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iphone 4 weak wifi signal

iphone 4 weak wifi signal

iphone unlocked

gps and wifi weak signal

Having updated my iphone 3gs to 4.3 and subseqently to 4.3.1 and 4.3.2 i am having problems getting the wifi and gps signal to work reliably. Both do work but the wifi keeps dropping out and the gps hardly works but does evently pick up a location in google maps but not in other apps. I have tried reseting the network settings but this does not seem to have helped.


Is this likly to be a hardware issue or is there a known software issue or better is there a known fix.





iphone unlocked

Why is my 3Gs Wifi signal suddenly so weak

I suddenly have a very weak Wifi signal and frequent dropouts on my 3Gs running IOS 6.1.6, never had any issues with 6.1.3. Anyone else have this issue and know a possible solution? My wireless modem/router is in the next room so Im definitely not out of range and as previously stated I didnt have any issues with 6.1.3, only since this latest update has my signal been so weak. Is it an issue with 6.1.6 or could it be a hardware issue with my iPhone? Ive tried resetting the network settings, rebooting my phone, restoring to factory settings and it still frequently drops the signal. I know its not my router/modem because my Iphone is the only device with the issue.

Sudden Weak WiFi signal on 3Gs

Over the last month or so Ive experienced a big drop-off in my 3Gss ability to latch-on to my local home WiFi signal. Ive not recently upgraded, or changed settings on the phone. An example; my BT Home Hub router sits in my office and casts a strong signal throughout my timber-frame house, (and I know the signals still fine because my 3-yr-old Macbook, which I use anywhere and everywhere, and spanking new iMac display full WiFi bars and the speed is excellent.) I normally access the web via my iPhone from my living-room, which is no more than 20 Yards from the router, and up until a month or so ago, enjoyed a full reception on the iPhone also, but now nothing. Zilch. (There is one small corner where I can sometimes pick up one bar.)Im composing this message on the iMac, which displays the full WiFi signal, with my iPhone propped up next to it and displaying zero WiFi reception. We are about eight yards away from the router.(I realise this topic is closely linked to others already posted, but its something that Apple should really be responding to; they obviously have people who keep an eye on forums like these to monitor feedback about their products, and connectivity issues seem to be a bit of a hot potato at the moment.)My hunch is that the iPhones capability to receive a WiFi signal has somehow become compromised, being as all other devices - and Apple devices at that - work fine.Can somebody help.Thx.

Wifi does not work when AT&T signal strength is weak Please help

Whenever the AT&T signal strength is weak, WIFI does not work. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Please comment.
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Weak 3gs wifi signal after upgrade to ios6

Anyone experienced the same thing after upgrading their 3gs to ios6?

I noticed that wi-fi signal became weaker.


I am on the same spot inside the house and the 3gs cannot detect my connection.

Does 4.0.2 fix weak signal on iPhone 3G S's

My signal used to be really good, full service everywhere until the update to 4.0.
So does the 4.0.2 update fix the poor signal on my iPhone 3G S? Because it is taking 10hours to update. If it doesnt i dont want to waste my time.
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Weak Wi-fi signal

My phone and Wi-fi has worked fine until a couple weeks ago. Many times my Wi-fi signal is weak. Today it was almost non existent. This is at home. Ive changed nothing. I did a restore a couple weeks ago but I dont know why that would effect my signal.
Is anyone else having the same problem? How did you fix it?
Ill be by my local Apple store today and may check with them, but Saturdays are usually pretty busy so I may not be able to.
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iphone 4 weak service signal iOS 4.3.5

im having a serious problem with my iphone 4 ios 4.3.5 the service signal is too weak one bar most of the time and my contacts cant reach me as it says switched off !



can any one help plz?

