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iphone 4 flash light stays on

iphone 4 flash light stays on

iphone unlocked

Wet Iphone 4 wont power on and flash light stays on - Help

The bag containing my iphone got caught in the rain yesterday, and my phone wet as a result. It initially worked as normal but a little slow, then I realised it had gone off completely. Although the screen was completely blank, the flashlight stayed on.After reading a few forums online I put my phone into a ziplock freezer bag full of rice and 1 silica gel pack.Eventually the light went off (I guess as the battery died), After 24hours I took it out the bag and plugged it in the wall. The apple logo came up then immediately aftwards the screen went blank, but the flashlight came back on and a clicking noise seemed to be coming from the camera.Im a bit concerened now, and have put the phone back into the rice bag.Does anyone have any tips to help me or is the phone dead? I cant remember the last time I backed the phone up, so is it likely Ive lost the data I havent backed up?ThanksPaul

iphone unlocked

Iphone 4 light stays on

I just got an Iphone 4 couple of weeks ago, and just the other day the camera light comes on and will not turn off. I had a flashlight app and opened it and tried turning it off and then on again but got no where. So then I deleted the app and hard reset the phone but still nothing. So I let the phone die hoping that the light would go out. Well it has been 15 hrs since my phone turned off and the light is still on. It is much dimmer than before but I cant believe that there is still juice in the battery. Does anybody have any ideas. Thanks

Camera flash stays on all the time

I dropped my iphone and the camera is on all the time. Ive turned the phone off and the light stays on.  Ive also taken some pictures. Any help I would be indebted !!

flash light not found

By pressing the camera button in my iPhone, I am able to take photos. Pictures taken after sunset are not coming off well. They appear darker. I noticed when I click at night, there is no flash light. Where is the setting to turn on this light facility?
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Flash Light won't turn off

My light for the flash bulb is on and wont turn off. Tried a master reset with no luck. HELP!

Flash setting for camera is on but no light

I just got the phone, turned the flash to auto and took a picture, it worked.
Then I wanted to see if I can just keep it on so put it on on and the flash does not appear.
If I put it in recording mode however, the flash will stay on, anyone have the same issue? Or is is supposed to be like this........
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Iphone 5c does not work rear camera screen is black and a flash light since yesterday Maybe someone knows what happened

Yesterday stopped working camera application turns on but the screen is black. It does not work too flashlight. It is gray in the control panel. Maybe somebody know what happened if I need to return my phone service warrants.

iphone 4 flash light is still turn ON mode even iphone turned off

My iphone 4 LED flash light still ON even my phone was turned off.....does any one has this problem.
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iphone stays black but backlight on

Iphone 4 GSM Is on and vibrating and taking calls but screen is completely black and backlight is on

iPhone Wi-Fi always stays connected after auto-lock is on

HiMy iPhone has always constantly been on wireless network at my home for example and even when the auto-lock is on. It happens when Im connected to Wi-Fi. When I first got my iPhone for three years ago, this was not happening. The issue is that my iPhones battery capacity reduces drastically when its on Wi-Fi 24/7, and this is not good. I think one of the firmware updates at iTunes back in the days changed this Wi-Fi option on iPhones to be constantly on, or is it any auto preferences I can switch on to stop this connection when the auto-lock is on?I will appreciate any advice.

How to specify how long the iPhone stays turned on before the screen dims

All of a sudden I realize that the screen of my iPhone 4 stays on (with a bright screen) far longer than it used to, before it dims and then goes into sleep mode. Is there a setting to change this paramenter?
This behaviour seems to have appeared after I ran an app called Enjoy Sudoku, which allows to turn off the dimming and sleep function.
Any ideas? Cheers, Veit
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Facetime stays off

Im having a problem getting my facetime to stay ON. I have tried restarting, rebooting, opening ports, disable restrictions on and off. It still toggles back to OFF. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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Screen stays on when charging

My iPhone 3gs just started to leave the screen on when charging. This cannot be good for battery life and I am pretty sure it use to go dark (like in sleep mode) when charging in the past. Any thoughts?
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Screen stays blank and computer doesn't recognize iphone 3GS

I tried to jailbreak my iphone using redsnow but i failed and gave up.After that my iphone 3GS wont allow me access to my gamecenter profile or allow me to play videos on youtube so i reseted the network settings a all of a sudden my iphone goes black like its turned off.I tried pressing the home button and the power button together for 10 sec but nothing happened.Thinking somehow it entered DFU mode i tries to exit DFU mode still nothing, but when I connect my iphone to my computer it wont recognize it it keeps poping up the message : USB device not recognized .I think i might have somehow broken my logic board.What do you guys think ?

