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ios 7 slideshow shuffle

ios 7 slideshow shuffle

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ios 7 iphone 4s No option to play a Photo Slideshow

I upgraded to ios7.0 on my iphone 4s and I can not find the option to play a slideshow of the photos in my camera roll.


I have tried selecting a number of images, tapping the share icon and my only options in the lower black and white area are Copy or Print


There is no slideshow option anywhere. I would really just like to play my whole camera roll or a single album as a slideshow.


Am I missing a setting somewhere or is this feature not available on 4s? I used to like the simple play triangle icon of ios6.




iphone unlocked

Iphone 5 iOS 6.01 cannot turn off shuffle

I cannot disable song shuffle.  The shuffle indicator is white and both the skip button and simply waiting for the song to end dont jump to the next song in the list.  This happens on both albums and playlists.  The behavior is no different with the shuffle indicator red and red with a 1. I assume this is shuffle for only one song, but I have yet to find any detailed instructions for exactly what those indicators mean and whether white is off.  Apple just assumes its software is so intuitive, they dont need those pesky details in their documentation.  Anyway, this appears to be a bug.  Anyone else?  I just updated to 6.01, but I hadnt tried no shuffle on this phone at all, so I dont know if it was just introduced.  I hafta think it was since I didnt find thousands of people online with the same problem.

Shuffle no longer works iOS 4.2.1 iPhone 3GS

So my 3GS was updated to 4.2.1 last night. Now when I select SHUFFLE in any of the playlists on my iPhone, I get to listen to the same song, over and over and over and over and over again. I have rebooted/restarted the phone twice now and still am not able to SHUFFLE my music.
iPhone iOS 4 3GS, 4.2.1

Slideshow on tv

I have connected my iPhone 3GS to my TV with a new Apple Component AV cable (ML128LL/B). I can see my videos and hear my music, BUT I CAN NOT see any picture or slideshow on the big screen. Any help?
iPhone OS 3.1.3

How do I turn shuffle off altogether on my iPod I have shake off but I don't want it to shuffle at all

How do I turn the shuffle off on my iPhone?  I have the shake to shuffle turned off, but I dont want it to shuffle at all.

Using TV to view slideshow

Help! Can anyone advise where I may be going wrong? Im trying to view a photo slideshow on my TV using the Component AV cable, but all I get is a blank TV screen.
Ive got a digital TV (so I dont think thats the problem), Ive connected the blue, green and red VIDEO wires into the back of the TV into the corresponding sockets (labelled Component) and connected up the AUDIO wires as well. Ive turned the iPhone on, selected a slideshow and all I get is a blank TV. And yes, I have turned on the TV!!!!
Ive tried switching between PAL and NTSC (in the TV Out menu under Settings) but that doesnt seem to make any difference.
Can anyone help?
Thank you
DELL Dimension 3100

Slideshow Doesn't Seem to Work

I am new to iPhone. I have followed guide for slideshow but cannot get it to work.
I have it set for 3 seconds and then I go to a photo and tap it and then the arrow. Nothing happens. What am I missing?
iPhone iPhone OS 3.0.1

Blurry photos in slideshow mode only when displaying on TV

I recently purchased the Apple AV cable for the iPhone (the composite version, not the component one). While initially put off by its $50 price tag, it has provided good value. My daughter uses it daily to watch Teletubbies, and the video quality is great for our standard definition TV.
This cable also lets you show photos on the TV. You can show them one at a time, or run a slideshow. My problem is that the photos are really blurry when running in slideshow mode. So blurry I wont use it.
When I view them one at a time, manually advancing each photo, they are sharp. The photos often appear blurry for a couple hundred milliseconds, but then snap into focus. I am not sure whats going on with that, but its fine.
The problem is, they dont automatically come into focus when a slideshow is running. Whatever that final focus step is, it doesnt appear to be happening. Silly, as the pause between pictures is at least 3 seconds (plenty of time to do whatever is done in the non-slideshow mode).
I dont think the cable is the problem: the very same photos are crystal clear when viewing them with the slideshow paused. I dont think the phone is the problem; my wife has an iPhone as well and the behavior is the same.
I have been hoping this would get fixed in some firmware update, but were at version 1.4 and the trouble remains.
Has anyone experienced anything similar? Any workarounds?
MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.4)

Where'd my shuffle go

After downloading the recent iPhone update I seem to have lost the shuffle feature on my iPhone/iPod. Also, when I play any song of an album it repeats that song instead of continuing to the next. Whats up with that?
Mac Pro Mac OS X (10.5.6)


hello guys, I am not sure if you would call this a problem but i would like to see if you can help me or give me some advise about this!
for my iphones ipod, when i play my music, i usually just play songs but let it go by shuffle which means it should be going by random.
But i found that it actually plays the same songs over and over, i mean doesnt it should be shuffle?
is there any way that can avoid some songs keep playing?
thank you!
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Shuffle Feature

When I select a playlist and hit the shuffle button it plays a song and then repeats the same song over again. How do I stop this? Also what kind of video players can i get for my iphone 3G?
Iphone 3G

