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iphone 4s dies at 40

iphone 4s dies at 40

iphone unlocked

iphone dies

I have been having a recurring problem since Thanksgiving. For no reason, my iphone will die. The battery is not dead, but it will not turn on. The only way I can get it to turn on is holding the Home button and the on/off button at the same time (I think its called a hard reset). Anyway, each time I do that it takes longer and longer to get the Apple back. I took it to the Apple store on Friday. They told me I just needed to download the latest update. The employee told me he had the same issue with his phone and this fixed it. So he downloaded the update for me and I went on my way. Then Saturday morning the same thing happened again, it completely died and I had to reset it. And again this morning. Is anyone else having these issues? Is there any way to resolve it? Thank you!
iPhone OS 3.1.3

iphone unlocked

iPhone dies suddenly

I have an iPhone 3G... 3.1.3 firmware...
up until a few hours ago everything was fine...
Then, without any kind of warning, the phone screen is blank.
Hitting the center button produces the Apple logo for a few seconds, then it disappears.
Soft reset doesnt work... and the Sleep/Wake button is not functioning...
If I plug it into a power source, it works, but Sleep/Wake button is still not functioning.
Ive tried a Restore phone, but its still not working properly... anyone have any ideas?
The plug into power source points to the battery, but it died so suddenly I dont think its the cause.
iMac Intel Core Duo Mac OS X (10.4.7) iPhone 3G, AppleTV

iPhone 4 dies after 8 days -

I have had my first (and probably my last) iPhone 4 for 8 days.
After checking email successfully this evening and I then pressed the Power button once to put to sleep. 15 mins or so later I wanted to use it and it was completely dead. I thought the battery must be flat even though it was fully charged this afternoon.
When I got home I put it on charge but no response. Completely black screen, no noises or any indication of life. Tried removing the SIM and putting it back but no result.
Cant say I am happy. Anyone got any ideas?
iPhone iOS 4

iPhone boots Then dies

When I plug the iPhone into the charger.. It boots I see the apple logo
Then as its about to come up to the lck screen.. The iPhone just shuts down
3G 8g

iPhone 3GS battery says 30 but dies

Have had this problem for a little while now, while using my iPhone the battery works normal. It doesnt suck it dry without even doing something.But it has begun to die although the battery says its 30% left. Its really annoying that I only now have 70% of the battery to work with. Is this a common problem or is it just me? What should I do? Is it the battery that needs to be replaced or what?


Very thankful for any help!

my iphone 4 only charges to 5 and then it dies out how do i fix this

its not charging with any outlet plugs, and i dont know how to fix it, any ideas?

the battery on my iPhone dies fast

The battery life on my iPhone dies within 8 hours even when I do not use it

iPhone Battery Dies Overnight

Hi guys,
I have an iPhone 3GS and I recently updated to software 4.0.2. Since then my battery life has gone downhill. Last night, I charged my phone (it was fully charged) and went to bed. Woke up this morning 7 hours later and my battery was completey dead. Since then my battery goes from fully charged to empty in around 4-5 hours even with no use and when I touch it, it feels hot.
Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if so, what the solution was. My iPhone is less than a year old. Thanks heaps!!
iPhone 3GS iPhone OS 3.1.3

iPhone 3 fully charged then dies

We charge the phone to 100, and when its used to text a couple of times, it turns off and says needs charged.  Tuned off push any other ideas?

iphone touchscreen dies when I'm on a call- can't hang-up

I have a 1-year old iphone and have the latest itunes/iphone updates.
I am having troubles with the phone only. When I place or take a call, the screen goes dark even when the iphone is away from my ear, so I cannot hang up, or change the screen. I also have the same problem when I try to listen to messages in my inbox. As soon as I try to click on the play of a voice-mail, the screen goes dark, as though the iphone crashed.
I try to tilt the screen in all directions. Sometimes it works, but usually it does not. I usually end up trying to turn my phone off, which sometimes does not even work (embarrassing to leave loooong voice-mails to a client while I try to turn off my phone!)
I am getting very frustrated. It is a phone after all and I need it for my work. Any tips?
Thanks in advance,
iphone Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Why would I have to pay 200 for my iPhone that updated to 7.0.3 then dies

So I buy and iPhone and I have it for a total of a week and a half after that we can half Ive had maybe two usable days out of it even though I bought the phone used it had worked alright until I did the 7.0 .3 update


Its an iPhone 4s 16 GB white model that I paid $100 to my friend for.  It took Apple three days and multiple attack is a Tory statements towards AT&T my cell phone carrier that it was our fault that the phone would not activate. Two agents that I had spoken in the chat and over the phone with a told me that it would be a $200 charge to repair or potentially replace my iPhone. The senior advisor and Apple that Id spoken with who shall remain nameless at this point was able to fix my issue within 30 minutes and said it was actually their side of things that went haywire.


