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iphone 4 hacktivate tools download

iphone 4 hacktivate tools download

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IT Tools & WiFi Tools

Are there any I.T. or WiFi Tools available for the iphone ?
IPhone iPhone OS 3.0.1 Dell Inspirion 1000

iphone unlocked

Any System Tools

If you install and delete alot of apps from your iphone, are there any good working apps to perform regular maintenance. Such as cleaning or defrag files from the hard drive and so on? Any help is appreciated.
HP Windows XP

I have an iPhone 3g that i took apart blindly and without any special tools i think i may have screwed it up in the process Any help

Can anyone help me. Im looking to see if i can send it in anywhere and if not what i should do.

Playing movie without navigation tools hiding movie

I posted a movie to my gallery and tested it on my iphone 3G with the 3.0 software. I cannot get the pause, forward and back buttons off the screen. They hide a lot of the screen which interferes with viewing. How to I hide it?
3.06 GHz Imac 24" Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Iphone 2.2 download won't download getting err -3259

Im trying to download the new 2.2 software from itunes to my new iphone but it wont work. It goes for about an hour and then brings up an error message saying download has stopped due to session timed out. I dont understand why it wont install, my computer is only new so it should work ? How long should the install take?
Toshiba Windows Vista

unable to download application app will be available for download when you log into the itues store on your computer

My Ipad 2 keeps asking:-


unable to download application app will be available for download when you log into the itunes store on your computer


If i connect it to the computer it is fine for around a week then it starts asking to be connected again, Is their any reason for this? as it is very annoying espicailly when access to a pc is difficult

TS3682 Can't download apps keeps saying my credit card is felines and it just stared two days again I can't download even free already downloaded

My apps will not update it keeps asking for a credit card and the one I have work but it keeps saying declined

HT4623 my iPhone 4s apps are not getting download it shows the wi fi sign on top of the screen but still whenever i am trying to browse net or trying to download any apps it is showing me loading.but after 2 hours also it is showing me the same thing

please send me some solution

Why does it take hours to download a version upgrade 3hours for version 6 on my cable connection PC Does anyone else think the fat cats at APPLE should spend some of their billions to improve their download time

Why does it take hours to download a version upgrade. It took 3 hours on my PC with a cable internet connection.   Does anyone else think the FAT CATS at APPLE should spend some of their BILLIONS to improve their download speed!!!!!

HT1689 my 3g is asking to download itune and it is not starting kidly guide me how to download itune for 3g

ok its done on my computer but how to start my mobile it is still asking itunes kindly guide me step by step please

iPhone download

Does anyone know if and how you can save/download pictures whilst surfing the web on iPhone Or do you just have to download them on your computer and then sync them to your iPhone.
MacBook Pro 17" Mac OS X (10.5)

how do i download os 4.3 on iphone 3 gs

i can´t find the link on the website to download the latest OS for Iphone 3 GS. can someone send me a link?

Can't Download Podcasts onto iPhone

I have the very first, yes its old, iPhone.
I have several dozen podcasts in my iTunes, but when syncing the podcast tab is greyed out. I cannot select anything in the podcast tab area.
I have checked for settings in iTunes and the iPhone, but dont see anything that would disallow downloads.
2x2.66 GHz Dual-Core Xeon Mac OS X (10.6.1) 5xMacs 1xHP AllinOne 1xPhaser 6180 on our network

Download Song with Iphone 3G

hi guys, how can i download song with iphone 3G while i am using safari with my iphone, when i click on the song it just play it with quick time but doesnt let me to download it .
Iphone 3G Windows Vista

iPhone OS 3.0 download time

I just started downloading iPhone OS 3.0 to my iPhone 3G, using iTunes. It says the download is 230.1 mg and will take 10 hours! Is that normal?
iPhone iPhone OS 3.0 Also use iMac

How can i download apps for my iPhone 3G

Is they any other way i can still down load games / apps for the Iphone 3G?

keeps saying:- incompatible with this iPhone...

it wont let me install Candy Crush Saga or even someting like Angry Birds. I have one upset little boy!!!

can anyone advice me?






My iPhone 4s cannot download apps

When I try to download a new app or update one it starts at waiting. Then goes to loading. Then the bar jumps to 50% n then disappears n goes back to waiting. It cycles until Im using another app n a notification pops up n says the app cannot be downloaded. Been doing this for weeks. Turned on use cellular data to download apps in the app store settings. Ive reset all settings. Ive logged in and out of app store. Everything that works for everybody else isnt working for me. What else can I try?

