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ios 7.1 update draining battery

ios 7.1 update draining battery

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iPhone 4 battery still draining fast after ios 5.0.1 update

5.0.1 update did not help, my battery still drains just as fast as it did on 5.0. My phone used to last 2 days no problem, now it lasts about 6 hours, I could go to bed at 5% and wake up with 3%, now if I got to bed with 25% its dead by morning. I have all iCloud services turned off, only Maps turned on for location services, notifications for Phone, Messages, Reminders, Calendar, CNBC RT and Words Free. I have 2 email accounts, one is a pop3 and the other Exchange, both are set to pull every hour and preview is turned off. Is the issue with notifications? the only thing that has changed from 4 to 5 is I have notifications turned on and my reminders & tasks are synced with Exchange. Im starting to think the issue is with notifications, I tried to turn off email notifications for the lock screen but they still show up.


Are we getting another update after 5.0.1 soon for the continued battery drain issue?


Email notifications continue to display for locked screen even though the option says Off, is there something else Im missing?

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iOS 7 draining iPhone battery

Is anyone else having difficulty since the new update. It is really draining my battery very quickly. The new colors are making it harder to see the icons.

iOS 6.0.2 is draining my iPhone 5 battery

I have installed the ios update 6.02 and since then the battery of my iphone is due up to 4 hours in standby mode. It has never happened before. Is it a problem with the battery?

IOS 4.3.3 Iphone 4 phantom usage draining battery

Hey everyone,

     I recently had my iphone 4 16gb exchanged under warranty because the home button stopped working.  The phone had 4.2.1 on it and got amazing battery life.  The replacement has 4.3.3 and has terrible battery life.  I dont mean a slight difference, I mean it literally drains in less than one day, even if I dont touch it.  Which I know is NOT NORMAL for an iphone4.


Also please note that I disabled push, ping, did a hard reset, setup the phone as new, restored 3 times, even tested it without setting the phone up yet after restoring it.  I also made sure the apps were closed in the multi-tasking bar.  Ive had an iphone 4 since launch so I know the drill.


     What I have found to be the case is that if I charge the iphone fully and then leave it on the desk in standby, and later check the usage statistics, the phone is showing phantom usage (like the phone is on and doing something).  This usage drains the battery very quickly until it is dead.  I know this is not normal for iphones, as 4.0, 4.1, and 4.2.1 never did this, and I checked on my friends iphone with 4.2.1 to confirm that I was not crazy.


     Anyways Im at a loss as to what to do.  I dont know if this is a software or hardware defect, and my warranty is going to expire soon.  Having to charge my iphone 2x a day when not in use is really frustrating, and Apple isnt supposed to have IOS-5 out until the fall.  Ive heard that this is a software defect from some places, but that doesnt seem to make sense as Apple would almost certainly have to release a fixed IOS by now with such a severe drain.  Does anyone with 4.3.3 have the phantom usage going on?

updated iphone 4 with ios 6.1.2 and now the Battery is draining way too fast

is it only my iphone, our?!?!

Iphone 4 ios 7.0.3 battery draining very fast Please take action on the same Apple

Battery of my iphone 4 ios 7.0.3 drains very fast, previously the battery lasted much longer hence substantial difference. Please correct this apple.


iPhone 4s keeps restarting itself after shutdown battery draining quick no sound after restart iOS 6.1

I bought my first iPhone 4S thirteen months ago (Jan 2012). After upgrading iOS to 6.01 and now 6.1 I have discovered some strange and nasty behaviours.


The first noticeable thing is the iPhone restarts itself after every shutdown and dont play any sound at all (no sound when using the keyboard, no sound from music app) and no sound control with external buttons. But the ring sound function is working normaly !


I have cleaned the connector with a toothbrush but I think dust into the connector is not the cause of malfuncionning in my case.


After 3 to 5 minutes, the sound function is back again without doing anything !


The only way the iPhone stay off after shutdown is when its plugged on a power source with a computer or a charger.


And the last noticeable effect after iOS updating is the fast battery draining, 1 per cent every 2 or 3 minutes, even when the phone is supposed to be on sleep mode. Last night i left the iPhone sleeping with 100% charge in Airplane mode and six hours after i found the battery was at 80% !