So here IM four days in to having my iPhone it finally activates on my cell phone network so I can use the phone and now the 7.0.3 update that just came out Brixx my phone have done master restores have done the resets on the iPhone even remotely wiped and restore my iPhone that way screen stays black and just constantly beeps.


Now that their update has destroyed my iPhone they want me to pay another one 9999 for my phone to be replaced. Is that really fair to do to a customer?

Restoring contacts from backup after iPhone dies

My iPhone 3G died last week. Everything was backed up with frequent synching through iTunes, but I did not have my contacts on the phone synched with the ones on my desktop. Is there any way I can access these iPhones contacts on my desktop unit from the backed up iPhone contacts?
3g iPhone OS 3.1.3

iPhone dies when connected to Belkin car kit

My iPhone was working fine. I moved all my music to it so that I can take it on the road instead of my old iPod.
In my car I have a Belkin auto kit, TuneBaseā„¢ FM for iPod.
The moment I connected the iPhone to the Belkin auto kit the screen went blank immediately.
I managed to turn the iPhone on again only after holding the lock and home button together but a short while later the iPhone went into recovery mode.
I connected it to iTunes and clicked on recover and a short while later the iPhone died. It will not turn on any more
Could it be that the Belkin auto kit for iPod harmed my iPhone?
Are the iPhone and iPod not similar in voltage and power?
Indeed I find this very hard to believe but Im posting here in case anyone might have an idea why this could have happened.
Im leaving the phone in the cradle, maybe it will charge up and be well again tomorrow?
Windows XP

Battery dies while doing nothing

I have had this problem after getting my iphone replaced with this refurbished one by apple. Whenever im at work I would arrive at 9 and then when i check my phone in a couple of hours the battery is always at below ten percent. This also happens when I am home, if i have a full charge before i go to sleep by the time i wake up, its drained completely. I dont do anything with the phone, its not in use when this happens. So i thought that maybe WIFI was doing something funky so i turned it off along with 3G and i have no push accounts activated. Can you guys give me any suggestions on what to do.

my iphone phone dies quickly even with 80 percent battery life

I have and Iphone 4 and the battery dies rather quickly..  Even with there is 80% battery life

My phone dies at 9-6 but not at the normal 0 Help

When I plug it back in, it turns on right away, not the normal 3-5 minute wait and be at 5%. My phone will turn on right away and itll be at the same percentage it was when it died.

3GS dies at 40 of battery left

For the last month, my iPhone will charge fully to 100% and report as fully charged. I can then use as normal until the iPhone battery reports around 40%. At this point, the iPhone will simply die/turn off if used - i.e. for messaging, iPod functions, e-mail or anything else. It will remain in standby mode ok but if an incoming call is received, it will also die/turn off.Eventually after several cycles of turn off/die/turn on, the iPhone reports low charge/no charge and can no longer be turned on. When attached to power/charger, it reports very low charge and takes some time to charge to a state when it can be used again.I have done all the usual things recommended in the FAQs such as backup/restore, update to latest version of iOS etc.The iPhone is 21 months old so is obviously well out of warranty.I am assuming that there is a battery problem as opposed to some application or process draining the battery. I have done the usual things with Exchange mail such as turn off Push and restrict Fetch to manual to preserve battery life.The bizarre thing is the misreporting of the battery charge level. Does anyone know how to fix this? I can live with the shortened battery life until I can upgrade in a few months but not having the level of battery charge properly reported is a real pain!Any help greatly appreciated.Message was edited by: SomeBloke

OS v2.2 Battery indicator always shows full until device dies

After I upgraded to version 2.2 of the OS on my iPhone 3G, my battery indicator is always showing 100% charge. After a full day of normal usage, the iPhone just died with a dead battery. I didnt even get the usual warning when the battery was at 20%.
Has anyone else experienced this problem?
MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.5) iPhone 3G OS

