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ios 7.04 update push notification

ios 7.04 update push notification

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iOS 4.3.1 - Push Notification Issues

HiThis is something I noticed ever since I upgraded to iOS 4.3.1 -Push Notification is not consistently working in all apps, in fact it might be very late or not even delivering. For example:Sometimes, WhatsApp doesnt push messages and sometimes works perfectly.Windows Live Messenger rarely pushes any notification, in fact even if it does push one out of dozens it comes 10/15 minutes late.This is not a typical no push notification issue, it works fine with others however I noticed this random behaviour with other apps.Anyone confirms this after iOS 4.3.1 upgrade?

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No notification sounds after iOS 7 update on iPhone 4

After updating to iOS 7 my iPhone does not play any sound when I get a text message, email or game alert. However the phone still rings when someone calls and I can listen to music as well as preview all of the possible sounds to play as a ringer.


I would really like to know when someone is trying to get ahold of me, can anyone help?

push notification

is there a list of apps that have updates that use push notification that works as of now?
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Push Notification

Guys/Gals im trying to figure out this whole push notification thing in IPhone OS 3.0.
To be honest i got a Palm Pre on release date. The WebOS was awesome unfortunately the phone had major reception problems and i had to return it. So im looking at PreOrdering an Iphone 3GS. The main reason i loved the Pre so much was because of multitasking but IPhone has this push notification thing that i really dont totally understand. One of the main things i wanted multitasking is to do things like run yahoo messenger in the background so that i can send/recieve IMs while im doing other things or say get notification on ebay auctions, email notification, SMS, ect. So say yahoo messenger was setup for push notification.....would it really still be running in the background (kind of)? Could you send/receive IMs through push/pull pull type notification or if you reacted to the IM (Reply) would it close whatever you have open and open yahoo messenger? What would my status be on yahoo messenger? Would i still show online or would i just get some type of notification when someone sent me a offline IM? I found one video on push that dealt with AIM but it wasnt that great and really didnt answer my questions. Can anyone help me understand how this push notification works currently or is this something no one really knows yet?
On an aside i WISH apple really would unlock the multitasking on the iphone. They claim its due to battery life. Will the new iphone 3gs and the palm pre has pretty similar hardware....and the pre would be at about 20% battery life at the end of a day for me. Which is just fine batter life. Even if they would add maybe an app limit...say you can only have 3 apps open at a time...i think everyone would be elated. Not having multitasking is a major flaw.
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Push Notification

What is a push notification?
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Why no email push notification

Im just wondering if there is a reason why the iPhone still lacks Push Notifications for email? Sure it pushes MobileMe, GMail etc, but only vibrates rather than telling me how many emails (like SMS/voicemail etc). Or, are there any apps that can do this? As unlocking the phone only to see its junk mail, is a real pain!
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Push notification questions

Ive downloaded the AP app and APNS seems to not be working. Ive checked the notification settings, AP is set to send badges, sounds and alerts. I am not getting any notifications; I go into the app and see stories updated 5 mins ago etc etc
The questions:
1) does APNS work over WiFi? If yes, is there any special home network configuration considerations in regard to NAT or firewalls, e.g. what ports would I need to open? any port triggering or special NAT mappings necessary?
2) Has anyone received any Push Notifications from AP while over 3G? Edge? Ive been off my home network now for at least an hour, news stories have been updated in under the last 60 minutes and no notifications
anyone have suggestions? answers? warm fuzzies?
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Push Notification Server

not sure where else to post this.
Im looking for a company that can host my iPhone app and support push notifications.
Does anyone know of any companies that do that.
Thank you

Push Notification Question

I installed appigos TODO and set it up to notify me an hour before a task. I had to reset my iPhone. I noticed a few hours later that I was notified of the task I had created before I reset my iPhone. When you create a task in Appigo is it sent to a server they have that then alerts you. I thought that is what RTM and things like that were for?
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Push notification iPhone 4S

Ive had this issue for a while. When I open an app I get a message that I have to connect to iTunes to enable push notifications. I did that and it didnt get rid of the connect to iTunes to use push notifications that I keep getting. Normally I can deal with it, no biggie...but I installed a new app tonight and cant use it because I keep getting the same message over and over again.Connecting to iTunes doesnt help. Ive had the phone a year and a half already, and the first time I had this issue was over Memorial Day weekend this year.

Question about push notification

I am currenty on a cap plan with limited amounts of Internet. How much internet approx does push notification use? So that at least I have an idea of how much I can use mobile me.
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push notification in facebook

I had all the push notifications checked on the facebook app and it was driving me crazy so I turned them off but I am still getting notifications every time someone posts to my wall. Is there a delay timewise that it takes until I no longer receive them? It is set for no notifications right now.
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If Apple is serious about demonstrating the ability for their Push Notification Service (APNS) what about implmenting it with the APP Store?
Push Notifications would allow you to know when there is an update for an app on your iPhone.Same premise could work with the iTunes Pass, badges could let a user know when new content has been added to iTunes.
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is push notification text

Ive received push notifications from the new AP news app. Is this an SMS text message? I hope not, because I dont have a text message plan.
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Email Push Notification version 4.3

I have a problem with version 4.3. After updating to 4.3 from 4.2.1. I dont get the email notifications unless you have the email opened. Then they get pushed. We are using exchange and this wasnt a problem before we updated to 4.3. I have all the notifications turned on the email settings are on push. I even tried to change the retrieval from manually to 15 minutes, and the other times. Still nothing seems to get it to work. Is there way to downgrade back to version 4.2.1? Or is there another solution?
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Push Notification on unsupported carriers

