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ios 7.4 battery bad

ios 7.4 battery bad

iphone unlocked

Battery still really bad with 3.1.2

Why have the Battery Life issues with 3.1 still not been fixed with 3.1.2?
Its quite simple, since upgrading from 3.0 to 3.1 on my 3GS i now get just a couple of hours of battery life with the phone sitting there on my desk idle. Its warm to the touch and is constantly sending out (or receiving) data (hold it near any unbalanced audio system to hear it chatter).
Change my Exchange Push settings to Fetch every 15 minutes and I suddenly get close to 3 days on idle including average phone call usage. No other changes required, but its not what I signed up for....
Come on, its a no brainer, why hasnt this been fixed?
Its been on these forums for long enough.
All different flavours iPhone OS 3.0.1

iphone unlocked

Always charging - bad for battery

So I work and read at my Macbook Pro many hours a day and leave it plugged in most all the time. Since getting my iPhone 3GS I have gotten into the habit of leaving it plugged in via USB to my laptop most all the time Im home and only unplug it when I leave home - is this bad for the iPhone battery?
Macbook Pro 2.2 GHz, 2 GB SDRAM Mac OS X (10.6.2)

Bad Battery or Normal

So I just bought an iPhone 3g about 5 days ago and the battery life is horrible I get about 5 hours of usage and 12 hours of standby before its in the red and almost dead. Is this normal or do I have a bad battery. I use it mostly for texting and e mail. I have 3g, wifi, and bluetooth turned off. I sometimes use wifi. Also when it goes to sleep sometimes it shuts off my service so I dont know if Im receiving a call or text or email. Could someone please tell me if this is normal cause it sure sounds defective to me. Thanks!

Is my battery life bad

I just bought the iphone, so have been using it constantly. I get around 2-3 hours of web surfing. I surf on both 3G and Wifi. I am not far from my router. My Wifi is always on. GPS is always on also. The push service checks every 15min. I have brightness on 50%. Bluetooth is off. While surfing the web I also use AIM and some twitter and blogging applications. Maybe listening to music. So is this good battery life? (I dont need tips on improving it) I just want to know if this seems around the right battery life for the features I am using. What do you think?
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Battery life bad since upgrade

I have a factory unlocked iPhone 4, upgraded to OS 7 and ever since it has problems.

Takes forever to charge, and gets very hot when on charge

There is NO BATTERY LIFE again

Using computer or plug in, it takes over 4 hours to charge 16% from 0%

What can I do ?

Please Post Battery Life Here Good or Bad

No comments, just usage, standby time and battery % left. Want to get an idea of the average out there, and not just hear speculation or the worst case scenarios.Me: Standby 7 hours Usage 2 min Battery 77%

Are car chargers bad for iPhone 3G Battery

because of their rapid charge modality? I have a PowerJolt SE.
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Leaving iPhone on charger overnight - bad for battery life

Does leaving the iPhone on the charger all night damage the overall health/life of the battery? I was told a while ago by a Mac Genius that I shouldnt keep my MBP plugged in after the light turns green, as it will decrease the overall life of the battery by overcharging it. Is this true as applied to iPhone as well?
iPhone 3GS iPhone OS 3.1.3

Does factory restore fix bad battery life issues

To those whove had battery longevity issues: has a clean factory restore (not from backup) fixed anything for you?
Just wondering if I should bother doing it on pops 3G.
ThinkPad T60p Windows Vista Original 8GB iPhone 2.0.1

iphone 4 iOS 4.3.5 is bad better not to update now

My iphone 4 is overheating,the battery drains fast and serious email problems after updating to iOS 4.3.5, is it only my iphone? How to solve those issues?

bad service after ios 5.1.1 upgrade

anyone else having issues after upgrading to ios 5.1.1 the service stopped working properly and or dropped calls more common? Also failure to get service in locations you used to, and also poor wifi connections?

3GS IOS 5 'up'grade - bad goes to worse


I upgraded my 3GS iphone to IOS 5 after researching on a handful of forums that it was a good idea.

Sad series of events

1) It wouldnt restore from previous settings - but eventually did but failed to hold wifi connection

2) The following morning my texts were blank and all settings are vanished or were playing up

3) I was at work so switched off and it didnt come back on - just the Apple logo

4) Eventually rebooted that eve whilst plugged back into Mac and pressing holding various buttons - but meant I had to restore AGAIN

5) Restored data manually from scratch, all apps, logins etc

6) Next morning wifi disappears again at work so - off and on - no chance, just the Apple logo

7) Randomly 30 mins later it comes on again but the Phone and Email icons have disappeared?! along with half my personal info!!!!!!


Has Apple merged with Microsoft somewhere?


Are there any ways to start properly from fresh and any recommendations with reconfiguring it? ie turn wifi off, disable location services, install apps one at a time etc


8 hours wasted and counting... :-( really appreciate your help.

I have a 4s runing 6.1.1 every 5minutes it promp me network lost and i have very bad battery issues lit draine so fast what should i do

I have a 4s runing 6.1.1 every 5minutes it promp me network lost and i have very bad battery issues lit draine so fast what should i do?

