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ipad stuck in recovery mode after ios 7.4 update

ipad stuck in recovery mode after ios 7.4 update

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IPad and IPhone stuck in recovery mode after trying to update to ios 6

I tried updating to ios on my Ipad 2 via computer and after the update downloaded a error message appeared my Ipad is now stuck in recovery mode. Is this happening to anyone else? SORT IT OUT APPLE!!!!

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iPhone 3G Stuck in Recovery Mode After Trying to Update to 3.1.3

I have read through the similar issues posted on here and there have been no definitive answers.
My dad hadnt updated his iPhone 3G to 3.1.3 yet, so we connected it today and chose to update. It downloaded the update, went through the install on the phone, then went into recovery mode and iTunes says it detected phone in recovery mode you must restore. I tried to restore and it just does the same.
I have uninstalled/reinstalled itunes, deleted and re-downloaded 3.1.3.
My dads computer is Vista 32 that we are doing this on.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Iphone 3g S 32G Stuck in recovery mode after 3.0.1 update HELP

So, I thought it would not be so harmful to update my iPhone that i purchased just last month to the new firmware and all was going fine until it was restarting the iPhone. After installing the new firmware and the **** thing got locked in recovery mode. Now heres the kicker, iTunes doesnt show any information on the iPhone other than its in recovery mode and needs to be restored. I have tried restoring it as frustrated as i was that i would probably loose memorable photos BUT the iPhone will unmount its self in the middle of downloading the update and it still is trying to restore using the 3.0.1 firmware. Even after the sixth time downloading the firmware iTunes will not restore the phone. And now my computer is just not recognizing the phone. I am ****** off as it is, and cant find anyone with this problem. Help please!
Running: Windows Vista 64-bit with iTunes: (Supposedly for Vista 64bit)
Note: Everything was fine until this update...Im calling Apple at 6am...this is ridiculous.
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Started update for my iphone and now it's stuck in recovery mode

My computer wont recognize it. unistalled itunes and reinstalled it. Tried all the walkthroughs but none worked. Rebooted the computer, no difference. The worst is that Im going away tomorrow, and need my phone. I love mye iphone, but seriously how much troubles must it be, with updating and syncin? Anyone who has a better idea.
Get a error message when i plug inn the iphone, drivers missing mobile recovery... did what I found at the support page, but nothing happened.
Help me please.
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HT4623 i have iPhone 3g and i was reset it all content and setting after this i was stuck in apple logo my phone cant start then i update it by i tunes and now it was stuck at recovery mode and i restor many time nut it not started pls help me

i have i phone 3g and i was reset it all content and setting.. after this i was stuck in apple logo... my phone cant start. then i update it by i tunes and now it was stuck at recovery mode... and i restor many time nut it not started .. pls help me...

TS4451 i have iphone 4 on ios 6 when i upgraded it to ios 7 during upgradation on apple logo screen it got stuck on recovery mode screen with 3194 error on pc

I need help

Why are so much complications in it?

HT1808 My iPhone 4 started to update but got stuck in recovery mode I've tried everything anyone on the website has told me to do but nothing has worked Is there anything I can do I need my phone

My iPhone 4 started to update but got stuck in recovery mode. Ive tried everything anyone on the website has told me to do, but nothing has worked. When you go to turn it on, it shows the Apple symbol,  then it goes to the connect to iTunes screen. When I do that, it just says error with the code 9006. Ive followed what the Apple site has said to do for it, but the phone is still is the same  state. Is there anything I can do? I need my phone back as soon as possible.

