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ios 7.0.3 wifi fix hair dryer

ios 7.0.3 wifi fix hair dryer

iphone unlocked

iOS 6.1.3 hav'nt fix wifi greyed issue

i just restore my iphone 4s with the latest ios 6.1.3 but still cant fix the wifi greyed out issue .... why Apple how long should we have to wait ? PLZZZZZZ do something i fed up with my phone .... from ios 5.1.1 i got this issue still not fix in 6.1.3 .... why r u playing with us

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iOS 6 WiFi option is GREYED OUT unrelated to iOS 6 WiFi connectivity issues

As reported in an earlier thread, since upgrading iPhone 4S from 5.1.1 to 6, the WiFi option is turned OFF and is greyed out/disabled. Have tried all combinations of hard/soft reboots, router resets, network settings reset, cleared cookies, etc. Nothing. The WiFi option is completely disabled.


WiFi worked fine prior to iOS 6. Now I cant turn it on. My wifes WiFi is fine, she can toggle on/off and hasnt had any other connectivity issues as reported by others.

WiFi not connecting My fix so far

I am the second owner & have not been able to connect to wifi since I got it.. The base stations I have at home and at the cottage are both Airport Extreme N with WAP security.
I had tried again on Sat. to connect to the wifi here, which is 6 ft from me & it would connect for about 20 seconds & then disconnect & then it wouldnt show at all.
I went to the cottage on Sunday & since I had put an Audiobook on the iphone, decided I would listen to it on my Griffin FM transmitter. I connected it & it told me it was not made to work with the iPhone & then asked me if I wanted to turn Airplane mode on to cut down on interference, I said yes..
This happened 2 or 3 times as I made stops on the way. Got to the cottage & powered the phone off.
Monday, just before I left to come home, I decided to try & connect there.
Surprise, it connected, & stayed on for at least 1/2 hr while I updated a bunch of stuff.
When I got home I decided to see if it would connect & surprise again it worked & I have been able to connect 5 or 6 times since..
The phone itself turning on Airplane mode is the only change I can think of that made the difference. I had tried manually before turning Airplane mode on & it didnt make a difference.
Maybe this will help someone else as there doesnt seem to be any concrete solutions out there..
G5 PPC 1.8 Mac OS X (10.5.6) 1st Gen iPhone Jailbroke ver 2.2

WiFi Connection Possible Fix

I am using an original iPhone update to version 2.0 software. At my weekend home I have an Apple Airport Extreme base station. At my city home I have an Apple Time Capsule Base Station.
Once I upgraded to iPhone 2.0 I was able to connect to the WiFi network in the city and access Internet applications. However, at my weekend home, I could connect to the WiFi network, secure a valid IP address, but I was not able to connect to any Internet applications--these would timeout or fail.
After some trouble shooting I noticed that in front of the DNS addresses for my service providers, there was an additional IP address that corresponded to the address for my router. I deleted it. Voila. All better.
So the details:
Tap SettingsTap WiFiSelect your Home Network (if not selected). You may be asked to enter security information if it is not an open network.Tap the blue arrow on the right side of the screenAssuming you use DHCP, look below on the fourth lineIf you see a number in front that starts with 192.168.X.Y (in my case or 10.10.X.Y you probably need to delete itTap the DNS line. Delete the first set of numbers (as above). Leave the second set alone.Click Home button at the bottom of your phone
Now, wait 30 seconds or so and try to do something with a web application.
Worked for me
iPhone 16G Original Mac OS X (10.4.8) iPhone 2.0 software

how do i fix a Wifi button

my parents bought a Iphone 4 , but the WIFI-button is staying grey . can some one tell me how to fix this?

how to fix the wifi on the apple 3g iPhone

it keeps circleing and will not show the cyber links

Has anyone experienced slow wifi connections on iPhone 4S nice upgraded to IOS 6 The wifi connection seems to have got worse after the upgrade



Has anyone experienced slow wifi connections on iPhone 4S once upgraded to IOS6.

When is Apple going to fix WiFi issues with OS3.0

Since upgrading to OS3.0 on both my original iPhone and my new 3G S I constant have issues with maintaing strong signal strength with WiFi. In areas of my home where I always had full service Im lucky to get any at all. I can also be standing right next to my airport device and only get one bar.
Apple, when are you going to acknowledge this problem and fix it ?
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how do i fix the gray issue of the wifi in an iphone 4s

Fix for wifi or other related iOS6 problems

To Fix any of these bugss happening with the phones you have to:


Back Up or Sync


Restore the phone and setup as new and sync your info back (not from a backup)


If you restore it and your phone gives you the connect to itunes screen dont panic leave it plugd in and hit restore again the second time should do it properly.


I have done this with a 4 and 4s and the phones are totaly fine now. key is hit restore again and setup as new and sync your info back.


This is not a fix for grayed out wifi in settings.