4 days with OS4 and wifi just dies phone often crashes

I never seen this before. So many problems with the OS4 on my 3G. And now to top it off, my wifi just disappeared. I was using the new mobile YouTube and my signal slowly dropped off. So I rebooted the iPhone and wifi is grayed out.
ITunes doesnt seem to have an option to go back to the old operating system. How can I do it? This iPhone is nearly unusable!
iMac 20inch 2.4 Core 2 Duo, iBook G4 1.33, iPod nano, iPod classic, iPhone 3G Mac OS X (10.6.1)

i updated the baseband on my IPhone 3g 8gb and now when i i put it to sleep it dies and the camera and speakers don't work

i updated the baseband on my IPhone 3g 8gb and now when i i put it to sleep it dies and the camera and speakers dont work Please can somepne tell me what to do i did jail break it but i unjailborke it

I have iPhone 3GS and ever since 6.0 update it dies and need to connect to power to turn it back on even though the battery will show charge Does any body have that problem and how to fix

I have in i phone 3GS and ever since I installed 6.0 update the phone will die like if the battery is low but the battery indicator will show charge. Has any body had this problem and a how to fix.

3rd iPhone 3G S dies Should I demand for another iPhone model



I would like to know what to do on this situation. You see, I was gifted an iPhone 3G S for the holiday season and unfortunately I am on my third dead iPhone 3G S. The first iPhone had to be replaced due to a looping shutdown issue where the phone would work for 5 minutes and then kernel panic and reboot, this would occur in a constant endless loop. As a result, I called the AppleCare and was told to return the iPhone to the Apple Store for a replacement. I was given a new replacement at the Apple Store and they told me to restore my phone to my latest back up. Off course, I did not follow this procedure to avoid any back up corruption to be transferred to my new phone so as a result, I went through the painstaking process of putting apps and contacts manually into the replacement iPhone.


For the next 2 weeks everything went fine; however one day I decided to shut down (by pressing and holding the sleep/unlock button on top of the phone my iPhone for the night. Next morning, I turned on my iPhone and everything seemed to be within normal operation, then BOOM the iPhone started kernel panicking and going into the endless shutdown/restart process, like the first iPhone. I then placed another call to AppleCare and was given the same order to return the iPhone for a replacement. I went to the store and informed that I was visiting for a replacement iPhone 3G S. The Genius Bar technician gave me a hard time saying that the issue could have been caused by me connecting it to a computer and restoring it from a previous back up. I informed her that I did not performed a restore on the phone to avoid that issue from happening again. She then told me that it could be a Spyware that got installed in my iPhone because I connected it to a PC. Off course, I was offended since I told her that the phone was never connected to a computer, and she said that she was going to speak with a manager to whether give me replacement or not because it was impossible that a replacement iPhone would have the same issue as the first one. I was finally given a second replacement 3G S after waiting for about 45 minutes during the managers deliberation time. I left the store very disappointed with the poor customer service given by the Genius Bar rep.


With the second iPhone 3G S replacement unit, I took additional precautions limited myself to not install too many apps and installed only the Gmail, Facebook, and Windows Live Messenger apps. In addition to this, the phone was never connected to a computer to avoid the spyware theory. And off course, again re added the contacts by hand. The only thing I enabled was iCloud to sync my contacts to avoid adding contacts by hand for the next time my iPhone went south.


Off course I never expected a next time. Unfortunately, today my iPhone seems to have died in the early morning hours as the phone did not wake me up at the alarm time. When, I come and try to wake the phone via the home button the screen does not respond. I then proceeded to use the sleep/wake button on top of the phone to see if that would revive my phone. NOTHING HAPPENED. I tried to connect the phone to the charger to see if somehow it ran out of battery (although the battery was at 100% before I disconnected it from the charger at midnight) and the phone did not turn on. I tried connecting it to my Windows based-PC, no success; connect it to my MacBook Pro, no success as well. So there again I was calling AppleCare and tried all the available troubleshooting steps to recover the phone including holding the home+wake up/sleep button to force it reboot and still no joy. The representative (which was very nice may I add) set me up with a Genius Bar appointment. I made her very clear that this would be my third iPhone that had issues and that I did not trusted the 3G S model as the two previous phone were the same model.