My iphone 4 is stuck in a recovery mode loop It is not showing up in Itunes it does not allow me to restore or update it and none of the programs Ive tried have done anything Help

Ive tried numerous troubleshooting options such as:

re-starting the iphone

holding the power button and home button

holding the home button

deleting and then re-installing Itunes

using Recboot


None of these options did anything and my iphone 4 is still stuck on the connect to itunes screen,

Any suggestions?



stuck in recovery mode

got an iphone 4 today and activated it through itunes, all was fine and dandy.
however when I tried to update it to IOS 4.3 a message came up halfway through saying an unexpected error occurred
now when I try to reconnect it to my pc Itune says its in recovery mode, but every time i try to restore it the progress bar freezes at about 40%
Iphone 4 iOS 4

3G stuck in recovery mode

During the firmware update to version 3.1 yesterday on my iPhone 3G, the update crashed, and ended up in recovery mode. Ive tried Restore and Update multiple times, with no success. Ive followed the suggestions of the support document, including removing the old ipsw files, after which iTunes downloads the latest version of the software once again, but still encounters an unknown error. Ive also completely uninstalled iTunes (along with the mobile support files per the support documents suggestions), reinstalled iTunes, and have encountered the same problem. Ive gotten 3 error codes during this process consistently, and they are 1611, 2006, and 2009. Any suggestions as to how to proceed? Id rather, if possible, fix this from home rather than taking a 2 hour trek to an Apple store. Does anyone have specific information as to what these individual error codes mean? Thanks in advance for your help.
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Stuck in Recovery Mode



I downloaded iOS7 via a Wi-Fi network earlier today, and Ive been waiting to install it until recently. However, I was having a couple errors when I tried installing it, so I turned it off and back on again, and it started installing just fine.


However, after a while, the iPhone 4 went into recovery mode (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1808) and I attempted to restore it on iTunes 11.1. The problem is that when the iPhone Software Update file finishes downloading, iTunes gives me the notification that my iPhone is in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes. all over again.


Ive repeated this process three times now. If anyone could give any assistance itd be most helpful.



i updated my iphone4s from the phone it self and know its stuck in recovery or dfu mode how do i get out of this mode iv tried everything with buttons on the phone nothing itune wont even accept it

i updated my iphone 4s ios from the phone it self it load with on sreen a apple with load line when done it said connet to itunes but wont it doesnt read i dont want to restore and lose all my photos and videos i went to best buy and they tried toget my photos of when all the screen says connet to itunes i went to virizon they tried transwering my datat to another phoe nothing went apple all they can do is restore i dont want to so the aid sent it to drivesavers if i do that it could cost anywhere from 400-1200 is there aby to get my phone open without losing any of my stuff if i dont want to send the phone to drivesavers please help

my iphone 3gs has been stuck in recovery mode and i have also downloaded the update and restore file from itunes and it is still showing connect to itunes in my iphone

my iphone 3gs has been stuck in recovery mode and i have also downloaded the update and restore file from itunes and it is still showing connect to itunes in my iphone

iPhone 4 stuck in recovery mode

I recently downloaded 4.2.1 and once it goes to install the software it tells me that the phone is in recovery mode and that I have to restore the device. I go to restore and itll extract the software update...verify.. then prepare to restore and hangs up at that point, Ill get the An unexpected error occured (1602), (1604). Ive restarted my computer numerous times, Ive uninstalled iTunes and Quicktime, and reinstalled them both. As well as swapped USB cables...all to no avail..... Apple says I no longer have the phone tech support and cant afford to buy the Apple Care plan until I get paid.
Please help.......... I NEED my phone.......
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iPhone 3G stuck in recovery mode

I was updating my phone earlier when i got error 1602, which stopped the update and my phone got stuck in recovery mode.

I tryed plugging it into iTunes and it isnt recognized.

I have tried everything in the support for both the error and getting the phone recognized, with no luck.


Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

iphone 4s stuck in recovery mode

my iphone 4s is locked in recovery mode and i have not synced it to my current itunes, what do i do?

iPhone 4 stuck in recovery mode

I tried to update my iPhone 4 to iOS 6 today and I keep on getting an error!

It says:

     iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes.


