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incoming text sound on iphone 4s

incoming text sound on iphone 4s

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No sound for incoming text messages

I have sound turned on, a sound is selected for incoming text messages, and ringer volume is turned all the way up. When a call comes in, its pretty loud. Yet when a text comes in, it just vibrates. I cant figure out how to fix this. Any help? Thanks.
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when I am on Bluetooth sync in my car I do not have text sound Whether I am sitting parked or driving no sound alert when text mesg recd

when I am using bluetooth (sync) in my car when a text comes in there is no alert sound. is there a way to have the alert sound back. at times I sit parked and I also would like to know if I receive a text regardless thanks

IPhone 4 no sound on outgoing or incoming calls


Had a problem on my iPhone 4 since last night my phone rings but when I answer there is no sound.

I cant hear anyone on other end.But they can hear me. When

Trying to call out there is no sound just silent. The sound works perfectly on loudspeaker and

On headphones. The mic and speakers seem fine.

Do you need to still be in warranty to use the genius bar?

I dont have a clue what to do?

Anyone else got the same thing?

Any help appreciated?


Mail notification sound sometimes doesn't sound on incoming mail

Every now and then the new mail notification wont sound when I get new mail. The badge alert will update, but no sound will occur. The volume is high and the mail sound is turned on in the sound settings. Normally the sound occurs within a few seconds of the badge updating, but occasionally it never sounds.
Ive noticed it for a while now, but Im not sure of the pattern exactly. It may only happen when Im running apps. Can apps disable the sound on the phone?
For example today I was in the Siri app, which sends you an email when you register. I was waiting for the mail notification sound and never heard it. I exited the app and saw that the badge alert indicated that I got an e-mail, but the notification never occurred.
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No sound on incoming calls

Hi everybody
suddenly there is no sound for incoming calls (only vibration) or any other sounds such as the touch screen buttons, slide sound, recharging etc.
I have an iphone 4 with 4.2 update and everything was working fine till yesterday. I went to the movies and turned the phone to a silent mode.After that the sound issues appeared despite the settings rearrenged, turn on-off etc.
Some help please!!!!
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Text messages that have sound or videos with sound have to be viewed separately with my old phone I could get an app that fixed that is there something I can do to fix this

Text messages that have sound or videos with sound have to be viewed separately with my old phone I could get an app that fixed this is there something I can do to fix this

No sound with incoming calls and texts

When my phone receives calls or texts I am not getting any sound to alert me. The sounds are on and when I scroll through the different options I can hear them in the menu but not when calls and texts come through. Any ideas as to why this is and how to fix it, I keep missing phone calls which is most annoying!!
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No sound on outgoing or incoming calls

Just today my iphone 3g stopped working when I make outgoing calls. I cannot hear a thing. Same for incoming, cannot hear anything. The call is going through and the people on the other end can hear me. My speaker works b/c I can hear music. I have set it up to my computer and ran all the updates. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have a call coming to me from apple tomorrow. Hopefully they can help. I took it to AT&T and they did not even look at it but told me to take it to an Apple store. Well that is about 2 hours from me. Thanks for the help.

I don't get sound only on incoming calls anyone had that problem

I have tried restore, turning off and on, mute button, cleaning the dock port.  I cant tell if it is in dock mode or not. please help before I throw my phone against the wall.

incoming sound does not work after iphone4 update

My wife updated her Iphone4 today and now the incoming sound on phonecalls does not work.

iphone incoming text sounds

When I go into settings/sounds/incoming text messages it shows the sounds that came with the iphone but not my custom ringtones. Is there a way for me to customize the sound of an incoming text message?
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Lock sound and incoming msg volume problem

My iphone 5 lock sound and incoming msg alert volume will suddenly become extremely small when the setting is maximun volume

does anyone has the same problem?

my iphone 4s does not notify me of incoming text messages

I have an iphone 4s with the most recent operating system.  I have several contacts that no matter what I try, when they send me a text message my phone will not chime to notify me that a message has been received.  This is a very specific problem to only a few of my contacts.

