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ios 7.04 lock screen battery indicator

ios 7.04 lock screen battery indicator

iphone unlocked

HT1689 What is the Arrow circle upper right with a lock in the center next to the battery indicator symbol

What is the Arrow Circle with a  lock in the center next to the battery indicator symbol?

iphone unlocked

iOS 4.3 drains my battery and does not auto lock

After installing iOS 4.3 on my iPhone 4, my phone has dropped 20% battery usage in 20 minutes, doing nothing. It also does not auto lock anymore, it is set to 1 minute. I tried to reset the phone and no change. The phone is warm, indicating some process is running constantly. I have made no change before the upgrade. Before the upgrade everything was working fine, after the iOS 4.3 upgrade the battery is draining REALLY fast and it does not auto lock.
Any ideas?
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WiFi disconnected after lock screen iOS 6

I work in a place with no cellular reception, so I completely rely on WiFi to receive message, and calling.

Everything was good until updated to iOS 6. The WiFi always disconnected after lock screen. It means that I cant rely on any notification through WiFi now, and since I dont have signal, basically Im completely isolated from the world.

I know this was an issue befor iOS 4, and since iOS 4, Apply decided to keep WiFi connected even when its locked. I dont know why iOS 6 went back to the old issue again.

Iphone 4 IOS 4.3 Lock screen wallpaper not functioning

Iphone 4, current IOS.
I set the wallpaper, both the wallpaper and the lock screen wallpaper. the Lock screen doesnt take the wallpaper, I get the check mark saying its done, but the wallpaper doesnt show instead I get the stock battery wallpaper.
Every now and then I can get the wallpaper to stick, and its fine for a few hours then all of a sudden im getting the battery wallpaper again.
Any ideas?
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Lock Screen not displaying upcoming Calendar Appts or Reminders since iOS 6.0.1

I have an iPhone 5 (White, 64GB) that arrived with iOS 6 installed.  I did not restore from a backup and set it up as a brand new device (so not to carry over anything from a previous version of iOS).  After getting the prompt the other day I upgraded to iOS 6.0.1 and it installed successfully. 


Today I noticed that my upcoming appointments and reminders (in the next 24hrs of course) were not appearing on the lock screen.  However, they do show up in Notification Centre.  I made sure that all of my settings are correct in SettingsNotificationsCalendar as well as SettingsNotificationsReminders... still nothing is showing up on the Lock Screen... they only appear on Notification Centre. 


This is not how the lock screen on iOS has ever functioned.


Ive now tried toggling all of the settings for the lock screen of both apps, soft and hard resets of the phone, toggling iCloud sync, etc.  I have even placed a call to Apple and theyre having the engineering dept. look in to it further. 


This is also happening on my iPad (3rd gen wifi) running iOS 6.0.1 so its not just a bug related to my iPhone 5.


Is anyone else having this problem


After update iOS 5.1 iPhone 4 camera on lock screen doesn't open the app

After update iOS 5.1 iPhone 4 camera on lock screen doesnt open the app

battery indicator

my battery indicator on my 3G (most recent iOS 3) seems to be showing full charge all the time, when it clearly is not. my phone shut down last night because of low battery. i did not get the 20% or 10% low battery warning either. i have shut the phone down and restarted, but no change.
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Battery Indicator

Hi all, yes another battery query!!!!!
Does anything know if the Battery % Indicator drains the battery if any, Im sure I have seen somewhere people says it does, just not sure.
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Battery Indicator

Hi. I have had an iPhone 3G since the end of January. Love it. Recently, the batter indicator at the top right of my screen has been reading full, all day, no changes. When I turn the phone off, and back on, then the indicator usually drops way down (not a surprise, common sense, right?). Is this a problem that could be resolved by resetting my phone? Or is it something I will need to go into the apple store for? Just trying to figure out time investment. Thanks.
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Battery Percentage Indicator

Does the battery percentage indicator use more power when on compared to not having it on? In other words, will I be saving battery power by leaving the indicator off?

The problem with the battery indicator

Hi all!
Battery indicator on my iPhone often shows 100% until turn off.
How can i solve this problem?
3G iPhone OS 3.1.3

Battery indicator glitch

I just wanted to let everybody know about this glitch Ive just noticed about the battery indicator that seemed to indicate full charge after more than a day standby and more than 2 hours of use. I turned the phone off and on and the indicator shows the real charge level now (hopefully).
I have an iPhone 3G with firmware 3.0.
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Battery indicator always at low

A few days ago, the battery for my iPhone 3G ran out on me, and when I went to charge it again, the battery indicator remained at very low (less than 20%). The charge itself seemed to work, as the battery lasted a few days without charging before it ran out again. The battery works fine, the only inconvenience is that I can never actually tell when my battery is low.
As I said, I have an iPhone 3G and am running iOS4.1
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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Battery indicator never moved

I bought my iPhone 3G three weeks ago. The battery indicator never moved. It always displays 100%. My iPhone battery unloads and it suddenly shut off when battery is empty. I never have a single warning. The battery has been loaded almost everyday, i have done several full battery cycle, reboot the iPhone, upgraded to 2.0.1, made several firmware resets. Is their any solution to this problem ?
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Battery indicator issues

Hi all,
Ive had my iPhone for about 4 months.
Just recently, the battery meter is down to about 1/4 (25%)...
I let it charge overnight and woke up to find it hadnt moved at all.
Did a search on here for battery and found some advice to reset (home and wake button pressed down). I did that.
Now my battery indicator shows FULL.
Should I be relieved? Or is it really NOT full?
Do I have to do this reset every so often?
Also, not sure if this is related: yesterday morning I sent a text message to my brother. I just got his reply THIS morning but it shows he responded yesterday at 9:20 AM.
What in the world is going on?
Thanks for any help.
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Battery Indicator means

when i charging up the battery, it shows battery with thunder bolt indicator,
after it fully charged it shows plug indicator on the battery, what it mean?
The battery fully charged and stop charging to prevert battery overcharged and now use AC Powered to operate? <-- its true?
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Battery percentage indicator inaccurate