I press ok. Then I hit the Restore button. Then it downloads iOS 6 but it will not work. It is still just stuck in Recovery Mode. What do I do

Iphone stuck in recovery mode

*Iphone 4


*stuck in revovery mode


*Tried to restore multiple times through iTunes to no avail.


*did not do anything to provoke recovery mode, I wasnt updating my phone or even using it, it was just one my bedside table I woke up it looked as it had died when I plugged it into my charger it came up with the connect to itunes screen and wouldnt let me do anything else. I find it worrying that it just spontaneously decided to go into recovery mode it has never done this before and is a relatively new refurbished product.


*Im skeptical of TinyUmbrella and such as they always seems to destroy my computer but any legitimate help would be appreciated


Thank You

iphone stuck in recovery mode

went to update the iphone with the new software now phone stuck in recovery mode went to restore comes up with unknow error 13 tried everything on apple support website still not working can anybody help me
iPhone OS 3.0

iphone 3G stuck in recovery mode Please help

I know theres a lot of these topics but not many with answers. I recently got an iphone 3g and its stuck in recovery mode(error 1015) Apple support says its a software issue and basically said im screwed and am on my own. Ive tried tinyumbrella and its just not working, unless im doing it wrong. But can anyone help me please?

iPhone stuck in recovery mode

I just bought a brand new iPhone 3G, and when i got home, i tried to update it, but when iTunes started to Prepare it, it said that the setup could not continue because of an unknown error. Now i cant use my iPhone because it is stuck in recovery mode, and i tried to restore it, but it keeps doing the same thing. I did everything the website told me to do, but it still wont work...i am very angry as i did not have it but 20 minutes and it locked up. Could you people help me?
G3 iPhone OS 2.x Stuck in recovery mode

iPhone 3g Stuck in Recovery Mode

Hopefully someone can help! I tried to upgrade my iPhone 3g to the latest software yesterday, although the phone is now stuck in recovery mode.
When I try to connect my phone to my PC, my PC will play the new USB jingle and then straight after the disconnected USB jingle. This happens when iTunes is running. If I close iTunes and connect the phone again, it will sometimes not disconnect straight away and comes up as a new USB as ‘Apple Mobile Device (Recovery)’ - although not always.
I have now tried this on four computers – three Vista and one XP. One Vista computer didn’t recognise it at all, although the other play the new USB jingle and then straight after the disconnect USB jingle.
I have tried to delete all Apple programs (e.g. iTunes and Quicktime) and reinstalling, but I have had no luck.
I can’t restore as my phone disconnects when iTunes is running... so I’d be grateful if anyone has any ideas!
PC Windows Vista

iPhone 3G stuck in recovery mode - tried EVERYTHING

I have a 3g iPhone (no idea of firmware version, maybe 2.2) but it just went into recovery mode and iTunes WILL recognize it and it tells me to restore it but once it begins the restore it will hang at 99% completion and nothing happens after that. When I unplug it from my computer it just goes back to the connect to itunes image.
I have tried this 10+ times with older .ipsw files and still no results. I have also tried using ziphone to try and put it into DFU mode without itunes and I still have no success
toshiba laptop Windows Vista

Updating from 3.1.2 to 4.0.2 now stuck in recovery mode Can't restore

I was updating from 3.1.2 to 4.0.2 and im stuck in recovery mode. I cant update the firmware because the loading bar under the apple goes about half way then freezes. I left my iphone 3g sit all night restoring and it didnt move 1 mm. Can anyone help me? Ive been stuck like this for 3 days now.
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iPod Touch stuck in recovery mode

I was trying to update my cousins iPod Touch, so I clicked restore since I was on a different computer. First, for a while, it just said Preparing iPod for restore..., and then it said that there was an error. Now my cousins iPod only shows the connect to iTunes screen. If I plug it in again, it says that I have to restore it. If I do, it will only do the same thing. I think the problem was that I was updating to iOS 4 from os 2. So, what can I do?
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iPhone Stuck in Eternal Recovery Mode Help

Hello, I have an iPhone 4 16GB CDMA (verizon) Black. I had it Jailbroken on iOS 4.2.8... When I tried to restore, I successfuly got it into DFU mode and it started the restore to iOS 6 (trying to get unjailbroken). Then I got error 21. I tried to restore again and got error 1600. A few more 1600s and I ended up getting error 1604.


