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iphone 4 hacktivate tool free download

iphone 4 hacktivate tool free download

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TS3682 Can't download apps keeps saying my credit card is felines and it just stared two days again I can't download even free already downloaded

My apps will not update it keeps asking for a credit card and the one I have work but it keeps saying declined

iphone unlocked

Lost application - download again for free

I needed to recover my iPhone, iMac, etc. I am back in business, but when resyncing my iPhone, I deleted Brothers In Arms and now it is gone (I deleted it off phone and my reload of iTunes does not know about it). Can I re-download it for free or am I out $9.99?

Buying another app and letting it download without getting it for free

I have the iMob app on my phone and I bought some respect points in the form of another app. I now want to buy more respect points but since Ive bought the app before, it wont allow me to buy it again, it just tries to give me a free download but obviously the free download doesnt come with the respect points since Ive already used them. How do I fix this so that I can buy the app again and download it properly?
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Trying to download a free app and asking for credit card

Trying to download free apps on my Iphone, and it always asks for my credit card.

does this occur to other people, and how can I by pass this.

How can I automatically download free Application updates in iTunes

Every day I have to click Applications then click Check for updates, then if there are updates available have to click View Updates, then click Download All Free Updates. This gets to be a pain over time.
Does anyone know of a way to make iTunes download these updates for you without having to manually check every day? Perhaps an apple script or some other automated function would be a big help if anyone has any ideas let me know!
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Can't download free or purchased apps from app store on IOS 3

This just started the other day. I can get into the app store on my Iphone 3 with IOS 3.1.3 but when I go to get an app for free or to purchase, they Free button does not respond when I select it. I cant select the ratings section on the bottom of the page for an application either. I have the same problem with application that cost $$$. I am able to purchase songs via iTunes.


I have only seen a couple of posts on the Net where others are having the same issue.


Any input would be helpful...



I know...upgrade to OS 4.x....I would but everything I read says that the phone is basically useless after the upgrade as everything is too slooooooooow.

is there such a tool for testing iphone lcd

Could any body out there tell me if there is such a tool out for testing lcd on iphones.

HT4623 I have changed passwords several times on my IPhone and it still won't let me sign in to ITunes to download a free app

I have changed passwords several times on my IPhone and it still wont let me sign in to ITunes to download a free app

Every time I try and download an app it says my payment method has been declined when the apps are free

Everytime I try and update or download any apps it takes me to the payment page and says payment method declined when everything I am doin is supposed to be free please help ?

Is the SIM card tray ejector tool supposed to come with the iPhone 4

My iPhone 4 box doesnt seem to have a SIM card tray ejector tool that came with the last generation of iPhones. Should there be one?
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md crash report tool zone alarm

Sorry if its the wrong place to post this, but I got it when syncing the iPhone.
The following flagged up in Zone Alarm.
md crash report tool
I denied it, as initially, I couldnt find any info about it.
I since discovered that its from Apple.
Any ideas what it does, and is it OK to accept in future?
Best regards
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Cut and paste tool-and battery life

Im a newbie to this iphone, and I think its the cats pajamas. Two problems, though- I have multiple contacts for one name - is there a way I can cut and paste different numbers and addresses onto one contact so I dont have so many repeats of the same names?
Also, my battery life is like maybe 3 hours. Seems real short. I use itunes, and Im synched with my email... Is this normal for the heavy use Im giving it?

App Store Grayed Out Free when I want to download that app

When I got to the app store and I want to redownload an app that I have already download the Free icon that you click to download is grayed out and does not allow men to download. I have tried downloading the app on itunes on my computer but when I sync, the app does not show up on the phone. What is the deal with this?
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Per A Mon application 'System Disk' is at 11MB free of 750 Any ideas how to free up

Following an upgrade to 4.3.3 my iPhone became sluggish, and started suffering from WiFi connectivity issues (wont connect unless right next to the hotspot). I had a look at the A+Monitor app, and it shows the System Disk is at 11MB free of 750MB. Not sure if this is connected to the WiFi, but it may be connected to the slowness.

Does anyone know how I can free up disk space on that system disk?

