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Iphone 4 can t scroll

Iphone 4 can t scroll

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Disable iPhone album scroll

Is there a way to disable the album scrolling view in the iPod function of the iPhone? I cant stand this feature. When I pull my iPhone out of my pocket to choose a new song or something, I have to rotate the iPhone a few times to get out of the album scrolling view.
iPhone 3GS Mac OS X (10.6.4) iOS version 4.1

iphone unlocked

iPhone Contacts Won't Scroll Through Alphabet

When I go into the contacts on the home page, or the contacts in the phone area, I cannot use the scroll bar on the right side of the screen. I can only make it go to the search (top of the page) or the As, and there are more than As in the contact list. Worked fine in previous version and noticed it didnt work immediately after upgrade, since I use it a lot. My wifes phone, which is identical, does scroll? Tried turning off and restarted multiple times.
Mac Mini iPhone OS 3.0 16gmb running 3.0

Connecting iPhone causes my mouse to scroll out of control

I am using an iPhone 3GS, with Windows 7-64bit (at the office) and MS Office 2007.
I can use Windows, iTunes, and Office just fine together...but when I connect my iPhone it causes my mouse to scroll up and down, out of control.
If I choose eject iPhone the problem immediately goes away.
Im guessing that there is some driver conflict. Has anyone else heard of this?
thank you,
3GS Windows 7

iPhone will not scroll - verbal commands for all functions

My iPhone stopped scrolling and only allows double tapping to access functions. All incoming calls and texts are announced by an annoying computer voice. Was told to restore on iTunes...did that and still no change. Help?
Gateway Windows Vista

How to scroll slower

My only frustration with the ipod aspect of the iphone is its inability to scroll forward or back slowly on a audio track. I listen to radio podcasts all the time and I often want to go back and listen to the last couple of minutes or scroll forward to pass 2 minutes of ads on the show. The iphone slide ball does not allow me to do this finely- it leaps forward or back by tens of minutes.
Does anyone have a solution for this?
MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.5)

Looong scroll

How does one get back to the top of the email screen.I read this can be done in the browser by clicking the top of the pafe but is there a way to do the same with email.
Thanks for any help
Imac Mac OS X (10.5.3) 2.16 ghz 250 Gb Drive 2GB Ram Superdrive + 2.4ghz Macbook

Wallpaper on iPhone 3GS - Automatic scroll through Photo Library

On my MB I have set as Screen Saver a set of photos that I have installed in System Preferences/Desktop & Screen Saver. I have set the whole thing to toggle through the different photos in the Screen Saver folder.
Now I have synced iPhone to import that Screen Saver folder. I have found no way to have iPhone toggle (automatically as in the MB) through the photos.
Is it possible? How?
Macbook AL Late 2008 Mac OS X (10.6.3) 4GB RAM - 2GHz

scroll view is not working

(void)drawRect:(CGRect)rect {
CGRect viewBounds=;
UIScrollView *scroll =UIScrollView allocinitWithFrame:viewBounds
scroll.contentSize = self.frame.size;
int Y=0;
for(int i=0;i<50;i++)
UIImageView *imge = UIImageView alloc
initWithImage :UIImage imageNamed : @note.png ;
imge.frame = CGRectMake(20, Y, 32, 32);
imge release
this code is running properly but it is not showing scrolling the images which is anchor on the scroll view .....
Mac mini iPhone OS 3.1.2

can't turn off voice over can't scroll

I turned on voice over because I thought it would fix a problem where I couldnt get sound in some applications (that problem fixed by resetting the phone). Now I cant get voice over to turn off! The first problem I had was that I couldnt scroll. The directions for voice over say flick 3 fingers to scroll, and that seemed to work (tapping three different fingers one at a time) immediately after I turned VO on. But now that doesnt work.
I read some other in the forum, and then tried double tapping with three fingers to scroll. Now, my phone is completely dark!!!! I cant figure out how to make everything appear again; tapping doesnt work at all, neither does pushing the button. I know I need to go into general and then into accessibility to turn this dang thing off, but how do I get there now
I know somehow I need to get into general and scroll down to accessibility to turn this dang thing off, but how do I get there
iPhone 3 g s iPhone OS 3.1.3 Not sure about operating system