The point being, when I try to get it back into DFU, it turns off and comes back on in about 8 seconds to the Recovery Screen. Every time I try to recover, I get an error. If I can get it into DFU, I can bypass iTunes and use a Jailbreak software to just boot it up, Cydia free.


I know this is not the place to ask Jailbreak questions, but why am I stuck in this Eternal Recovery Mode? If anyone has a solution, please let me know.


ALSO: I have indeed DFUd many times before and know how to do it. My main problem now is the eternal recovery screen, and I need to know hoe to escape it.... Thanks

TS1275 iphone stuck in recovery mode

iphone stuck in recovery mode

Updated to 7.0.4 and Now iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

I have an iPhone 4 (GSM) that I never synced or updated.  No backup anywhere.  Never connected to iTunes, just plugged it in the wall to charge it, and never lost it.  Im generally a careful person. 


I had been running one of the iOS 6 versions, not sure which now since my phone wont let me in.  Yesterday I decided to update since I was having trouble viewing something in an app and figured a more recent OS may help. 


I downloaded and installed the iOS 7.0.4 update.  From what I could tell, the update was working.  There was an Apple on my screen with a status bar underneath.  It seemed to be taking a long time, but I just let it do its thing.  This was around 8 p.m. EST last night.


Right now and since then, the phone is stuck on a screen that says Connect to iTunes with a USB cord icon and the iTunes logo.  When I connect it to iTunes on my PC, it says that my phone is in recovery mode and must be restored. 


I dont want to restore my phone since I never did any data backup.  I am most concerned about losing photos and videos, but also contacts and everything else.  Obviously, I wouldve if I anticipated even a slight possibility of the update failing.  However, there was no disclaimer on the update, and I sincerely did not expect an issue. 


I spoke with Apple iPhone Tech Support this morning.  They were very friendly and tried to be helpful, but basically said that since Ive never synced my device to iTunes or iCloud, I have no other option but to restore the device and lose the data.  The representative did say that I am welcome to try third-party data recovery services, but Apple is unable to to recommend or endorse any such services. 


I have done a lot of research about this in these past 18 or so hours, but it is very hard to tell if any of these sites offering data recovery are really worth trying.  They look like scams, viruses, malware, etc.  Like those fun ads you see - 38-Year-Old Mom Finds This One Weird Trick Insurance Companies Dont Want You To Know - you get the idea. 


If there are legitimate options for getting the phone out of recovery mode and/or legitimate third-party data recovery services then please share them with me and I will research them and give them a try. 


However, if this is spilled milk which I must stop crying over, then please tell me and I will suck it up, restore the device, and move on with my life.


Thank you for your time and insight. 

my iphone is stuck in recovery mode and i dont know how to get it out

my iphone is stuck in recovery mode and i dont know how to get it out

iPhone not recognized by PC and stuck into recovery mode what to do

Hy there staff and other friends.Yesterday morning I was playing on my iPhone and then instantly powers up and then power up into recovery mode(itunes icon and the data cable appear on the screen).The problem is that the phone is no longer recognized by itunes so I can recover it and make it work.When I try to connect the phono I get a popup window and the error that the device cannot be used and an error that I got malfuncion device so I cannot use it.
Please tell me what I have to do I tried a lot of things I made researches and no result.In my device manager/universal serial bus controllers phone is found as unknown device and when I try to install it`s driver it says that there is no driver required.
Please tell me what I have to do I am desperate.
Thanks staff for helping me.
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