Took my phone to a 3rd party repair service for low battery issues He says my board is bad Offered to buy my phone for parts Am I being ripped off

My phone worked only while it was on a charger.  I took it in to have the battery replaced.  Afterward, my phone wouldnt work at all.  He says my board is bad and offers me my $60 back that I paid for battery replacement and he keeps my phone for replacement parts.  I think Im getting scammed.  What do you think?

iOS 5.0.1 killed my cellular connection and gave me major battery life issues I never had with iOS 5.0

I never had problems on iOS 5.0 then my phone prompted me to upgrade.  So I did, and 12 hours after I upgraded I started getting the searching no service searching full bar issues.  I cant do a thing when Im not signed into my regular WiFi.  No one can reach me and I cant call out.


Is there any way at all to go back to iOS 5.0?  Ive done all the suggested things of hard reset, taking my sim card in and out....this is atrocious.  HELP.

iOS 6.1.3 battery drainage

Last night I updated my iPhone 4S to a iOS 6.1.3 and now it drains my battery in extremely fast manner. As I started signing in to write this question from my iPhone I already lost 13% of my battery. I never had a problem with a battery and ive been using iphones since the first one. i miss my morning class because of it because my alarm clock didnt because my phone was dead. Please fix it or have no choice but buy Samsung GS4

iOS 6.1.3 Battery Drain

Once again having a drainage issue from iOS 6.1.3!!! This is horrible! EXTERMINATE THE BUGS!

iOS 4.1 drains battery

I upgraded my iPhone 3GS last night to iOS 4.1. Before hand, the battery lasted around 3 days. I havent done anything with my iPhone today and the battery is down to 20% after a full charge yesterday. This surely isnt the upgrade causing this is it? How do I roll back?
My config is set to provide best battery life i.e. Wi Fi off, 3G off, no push mail etc....
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Ios 6.1.4 battery drain

Downloaded last night, went to bed with 96% battery woke up 6 hours later to 1% battery! Never happened till I updated. Anyone else?

Ios 6.1.2 still has battery drain

Ios 6.1.2 is still having battery life issues on iPhone, anybody else having battery drains?

Is iOS 7.1 battery life any better

I need to know this because after 7.0.6 my battery is draining faster than on ion 7.0.4. please somebody tell me. I dont have any specifics on how long my battery lasts but i can say i think it goes down 1% every minute or so.

Battery problem in iOS 5.1.1

After updating my iphone 4 to IOS 5.1.1, no response from charging from AC adapter but ok through USB, whats the problem?

iOS 6 battery life

My iPhone 4Ss battery life has been trash ever since I updated! And also it says Ive used it for and hour and a half with any hour 45 standby. But Ive barley used it for half an hour! Any idea to why the bad battery life or why the usage is so high?

Battery problems with iPhone 4 after iOS 6.1

Ive updated to iOS 6.1, and Ive been experiencing some really annoying battery problems since I updated. I tried doing the good old iPhone reset, but it still wont charge up to 100%. It stops charging when it reaches 52-56 % battery.


Is there any way of fixing this ?

Ios 6.1 killed my battery life

Wow it is horrible anyone else have this problem.

My 4s was fine till upgrading last night :(

iPhone 4 iOS 5.01 - SIM vs battery



I have an iPhone 4, which I bought in Europe. It worked without any problems with a Vodafone SIM. I relocated to Singapore and I am now with Singtel. Since the shift I am facing a lot of problems: Battery run down, issues to call, network issues etc.. A lot of my colleagues with iDevices are also facing these issues.


I think Apple has clearly a SIM problem, which might be related to the battery problem.



iOS 4.1 on 3G - Battery Meter Wrong

Has anyone had problems with the battery meter after updating to 4.1? The meter is correct while discharging, but not while charging. To get an accurate reading after a charge, the only solution Ive found is rebooting the phone. Ive tried several times with the same result. Also, Ive tried draining to see if recalibration was needed or something. Any help would be appreciated.
iPhone 3G iOS 4 iOS 4.1

Hello anyone have solution of battery drain on ios 7.0.4

Hello everyone i have very dengrous issue of battery drain on my iphone 4s, 5 and 5s gold running on ios 7.0.4 can anyone have solution of this problem

Battery Drain on IPHONE 4s after IOS 6.1.3

I am on IOS 6.1.3 64Gb IPHONE 4s. Battery drains within 1/2 day with the same amount of use as prior to 6.1.3 install.

What is the issue and are there any pointers on what to do to prevent the battery drain?

iPhone 4 - ios 4.3 - Battery Drain

Hello all,Ive upgraded my iPhone4 to IOS 4.3. After doing so, Ive done a full charge (after it completely drained). I unplugged it at 10:00 AM today and by 16:00 the battery was down to 50% (with basically no usage during the day). I have push, bluetooth, wi-fi, Hotspot, Location Service disabled. I also disabled Ping on iTunes, re-sync the phone and done the Restrictions Disable Ping.It is still draining a lot of battery as none of these above solved the problem.What can I do? The phone is going to be 2 months old...

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