Where to download Safari for Iphone

For some reason my Iphone doesnt have Safari!!!
Where can I download it, Ive looked everywhere.
Really sorry if this is a stupid question but Im pulling out my hair!!!
Thx in advance
Windows XP

Can't download iphone 4 sw update

I have a new iphone4 and would like to install the new software update.
Unfortunately, we are stuck with hughesnet satellite for internet access
and I am limited to 375mb per 24hr period and the update is 579mb. I used a
token to get back to full download speed at the earliest possible moment
but itunes shut down the download and started over again which means that unless
someone has a suggestion for another way to get the ios4 update download, I am
Any suggestions ? Is there another way to download it, could I go to an Apple
store or back to the att store ? A relative has cable with no d/l limit-could
I use their itunes to update my phone
Thanks for any suggestions !
iphone 4 iOS 4

Can't Download Ringtones - New iPhone Use

Help please. When I click on the little ringtone icon in My Music Library, I get a message titled Go to the iTunes Store Terms of Service
In order to purchase ringtones, you must review and accept the iTunes Store Terms of Service. Click OK to go to the iTunes Store Terms of Service
When I click OK, nothing happens- the dialog box goes away and thats it. Am I missing something? Ive got the latest iPhone firmware and the new 7.6 iTunes.
Thanks in advance!
iMac - MacBook - Airport Extreme Mac OS X (10.5.1) New Mac Convert - 9/15/07!!

Can not download CD music to iPhone

Hi I have had the iPhone 3G for awile and have not used the iPod on it. Last night I upgraded the OS to 3.0 and iTunes to 8.2... I have both PC and Mac G4 computers and I tried to transfer the music from my CD library to the iPhone but it will not allow me ? Michael
iPhone G3 iPhone OS 3.0

any way to download all apps from iphone

I was hoping there was a way to download all my missing apps directly from the iphone over wi-fi instead of doing it on the computer.
Dell Dimension 5150 Windows XP

download photos to iphone

Is it possible to download photos from a camera directly to an iPhone? I tried the adapters for the iPad and got an accessory not supported error, so I am pretty confident that doesnt work.


Any ideas? A friend is trying to travel without a computer this summer and she doesnt have an iPad (and Im not willing to lend her mine. :-)  )

Can't download apps - new iPhone

Just got my iPhone on sat and tried to download two free apps: myspace and facebook. After I click install it prompts me to enter a username and password, which I do. Then I get a msg saying additional security info is needed. To use this Apple ID you must first login to the My Info page then provide additional security info.
So then I login and check my acct info and everything seems fine. I dont know what they want me to update? I re-started the phone but same problem.
Any help would be appreciated! Thx.
iMac, iphone Mac OS X (10.5.1)

if i download ios 5.1 to my iphone 4 what will it do

what will it  do?

Cannot download apps on my Iphone

I cannot download apps or updates. My Iphone 4 says it cannot connect to Itunes. Help!

how can i download music on iPhone

how can i download music in my i phone 5

2.1 download for iPhone - possible outside of iTunes

Does anyone know if its possible to download 2.1 for my iPhone without using the check update option via iTunes. This automatic link is blocked by my company.
The only way I can download (e.g. for v8 of iTunes) is by accessing apple.com and clicking through myself to the relevant download, which I cant seem to find via the site
Any tips greatly appreciated....
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Dell laptop Windows XP

How do you download from iphone to a new pc itune's

I recently had my pc stolen. I purchased a new one and load itunes 8. Im on a 64 bit operating system. I have tons of pics and ringtones that I dont want to lose on my iphone 3g. Is there a way to download from the iphone so that when I sync to my new pcs itunes folder, I dont wipe out all of m saved info. I already ported in my Apps and the current pics. I need to get the stuff that I saved from my old pc off of the iphone to my new pc. Thanks for all of your help...Devyne
Acer Windows Vista 64 bit operating sys

Download error on iPhone

Okay, I buy apps from both the itunes store on my computer and on the iphone 3g. When I purchase from the iPhone 3G I keep getting this silly error that the program has not completely downloaded and that I will need to go to my computer. The problem is, the program has downloaded in its entirety and is completely useable. Sometimes theres a ghost file icon still left, but its completely there and useable.
When syncing back to the computer, it works as usual. By the way, this downloading error never occurred until the update.

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