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iphone 4s hacktivate tool downloads

iphone 4s hacktivate tool downloads

iphone unlocked

is there such a tool for testing iphone lcd

Could any body out there tell me if there is such a tool out for testing lcd on iphones.

iphone unlocked

Is the SIM card tray ejector tool supposed to come with the iPhone 4

My iPhone 4 box doesnt seem to have a SIM card tray ejector tool that came with the last generation of iPhones. Should there be one?
Macbook Pro (silver) Mac OS X (10.6.4)

md crash report tool zone alarm

Sorry if its the wrong place to post this, but I got it when syncing the iPhone.
The following flagged up in Zone Alarm.
md crash report tool
I denied it, as initially, I couldnt find any info about it.
I since discovered that its from Apple.
Any ideas what it does, and is it OK to accept in future?
Best regards
Windows 7

Cut and paste tool-and battery life

Im a newbie to this iphone, and I think its the cats pajamas. Two problems, though- I have multiple contacts for one name - is there a way I can cut and paste different numbers and addresses onto one contact so I dont have so many repeats of the same names?
Also, my battery life is like maybe 3 hours. Seems real short. I use itunes, and Im synched with my email... Is this normal for the heavy use Im giving it?

iPhone downloads on it's own

On my last bill from my mobileoperator I have been charged for downloading 354 mb one night. I have NEVER downloaded this much on my iPhone 3G. The funny thing is I have been charged for 4 different usage (I know the english is bad), but at the EXACT same time. Two times charged for 1h 55m usage, one time for 0,0004mb and the last one, 354 mb. All starting at 01:03 am.
Anyone else having this issue?
One more question: The download statistics in Settings, is this just for the Safari-browsing (over WiFi), or the total usage of mail and stuff like apps (over WiFi)?

Downloads to my Iphone

I´m quite new into Iphone and I want to know which downloads and applications are available for my Iphone for exp. Google earth.
Where do I get them and how do I install them into my device?

How to cancel the downloads in iPhone iTunes

Im downloading a movie in iPhone iTunes, but the movie is too big, I want to stop the download, so how to cancel it?
iPhone 3G iPhone OS 3.1.2

Manual iPhone software downloads

I work IT for a company that has a dozen iPhones. When an update comes out, downloading a 250Mb update for each phone is tedious at best. When the 2.1 update came out, I remember someone posting a link to do a manual download of the software that I could then point each phone to, for one download and multiple patches. (Very time saving.) I cannot find a manual download link for the 2.2 software. How does one locate these download files every time a new patch comes out?
Also, trying to press on missing this information, I hooked an iPhone up to my PC with iTunes and did a down load only of the 2.2 software. I cannot locate where iTunes downloaded it to though. Will it stay resident in my system now, and I can hook up phone after phone for the update from my system, or will it try to re-download the 2.2 software for each phone?
Also, Id just like to know where iTunes does download these patches to, and if theyre retrievable.
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Iphone 4 mysteriously downloads 87 MB data using 3G

Hi everbody,


I have been using Iphone 4 with a 250 MB internet package provided by GSM service provider. My detailed monthly account statement sent by the GSM operator indicates that 87,800.1 KB of internet is used almost every month. Since this happened several times, I always turn 3G and EDGE off when I am not using internet and exit all applications. Instead I use Wi-Fi almost every day. When I complained about this issue to my GSM provider, they told me that I must have used the internet. As a computer engineer, I am well aware of using the phone and its software. However, I cannot find what causes this mysterious downloads. The same thing happened to my relatives Iphone 4. She had 100 MB of package and exactly the same amaount of data was downloaded, she exceeded the limit with another package of 80 MB download and charged an extra. Has anyone encountered such a problem? How can I detect what causes this download? Is it something related to the GSM provider? Thanks for your help.

iTunes podcast downloads stuck in iPhone 3G

Hi all, its me again. On Friday night I downloaded some podcasts on my iPhone but they were to big to download on the phone itself as I keep getting a message saying This item is over 10MB. You must be connected to a Wi-Fi network or use iTunes on your computer to download this item. So Ive tried connecting to iTunes on my computer and the same issue occurs.
When I click on the podcast it doesnt let me delete it it only lets me try to download it. Ive three podcasts this is happening too and I want to delete them as its annoying me now.
They do not appear in my iTunes on my computer.
Can anyone help me please?
Thanks NatP
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IPhone - Itunes downloads - what bit rate

what bit-rate do you get with Itune downloads over the 3g network? Should i stick with PC based downloads to insure i get lossless DLs?
Windows Vista

Lost Iphone downloads and photo libraries

I tried to sync my Iphone with my new lap top. I cant find my downloads on my Iphone or my photo libraries. Nothing transferred to the lap top either. I hit restore on the laptop. Can anyone help me?
iPhone OS 3.1

downloads from app store to iphone - problem

Hi everybody!
I have some problem with direct downloads from App Store. When I try to get an application, the app icon freezes with loading... caption and does not make any progress. The only way to make it continue is to connect the iPhone to the iTunes on the PC. Then the program (iTunes) makes a download and on the iPhone screen appears message: All downloads have been completed on iTunes on your computer. It was not always like that. Not so far ago everything was fine - I was able to download applications without iTunes - just clicking on the App Store icon on the iPhone. I dont know how to fix the problem. Any suggestions?
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Are all iTunes movie downloads compatable with iPhone

