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iphone 4 length of time for voice memo

iphone 4 length of time for voice memo

iphone unlocked

voice memo limited time

Hello all. I have searched about this and found users having the same problem but no answers. When using voice memo, the recording stops on its own after about 35 min. Is there a limit to the length of time and why?
HP Windows XP iPhone 3G

iphone unlocked

Voice memo time limit

Is there a time limit to the length of recordings using Voice Memo?
iPhone 4 IOS 4.2.1
Mac Book Pro 17" / QS G4 867 / iPhone 4 Mac OS X (10.6.5)

I want to take a voice memo off my iPhone put it into iTunes Library and convert it to an .mp3 How do I get the voice memos from my phone I can't seem to move them out of the Devices folder no matter how much I try to copy and paste or drag and d

I want to take a voice memo off my iPhone, turn it into and .mp3, and email it.  My iPhone shows up under Devices in my iTunes but doesnt allow me to move the voice memo files I see sitting there into my Library no matter how much copying and pasting or dragging and dropping I try to do. 


Also, I need to convert the file to an .mp3. 


How come no voice memo files show up when I go into my iPhone via My Computer?  All it shows are the videos and pictures in the DCIM folder, but not the voice memos.  Is there another way to access the voice memos other than through iTunes? 

Length of time before auto lock happens

Is it possible to alter the length of time before the phone locks itself / suspends?
Im running the 3GS

How to get the voice memo over to my PC

I am not able to see how to sync/transfer the voice memos with my PC. The iTunes Library does not include them. Can anybody help, please?
Dell Dimension 9200 Windows Vista iPhone 3G - 16 GB (3.0)

length of ringing time for incoming calls

My phone only rings 4 times before some message is played to the caller. I never get it in time........ How can I change the length of the ringing?
MacBook/iMac Mac OS X (10.6.3)

How do I trim a Voice Memo that was created on my iPhone

I have a 3GS. Has anyone ever tried trimming a voice memo? I cant get it to work. And I doubt this is a much talked about feature, but still, it would be nice if it worked. Maybe Im just dumb, but I cant figure it out.
When on the list of voice memos, click the blue arrow next to the memo length. Click Trim Memo, then hit the little play button. The only two options I can think of are then clicking the yellow Trim button when Im at the point I want, or pressing pause first, which actually doesnt pause at all, but rather just stops. Either way, the trim button does nothing for me. Am I the only one?
MacBook Pro, iMac, iPhone Mac OS X (10.5.2)

Voice memo to play in iTunes on iPhone

I have used voice memo to record my lecture. I have synced it to iTunes on my computer. It created a voice memo playlist and I checked the playlist check boxes on the sync to download back to the iPhone. It did not appear as a playlist on iPhone. I created a new playlist and transferred the files to that and then checked for that playlist to be transferred, still no playlist on iPhone. I would really like to listen to the memos as a playlist as that is part of my lecture preparation.
Can anyone tell me how to listen to the playlist on iPhone once the voice memo has been synced?
Macbook Pro Mac OS X (10.4.9)

How to remove a large voice memo from iphone 4

How do you remove a voice memo that is too large for email from the phone?  If its too big for email its definitely too big for MMS.  There must be a way right?  I thoguht maybe I could access it the same way as photos and videos but that is not the case.


Voice Memo limit

since I updated to the 3.1.3 version, Ive been having problems with my phone. Firstly my applications all would crash as soon as I opened it, but i fixed this by restoring it. However, I used to be able to record memos for hours, but now they always stop around 35min. Ive tried deleting old memos but this doesnt seem to be the problem.
Is anyone else having this issue? please help!
iPhone OS 3.1.3

Voice memo's in my library

Can anyone tell me how to create a folder on my desktop library that syncs and backs-up the voice memos I create on my phone?
I new to Apple; working my way into full brand conversion.
Custom PC Windows XP Pro

Voice Memo WOW

My husband just sent me a voice memo. WOW! It is crystal clear, like hes in the room clear! Ive played it on the iPhone, and then played it again on my computer. It was even better on the computer. I am impressed. This is an awesome update and tool.
But one question: how many minutes does it record? I assume theres a limit. What is the limit?
Aluminum Macbook 2.4Ghz Mac OS X (10.5.5)

Voice Memo Problem

I recorded a pretty important conversation today using the Voice Memos app, but to my surprise, I cant play it back on my phone. Its a 17min.55sec. recording, and all that displays when I try to play it is the 0:00-0:00 bar on the bottom, (while it appears to be playing).


Can someone please help me with this problem? I desperately need this recording to play!


Thank you. 

voice memo recording

Hi, can anyone help me to understand why yesterday I was able to record direct into my brand new iphone 4 by simply pressing the big red button in voice memo and today its telling me I need to insert a microphone? No issues with making calls, just the voice mail app gone potty..
I have the i-Rig app (free version) and roughly 10 minutes of other voice mail data stored. Its annoying the **** out of me!!
iphone 4 iOS 4

If you delete a voice memo on iphone will it stay in iTunes

If you delete a voice memo on iphone, will it stay in iTunes? Thanks.
3GS Black 16GB iPhone OS 3.0

Voice Memo Icon has Disappeared

I bought a iPhone 3G recently and updated to the 3.0 software. As soon as I updated I saw the new voice memo icon. I then went to the Apple store today and returned my 3G for a 3G S and re-synced it with my old iPhone backup. Everything went fine, all of my contacts and settings were restored.
But for some reason the voice memo icon has disappeared. When I do a search for voice memo I can see the application and run it but the icon (that you shouldnt be able to remove) is gone from the home screen. Does anyone have any ideas on why? Thanks!
3G S iPhone OS 3.0

