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iphone 5 battery losing charge quickly

iphone 5 battery losing charge quickly

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iPhone 3G battery losing charge very quickly

I purchased my iPhone on Friday. The battery seemed to hold a charge very well over the weekend. But today I noticed that when I was in a 3G area the battery seemed to lose its charge very quickly. If you went to the, settings/general/usage it showed that I only had 2 Hours 25 Minutes of usage but the battery was almost completely drained. Help!
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Battery losing charge more quickly

Up until now I have been pleased with my 3GS battery...but in the last couple of days it seems to be losing its charge more quickly with less use. At 5 pm tonight it was at 90%. I havent used it since and now 3 3/4 hours later it is down to 60&. It is on my home network, and I havent changed any of the settings. When I first got the phone I was playing several hours of games and the battery was lasting much longer. I generally plug it in to the computer each night for a sync and a charge and usually I get it down to 20 or 30% The only thing I can think of that might be the problem is the car charger...it has the option for a quick charge...
Any hints or help?
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iPhone 3GS 32GB battery all of a sudden dies very quickly charges quickly

My battery life has been great, until one day last week. After my usual 9am call w/ work I only had ~30% battery life (usually 90% still). Since that day, every day now I have to charge multiple times to get the phone through the day.
When draining, once the battery hits ~75% it will drop to 20% in just a few minutes, then you can pretty much watch it drop one percent at a time until its dead.
When charging, it will charge to 100% in about 45 mins (usually this is a 2-3 hour process to get to full/100% charge).
Im guessing the battery is dead and I have an appointment for tomorrow at the genius bar, but if there are other suggestions in the meantime Im open to try them. I already restored from a backup, no change. Anything else to do?
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my iPhone 4 cannot charge continously it will charge then after few seconds its off then charge again I cannot open it because it runs out of battery do i need a new battery please help

my i phone 4 cannot charge continously. it will charge then after few seconds its off then charge again. I cannot open it because it runs out of battery do i need a new battery?please help.

Iphone 4 battery just started draining very quickly

I have only had my Iphone 4 a couple months, my first Iphone, and I have been please with the battery life until this weekend. Suddenly it has started draining the battery VERY quickly. I can watch is tick down losing 10% about just 30 minutes. It is also very warm all the time which is wasnt before so something is going on. I have turned off WIFI and mail push and turned off notifications. These are all things I do need though. I need help. I wont even be able to make it through a day on a charge now. Up till last friday I would only use about 25-40% of a charge in a day with all those things running. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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My iPhone 3GS battery is running down too quickly

In the last few days, my iPhone has started running down *very* quickly. I have been running iOS 6.1 for ages without any problems. Could this all of a sudden cause problems like this?

I have disabled mobile data and 3GS and just left the clock, calendar and reminders running, but this has not helped. It was 100% charged when I went to sleep last night, and when I woke up this morning it was down to 20%.

Can anyone advise me on a way to fix this please?

My iphone is losing its charge daily .even when not in use

Does anyone have suggestions for keeping phone charged...Ive tried deleting programs running in background and turning off the phone.....

iPhone 4S losing charge plugged in

Hey everyone,


My new iPhone 4S seems to have a weird issue. When I plug the phone in to charge it will charge to 100% and then slowly drain down while it is still plugged in. Is this normal behavior for an iPhone? The lightning bolt icon changes to a plug and drains down to 90% or show. Do I need to take this to Apple for a new phone?

battery runs down quickly

New 5 with no problems until upgrades, went from battery of 3 days to 4-6 hours. I have shut off as much as I know how, ideas?

and installed ios 6 to my iphone 4 battery drains quickly

and installed ios 6 to my iphone 4 battery drains quickly

iPhone 4s iOS 7.0.2 Battery Life - drains quickly

with iOS 6.1.3 on my iPhone 4s - I was able to get 4.5 to 5 hours of usage OFF ONE FULL CHARGE Seemed great to me.

Checking email, occasional web search / browse etc...


NOW AFTER UPGRADING TO iOS 7.0.2, with the same usage, Checking email, occasional web search / browse etc...

I can barely get 4 full hours of use out of ONE FULL CHARGE


* I always check what apps are running by double-clicking the home button and Close them all to make sure.  Same thing Ive always done.