Ill admit, iTunes frustrates the **** out of me and is nowhere near as user friendly as the iPhone. Not having an iPod prior, maybe I just need more time to warm up to it. I just purchased and downloaded a movie for my phone via iTunes. The movie is displayed in my library but I cant drag it into my phone. Ive checked the setting box to sync video and TV, but it currently says that I have no video files. Are there particular movies that are only compatable with the iPhone, or does it need a particular compression or setting change before it can be added to my phone?
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X M downloads

Can you download a micromedia flash player to listen to xm on my iphone?
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3G Downloads

Whenever I try to update an app or download using the 3G netowrk I get a msg unable to download at this time anyone else having this issue?

iPhone update 2.1 downloads and times out - no other problem with iTunes

I have a problem - I cannot update my iPhone to 2.1. Everything else works fine, I can download files from iTunes or 3rd parties (podcasts), including large files (HD tv shows, etc).
When I try to update the iPhone, the 237.8MB file does download into iTunes, and when it is completely downloaded, I get an error message popping up and saying that the connection timed out. Again, this error message appears AFTER the full 237.8MB are downloaded.
I have tried this repeatedly with no success - I tried shutting down iTunes, the PC, etc, to no avail.
The one difference with most users here is that I live in France - but I dont see why this should matter.
iPhone 3G 16GB Windows XP Pro

Why won't Manual Downloads music erase from my iPhone

Im having an issue with my iPhone where I try to remove all music or only sync a selected playlist, but songs Ive purchased on iTunes keep redownloading to the phone no matter what I do. I have automatic music downloads turned off and and keep un-selecting the music check box in iTunes. I noticed that the the songs that keep re-syncing are the songs that appear in Manual Downloads. Is there a way to make this go away?

app downloads

I received my iPhone 4s yesterday and have downloaded a couple of FREE apps,that I had in iTunes whilst I awaited my new phone.Mention has been made about updates available for the purchases I have made.My question is do all apps - regardless of being free or having a charge,show up as purchases? I know that I have not purchased anything at this stage.Well at least not deliberately,lol.

downloads are slow

I have a problem streaming music on Pandora.  Although Im not sure what the MB per/sec actually is, downloads from the app store take a while.  Restarting my phone does seem to help a bit for a while at least.  I have a lot of applications installed.  My phone shows 3 bars on 3G.  I have a 3GS phone.  I have never received a throttling warning.  I probably use 500MB per month on the average.


This phone is not jailbroken. 


Any ideas?

Music Downloads

How do you transfer a song you downloaded to your iphone thru itunes to your same itunes account on your computer?
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Number of downloads

When using the app store on my phone it lists the number of times an app has been downloaded but this figure always shows zero for any app.
Is this a bug in the app store?
iMac/MacBook Air/iPhone 3G Mac OS X (10.5.4)

Muisc Downloads

Can anyone help an IPhone Virgin. ive downloaded off Itunes a couple of songs to my Iphone. they work fine. however when i connect my Iphone up to my desktop the songs transfer to my Desktop Itunes account and disappear off my iphone. anyone know why its doing this and how do i get my songs back on the phone.
thanks in advance to anyone who can help. i must be doing something silly.

Can't update my apps on iphone already deleted downloads in itunes media

I have tried several times to update my apps without any success. Keeps throwing stopped (err = 8008).

I have already deleted the Downloads folder inside the iTunes Media folder. I also signed out and in again, etc.

Also I have already checked my firewall.

Still, nothing has changed.

I recently synced my iPhone to my office macbook pro, because it was synced with my old macbook. Does that have anything to do with it?


Please help!

Can multiple OS downloads be avoided

My wife and I are currently running 3 iPhones (3G, 3GS and 4) and have recently updated to OS 4.1. Each time this has required a new, very lengthy (poor broadband) download of the new software. Is there a way to download an update once for all three phones? Surely the file itself could be temporarily stored somewhere on my computer.
MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.6.4) iPhone 4

Inclusive Downloads Dilemma

Does anyone know if Google Maps download usage is included in the 200mb monthly allowance... So if you use it constantly, would it use up all your allowance or is that exclusive the original bundle ?

3GS downloads to update to 4.3 or better

How do I download iOS 4.3.5 to my 3GS iphone? Ive been going in circle on the Apple and iTunes websites and cant find it.  Please help!

Safari downloads flash

Why is it that you can do pretty much everything a desktop can do regarding the Internet with safari, but you cant download anything?
After all the 3GS is more than capable of running flash 10, but safrai cannot download the file. Surley it wouldnt be too hard for the next firmware update to allow downloading programs such as flash to enhance your web experience and allow access to the hundreds and thousands of online games - and even MMORPGs.
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removing all downloads from i-phone

Every time I connect my I-phone to my computer it automatically syncs my downloaded files that I download to my phone to my computer and removes them from my phone to my computer. I download the music, music videos, and etc to my i-phone because thats where I want them. If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. thank you
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Downloads from iTunes are not going into my library

When I download songs and podcasts from iTunes on my iPhone they seem to download fine but they do not go into my library. Any ideas? All software is up to date.

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