868MB free but Myst 727MB won't install - not enough free space

So I have more than 100+MB extra for Myst to be installed, but iTunes tells me there isnt enough room. Wh?
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Iphone 2.2 download won't download getting err -3259

Im trying to download the new 2.2 software from itunes to my new iphone but it wont work. It goes for about an hour and then brings up an error message saying download has stopped due to session timed out. I dont understand why it wont install, my computer is only new so it should work ? How long should the install take?
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unable to download application app will be available for download when you log into the itues store on your computer

My Ipad 2 keeps asking:-


unable to download application app will be available for download when you log into the itunes store on your computer


If i connect it to the computer it is fine for around a week then it starts asking to be connected again, Is their any reason for this? as it is very annoying espicailly when access to a pc is difficult

HT4623 my iPhone 4s apps are not getting download it shows the wi fi sign on top of the screen but still whenever i am trying to browse net or trying to download any apps it is showing me loading.but after 2 hours also it is showing me the same thing

please send me some solution

Why does it take hours to download a version upgrade 3hours for version 6 on my cable connection PC Does anyone else think the fat cats at APPLE should spend some of their billions to improve their download time

Why does it take hours to download a version upgrade. It took 3 hours on my PC with a cable internet connection.   Does anyone else think the FAT CATS at APPLE should spend some of their BILLIONS to improve their download speed!!!!!

HT1689 my 3g is asking to download itune and it is not starting kidly guide me how to download itune for 3g

ok its done on my computer but how to start my mobile it is still asking itunes kindly guide me step by step please

iphone 4 free bumper

Hi all! Please help me. I am trying to get the free cover you can get when you purchase the iphone 4. I have been emailing guy in support and he has told me to contact tech support and I cannot find option for them to call me.
Does anyone know how to purchase the bumper cover? I have tried by going through the steps of purchasing one as normal and then entering my promotion code but its saying error message. Am I doing this the right way?

Contract free iPhone 4

I am interested in buying iPhone 4 without contract in USA. Does someone knows does it comes with at&t sim card so I can activate it? Thanks in advance for answer!
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Is the iphone 4's wifi free

This might be a dumb question, but I recently installed the AT&T myWireless app on my phone, and it says that i have already used 50mb of my 200mb of data in just 4 days, and most of the time that i am doing heavy internet activity is over wifi. Unless i am underestimating how much data I use over 3g...is wifi free?
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free up space on my iPhone

I needed to free up space on my iPhone so I deleted my photos after I saved them elsewhere, but they are there in my albums and photostreams still.  Is there an easy way for me to deleted them all without having to tap each one to delete?

sim free iPhone

Hi, Guys, i would like to find out what how much can i buy an sim free iPhone. would like to get one more for my girlfriend.

How to free the iphone memory

First of all I apologize if this has already been asked.Do you know a good app that can clear the iphone memory? I am never sure if after closing for example Copilot the app keeps running. Can I free the iphone memory by switchinh off and on? Or do I need a dedicated app for foing that for me?
Any help is very much appreciated.
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iPhone Free Apps

Just got the I Phone. Having trouble downloading free apps. It keeps asking for an I Tunes user name and password. I never set up a password for I Tunes as my mac just came with it. Help
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iphone 4 sim free

hi everyone,
this is my first time here.
ill be more than happy if any of u could help me.
i would really want 2 buy iphone 4 with sim free, i want 2 know when & where it will be possible?
what countrys will sale iphone with sim free
thank u all
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iPhone 4 Free Memory

So for the last couple of days Ive been playing with my new iPhone 4, and its been quite the experience. Just out of curiosity I downloaded Memory Sweeper off the Apple Store to keep track of my available memory. Now, seeing as how the iPhone 4 has 512mb of memory this was all just for fun, but I kept noticing I only hovered around mid to high 200s in available memory. Seems odd that out of 512mb, Im only getting 200mb free. Doesnt anyone agree it should be in the mid to low 400s? And does anyone have a clue what the drain could possibly be?
P.S. I only checked my memory when all apps were closed.
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Just received my free iPhone case. I had ordered a Belkin Bumper case (clear plastic) and its a great replacement for the Apple bumper case as it has no obstruction to the charging area.
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