Default iOS Shortcomings - Please Fix

A little back story, over a year ago I switched from a Blackjack II to my iPhone 3Gs. My reason were that I wanted the larger screen, the App Store access, and the iTunes integration. But after all this time, Ive become more and more annoyed with shortcomings within the default iOS, that I feel shouldnt be there considering the time and money Apple spends on iOS development.
1) App/Folder Icon Layout - This should be more desktop like and have a snap to grid functionality, instead of auto-arranging into one continuous row of Apps that fill left to right and top to bottom. I know that I can jailbreak my iPhone and get this functionality, but I shouldnt have to void my equipment to get what should be basic functionality.
2) SMS/MMS Messaging App - When receiving a MMS Message, the default iOS app splits the media content in to separate files, instead of allowing them to be launched in some sort of media player. Also, the default app does not let a user select a combination of video, audio, or image files at the same time, eg. photo and sound clip, the app only allows for multiples of the same file type. Can Apple really considered this to be a Multimedia Messaging Service, when there is not any inherent multimedia playback or transmission.
3) iPod App - Even though the iPod is where the iPhone is rooted, its still lacking as an app. For me, specifically when in landscape mode, you lose onscreen music controls for skipping forward and back within your playlist. This shouldnt happen.
4) Default App Removal - Understandably, there is a need to ship phones with some sort of default applications suite. Apps that are inherent to the iOS, such as the App Store, Phone, Settings should not be removable. But the customer should have the option to uninstall those apps that are not inherent to the iOS, such as the Stocks and Weather apps. Personally, my Stocks app has never been opened since I bought my iPhone.
Until recently, these shortcomings never bothered me. But lately, with all the new devices coming out, the default iOS issues seem to be more and more reason to move to another platform. Some of these seem to be exclusive to iOS, as I never had the same messaging issues on my Blackjack II, and friends on other platforms dont seem to either. And, I also realize that there are plenty of apps out there that solve some of these issues, but some are only available is you jailbreak your iPhone, and I shouldnt have to possibly void my warranty to get what should be basic functionality.
Unless the next iPhone has some sort of cant-live-without-it feature, or they iOS software designers redo the messaging App, and make some other significant changes to iOS, Ill probably be switching to Android at the end of my contract.
iPhone 3Gs iOS 4

How do i fix the wifi on my iphone 3gs as it is only workin intermittently

How do I fix the wifi on my iPhone 3GS as it is only working intermittently even when close to router?

HT1688 How do i fix my wifi and charging iphone 3gs

I updated my iphone 3gs to ios 5.1.1, now Im having issues with my wifi and when i go to charge my phone a message appears on the screen,Charging is not supported by this accessory.How do I fix these issues?

when is apple going to fix the wifi data usage on at&t

my iphone is charging me data on my wifi on my at&t network. I have a few days until I can return it im about to get the samsung galaxy s3 if it is not fixed!!!!!

Can Genius Bar fix brand new 3G WiFi at my house

Or will it just be a wasted trip and use of my time?
I have tried to get this brand new iPhone to access my Fios Wi-Fi for two weeks now and nothing.
Oh, heres a good one: When I was buying my phone at the AT&T store, a lady right next to me was returning hers because she said it was overheating and burning her ear. She said it was so hot after two minutes on the phone, she couldnt have it next to her ear.
Geesh, come Apple; I love the phone and Id love it more if my Bluetooth Jawbone didnt need to be un-paired and re-paired EVERY DAY and if this Wi-Fi worked as advertised.
PC Windows Vista

how to fix my wifi grayed out on iphone 3GS 32G

Help me to fix my wifi

I updated to iOS 5.1 and now I have sound issues How do I fix

I updated to iOS 5.1.1 and now I get no lock/unlock sounds, no sounds on videos or music, no keypad clicks. My mute all button on the side is not switched on. I checked the settings and the volume is up. In addition when I hit the volume button on the side of the phone I get a weird picture that does not show the bars going up or down. Help!

How to fix my iPhone 3Gs iOs 5.0.1 keep rebooting itself

My iPhone 3Gs with iOs 5.0.1 keep restarting itself?


WHY is this happening?


How to fix this problem?


Need Help !!! URGENT

FIX iPhone 5 iOS 6.0.2 battery issue

Here is my short story .. I bought my iphone 5 befor one week ago and it was on ios 6.0.1 and every thing was good ;(. Befor a couple days apple has released ios 6.0.2 .. When i updated it to latest after first full charge for the battery i noticed that the battery is draining faster than befor .. I thought that the issue happend only with me .. So i decided to make a second test to battery to see if the problem happend again but i did Some steps to be ready for the test & here is the steps:


I turn on then turn of these :






Then i used the iphone .. I noticed that the phone still only 6 and a half hours!!! And the charge is 3% ;( . Today i turned the wifi off to see if the problem happend again and i will tell you guys the update later. If its happend to you and if you fixed it .. Pls give me your solution to fix that issue .. Hopefully That apple will fix the issue in the next software update .


Thanks ;(

When will the batery drain in ios 6.0.2 be fixed or how to fix it

My batery is draining way to fast and I want to get that 6.0.2 problem what can I do to stop the battery drain or when will apple come out with a new ios update.  anybody know any release date.