Perform backup after iPhone will not turn on it stays stuck with the written iTunes

Hello everyone, yesterday my iPhone has been downloaded, and then it was off. When I put him in charge I output the word iTunes with the USB cable pictured below, I connected it to the pc and tells me that I have to do the restore but I did not back up (did not expect to suddenly have this problem) I want to know if there is an alternative to backup (iTunes makes me do it) before restoring it (otherwise I would lose all)? thanks

As of today Iphone 4S wifi wont turn on stays gray IOS 6.1.3

As of today Iphone 4S wifi wont turn on, stays gray. IOS 6.1.3

Facetime stays disabled in settings

Yesterday I received a new iPhone 4 because my previous one was broke. I have restored the settings of the previous iPhone, on that one Facetime was working. On this one I have the setting in the settings but I cannot enable it, when i set the slider to enabled and exit and enter the settings screen again the slider is back to disabled.
Tried to restore network settings, tried to restore all setting to factory but nothing helps.
When I set up the iPhone as a new iPhone I can activate Facetime but it is a **** of of job to setup everything on the phone again and what is a backup then for?
Can anybody help with this issue?
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screen stays on when on a phone call

i was just curious if anyone has this problom wear the screen stays on and pushes buttons when your on a phone call i had my new iphone 3g for 2 weeks if ther a way to resolve this or do i need to return it and get a new iphone?
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Screens stays active while on phone 3G

While Im on the phone (3G) and bring it to my ear the screen stays on, leaving all the buttons active. Especially annoying with the mute button. And when I go to end the call or turn the mute off, the screen goes off. Anybody have this problem? Any solution?
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iPhone won't recognise plucking out the headset - stays in head-set mode

recently my iPhone 3G (i bought it half a year ago and im running the latest software) wont respond to plucking out the headset. So even though there are no headphones or head-set being used, it still stays in head-set mode.
Reading along some posts here, ive tried several solution options, but none of them would work for me. Heres what ive tried so far:
1.) plucking headphones in and out several of times
2.) resetting the iPhone
3.) restoring the iPhone
4.) cleaning the headset/headphone insert
None of all these options have worked to fix my problem. Now it sometimes switches back to regular microphone and speaker function, but that only lasts for couple of minutes. Ive also figured that it might have something to do with my iphone overheating - is that possible?
Are there any other solutions out there? Maybe a software-option which lets you control the input/outputs? Cause it doesnt seem to be a hardware problem, at least not for me.
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phone app stays active after call ended

Apologies if previously asked and answered.
When the iPhone is in sleep mode and I receive a call, after hanging up the iPhone returns to sleep mode. When I wake it the phone app is still active. Is there a setting somewhere I can tweak to make the app close after incoming calls are answered.
Thanks, Mike
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I Upgrade to 6.1.6 in 3gs its unlocked and it stays on searching then no service i cant activate it help

Please Help Me My Iphone 3gs is unlocked and apparently reads the sim stays on searching and i cant pass activation says please insert sim or stays onsearching and thats the sim i use

iphone 3gs only works when plugged in displays connect to itunes When unplugged screen stays black even usb

As the subject says, heres the issue in a nutshell:


iphone 3gs running 4.3.3 was droppedwhen plugged into the wall it displays connect to itunes (imei/iccid are unknown)when unplugged, screen goes black and will not turn onwhen plugged into PC, nothing happenswhen put into DFU mode, itunes recognizes the iphone as an iphone in DFU mode (itunes does not display capacity, software or serial number)i try to restore, and then it gives me an error 1601.


any ideas?


any help would be appreciated!

Apple Icon Stays on then goes black will not sync with itunes for restore or updated

help..... please.

just updated iphone 3g and its gone all wrong it cant even turn on -it just stays on a picture of a usb with an arrow to connect to i tunes how do i down grade it how can i undo the damage

i updated my iphine 3g and it wont start--i cant even put it on default mode...

Light shining through is your iPhone the same

Just purchased an iphone 3gs from apple online and noticed it has light coming through from sides of the phone between bezel and screen is this a fault?can be seen especially in the dark,has anyone else had this problem with their iPhones?thanks
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my iphone won't light up

my iphone wont light up

iphone back light is not working iphone back light is not working

i brought iphone 3gs from saudi arabia and now im in india, i have problem in my iphone 3gs 16gb, problem is hardware problem, back light is not working. in india they don service it, so where i can be done service.

Does the Apple logo light up on the IPhone 3G S

I remember reading about this possible feature on the iPhone 3G S. The reason I ask is becuse Im looking for a case and dont want to cover the logo if it does light up.
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iPhone 4 light leak from screen

I have had three iPhone 4s all replaced under warranty for various reasons.
I have had the one I am using now for about a week. Just a few last night in a dark room I noticed a small pinhole spec of light coming out from the black part of the screen just next to my home button.
I have searched all over the Internet but have not scene anything about this.
If anyone else knows anything about this please let me know.
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