It seems the iPhone dont sleep at all and some processes are always running in the background even if they shouldnt. I can confirm this checking the usage stats, finding that standby time is very closed to the usage time (few minutes less for usage).


I made many tests and four restore procedures, including restoring the iPhone as new in two opportunities. No solution at all !


Now, i am using my iPhone 4S in a very conservative way, as i have to turn OFF the 3G, GPS, WIFI, Exchange and iCloud funtions to be able to use the phone basic functions during a working day !


In conclusion, i think we (because many iPhone 4S users are concerned) are facing :


- a defective hardware


- a buggy iOS 6.01 or 6.1


In all cases, APPLE is responsible for fixing this situation.


I pledge firstly for a one year extension of warranty period and the launching of an exchange program.


I think we (iPhone 4S users) also need a technical assessment to know what are exactly the buggs inside iOS 6 that produce such battery draining.


I hope APPLE will communicate soon on these matters !


Best regards



How would i go about conserving battery power Because my iPhone battery constantley needs charged because its draining quite fast and idk why

I really need help with trying to figure out why my iPhone 4 or iPhone 4Ss battery keeps draining so fast even when Im not using it the phones battery drains. I might as well say that I have to use the phone all the time just on the charger because it drains so fast. And I just got this iPhone this Christmas so its not that old.




Please let me know cause idk how much longer i can take this lol.


Thanks, Alan

Draining Battery

I keep having problems with my battery... This AM it was completely charged but 2 hours later I only have 20% left while I have not even used any of the apps or made calls...
Does this sound familiar to anybody?
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Battery draining

The battery on my iPhone currently drains completely during ~8 hours.
I am currently not in my home country - i.e. the phone is on roaming.
I have switched off wifi, bluetooth, 3G, datatransfer.
Any good ideas?
Can I somehow check if an app is stealing my juice?
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3G overheating and battery draining

The last two weeks, Ive had issues with my iPhone becoming extremely hot while using Safari over the 3G network and also not charging. Before this started i could use Safari and charge at the same time with no problem. Now I have to turn the iPhone off so it can cool down and charge. If I dont, its like its not even connected to a charger. I have not received the temperature warning screen however.
Internet wise, pages also take 5 minutes or more to load if they load at all. Safari frequently crashes on me as well. It feels like Im back on an Edge network.
These issues started before the last update. Ive had no trouble do far on Wifi, just 3G.
I looked through other threads and didnt see my exact issue. I apologize if I overlooked it.

Draining the battery -beneficial or not

I hear mixed opinions on whether draining down your battery until the phone dies, then charging it fully is beneficial or not? I know the battery is lithium which they dont have memory, so why would it help. Does anyone truly know for sure?
The reason I ask is after I updated last night to 3.13, my battery seems to be diminishing quicker than normal.
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Draining battery when teethering

When Im using my iPhone as my internet connection with my MacBook the battery life on the computer drops remarkably. I assume its because its charging the iPhone when its connected. Is it true, and can I turn it off?
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2.0.2 Patch Draining My Battery

I just updated my iPhone 3G last night with the 2.0.2 patch. This afternoon, while on my way to lunch, my phone shows only 10% battery left, after no usage all day. The Wi-Fi is off, Blue Tooth is off, screen brightness is at lowest level. Before this update I would get two days out of my battery.
Any ideas?
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iPhone Battery Draining

What happens is I charge my iPhone 3G battery to full. Then I used it for about 10-20 min. I then put the Phone on standby and leave it all night (10 Hours). I get up and its about 70% left. It used at least 20% over night. Normally it uses barley anything. I have iPhone OS 2.1. with Wi-Fi enabled but not connected over night. I have mail set to my gmail every hour. I have had these settings for a while and normally it uses nothing. Does anyone know why it is using so much on standby?
PS: The usage thing says it was on standby for 10 and a half hours, and it says it was used for 10 and a half hours.
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My iPhone 4S has suffered terrible battery life since the update to iOS 6 I was told by apple it would be resolved with an update Since 6.0.1 came out It hasn't gotten any better phone freezes at times texts disappears What can I do Please help