Shuffle problem

I have a problem, if I choose next song, my iPhone chooses a random song in my playlist. What do i have to do, that I can listen to my music in the same order, it is in my playlist?
Windows XP Pro

Non-Shuffle Playlists

I have created playlists that I want to play in order (Hotel California, Abbey Road, etc.). I dont select shuffle, but the iPod / iPhone plays them in random order anyway.
How do I fix this?
iPhone Windows XP

shuffle mode

now with my ipod there is a setting to let it shuffle the songs on the play back. is there a way on the iphone to do this. for example i like some particular song and want to listen to that one and then have the playlist go to shuffle mode. now it is a bit frustrating, my $100 ipod can do this and i cant seem to figure it out on the phone. thanks
iBook Mac OS X (10.5.1)

Shuffle stuck

My iPod on my iPhone 3 is stuck on shuffle, does anyone know how to turn it off? Ive tried settings on my phone and iTunes controls. I would really like to choose what I listen to. Help?!.

Shake to shuffle

I would have thought the new shake to shuffle thing that Jobs demonstrated on the iPod Touch would be a software update in 2.1 and would work on my iPhone 3G. I mean its just using the accelerometer to detect the shake no? I tried on the 3G and it doesnt do anything.
Thinkpad T61 Windows XP Pro

Shuffle not working

Currently, when I select Shuffle to listen to the music on my iPhone, it selects a Song randomly, and then continues to replay that song over and over. I can select next Song, which also appears to be selected randomly, and the behavior is the same where that song is repeated over and over.
I recently upgraded to 2.0 of the iPhone software. Before upgrading, this behavior did not occur. Is there a setting that I overlooked? Is there an issue with the update?
MA501LL (Original iPhone) Other OS

Won't Shuffle

I listen to my iPhones iPod practically everywhere I go. Car/Work/Home/Exercising etc. And I always use shuffle.
For some reason today, it wont shuffle. Ill choose a playlist or genre and hit shuffle. It will pick a random song for the first one, but then it repeats that same song over and over.
I have tried a hard reset by holding the home and hold button till the apple came up, and it still does the same thing. Short of restoring it all through iTunes, does anyone have any ideas for a solution?
HP Pavilion Windows XP I love my iPhone!

How do I turn the shuffle OFF

All my songs are shuffling and I cant get them to play in the order on the playlist.
Mac OS X (10.4)

Turn off shuffle

This might be a basic question, but how do I turn off shuffle? Whatever album I listen to, if I hit the next track button, it shuffles the tracks.
PowerBook G4 15", iMac Intel 24" Mac OS X (10.5.3)

Can you shuffle videos

I have connected my iphone to the tv via component leads......... it plays the videos fine but only one at a time........
I have tried moving all the videos to a separate playlist however on play back only sound is recognised.
It seems you have to play your videos from the predetermined video menu to view on tv, the only problem is lack of a shuffle facility....... any suggestions gratefully received.
imac 15 inch lcd 2gb intel macbook Mac OS X (10.3.x)

not shuffle the song

i bought the iphone recently. now i just found it never shuffle the song. it keeps playing same song foverver unless i push to next song button.
anycan help me?
macbook Mac OS X (10.5.2)

how to turn off shuffle

somehow my 3G has gotten stuck on shuffle without me turning it on. my usual way to listen to my music is to go to the purchased folder and just start from the top so i can hear my newest music 1st. now after it plays the first song, it randomly picks another song rather than going in order. ive tried a reboot but that doesnt seem to work. any ideas?
1GHz TiBook, Dual 2.5GHz, 7800GS AGP, 6GB RAM, 40GB ATV Mac OS X (10.5.5)

Annoying shuffle

On my iPhone 4 (iOS 4.2.1), when I use iPod function, even if I have deselected the shuffle it is still on. Very annoying when listening, for example, an opera.
I find very deceptive the fact that theres no General iPod Settings allowing, among other settings, to permanently disable or enable this function...
Mac mini and iPhone 4 (iOS 4.2.1) Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Shuffle on nowhere to turn off

I am trying to play some albums I purchased and they are being shuffled (without my having selected the shuffle at the top of the song list for the album.) The shuffle toggle (on screen button) seems to have disapeared in this latest version.
iPhone latest software iPhone OS 3.0.1

iPhone shuffle

i cant seem to turn off the shuffle setting on my iPhone. Any help?
pwrbook g4, iPhone Mac OS X (10.4.10)

Iphone always on shuffle

Since 3.0 upgrade on my iphoneall albums are on shuffle. I turned off shake to shuffle in settings and it still does not play songs in order. Help please:)
imac iPhone OS 3.0

shuffle problems

I know this is dumb but my ipod from my iphone wont stop shuffling my music and i cant find settings for it anywhere. Does anyone know how to turn the shuffle off?

shuffle songs by album

Ive been trying to get my playlists to shuffle by album, I cant seem to find out how to do this like on my 5th gen iPod, anyone have any ideas?
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