In a weak signal area does a case completely solve the reception issue

This is not a thread to discuss the existence (or not) of the reception issue, it is to discuss the effectiveness of a case or bumper (as recommended by Apple) to alleviate the much discussed signal issues.
As per the topic subject, please elaborate on your experience regarding this. Thanks.
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TS1702 after update ios 6.Network signal weak programs take more time to respond

1. Update your device software2. Check for app updates3. Install another app from the App Store4. Restart the application5. Restart your device6. Reinstall the affected application7. If the issue is still unresolved

8. Buy a new phone! Problem solved! and DONT UPGRADE IOS AGAIN!

my wifi antenna seems weak

i am standing 5 feet from my airport express box, and in the wifi network tab in my iphone, i am only getting 1-2 bars...never full (3 bars).....what gives? It also does this at my school. Its so hard get full reception, no matter how close I am.
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iPhone 3GS with iOS 5.1 no GPS weak wifi no iMsg

Soon after  I upgraded my phone to iOS 5.0 iMsg quit working, the GPS quit working, and it will barely pick up a wifi signal.  I have now upgraded to iOS 5.1 and the same features are still not working.  As for the GPS I get the triangulated location, no GPS location.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

A friendly hello to a problem in your iPhone 1 - No application FaceTime 2-wifi ability is very weak

A friendly hello to a problem in your iPhone 1 - No application FaceTime 2-wifi ability is very weak

no WiFi signal on iPhone V2

Updated to V2 of the iPhone software (original 16GB phone) without any problem BUT now my Wifi reception is poor to non existent. Using hotel and other wireless routers (unknown brands and types) . Where before it was a booming signal, now it shows weak and constantly reverts to Edge or drops altogether. My MacBook sitting right next to the phone using the same router shows a strong signal and no problems.
Software V2 really screwed up the WiFi capability of the phone! Any solutions found so far?
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My iPhone 3GS have little signal of wifi What can I do

My iPhone 3GS have little signal of wifi. What can I do

iPhone 5 wifi signal strength issues

I received the iPhone 5 today and cant seem to connect to my wifi.  If i move closer to the router I get some bars. If i place the phone on top of the router I can connect and get full bars.  But move accross the room and the signal drops off completely. My old 4s has no trouble getting full bars anywhere in my house and even gets half strength outside.  Both are running iOS6. I tried hard restarts and settings resets and nothing works.  This is obviously a hardware issue, as my iPhone 4s, iPod touch 4th gen, and new iPad all run iOS6 and have no wifi issues. Anyone else having this issue?

WIFI connection in NO phone signal area on iphone

I just wonder if you go to NO phone signal area like in the middle of nowhere, underground, even oversea where iphone wont work BUT have Wifi connection, Can you still use Safari/internet on iphone via Wifi ?

if so, any extra charge ? especially if youre in oversea
your iphone will simply become like cell phone version of mini Mac computer
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Where to find the API of searching WiFi signal for iphone 3G

I want to develop a small software about searching WiFi signal around here,just like WiFiFoFum, and tried to find some API about it for some days,but found nothing,so,could somebody help me if you know where to find relevant API or infomation?
thanks in advance!
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OS 4.1 poor wifi signal

After the OS 4.1 update the wifi signal drop down, i only get wifi signal in a 10 meters area (maybe im being generous...5 meters.
Does anybody else have this problem after the update?
Is it software?
Anyone knows how to fix this?
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6.1.2 and still wifi signal problem

I bought iphone 5 yesterday in London.I update my iphone to 6.1.2 and i saw a problem.My wifi signal is too weak and its drops the connections few time later.I restore my phone but still same.What can i do for this problem.Is it a hardware problem ?

WiFi signal lost

Hi everyone. Ive been experiencing some troubles with my iPhone lately which are getting on my nerves. I hope to find some answers... here it goes:


A few days ago, I noticed that my iPhone was a bit slow when using anything which needed an Internet connection (like updating an app). I thought it was my Internet which was not working properly that day, although it worked perfectly when I used my computer. Days went by, and nothing had changed about my iPhone, still slow. Then I realized that sometimes my iPhone disconnected from WiFi (it usually happened when I locked the phone) and began using the 3G Network. It was really weird. That kept happening till today, it just doesnt want to connect to my WiFi network (it remains loading when I attempt to connect) and I just dont know what to do, because it doesnt even connect to 3G network but EDGE. I cant update my apps in either ways (WiFi or EDGE)!


