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iphone 4s phone contacts disappeared

iphone 4s phone contacts disappeared

iphone unlocked

'Add new phone' in Contacts Disappeared without trace

Since upgrading my 3GS phone to 4G software, the Add new phone option on the Contacts edit screen has vanished. Ive searched the forum - one pther person seems to have had the same problem, but apparently fixed it himself (without revealing how). Help welcome and appreciated...
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iphone unlocked

Contacts disappeared on 3G iPhone

I was in a store in NYC (Apple!) and looking for a phone number only to find all contacts were gone! I had to return to my hotel to restore the info from my laptop after the genuis tried several things to try to push a sync to restore them to no avail. I saw that this is an issue and yes, you can restore your contacts from your address book, but why oh why is this happening? It seems to be happening quite a bit and I was wondering if I will ever be able to turn on Sync Contacts over MobileMe by air again
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Contacts all just disappeared from my iPhone Help

Hi there,
Ive just woken my iPhone from sleep and noticed in Contacts that all my contacts have disappeared!! Does anyone know whats happening. If it helps I was just trying to access my voice mail and as usual I wasnt able to hear any of them. I have a .me account and I have just gone online on my computer and the addresses are still there. Im worried that if I Sync I may lose everything from the cloud and then my computer at home (Im currently at work using another Mac).
Can anyone advise what I should do?
PS Ive completely switched off and re-started my iPhone a few times and still no Contacts. When I go into SMS all the usual names of people have now become just numbers!!! Help!!!!
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address book & iphone contacts disappeared

I was updating some birthdays/contacts in address book n MAC while syncing. got the spinning color wheel of death and address book contacts disappeared. since i was syncing at the time iphone has lost contacts as well. anyone know anyway to recover these?
i sync through itunes not mobile me
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Contacts have disappeared

All my contacts disappeared from my Mac, my mobile me account and on my iphone. The only thing I did right before was install iTunes 9.
I have a back up of my mac on an external hard drive. How can I recover my 600+ contacts?!
MacBook Mac OS X (10.4.11)

All Contacts Have Disappeared

All my contacts have vanished. I use MobileMe, they were there one minute, I locked the phone, went back in when I got a message and it was just a number no contact name. All messages were from numbers only no names, checked Contacts and there were none. I use MobileMe and worse fear was confirmed, it had synced to MobileMe and its deleted all my contacts on my MacBook included.
Any help or guidance, mucho appreciated
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Help All my contacts have disappeared

Suddenly all my contacts have disappeared - both on my iPhone and on my Mac. Ive no idea how this happened, but how do I retrieve them from the backups made of the iPhone
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Outlook contacts on iphone disappeared after downloading tweetdeck

Today I downloaded and set up the tweetdeck application. Dont know if this coincidence or what but shortly after I discovered that all of my contacts had disappeared--it says NO CONTACTS and the History of Texts or Calls just show numbers - no names! Fortunately, the calendar and email are perfectly sync-ed.
Next I checked on my computer --and the contacts in Outlook- are intact - thank Goodness - so I printed them fast!
So, what do you recommend I do to get the contacts back on my phone? Am certainly afraid of messing with my Outlook- although they seem to be fine and saved in the companys server.
Please help and advise, Thanks!
iPhone OS 3.1.2

Contacts search disappeared

Hi - that wonderful new search feature in contacts seems to have disappeared and I cant find a preference to get it back - any ideas?
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Half of my contacts disappeared

Hello all.
When I made a phone call, the names on my favorites was there. When I was done with the phone call, the names disappeared (for some) and all I saw was their phone numbers. I went to the contacts and saw that half of my contacts has disappeared. I checked online with MobileMe and they were still there as well as with the Address Book on my computer. I connected my iPhone and synced the phone but it still did not update my phone. These contacts are still missing.
Has this happened to anyone before? Any fixes? Thanks for reading.
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all my contacts disappeared how do i get them back

My contacts all disappeared today, however in my favorites the contact names were dropped but the phone numbers are there.  Can anyone help me get my contacts back, and reattach names to my phone numbers in favorites.  thanks.

I deleted a few contacts from my phone The contacts still appear when I type their names into my text messages How do I get rid of these contacts permanently My contacts are backed up to my iCloud

Search bar disappeared from Contacts

I thought this new feature was going to be really useful but now the search bar does not appear when I open contacts?
Is anyone else having this problem?
iMac Intel 20in Mac OS X (10.5.1)

All of my Contacts DISAPPEARED - Chest pains starting

All of a sudden, all my contacts are GONE. Please tell me they are backed up to my Computer. During the Restore, it says Im gonna lose all of my Data. Will the Contacts that are backed up be restored then? Will it automagically restore my Contacts? Please advise... breathing very shallow now...

My phone number disappeared from iMessage on iPhone 4

I have read as many articles in this community  as I could find but I cannot see how to fix this. When i go to iMessage all I have listed are  the email addresses. The phone number disappeared in the last few weeks. I cant turn iMessage off because it is greyed out.  Underneath the message says Activation unsuccessful. Turn on iMessage to try again, but I cant!