Ipod Crashes When I Scroll to Podcasts

Ive got an annoying issue. I can open my ipod and view the title list of my podcasts, however, when I swipe the screen to view the list of individual podcasts under each artist/provider, my ipod app crashes. So basically, I cant listen to podcasts. The problem began a few days ago. I deleted the podcasts that were stored on the phone. Synced only new episodes (that I didnt previously have on the phone) and the ipod functioned fine. Today, I updated my podcasts synced, open the ipod app and crash as soon as I try to view the podcasts. Any ideas. This is serious pain. I listen to a lot of podcasts, its one of the biggest reasons I have an iphone.
iphone 4 iOS 4

HT4191 Is there anyway to delete CONTACTS without having to scroll down to bottom for each one

Is there anyway to delete CONTACTS without having to scroll down to end and delete each one individually?

Trouble on the Mailboxes screen - can't scroll down or rearrange

When I add more than two email accounts, it becomes necessary to scroll past the list of inboxes to access messages through the Accounts section (screenshot: http://twitpic.com/3vm0sw). However, I cant scroll down. When I try, the screen just bounces back up to where it started.
Being able to rearrange the Mailboxes screen (removing individual inboxes or putting the Accounts section on top) would help, but I cant find a way to do that, either.
I want to access my email from the Accounts section because it appears to be the only way to view emails that are in folders (or gmail labels).
Can anyone help?
Thanks very much!!
iPod touch iOS 4

I can't scroll down to see older posts in facebook any ideas

I cant scroll down for older postings in facebook on my I phone 4 but my husband & daughter also have this phone & theirs works perfectly, any ideas?
dell Windows XP I phone 4

Can't you set your phone to scroll through your PHOTOS as you can w iTouch

Happy Friday, all, and thanks for your help. I dont see an option to be able to have my iPhone play all my photos, one after another, as I can on my iTouch. Please help and thanks!
4G Windows XP

Safari unable to scroll certain pages including some of Apple's

Not sure if this is specific to 3.0, but I just run in to a problem trying to scroll to the bottom of a page in Safari. Try scrolling to the bottom of the pages in these developer docs:
Its impossible! It just shifts the whole view.
Anyone else getting this?
iPhone 3G iPhone OS 3.0

3GS - Exchange Mail Cannot open any messages or scroll

I have a 3GS and an exchange email account. I receive new mail but after I go into my Inbox I see the messages but cannot click on them to open or scroll up and down to see other messages. I have deleted the account and created from New and shut down the phone. It is up-to-date on software.
Please help.
iPhone 3GS

I need to restore my 3Gs to a previous date not reported on the scroll menu how can I do it

I need to restore my iPhone 3GS to e previous date than that reported on the scroll menu : how can i do that ?

I lost all my contacts because , due to a my mistake , I sincronized iPhone with the empty Outlook inside of my Windows cmptr .

Is there any chance available ?

Thanks : db

I can recieve mail but I cannot open mail message search scroll or create

I am recieving mail messages, however, I cannot open a mail message scroll up or down through messages, create a new message or search inbox. The screen is frozen. It does periodically retrieve messages from Exchange though. Anyone seen this kind of a problem. Any solution?
iPhone 3G iPhone OS 3.1.2

when i try to update my iPhone 3G software the message alert showing The iPhone ''iPhone'' could not be restored An unknown error occurred now my iPhone 3G blank display how can i do then please

when i try to update my iPhone 3G software, the message alert showing (The iPhone iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred). now my iPhone 3G blank display. how can i do then please?

my iphone 3gs camera wont open ever since i restored my iphone i have updated my itunes and iphone software what else can i do without having to restore my iphone again

i had to restore my iphone last month because i had accidentally clicked the home and shut off button at the same time. it ended up making me restore my iphone. i lost everything. pictures, contacts, apps, songs, everthing. after i had gotten all my stuff back, i took a picture and everything was fine. a couple hours later, i open my camera to take another picture and it wont open it. it will twitch. i have no idea what to do. i have updated my software on my phone and itunes and im stumped. please help me.