Before you say the problem could be my WiFi network, I own an iPad too and it works properly there, so it just cannot be. Anything I can do?

(At the moment, Im updating from 6.0.1 to 6.1 just hoping it gets magically fixed, but I dont thatll happen).


PS: I have never had this problem, its the first time it happens to me.

Loss of WIFI signal

Recently my IPHONE 3G lost a drastic wifi signal to any network. I am currently one room away from my router and it wont pick up the network. When I walk into the room with the network I get a low signal. The only time I get a full signal is when I am right next to the router. Its not just on my router its with all the wifi networks, so im sure its actually the phone. Does anyone know what can cause this or how i can fix it. Ive done a hard reset and nothing changed.
Thank you
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im using phone 3GS 32GB my signal was very poor but whenever i insert my sim to other phone there's no signal problem When i change position the signal suddenly dropped my software version now is 4.3.5

im using phone 3GS 32GB, my signal was very poor but whenever i insert my sim to other phone, theres no signal problem.. When i change position, the signal suddenly dropped. my software version now is 4.3.5.

Wifi Signal Drops with Phone is in use

As per the title says, the wifi works perfectly fine normally. However soon as the a phone call comes in the wifi signal drops from the three bars down to the one dot (which then doesnt really work). Soon as the call ends the signals goes right backup to full strength. Its almost either there is some sort of interference from the call or not enough juice on the wifi receiver.

1.1.1 improves WiFi signal strength

After upgrading to 1.1.1 last night, I noticed that my iPhone was picking up my WiFi signal in my house in places where it did not pick it up prior to the update.
Is this an unpublished improvement? Anybody else notice this?
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wifi signal strength fluctuating

while at home, i connect to my internet via wifi. my laptop connects with a steady strong signal. however, my iphones wifi signal starts out great (full signal), then it drops down to one bar, then back up, then back down. it seems to like to stay connected at one bar...or not at all. any feedback and help out there?

WiFi signal strength oscillating

Hi there,
I am using my iPhone quite successfully and after reading through a lot of posts in this forum I should say Im quite happy not having any of the WiFi troubles other folks are experiencing.
However Id like to clarify a strange behaviour of my iPhone: The WiFi signal strength is changing quite substantially without any visible reason, i.e. I am connected to my home network, I dont move the iPhone nearer or further away from the router, etc. but the display on the iPhone will constantly change, showing anything between 1 bar and 3 bars.
Any ideas? Its not a real problem, since it does not lose the connection, I just wonder why this happens...
thx much.
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Can I turn phone signal off but have Wifi on

Im going to be travelling and dont want to receive any phone calls, texts or voicemail while Im away as my long distance/roaming rates are so expensive. But I DO want to be able to use Wifi where its available. Obviously airplane mode wont work for me as this turns off both; is there any way to turn off the phone signal, but still receive Wifi?
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WiFi Dropout low signal stalling

So here it is.
I bought my iPhone last Saturday and am still in my 14 return period and need to know if this is something wrong with my phone before that time lapses.
When I join my WiFi network at home
(Linksys Gigabit Wireless N Router : SSID=ARPANET : WEP Protected)
it will usually work for a random amount of time at which point the wireless indicator will either go away, stay at full signal and nothing loads, or will become very slow and the signal indicator will go down to one of the three bars. Sometimes I have to reboot the phone in order to get it working again. Additionally sometimes I get asked to enter the WEP key again because it is invalid, but if I push cancel it works.
I have reset the phone and the router both back to default settings and re-configured and still the same problem.
The laptops I have on the wireless network never have this issue so I think it may be the iphone.
What do you guys think?
If i get a new phone, do I just unpack the new one, and run the activation again and re setup a partnership with iTunes?
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WiFi Signal always 1 bar on wireless network

Anyone else having this problem? My Wifi bars are always at the lowest signal strength on my home wireless network even if I am sitting right next to it. I have a real fast home network but it seems real slow on my iphone 3g when I am on wifi...any fix for this?
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