I just downloaded OS 3.0 and its great but I installed AP mobile and the settings are all correct I have even selected the US as my region because push doesnt work for other regions. But I have still not received a single push notification. I also heard that the push service is optimized for carriers so does that mean only the 25 carriers that Apple supports? I have another carrier on an officially unlocked iPhone from France. So will I be able to use push?
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Push Notification Service For Developers

I was just wondering if anybody had any information about Apples Push Service for developers. They originally said it would be available in September but I have heard nothing of it. Maybe after the MobileMe troubles, which I experienced none of, they want to wait until it is perfect.
This service, in my opinion, will complete the iPhone and the App Store.
Anybody know anything?
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Text messages and push notification

Im using text message preview on my iPhone, thus when my phone is locked and I just receive a text message, a pop-up appears on the screen.
However, when a push notification occurs, it replaces the text message and I wont be aware anymore of the new text message. Problem is, regarding the frequency of the push notifications, Im often missing text message (because not unlocking my phone).
Is there any solution to change that behavior (except disabling push notifications..)?
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Push Notification Service is it free

Is it free for the user or is it chargeable everytime it push? Thanks..
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iPhone email push notification stuck at one

My iPhone made the email noise and has that 1 on it. When I open the email app, I have no knew emails. It doesnt display the 1 next to the word inbox at the top (which it should if I have a new email. I sent myself another email and then the push notification number went to 2 and it has a 1 next to the word inbox. I tried restarting but that did nothing. Help please
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Iphone 4 SMS push notification error

I have a sms push notication error. if Im sending texts and I have my messages open and then I close messages, I receive 4 or 5 push notifications in a row from the people I was texting. Does anyone know how to fix this without a restore?

no mail push notification on iPhone 4 with MobileMe

Im using an iPhone 4 and have a MobileMe account, which I use for email.
I dont receive notification of new email in my inbox, despite having Push switched on; Im only able to view new emails by checking my Mail inbox.
I used to receive notification on my old iPhone 3G, and all my 3G settings were imported to the iPhone 4.
Any suggestions gratefully received.
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Not getting any push notification when iphone is in sleep mode

Hello friends,

In my previous threads i talk about my problem that i faced with my iphone and now got replaced with new iphone which is working fine except

wifi issue which i had already faced earlier (with my first iphone)


The Problem is I am enable to get any push notification including email, facebook, ebuddy e.t.c when my iphone goes to sleep mode (locked)

my wifi disconnects after 20 sec when the device is locked (sleep mode) even if cellular data/3G is disable. again when i press home button and slide to unlock its automatically connect. In this situation i am not able to get even a single push notification when my phone is locked why?

I also found a thread saying that this happened after update of iOS 4.3.1 and my iOS is uptodate means 5.0.1 and apple did this to save battery but my question is if wifi will not work in that moment how would i get the push notification? its totally waste then?


please help me to solve this problem its fraustating

Push Notification Badge on Skype is Stuck

Greetings folks. I frequently use Skype on my phone, and recently it crashed in the middle of a chat I was in. After I managed to get the app restarted, the push notification badge has remained on the icon and wont go away. Ive gone into the app and allowed the chats to sync up, and Ive reinstalled the app twice. Not sure what else to try, any suggestions?

IPhone 4 receives push notification but not email

Im running MobileMe on both my mac, iPad and iPhone 4 but since late last night only the iPhone is having difficulties.
I hear both iPad and iPhone bleep and both display a push notification re a new Mail message but there is no message in the iPhone In Box. The iPad is not affected.
After a few minutes the iPhone gets the message delivered but it is causing problems managing the inbox.
Anyone else? ( Ive reported to MobileMe support)
Ps Ive posted this on MobileMe forum too.
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Unable to locate push notification setting in 3.0

Since upgrading my iPhone 3Gs software to 3.0 I have noticed that I am missing one feature I was very much looking forward to - push notification.
I read that Id need an app which handled push notification in order for me to see the option in my settings, so I downloaded AIM, AP News and IM+ Lite, but to no avail. The option in my settings is still not there.
I have tried resetting, using the apps thoroughly, and finally restoring but still no push notification.
Am I missing something blatantly obvious? If it helps Im a UK user with O2.
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Google Talk on iPhone push notification

Does anyone know how to get gtalk on the iphone with push notifications?
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viber cant access push notification token even its there

Before i deactivate  my viber account i lost connection so i simply reset my iphone 3G, later that day i reinstall the said application  but he cant see or access the push notification token even thopugh its there at ON position including badges, please anybody Help , how could i complete my viber setup. Thank you

Yahoo Mail Push Notification stopped working

Ive had my iPhone for about a month and never had problems with Yahoo Mail push notifications until recently. Today Im not getting notifications when receiving Yahoo Mail, but I do get notifications when I receive MobileMe mail.
This is the second time Ive had this problem in the past few days. Last time I had to delete my Yahoo Mail account off my phone and recreate it.
I tried deleting and re-adding my Yahoo Mail account to my phone, but push still isnt working for Yahoo Mail.
How can I fix this?
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Yahoo Mail Push Notification stopped working today

Yahoo Mail Push Notification isnt working today for either of my Yahoo Mail accounts. It was working yesterday. Push is still working for MobileMe and other apps.
Anyone else having this problem today?
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