How can I stop my incoming text messages from going to my daughter's iphone

Incoming text Messages

From what i have gathered, there is no way to get a longer ringtone for incoming text messages. I am in the USMC and we all use text messaging as a work related form of communication. With the short beep, i tend to miss a lot of messages. Anyone know if there is a legit fix for this or if Apple has anything planned?
Also, where would i post this and a 1-beep ringer suggestion?
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how to block incoming text messages

incoming text message alerts

I have posted previously regarding the fact that there are only 6 short lame sounds available for new text message alerts. No option to use legal ringtones that play longer and multiple alerts if missed. All my previous dumb phones had a large assortment. I followed the advice of someone responding to this and sent the request to Apple to add/enhance the alert sounds and never heard anything back. Has anyone ever recieved a response from Apple when they have sent a request for improvments/enhancments? Wondering if it does any good or they just file it away. Doesnt seem to be a big deal to add to alerts like for incoming phone calls for incoming text messages.
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Phone a number from inside incoming text message

This is an important function that I had on my Blackberry. Clients or colleagues or directory services would sent me a phone number inside a text message and I could call that number with one or two clicks.
Cant I do this on the iPhone ?
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my phone is not ringing for incoming call or text messages my phone is not ringing for incoming call or text messages my phone is not ringing for incoming call or text messages my phone is not ringing for incoming call or text messages

My iPhone is not ringing for incoming calls or text messages like it did yesterday. Help

Ring tone for incoming voice mail or text message

Can the iphone 4 continue to ring until the user acknowledges the text message i.e. I get a text message @ 7:00 pm. I get the ring tone. but the iphone is my locker while I am at the gym. I finish my workout @ 7:30 I have to look at my phone to determine if there is a text message. is there an audible alert that continues to sound until I acknowledge the text message
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Repeat alert up to two additional times for incoming text messages

Saw this in the update list and got excited, something ive been missing since my old samsung phones.
Im assuming by the use of the term up to two additional that its an option you can select somewhere. Just cant find where.... anyone?
Other than that no problems with 2.1 at all, but then didnt have any on 2.05 either.
Rob Kettridge
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no text sound while receiving text

My iphone will not revert back from silent mode It will play when i am scrolling through ringtones but when a text or incoming call comes in all it does is vibrate Anyone having this issue

My Iphone will not revert back from silent mode. It will play when i am scrolling through ringtones but when a text or incoming call comes in it just vibrates. Anyone having this issue

Iphone doing text message sound for nothing

Hi my Iphone is doing text message sound for nothing.
How can I solve this without restoring?
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can i send a sound clip in a text message to another non-iphone

I want to send a sound clip from my phone to another but I cannot figure out how to do this. Is it even possible and if so can someone tell me how to do it.
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annoying sound on sent text

I upgraded the OS on my new verizon iphone and sending a text, which was silent before, now makes a woosh. I dont see how to turn it off and Ive read a lot of discussions that didnt lead to a solution either. Anyone know if it is possible to turn that sound off (without putting the phone on silent).



Text Alert Sound

There is no way to change the tone for text alerts, correct?
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Text Alert Sound

Hello, New Iphone 3G user and very happy with my phone. The text alert sound selection is oddly few and none of the options are really to my liking. Since ive discovered that adding tones is not possible (although you can add ringtones - non jailbreak) will apple be comming out with updated software that will allow you to do so (fingers crossed)? TIA
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Assigning new text sound to contacts with OS 4.2

well, its listed as a new feature (assigning one of the new text sounds to specific contacts so you know whose texting) but i can not for the life of me figure out how to do it OR even find it in the online users guide for 4.2.
am i an idiot? (dont anyone answer that)!!! can someone please tell me how to do this!!!!
ergh. come on apple. get your $hi+ together.
thanks to whoever reads this and helps me out!
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Wrong sound from Text Message

When I get a text message, my iPhone 4 (4.3.3) plays the default Tri-Tone sound.  However, sometimes when I have the conversation open and I receive a text, the phone instead plays the same tone I hear when sending a message...kinda like a swoooosh sound.  Its very odd behavior  and doesnt appear to do it all the time.


Any ideas?

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