The send and receive section is also greyed out. No toggling allowed.

I turned iMessage off of the iPad and the iMac. Still no response on my phone.  I receive iMessages on my phone but only through the email addresses.


I have not updated to iOs 7 (dont like it at all) and I really am trying hard to avoid it, so I hope that isnt the only solution.  Help please!

phone app disappeared

i have recently updated my 3gs with 4.0 software. i was on a call, i hung up to make another call and my phone app/icon is nowhere to be found. i have turned the phone off and on, hard reset it, and restored from factory settings. nowh i have to use the search option to open it.
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The phone icon has disappeared

The phone icon has disappeared from the bottom of my husbands iPhone. There are no restrictions set on the phone. The icon is not anywhere on the phone. Can anyone please help me out?
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Random Phone numbers disappeared from iPhone but in Mobile Me and Computer

Hi I hope someone can offer some advice. My 2G, 8Gb iPhone has randomly deleted phone numbers but left addresses on about 60% of my contacts! Which in some cases means I just have a name entry and nothing in it. All the info however is in Mobile Me and in my address book on my computer. As an experiment I have added back in a number to one of my contacts on my iPhone and now the number appears twice in the contact on Mobile Me and address book.
I have done the new system update, done a sync, a reboot of everything and its still the same. I have a photoshoot tomorrow and so have had to scribble clients and contacts names on a bit of paper instead of using my iPhone - can anyone offer any suggestions, thanks for your time, Sarah.

App is on phone but want it back on the home screen from which it disappeared

I had an app on my phones home screen but it disappeared.  I want it on my home screen.  When I do a search it shows that I already have that app and I do not know how to get it back on my home screen.  I did a reset. Its still not there.

iPod safari phone etc line at the bottom of the screen has disappeared

I have nothing but grey lines where these functions were . Have tried rebooting, has anyone seen this before?
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Most of my photo albums disappeared from the Photo Album section of my phone I can't seem to recover them How should I go about getting those back on my iPhone

I had thousands of pictures on the phone and are no longer there.

Contacts Corrupted causing crashes in Contacts Phone Mail Settings apps

im running an iphone4, and updated from 4.3.3 to iOS5 on saturday night. i have a paid MobileMe account, which is based on a separate me.com email from my standard iTunes Apple ID.



since updating to iOS5, i have been able to restore my phone using a pre-update backup, but i now have a few major issues, all rooted in native apple apps (only native - third party all runs like a champ). my major upfront issues are all related to crashes on these sections:



1. accessing Contacts app

--- screen loads with expected data (so far as i can tell) but immediately crashes in 2 seconds to home screen

--- pre-determined sync against exchange wont run unless i can access this app



2. accessing Phone app

--- on a fresh restore, if i access Phone before i hit any other apps, i can sometimes access my contacts and recent data with no issue; this doesnt, however, trigger an exchange sync

--- accessing Phone app after any interaction with Contacts app (as in #1), Phone app will immediately crash to home screen



3. accessing Settings Mail

--- when i try to access Mail directly, it wants me to input my passwords at Settings; i have the option of being redirected to Settings, or ignoring and going to Mail app with no mail yet populated into the app due to lack of credentials

--- going to Settings Mail - either through the menu or via the Mail redirect - results in a screen load and immediate crash to home screen, as with #1 above



4. accessing Settings iCloud Contacts

--- screen loads as expected; syncing of contacts (and mail) to iCloud appears disabled by default

--- when i attempt to set to sync contacts by switching toggle to Yes, i get the overlay saying that its turning on contact sync, and then the screen crashes and boots me back to the home screen before the request can be confirmed. additional access to the Settings iCloud section confirms that the request was not completed.




wiping my iphone and setting up as new with no data is displaying none of these problems, which (of course) indicates that its an issue with something in the backup from 4.3.3. i have tried to restore off of a few different backups, and run into the same issue with all of them.




some more major complications for me:


A. while in the apple store yesterday, at the request of an apple employee, and with their guidance, i rolled my MobileMe account over to an iCloud account. upon completion of migration, it was discovered that all of my contacts (something like 850 in total) were now missing from iCloud.com. which means that if i go with a fresh install, MobileMe/iCloud wont put them back on my phone.



B. in what i can write off as my own stupidity for not thinking ahead, the apple emplyee didnt indicate at any point that i should be concerned about my data, or inquire about any backups i had, or ask if i would like to make one. only after data failed to populate into iCloud.com did the employee mention that there were some known issues with the rollover. whoopsie!



C. once migrated, you cant get access to me.com again for contacts, etc. ... so, no chance for a backup after the fact.



D. further complicating issue A is that all five of my devices (iphone, laptop, and three desktops) are always online and set to sync automatically against MobileMe using MobileMe control panel. whether its due to iCloud now being empty OR due to MobileMe being essentially locked down, all other devices which speak to MobileMe have now had their address books wiped out, so i dont have any chance for backups there, either, and they are all now functionally crippled as a result.