My iPhone 4S has suffered terrible battery life since the update to iOS 6. I was told by apple it would be resolved with an update. Since 6.0.1 came out. It hasnt gotten any better, phone freezes at times, texts disappears. What can I do Please help

Battery life suddenly draining

Hello. I hope someone can help me. Havent really been able to find the answer to this.
I got my 3GS in Aug 2009 and its been working great. I know with all that I do on it, I generally have to charge my iPhone at least once every day or 1 1/2 days. But as of one day ago, the battery dropped rapidly, and within 2 hours it was completely dead. I havent added anything new to it, havent done anything out of the normal activities Ive been doing since getting the phone and now the Im having to turn off the phone to conserve battery life or charge it at least three or four times a day just to get it through the day.
Like before, I am still running MS Exchange with my work email, utilizing the Push feature like before with no issue. I check in a couple times a day on my game apps, and once in awhile go online for something, but otherwise than that, I generally have my phone in sleep mode waiting in case I need it for calls or anything.
Ive tried turning of my phone and on again to see if that works. but it didnt. I turned off all notications. that didnt work.
Please help! (Im also afraid to reset settings or restore phone because I dont know if I will lose all my information ie contacts etc. I know that I wont lose the apps and music cause they are on itunes, but afraid of the other stuff and I dont like to sync contacts with my itunes cause i dont know where else it goes or affects....not too tech savvy here.)
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my battery is draining since updating to ios5

It started on my iphone4 when i updated to ios5 and wwhn i got my iphone4s i did a restore from backup and now my 4s has terrible battery life. My wife is using the iphone4 now and her battery life is good on it now. i have tried shutting things off but it just doesnt make sense because all my settings are the same as they were before and pretty much the same as my wifes iphone4, i even have more things shut off on mine. This is so annoying i cant even really enjoy the new phone. Please, any help would be appreciated. I hope apple comes out with a fix soon.

Iphone 3GS Battery Draining

I know this has been a prominent topic before and I have checked other threads but I havent really found a solution yet. When I first got my iphone a month ago, I did notice that the battery would drain quickly. I did nothing about it because I was no big deal, then I updgraded my facebook app and noticed that the battery would start to drain very quickly. I looked at the forums and it was suggested that the notifications from facebook may be causing the problem. SO I logged off and did other stuff to help the situation (disabled push, notifications, location services, reduced the brightness of the screen, dont use 3G very much, wifi turned off, bluetooth off, etc) I also tried conditioning the battery where you let it drain completely then recharge it. Now at this point Ive noticed that in standby mode the battery seems to still be draining, at a slower pace, but nonetheless still draining. Ive also bought several new apps like isystem and memory something or other to try to see what apps are still running in the background but I dont really know if this is working either. IS there anything I can still do to help this? Have I missed something? I really dont want to take it back to apple, I rather that be my last resort.
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Battery draining for unknown reason

Ive had my iPhone for a little over a month now, and from time to time the battery drains -very- quickly: for instance, Ill have it fully charged just before going to sleep at night, and Ill waken up with the 20% battery warning.
It -seems- as though this only happens if I dont do a full charge - if I know Im going to be needing it all day, and its only at 50% battery the night before, Ill stick it on to charge overnight. Im careful to make sure I discharge fully then perform a full charge a couple of times a week though.
I dont understand what can be causing it. I dont leave any apps permanently open, I dont have any push accounts, and I turn fetch off when I dont need it. As far as I can tell, the iPhone is entirely asleep while the fast draining occurs. This may sound like a bit of a stupid question, but I take it hitting the Home button is enough to close an app youre in? Id laugh if its just happening because every app Ive ever opened is still running!
I find it very strange. Im hoping Ive just done something daft thats using up a lot of battery, unbeknownst to me. Ive looked up Apples pages about their batteries, and it doesnt mention anything about the batteries draining more quickly when its not a full charge. It almost seems to drain -more- quickly than if I had just left the battery as it was, and the phone asleep.
Any pearls of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

iPhone battery draining over night

I am running software v. 2.2.1 but I have had this problem with all versions of the iPhone software since 1.1.4. I turn my phone off before bed, I watch the phone to make sure it shuts down all the way. I wake up in the morning and the phone will be dead. (3/4 full battery when I shut it off)This happens about once a month. Anyone else have this problem?
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Battery draining and phone warm