So I am off to the Apple Store in a few hours and wanted to know if I could demand another iPhone model (like the 4 or 4 S) as the 3G S has demonstrated not to be reliable at all. I think is a fair request since it is a hassle for me to go to the Apple Store every two weeks because my 3G S is somehow becoming either corrupted or bricked. Can such arrangement be made? or I have to stick with a 3G S replacement until they decide to stop breaking!? If the latter is the case I will need to call AT&T to revert my contract to my old LG Neon phone and hand my damaged 3G S to the Geniuses. It has been demonstrated that theres something wrong with the iPhone 3G S and iOS 5 because it cant be possible that 3 iPhones either panic or die out all of the sudden.


Thanks for your time and advise. It is greatly appreciated!

iPhone 3GS 32GB battery all of a sudden dies very quickly charges quickly

My battery life has been great, until one day last week. After my usual 9am call w/ work I only had ~30% battery life (usually 90% still). Since that day, every day now I have to charge multiple times to get the phone through the day.
When draining, once the battery hits ~75% it will drop to 20% in just a few minutes, then you can pretty much watch it drop one percent at a time until its dead.
When charging, it will charge to 100% in about 45 mins (usually this is a 2-3 hour process to get to full/100% charge).
Im guessing the battery is dead and I have an appointment for tomorrow at the genius bar, but if there are other suggestions in the meantime Im open to try them. I already restored from a backup, no change. Anything else to do?
3GS 32GB

pi have an iphone 3gs and the battery dies after about 5 mins but when i lug it in it takes about 5 mins and it says full battery i cant even take a pic without it being plugged in

I have an iphone 3gs and the battery dies after about 5 minutes and when you plug it in it takes about 5 minutes and then it says full battery and i cant even take a pic without it being plugged in

when i try to update my iPhone 3G software the message alert showing The iPhone ''iPhone'' could not be restored An unknown error occurred now my iPhone 3G blank display how can i do then please

when i try to update my iPhone 3G software, the message alert showing (The iPhone iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred). now my iPhone 3G blank display. how can i do then please?

my iphone 3gs camera wont open ever since i restored my iphone i have updated my itunes and iphone software what else can i do without having to restore my iphone again

i had to restore my iphone last month because i had accidentally clicked the home and shut off button at the same time. it ended up making me restore my iphone. i lost everything. pictures, contacts, apps, songs, everthing. after i had gotten all my stuff back, i took a picture and everything was fine. a couple hours later, i open my camera to take another picture and it wont open it. it will twitch. i have no idea what to do. i have updated my software on my phone and itunes and im stumped. please help me.

HT4213 hello i wanted to sell my iPhone 3gs i had a lot of data on my iPhone i used the setting to erase and restore iPhone.i cannot get the iPhone started it wants the sim card that came with the phone and i dont have it please help what should i d

what should i do if the phone is giving the message of inserting the original sim card if i dont have it

TS3424 my iPhone is not activated i have iPhone 3gs i try to update it to ios 6.1.2 from ios 4.2.1 but when it processed and my iPhone restarts i configure up to the activation step at this theres a msg tha sorry we could not activate yr iphone and a

my i phone is not activated. i have i phone 3gs i try to update it to ios 6.1.2 from ios 4.2.1 but when it processed and my i phone restarts, i configure up to the activation step at this theres a msg that sorry we could not activate yr iphone this time try agian with in couple of minutes or contact customer care on itunes, on the other hand iphone has a msg of that appserver is temporarily unavailable try again later blaa blaa...................... bt this not wrks now plzz tell me what can i do, how can i activate my i phone?

While trying to update my iphone I get tne following message An error occured while backing up this iPhone -5000 Would you like to continue to update this iPhone Continuing will result in the loss of all contents on this iPhone Any advice

I am hoping for some advice on an error message I keep getting-see above.  Thanks!

HT2109 I have already setup my new iPhone 5s without using restore iphone 3 Now how can I get my messages on iPhone 3 to my iPhone 5

I just setup my iphone5s, but I didnt use restore backup from the menu option, I rather chose setup my iPhone. Now I need all the messages on my iPhone 3. What do I do?

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