E. MobileMe says that all known issues are now resolved; ive kindly been escalated twice and up to engingeering, at this point, since they apparently consider this a legitimate issue. so thats good. i hope?



F. i cant sync my phone to local outlook (or google/windows/yahoo address book) via iTunes because under all of my restored backups, my phone is set to sync itself to my companys exchange account. problem being, i cant access the continually-crashing phone settings page (Settings Mail, Contacts, Calendar...) to either make this work properly, or to remove the account so it stops doing that and allows me to sync contacts locally. iTunes just kicks me an error that it cant sync contacts.



F. i can go to a fresh iOS5 install, but there seems to be no way to get my phone to work AND to contain my data. besides the fact that its wiping all of my app data - and while it may seem frivolous to want sportscenter, angry birds, and all the rest of that stuff to contain data and settings i have spent years setting up - im especially sensitive about this because i lost a close family member recently and i dont wish to lose the final texts and things from her.



and on top of that... im just really irritated that a system which asserted itself as stable, and which i had multiple backups just in case, is now failing me, and i apparently have no recourse whatsoever to resolve.



in a perfect world, i could go back in time and not update. the next best thing would be to roll back, but of course apple wont allow that.


i spent three hours in the apple store yesterday, an hour talking to a (very helpful) support person on chat after a lengthy wait, and something like 5 or 6 hours going through every possible scenario today with apple phone support after another long wait. im lucky that people are escalating my tickets up the chain, but no one seemed especially optimistic... nor does it resolve the 20+ hours i have already spent tinkering with this at home, trying every which weird way of trying to create a viable backup or get at an old one, or make a fresh install useful.



anyone have any tips, here? i feel like jumping out the window - first of all, over these issues, and second of all, because i have somehow let a handheld device run this much of my life.

TS1275 i connected my iphone 3 to my mac book and tried to sync my contacts to my phone and i got locked out of my phone how do i get it back to normal

i connected my iphone 3 to my mac book and tried to sync my contacts to my phone and i got locked out of my phone, how do i get it back to normal?

I have had to hand in my company phone iPhone 5 and completed a reset before doing so in the hope that I would find my pictures and contacts again but they are now gone Is there a way I could restore even though the phone was erased and I dont have i

I have had to hand in my company phone (iPhone 5) and completed a reset before doing so in the hope that I would find my pictures and contacts again but they are now gone. Is there a way I could restore even though the phone was erased and I dont have it?

i had my iphone 4 stolen today and i have called the network people they blocked my sim and phone What i want to know is will the person who stole my phone be able to access my stuff such as my contacts texts photos etc

i had my iphone 4 stolen today, and i have called the network people they blocked my sim and phone. What i want to know is will the person who stole my phone be able to access my stuff, such as my contacts, texts, photos etc

old phone with busted screen can't unlock so can't connect to itunes via computer Nothing saved to icloud Is there any other way to retreive contacts etc to put on new phone

Old phone with busted screen  cant unlock so cant connect to itunes via computer. Nothing saved to icloud. Is there any other way to retreive contacts, picture, etc. to put on new phone?

Syncing a new phone with an old phone's contacts

My iPhone was stolen and I am now using my dads old one, which is also synced under another name on my computer. I used to sync my iphone all the time, but never manually backed it up but I think it does it automatically when you sync it anyway? Now I have all of my dads old contacts but really want to find my contacts which are hopefully stored on my computer somewhere. Can I sync these somehow onto this new phone? Can I do it without restoring it to factory settings?
Please let me know if you can help!
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New iPhone Need to transfer phone & contacts Help

Brand new iPhone. Its setup and activated with a phone number. I still have Verizon, but I want to cancel it and switch my current number to the iPhone. How do I go about this? Do I cancel Verizon first? Or go to the Apple store first?
Also, I dont keep my contacts on any sort of website or on my Mac. Its new, also. Is there a way for the folks at the Apple store to transfer my contacts from my cell phone (Samsung/Verizon service) to my new iPhone ?
Thanks, all. The help is appreciated.
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Transfer Phone Contacts from 3G to another iPhone

I upgraded to an iPhone 4. I want to pass my 3GS to my wife to replace her 3G (small capacity and much slower). How do I transfer her existing phone contacts from the 3G to the 3GS? I have looked at Settings and cannot find a way to save them to the SIM card. There is a function for Importing Contacts within Settings but I cannot determine to where they are imported. I took the SIM from the 3G and put into the 3GS but the contacts do not show. She has way too many contacts to have to manually enter into the newer phone. There has to be an automated way. Thanks!
iMac (20") Mac OS X (10.4.9)

Has anyone had a problem calling a phone number and the phone seems to stall then hangs up I know the number is good it is my house number All othe contacts work

I have a problem with my iPhone 3GS 16gig.


I added my home phone number to the contact list, as well as all my other contacts.

When I try to call my home number the phone just hangs for about 30-45 seconds then ends the calol...All other contacts work


Any ideas out there..




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