I can receice emails and send them. But: when I first check my mail on my pc the mail dissapears on iPhone. I really want to see my email on both devices until I delete them!! What should I use then: pop or imap and why is hostmonster recommending imap setup? What is the advantage?
Also what is ssl, should I turn it on or off?
Thank you so much and I am sorry If I brought this up again.
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Mail IMAP problems

Deleted email returns. Read email resets to unread.
Its a new occurrence since the last update, sometimes it happens, other times it doesnt. Its random, painfully annoying, and Im wondering if this is a known issue with the device, my settings, and does anyone have suggestions on resolving the issue?
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IMAP trash emptying on its own

Ive searched for anyone else having this issue to no avail.
I have setup a folder called iPhone Trash on my Mail server. I assigned it on my iPhone as the trash can and set that IMAP account to NEVER delete messages. It properly drops the message in that box when I delete it and I can see it on my web-based mail client.
The issue is, every day or so, that box empties out. I havent set any special rules on my server to delete messages from this box. I have the proper setting on the iPhone not to delete messages. Why is this trash emptying?
Has anyone else experienced something similar? Thanks for any help.
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Problems with Mail and IMAP

I am currently using Mail on my laptop and have 2 email accounts, 1 is a main email account and the other is a IMAP account, which is sent to my main account (confusing I know). When I added my main account to my iPhone 3G it worked fine, I can check my emails for both accounts but when I go back to the email later in the day it has disappeared, also it never allows me to view the last 25 messages received. I use one of the accounts for work and I really need to have this up and running, can anyone help ?
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