Temp fix for iOS 6 not pushing Exchange mail



If you are reading this, you are probable having the same problem as I am:


After you switched to the iPhone 5, Exchange mail is no longer PUSHing to your device.  I have done testing and this problem affects:


1) iPhone 5s running connecting to Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010 servers.


This does not effect:


1) my iPhone 4S running iOS 6 Beta 6.0 10A5376e




1) Wiped phone and started with completely fresh iOS 6 on my iPhone 5. The only thing I did was add my exchange account.

-Still had same issue.


** How to fix this issue:


1. Go to Mail, Contacts, and Calendar.  Click Fetch New Data.  Make sure push is on. 

2.  Go back to Mail, Contact, and Calendar.  Click on your exchange account. Click on Days to Sync.  Even if it is set to what you want this on, chance it to a different setting (i.e. 1 week).  You can change this back later, but this is the only way to fix it.

3. Go back to Mail COntact and Calendar.  Click on Show.  No matter what this setting is on, change it to a different setting. (i.e. 100 recent messages).

4.  Reboot your iPhone 5

5.  Exchange PUSH will be working now.





iOS 7 updates don't fix main issue

Ever since the release of iOS 7 to mobile devices, all that have downloaded this upgrade are experiencing harsh battery issues that seem to not be addressed by any updates since the OS release. This is the consumers Num. 1 issues with iOS 7.  I speak personally for clients, friends, and myself that this is not an imaginary situation.  The days before upgrading to the new system, I was still maxing out the potential of my phone with about 48 hours of battery life between charges, including the playing of several videos and songs and a continuous internet connection with Bluetooth on all the time.  If the services were off it lasted longer.  As soon as I upgraded i noticed that my phones lasts 8 hours, 10 if on standby for most of its up time. Thats a horrible integrity loss for the battery.  Clients and friends complain to me about how they only get about 4 to 5 hours now instead of a whole day.  11 patches have been released and none of which address the biggest problem with operating system.  All issues that were fixed I have yet to have brought to my attention by any apple users.  All suggested solutions such as turning off wifi Bluetooth and 3G as well as reducing brightness and disabling motions have minimal effect on resolving the problem at hand and are bogus.  I find this to be outrageous and I strongly believe the OS should be recalled and all products running it should be allowed to port back to iOS 6 to resume full functionality.

iOS 4.1 does NOT fix Proximity Sensor issue on 3GS

iOS 4.0 update introduces Proximity Sensor issue on iPhone 3GS.
I hear that 4.1 fix this issue for iPhone 4.
But 4.1 update does NOT FIX Proximity Sensor issue for 3GS!!!

My phone says SIM not valid after ios 5 update Why and how do I fix it

Why does my iPhone 4 say SIM not valid after I updated to ios 5? Also, is there anything I can do to fix it?

A simple fix to the No Content error after updating to iOS 4.2.1

I had the same problem that others are reporting after updating an iPhone to iOS 4.2.1 where all of my media disappeared. However I dont currently have access to my PC to sync with iTunes but have posted a really simple fix that worked for me here:
The advantage of this fix is that it doesnt need you to use iTunes which was important for me as I am currently away from my PC. I fixed my iPhone this way and I suspect the same would work on an iPod Touch or iPad.
iPhone 4 Windows 7

Fix unlocked 3GS iOS 6 Activation Problems

Like me, Ive noticed that many others are experiencing the problem where when updating to iOS 6 or restoring it wont allow you to activate the phone even though its unlocked. I was finally able to fix it by performing the restore while the sim is removed and then putting it in after it turns on. You should notice that instead of the big list of languages it has english and more. You should also notice that it automatically detects that youre in America. If you have quetions dont be afraid to ask. I dont know how well it will work for you guys but it worked for me.

Is Apple going to release a fix to the wifi connectivity issues caused by the 7.0.6 update

Ive read the posts about the 7.0.6 update and concur with most all of the issues regarding the inability to connect to known wifi networks, battery life and over-heating since the security update. Im wondering if Apple is set to address this issue before iOS 8 release, since this is a major issue affecting a lot of people.

iOS 6.0.1 update still no fix for App Store Purchased section

iOS 6.0.1 update still no fix for App Store Purchased section. Keep crashing after few seconds and kicked back to home.

Does apple even aware of this problem ?

TS1275 Is there a fix for Proximity sensor being messed up after upgrading to latest iOS 6.1.3

After upgrading to 6.1.3 the Proximity Sensor will not turn my phones screen black so that other buttons are not pressed by my ear of by my face accidentally.

It worked just fine before the update.


And if there isnt a fix is it possible for me to downgrade to iOS 6.0, or 6.0.1 or .6.1?


I have a 16GB 3GS, iOS version 6.1.3 (10B329), ATT, Model = MC135LL/A, Modem Firmware = 05.16.08


Thank you in advance,

HT4623 how do i fix call entries from the same caller not combining ios 6 recent calls log

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