Is there a way to check the processes running on the iPhone. My phone is draining really fast (like full battery drain after 4 hours without using it). The phone is warm too, so its working hard at something. I have tried double tapping home and killing the apps in the lower band. I have also tried shutting down the phone and rebooting, but I cant seem to kill whatever it is. I saw this same behavior a few weeks ago and tried a million things (and one unidentified one must have done it). However, I cant seem to figure it out this time. Any suggestions?
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iphone 3gs battery draining

Battery draining - any setting changes I can do to prevent.

iphone 3g draining my Earset 2 battery

I bought the B&O Earset 2 from Apple a few weeks after the purchase of the 3g iphone in July. I can not get more than 7 hours of standby daily before needing a full charge.
I have replaced the Earset twice and sent it into B&O chicago service center for testing and new firmware...they said with the new firmware in testing with their iphone 3g they are getting over 24 hours of standby and several hours of talk time.
I still can not get more than 7 and B&O is saying that it is my phone....that it must not be disconnecting and draining the battery.
Anyone else heard of this. I am taking it into the Apple store tomorrow...Apple support over the phone had no clue.
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iPhone 3G 2.1 Battery Meter not draining

Ive noticed that my battery meter is always showing around 100 - 90%. If I do a reset, the battery meter will then have dropped to what seems to be the correct amount of usage. I have run the battery down completely and then did a full 100% recharge to calibarate the meter as well a a full restore. The full restore seemed to fix the problem, but now its doing it again. From what Ive read about the battery, maybe I should just charge it more often. I usually let it run all the way down before a charge, but with the battery meter not being correct, its kind of hard to tell.
I have only had this problem under the 2.1 update. The previous versions of the iphone firmware worked great for me interms of 3G service and battery life. I only started having these problems after upgrading to 2.1.
Is anyone else having this issue?
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iPhone battery draining while plugged into computer

My iPhone gets plugged into my computer each time I come home to charge & sync. Ive noticed on nites when my computer is left on but asleep, in the AM the battery for iPhone is almost drained. It should be fully charged.
It seems like the charge is flowing backwards from phone to computer overnite, is that possible?
G5 tower Mac OS X (10.5.8)

My iphone 3gs battery is draining fast

My iphone 3gs battery is draing fast (within 4-5 hours) even when all applications are turned off and it is warm to the touch. Problem started after I last updated my software. I have tried restoring to factory settings as a new phone but I am still having the same issue. Is there something wrong with the software? I bought the phone August 2010.

Iphone 4 battery just started draining very quickly

I have only had my Iphone 4 a couple months, my first Iphone, and I have been please with the battery life until this weekend. Suddenly it has started draining the battery VERY quickly. I can watch is tick down losing 10% about just 30 minutes. It is also very warm all the time which is wasnt before so something is going on. I have turned off WIFI and mail push and turned off notifications. These are all things I do need though. I need help. I wont even be able to make it through a day on a charge now. Up till last friday I would only use about 25-40% of a charge in a day with all those things running. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Corrupted files draining battery life

Genius Bar has identified several crashing/corrupted files within my phone that are causing my battery to draing drastically fast (1% about every 2 minutes). They reccommended me to completely reset my entire phone and start fresh. How can i do this and import ONLY my SMS threads back on?  Is there a 3rd party software that allows you to not only SAVE your texts but import them BACK on the iPhone and still use them? Please Help!:(

iPhone battery draining trying to connect to wifi


I recently noticed a strange behaviour. At work my iphone 4 connects to cisco aeronet wifi and a fully charged battery (100%) goes down to 95% at the end of the day, almost 8 hours. Now at home, it goes from 95% to 5% in less than 4 hours. The wifi router at home is netgear n600. Why does this happen? This does not happen with iPad. iphone is connected to 2.4gz and ipad is connected to 5ghz network on the same router




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