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iphone 4s not working after update

iphone 4s not working after update

iphone unlocked

my flash and camera will not work on muy iphone 4 it started working properly after the ios update but from one day to the other they both stoped working

hey hello well i´ve been having a little problem with my iphone4 a for a few days now, the thing is that out of nowhere my flash and back side camera stopped working  i havent dropped the phone at all and it just stoped working out of nowhere i touch the camera icon to open the camera and it just gives me a black screen i´ve searched on all the settings and its not working... One little thing that knew was that whe i scroll the scree from bottom to the top to find the shorcuts or optios where the flashlight is is not highlighted its like if the option is not available, like i said i´ve looked in restrictions as well and they are all off someone please help me


P.S: i mastered reseted my phone all settings and contents and restored as new already only front camera is working

iphone unlocked

My iphone 5 backup battery case not working after the ios7 update and it says it is not certified and may not work reliably with iphone 5 while it worked properly before the update Please fix this issue as soon as possible

My iPhone 5s backup battery case is not working after the iOS 7 update and it states that this case is not certified and may not work reliably with the iPhone but his this same case worked perfectly fine before the iOS 7 update . Could you please fix this problem as soon possible .

i have purchased a 3gs and its jail broken i tried to update it and it did get update also but it is not working and techinal person said it is a locked.now how do i factory unlock it

i have purchased a 3gs and its jail broken. i tried to update it and it did get update also but it is not working, and techinal person said it is a locked.now how do i factory unlock it?

Ok I attempted to update my Iphone3s and it has degraded my phone and deleted alot of my apps now i am trying to reupdate it again and its not working and the apps are not downloading either because i have an old version of the update on my Iphone no

Please Help

Can someone help me update my 3G iphone to the 4.0 its not working

i was wondering if anyone could help me! im trying to update my 3G phone to the latest 4.0 software but everytime i click on update in itunes it says: This version of iTunes (9.1.1)is the current version.
Im stuck and really want to do the update.
Thankyou in advance whoever takes the time to help me.
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iphone not working after update to 3.1.3 firmware

Can someone help?I purchased iphone in USA (I live in U.K.)Got it to work in U.K. on O2 using correct sim, etc. Updated to firmware 3.1.3 now all I get when I enter iTunes is a message The sim card inserted in this iphone does not appear to be supported Can anyone help resolve this issue so I can use my beloved iphone again?
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Ok I have an IPhone so does my partner. I updated mine and he didnt. His wifi is working wonderful and mine is not working at all. I have turned the phone off. Done a hard reset. Restored factory settings. Manually put the ip and dns settings in. Restarted the modem. Modem model id Quick Eagle DL710 ADSL2+ Router. And you guessed it nothing works. Will I have to return the phone or can anyone help me in the next say 16 hours. Thanks
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iPhone 3G 2.1 update Wi-Fi no longer working

Just upgraded to 2.1 and Wi-Fi doesnt work on my iPhone. Before it synced perfectly with my Time Capsule. Now the Wi-Fi menu option in Settings is grayed out with the words No Wi-Fi to the right-hand side. I cant even get into the Wi-Fi settings menu to search for networks.
Anybody else got this problem/ have a solution?
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iphone camera not working after update

Hi i have updated my iphone 3gs and now the camera is not working, it has a frozen shutter, please advise

iPhone Wi-Fi not working after iOS 5 update

Updated everything: Lion, iTunes, iOS 5.


iPads Wi-Fi connects to my AirPort Express network just fine, but iPhone 3GS sees my network, but cant connnect to it (Unable to connect...) with the only available action being Dismiss. Even tried Apples new iOS AirPort Utility. Exact same thing. Even deleted the known network and tried to connect from scratch - still the same problem.


Any suggestions?

iPhone 5 Speaker not working after iOS7 update

After updating to iOS7, the speakers stopped working. i tried almost everything with no success.

I can only hear incoming calls or any sound if i have the earphones on.

Is Apple looking at this? can someone from Apple advise what to do?

iPhone not working at all after each new Apple software update

Hi, I got my iPhone back last week after Apple replaced my last one because of errors after each new software update I was receiving. The phone worked fine until each software update and then no one not even service was able to fix it. After receiving my new phone from Apple I have connected it to my computer and transferred songs etc all week and the phone has worked excellent. On Friday when I connected my iPhone itunes said there was a new software update ready and of course I clicked ok as this is a new phone. After the install finished it shows various errors 1602,1604,2002 again and the phone is now useless again. I have spent 4 hours on the phone on Friday to Techs at Apple who are baffled. I am hoping that someone out there has had a similar problem and may know why this is happening and how I can fix it as Apple is very helpful but has not been able to fix it yet. I went without my iPhone for 4 weeks last time and I have only had it back 1 week and now its not working again. I am at my wits end and would really appreciate anyones help.
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iPhone 3gs wi-fi stopped working right after OS 4.2.1 update

Today i updated to the latest OS version 4.2.1, and right after that the phones wi-fi stopped working (it turned grey in the settings menu). Is anyone else experiencing these problem? i tried restoring backup, reseting network options in the settings menu and nothing worked...
Any ideas?
Please help...
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Left Speaker in Iphone 4 not working since 4.1 update

anyone else having this issue the right side is working fine but if u cover the right side nothing comes out of the left side..
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Google Maps stopped working with recent iPhone update

Since updating my iPhone Google Maps has stopped working for me. When I try for driving directions I get a message that driving directions can not be received.
Anyone else? Any easy fix?
Everything else seems to be working fine.
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Update to iOS 6 - iPhone 4S - App Store and Facebook not working

I have just last night upgraded my iphone 4S to iOS6, so far out of few of the things i have tested are not working namely:


1. App Store, as soon as i click on App Store icon, it opens with a white background and thats it... no further movement,


2. Facebook. Same story with the facebook. WHite background and no response.


I have tried downing a soft restart as well as reset by holding home and power button for more than 15Seconds.