HT4213 hello i wanted to sell my iPhone 3gs i had a lot of data on my iPhone i used the setting to erase and restore iPhone.i cannot get the iPhone started it wants the sim card that came with the phone and i dont have it please help what should i d

what should i do if the phone is giving the message of inserting the original sim card if i dont have it

While trying to update my iphone I get tne following message An error occured while backing up this iPhone -5000 Would you like to continue to update this iPhone Continuing will result in the loss of all contents on this iPhone Any advice

I am hoping for some advice on an error message I keep getting-see above.  Thanks!

TS3424 my iPhone is not activated i have iPhone 3gs i try to update it to ios 6.1.2 from ios 4.2.1 but when it processed and my iPhone restarts i configure up to the activation step at this theres a msg tha sorry we could not activate yr iphone and a

my i phone is not activated. i have i phone 3gs i try to update it to ios 6.1.2 from ios 4.2.1 but when it processed and my i phone restarts, i configure up to the activation step at this theres a msg that sorry we could not activate yr iphone this time try agian with in couple of minutes or contact customer care on itunes, on the other hand iphone has a msg of that appserver is temporarily unavailable try again later blaa blaa...................... bt this not wrks now plzz tell me what can i do, how can i activate my i phone?

HT2109 I have already setup my new iPhone 5s without using restore iphone 3 Now how can I get my messages on iPhone 3 to my iPhone 5

I just setup my iphone5s, but I didnt use restore backup from the menu option, I rather chose setup my iPhone. Now I need all the messages on my iPhone 3. What do I do?

HT1349 i just lost my iphone 3gs a week ago unfortunately i was not able to download any iphone finder is there any other options that i can use just to find my iphone

i just lost my iphone 3gs a week ago. unfortunately i was not able to download any iphone finder. is there any other options that i can use just to find my iphone?

HT4175 My iPhone 4 was stolen and I'm considering buying an iPhone 4S but my only concern is that I wont be able to put my iPhone 4 data encryption onto my 4S will I be able to

My iPhone 4 was stolen, and Im considering buying an iPhone 4S but my only concern is that I wont be able to put my iPhone 4 data encryption onto my 4S, will I be able to?

can not restore the iPhone iPhone at this time because the software update server could not be contacted iPhone or temporarily unavailable please help me

không thể khôi phục lại iPhone iPhone vào thời điểm này vì máy chủ cập nhật phần mềm không thể liên lạc iPhone hoặc tạm thời không có

hãy giúp tôi

Security Privacy and Capacity of iDevices such as iPhone 5 iPhone 4S and iPhone 3GS in iOS 6 and earlier versions

Does anyone know whether a virus or spy program could hide in an iPhone outside the iOS? Such virus/spy may be monitoring everything you do in iPhone, including reporting your GPS location and sending pictures taken with iPhone camera to some server over cellular data. The reason I ask about this is owing to mysterious disappearance of over half GB capacity in my iDevices such as iPhones and iPads. You may have the same issue, but you cant find it out as long as your iDevice has a capacity of 16GB or more.


An 8GB iPhone shows a total capacity of 6.7GB, but after being restored to factory settings with the iTunes in my laptop, its total capacity drops to 6.2GB. This is not owing to iOS 6; indeed, I gave a new 8GB iPhone 3GS to another friend last year, and the iPhone also shows a total capacity of 6.2GB despite its iOS4 (not iOS 5 or iOS 6) -- surely I also used the iTunes in my laptop to initialize it and updated it with iOS 4 (the latest version of the time).


Any expert could shed some light on this troubling issue? Thanks!

HT4623 Hello I upgraded my iPhone to version 6.1 and the device does Hfalhsl iPhone and it stuck on can not start the iPhone

Hello I upgraded my iPhone to version 6.1 and the device does Hfalhsl iPhone and it stuck on can not start the iPhone

Is there a connector from iPhone 5 to iPhone 4 My wife bought me a iPod Dock but it only takes a iPhone 5 connection

Is there a connector from iPhone 5 to iPhone 4, My wife bought me a iPod Dock but it only takes a  iPhone 5 connection

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