Not Able to Send Voice Memo Via MMS

I just bought the 3GS today and am playing with the voice memo app. When I went to share my voice memo, I wanted to mms it, but the only options that pop up are to e-mail it or cancel. On Apples voice memos page (http://www.apple.com/iphone/iphone-3g-s/voice-memos.html) it shows that you have 3 choices: e-mail, mms, or cancel. Is there something wrong that Im doing or with my system, or is the information that Apple put out wrong and you can only e-mail a voice memo? Thanks.
MacBook (Early 2008)-2.4 GHz, 4gb RAM Mac OS X (10.5.7) Black 5G 30gb video iPod; 3GS iPhone-16g

Voice Memo not syncing as advertised

Voice Memos arent working right for me. I have them set to sync, but itunes never did sync them no matter what I did (I thought). So I manually created the Voice Memo playlist it was supposed to make for me, then it finally started automatically putting them in there. It actually was syncing the files over to my main library with just a time and date file name... but no play list and no easy way to find them all or manage them all without searching for each one individually.
Any change I make in iTunes does not change anything on my iPhone in the Voice Memo app. Deleting them from the playlist leaves them in my library, I have to search my library for the date names they are saved as and delete them from there. After deleting them from iTunes, it does not remove them in Voice Memo from my iPhone, they are still there. Syncing my iPhone puts them back as music files onto my iPhone, and they are still in Voice Memo separately... its very confusing because this isnt how Apple said its supposed to work. Maybe the playlist is set up wrong because I had to manually do it and it wont auto create one?
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How long can a voice memo be and still be able to be sent through iMessage

I need to know how long I can record a voice memo for and still be able to send it via iMessage without an error of it being too big.

Disabling Voice Memo Sync

With the Voice Recorder v 3.0 I notice that voice memos are synced with my iTunes library so whatever I record shows up on my hard drive whenever I do a sync. I saw that in the Music tab theres a Include voice memos checkbox, but even when I uncheck that I still get my voice memos copied into my iTunes library.
I for one, do not want my voice memos transfered to my music library. For privacy reasons and to save hard disk space.
Is this a bug? Or am I missing something?
Mac Pro Mac OS X (10.5.7) MacBook Pro, original iPhone

iPhone 3gs Can I use Voice Memo to record phone interviews

Im conducting a series of interviews across the state. The interviews are brief, no more that 15 minutes, so its not time or cost efficient to drive to the interviewees.
1. Is it possible to use Voice Memo to record a call Im making on the iPhone?
2. If not, are there other apps that I might use?
iPhone 3gs iPhone OS 3.1.2 loving the iPhone - not digging ATT

Voice memo shuts off with incoming call

Does anyone know if there is a way to disable the Voice Memo from shutting off when an incoming call rings?
MacBookPro Mac OS X (10.6.6)

Voice memo plays ok but is displayed as having size 0 empty zero

Why do some of my recordings show up as having zero size, but have still been saved in full length (several minutes) and may be played. The time progress bar, though, knows the correct length. iPhone 3G sw 3.0.
iBook, iMac, Mac mini, Airport extreme Mac OS X (10.4.11) iPhone

Sync error with iTunes after asigning a picture to a voice memo

After doing a search with no success I want to post this and ask if someone can confirm this:
Syncing a voice memo from my iPhone with iTunes into my music library works fine.
But when I open the info window for the voice memo in iTunes, go to the cover tab and assign a (cover)picture to that memo I cant sync my phone anymore. In the middle of the sync process it stops with an unknown error -13019. Deleting the picture solves it.
Also: Even if I delete a memo on the phone it still stays in iTunes. But here I guess the one-way-sync is on purpose...?
MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.7)

How else can I activate Siri without having to hold-down the Home button for 1 full second You see I can't hold down the Home button for any length of time at all not even one second It's because I'm handicapped with a muscle weakness dis

The only way I can use the home button is by giving it a firm tap, which my thumb just kind of bounces off the home button. I just dont have enough muscle strength to hold the button, I can only tap it. So I need a different way to turn on Siri, that doesnt require me to hold down any buttons. Cause if I cant even activate Siri, whats the point in me even keeping my iPhone 4S. Please Help.

Increase iPhone's Ring Time before It goes to Voice Mail

recently, i changed my ring time before it goes to Voice Mail.
my default time was 20sec and i changed it to 30sec (max).
it works great but i was doubting that some said on the post Id recommend 25 seconds or less, as using 30 may cause you to be billed for a minute of airtime each time someone is forwarded to voicemail.
what does that guy talking about? am i going to pay extra $ for that ?

How do you use voice and data at same time

Im on a call and need to look up data from a file also on my phone. Whats the simplest and most effective way to simultaneously do this? Thanks in advance.
iPhone 4 iOS 4 Im right-handed, a college graduate, and single

Voice and data at same time

Should I be able to make a voice call while my iPhone is checking email via GPRS, EDGE or 3G?
If its checking email and someone calls me would that call automatically go to voicemail?
And what if push is switched on? I thought it maintained a constant connection?
iPhone 3G

HT1349 I tried to download some songs but they only downloaded to about 1m 30 seconds and not the full song - although when it downloaded into my purchased songs list it indicated the full length of time for the song

I tried to download 4 songs but they only downloaded to around 1m 30 and not the full song - although when it downloaded into my purchased songs it indicated the fulllength of time for the song. All other songs downloaded ok.

Ring time before it goes to Voice Mail

recently, i changed my ring time before it goes to Voice Mail.
my default time was 20second (AT&T default) and i changed it to 30second(max).
it works great but i couldnt understand someone said that Id recommend 25 seconds or less, as using 30 second may cause you to be billed for a minute of airtime each time someone is forwarded to voicemail.
what is the problem by using 30 second? and what is airtime...
iphone 3GS iPhone OS 3.0

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