Anyone facing the same problem or has a solution please suggest asap.


At the moment struggling with the new iOS.


Anyhow, Maps are working fine ...

Wifi not working after 2.0.1 Update

I can connect to facebook and apps. But not the itunes store or safari. anyone else?
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wifi not working after 2.1 update

have a 3G and 1st gen iphones. applied 2.1 updates to both. now wifi cant join the wifi network on either phone. same network as before. says cant join. they see the network and i know the network is up. Its a G network and is WEP password protected - please help
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update apps not working

My iphone says that my apps need to be updated, but when I try to update them, the update does not work.  How do I update the apps?

None of my APPS are working after update

Last night I installed iTunes on our new PC and sunk / updated my iPhone with software update - since then NONE of my APPS are working. Icons are there, when I select the screen blinks and then goes home
Any help appreciated. Thanks and Happy Friday.
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Not working after update to 4.2 HEEEEELLLLPPPPP

i was trying to update my IPhone 4 to the new OS 4.2, when it freezed, gave me an error message in Itune (0013) and the phone stoped at the connect to Itune screen!! everytime i connect it to Itune now it says: the iphone is in restore mode, restore first!!!! HOW ?
i tried to restore it using the Restore option in Iphone...but same thing happens all over again!!!!
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bluetooth not working after 1.1.2 update

my iphone does NOT detect my bluetooth headset since I updated my iphone with 1.1.2
I tried soft reset, still the same.
anyone has the same problem?
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Accessories for 3G after 3.0 update not working

I have two accessories that I use all the time as I travel allot for my job. One if the Griffin Power Jolt car charger and the other is the Belkin FM transmitter with clear scan. Before the update they worked correctly and without issues.
Below is what is going on with these accessories....
1. With the Griffin Power jolt when I plug it in to charge the phone the battery icon goes straight to charged. I thought it may be just because it was a graphic glitch. I left it on the charger for an hour as I drove and when I stopped and disconnect it was at the same level as when I plugged it in and the phone was very warm.
2. With the Belkin FM transmitter I had it plug in to listen to some Podcasts and the icon was the same as above. I thought it was just a graphics glitch. I then when about my business and when I disconnect the device the battery level was lower than when I plugged it in. The transmitter worked like it should so I had not issues with that.
I just wonder if there is something with the update that block access to the power routines or something. I thought it was strange that it was from two different companies. I can understand with one, but both.
Have anyone else have issues after the update with items that charge your phone. I just want to see if this is a known issue or only I am having these issues.
The only troubleshooting I did was restore the phone then input the backup from itunes, could the backup have something causing this issue?
Any input on this issue would be great.
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WiFi not working after 4.3 update

Updated yesterday and since then my phone wont pick up WiFi even though it shows as connected in the settings ! Ive seen a bit of info saying people are having the same problems but no solutions? Any ideas please? Or is it a case of waiting for Apple to fix
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GPS stopped working with 4.1 update

My GPS worked fine before, now it wont connect. Even standing outside on a clear sunny day. My Location options are all on. MAPS will show me in the same general area, about 500m from where I actually am. Other apps with GPS just keep saying they cant find satellites.
Can someone help?
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Did Bluetooth stop working after the update

I cant get Bluetooth to work on my iPhone 3GS - 4.0 (8A293)
I can get my MabBok Pro to link to other phones - BlackBeery - Old Treo
but I cant link to my iPhone...
Is everyone having this problem ?
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Very long update but working fine

Hi all
I did the iOS4 update last night, and it did take a long time, almost 5 hours from what I can tell (I fell asleep). At first there was a glitch with my Mail, it wouldnt sync due to some error, but it told me to sync again, which I did, and that sorted out whatever was wrong.
I feel for those that are having from what Im reading are major issues, but I for one am ok, so for those not knowing whether to do the update or not, from my point of view, go for it. Some people lost Message history, call records, bookmarks etc, but mine all were ok. A couple of things to note though:
Wallpaper isnt available on the 3G. Its called Wallpaper in the Settings, but its just the screensaver for 3G.
The new counter on SMS is an option in Messages Settings that needs to be turned on (default appears to be off). It also only appears after youve typed 50 characters.
The unified Inbox in Mail and Apps Folders are excellent additions and work well.
The Camera now has a zoom feature, tap the screen and move the slider. It doesnt zoom where you tap like the newer models.
Best of luck and hit me up with any questions.
Russ in Sydney
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Since 2.2 Firmware Update Bluetooth Not Working

Is anyone having trouble connecting to their vehicles Bluetooth Systems? Mine worked flawlessly until the 2.2 Firmware update and now the car cannot find the phone and vice versa. What gives?
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Google not working since software update

Seems that ever since my iPhone updated to the latest iPhone software last week, it hasn’t been able to load Google’s front page in Safari. Has anybody else experienced this problem?
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2.02 update failed and whole device is not working

Please help. I downloaded the 2.02 update after plugging my 3g phone into the pc. Itunes proceeded with the install of the update it said it failed and now my phone is stuck on a picture and a usb cable plug into the itunes (Like it wants me to connect to itunes (But it wont let me or see my iphone. Ive hard booted many times and the phone just comes on to the screen showing the usb cable and itunes. The pc and itunes will NOT recognize my phone anymore!! I am dying
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