My iPhone has started reporting the battery level as being approxmiately 30% higher than it actually is. The result of which being that when the iPhone drops below about 40%, it doesnt have enough power to carry on, and so cuts out. As the hardware thinks that the battery level is high enough to perform the task, the iPhone doesnt turn off safely but simply dies.
I have attempted to reset, then drain completely and fully recharge the battery in an attempt to reset the battery meter, but this has failed. I have also restored the iPhone, but again this has not solved my problem. Is there a solution Im missing, or would it be worth contacting Apple for service?
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battery life indicator missing

Just got my wifes new 16 GB iPhone up and running. No functional issues, but there is no battery % indicator in the upper right corner like mine has.
Any ideas?
3GS, 16 GB iPhone OS 3.1.3

Battery Indicator Weirdness Under iOS4

For the last year Ive been using a Belkin wall charger with 2 USB ports on it to charge both my wife and my iPhones (3G). The setup has worked great. I installed iOS4 on Monday night and it appeared to charge fine overnight after the install. Last night however it appears not to have charged since I woke up and it was still showing low battery, but the charge indicator (battery icon in the top right corner) showed it to be plugged in and fully charged (battery level was low, but the plug was shown.) I then took it to my MacBook Pro to sync and get a small charge before leaving for work and in under 5 minutes the battery now shows fully charged (battery level is at full in all indicators.) I think the iPhone actually did get charged last night but it didnt update the indicator for some reason and the sync found it to be fully charge and corrected the indicator. I dont know for sure that this is what happened until I use it and not have it die on me, but wanted to see if anyone else has seen this issue.
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Battery Indicator any way to change that to show

I see people saying they have used 15, 20, 30% of their battery, are they just estimating, or is there a way to change the indicator to %, sort of like changing the signal strenght from bars to DBs?
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New symbol appearing next to battery indicator

A symbol of a lock inside of a circle with an arrow has suddenly appeared to the left of the battery percentage indicator on the top right of my iPhone 4. Does anyone know what it is? And how do I get rid of it?
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Bluetooth Headset Battery Indicator

So I recently read something about the Apple Bluetooth Headset giving you the ability to see your battery life on your iPhone itself. Is that the only Headset that gives you this feature? Theyve since discontinued the product so this feature is basically useless anymore.
Any ideas or knowledge of similar one with same feature?
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Battery indicator playing up anybody know how to fix it

Occasionally my battery indicator plays up. It does not show any decrease in battery life and so I have no clue as to how much charge is left. This has occasionally caught me out and the phone has run out of charge on me. Can anyone suggest any remedy?
Cheers, Toby

iPhone 3G - Battery indicator problems since update

Is anybody experiencing a problem with the battery indicator. After the last firmware update, The battery indicator would go from 100% to 10% without any warning. While I thought I was getting a good battery life on that day, it turns out the indicator is not reliable anymore. ANother time, after charging the iphone overnight, the indicator kept showing almost 50% full. After plugging the phone again and again with the same results, I had to shut down the phone and turn back on to get a full charge indicator. Anyone have the same issues?
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Syncing a red battery-indicator iphone

Spouses phone got drenched. Dried it out in rice for a few days. Wont charge. Black screen, red strip of battery on phone with only the white lightning bolt.
I am assuming battery got wet and has failed.
If the battery gets replaced, will data on phone before the U-Boat accident still be available?
Is there any way to back up the phone in this condition? (Battery not charging)
Can USB power be enough to power iphone alone, or does the battery power have to be somewhat present?
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Battery Indicator stuck at Full with 3.0 Software

Had the phone for 3 months and only now did my iPhone 3G with 3.0 software display a defective battery icon on the top right corner as FULL for 3 days straight until it died from having no charge left.
I recharged it back to full after a couple of repeated resets via home + sleep button as well as iPhone reset via the Settings menu.
The battery indicator still says its full but when I plugged it back to iTunes, the larger battery indicator shows an obvious depleted charge.
Any other tips to recalibrate the battery meter? Also do you think this is a software glitch or is it something hardware related?
Thanks for any insight.
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iphone 3G 3.0 update - battery life indicator

My battery life indicator is frozen at full after update to version 3.0 - its not moving and will just randomly die...it says its full when charging too - does anyone else have this problem/any ideas? Thanks
iphone 3G 16GB iPhone OS 3.0

Battery charged indicator on iPhone vs iTunes

hey guys:
im curious if anyone else has noticed the same thing as i have. when i plug my iPhone into my computer to charge, i will see the battery full indicator on the iPhone before i see it on iTunes. (by full indicator, i mean the little plug icon in the battery meter at the upper right side of the screen.) ive left my iPhone charging a number of times, but iTunes will not show that the battery is fully charged.
Edit - while i was writing this, i looked at my iTunes to see if there were any new podcasts, and low and behold, the charging icon in iTunes changed to the little plug icon as well.
anyone have an idea why this is happening?
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OS v2.2 Battery indicator always shows full until device dies

After I upgraded to version 2.2 of the OS on my iPhone 3G, my battery indicator is always showing 100% charge. After a full day of normal usage, the iPhone just died with a dead battery. I didnt even get the usual warning when the battery was at 20%.
Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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My iphone 4 is frozen on the lock screen My iphone 4 keeps freezing at the lock screen

My iphone 4 is frozen, on the lock screen, ... My iphone 4 keeps freezing atthe lock screen? iphone 4 FROZEN ON lock screen

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