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Iphone 4- no ringtone

iphone unlocked

Question:Iphone 4- no ringtone

When I receive a call, my iphone does not make a ringing sound, even though the sound settings are set as ringtones, vibrate and normal sound volume. How do I fix this? I bought the phone in USA and use the phone in Bahrain.

Answer:Iphone 4- no ringtone

iphone unlocked

Check the Ring/Silent switch on the side.

Answer:Iphone 4- no ringtone

Thanks- that was a simple solution!


However, I now have a much worse problem, judging by other forums. Bottom line is that I have a frozen screen on my phone showing a USB connection arrow to ITunes. Its a brand new phone bought in USA, an Iphone 3GS, and its official and registered with Apple, although I am using a foreign simcard, as I live in Bahrain.


The instructions indicated first thing to do is download Itunes, connecting to my desktop by USD, which is what I did- it failed on verification and advised a restore was necessary. The restore also failed and the screen froze, hanging in the restore and now the phone is deadwith the frozen screen.


I have seen alot of trial and error type ideas, referring to unofficial methods, which should not apply to this case (jailbreaking and whatever). The surprising thing is that the discussion forums are dated about 18 months ago and this is therefore an old and must be well known issue to have been addressed in software fixes, but apparently not!


Can someone please advise what I should do?





Answer:Iphone 4- no ringtone

laffin wrote:

Its a brand new phone bought in USA, an Iphone 3GS, and its official and registered with Apple, although I am using a foreign simcard, as I live in Bahrain.


That means your phone was hacked, plain & simple. Thats your problem. There are NO officially unlocked iPhones sold in the US...NONE. No US iPhone can be officially unlocked to work with any other carriers sim. You own a hacked iPhone.

Answer:Iphone 4- no ringtone

Thanks for the advice. So how do I fix the problem; can I get my phone unhacked via official sources?

iphone unlocked

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