Dear Apple, Can you tell me how im better off with iOS 7.0.2 with all of these disadvantages and troubles I now have with the phone ?


It would be fine if APPLE Allowed you to go back to the OLD iOS 6.1.3   This does not even seem fair.  Apple please hear your Buyers / Consumers and do the right thing and allow the downgrade back to iOS 6.1.3

Battery drains QUICKLY in new iPhone 3GS with iOS 5.0.1

I just bought a new iPhone 3GS with iOS 5.0.1 Its battery drains out in 5 hours after full charging ! Please help me out with the way to fix this issue.

Battery All Of A Sudden Drains Way To Quickly

iPhone 3GS around 14 months old can no longer seem to hold a charge. It was at 100% when I went to sleep and at 11% around 9 hours later. This is just sitting at idle with no calls or use at all! I just put it on the charger and let it get back up to 100% then set it on the desk, and agin with no usage at all I checked it an hour later and it read 69%?
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my iphone phone dies quickly even with 80 percent battery life

I have and Iphone 4 and the battery dies rather quickly..  Even with there is 80% battery life

Phone is hot and the battery drains too quickly

Every few days, my phone gets very warm to the touch and the battery goes from 100% to dead in about 2 hours.
Here are the facts:
Standby time and usage time are usually identical when this happens.
I do NOT have WiFi, push or GPS running.
When this happens, I let the phone die completely and re-charge to full with the phone off, as recommended by members of this forum AND an Apple Genius.
I have had 3 phone swaps and they ALL have had this issue.
I know others have had this issue as well. Does anyone have an answer or solution to this issue?
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I have a new iPhone 4 Which needs charging for the first time I know you need to give it a full charge but if I charge it for just an hour will it ruin the battery

I have a new iPhone 4. Which needs charging for the first time. I know you need to give it a full charge but if I charge it for just an hour will it ruin the battery?



i am having iphone 3g with 3.13 .if i charge my iphone full and then switch off and on after few hours the battery is getting discharge .and my phone is giving 4hours of battery backup i have changed the battery also

am having iphone 3g with 3.13....if i charge my iphone full and then switch off and on after few hours the battery is getting discharge.....and my phone is giving 4hours of battery backup ...i have changed the battery also

whats the solution?...

I dropped my iPhone4 briefly in the toilet dried it out wouldn't charge Replaced the battery phone works but still won't charge Will replacing the charging port help

I dropped my iPhone 4 down the toilet (clean water) briefly, but it was on. It worked for a while, but wouldnt charge. I dried it out, replaced the battery. It works, but now the battery wont charge. Could I have damamged the charging port, and is it worth puttting in a new port? Thanks for any suggestions...

battery does not charge displays battery plug icon on top right

iphone 4 is about 3-4 months old
phone started to have issues a few weeks ago
it does not seem to want to charge
when plugged in, it displays the plugged in icon but doesnt seem to charge
have tried various charges (usb AND wall) and it wont always charge
the same charger that works, also might not work
few weeks ago, phone was down (out of battery for about 4 days) and then all of a sudden decided to charge
yesterday, it was plugged in overnight and it did not charge at all. but it had about 15% power left, so when i looked at the icon on the top right, it had the battery with a plug icon (i think that means its indicating the battery is fully charged) so it wouldnt charge at all
then i tried 3 different wall charges and one of them changed it to battery with a lightning bolt. then it started charging
so it seems like somehow the battery thinks its charged and does not charge even though its not really charged.
Could this indicate a problem with the battery, or the phone?
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i have an iphone 3g 4.1 firmware 6.15 BB and got this battery problem not charging all i can see is the logo of the battery.Tried to connect and charge to my loptop and main power socket for almost 6 hours but nothing happen so i thought changing bat

i have an iphone 3g 4.1 firmware 6.15 BB and got this battery problem not charging all i can see is the logo of the battery.Tried to connect and charge to my loptop and main power socket for almost 6 hours but nothing happen,so i thought changing battery would solve the problem, after changing the battery it all goes well,it does charge.Then when it drains and went to 5percent battery i charge it again and same thing NOTHING HAPPEN.I need help please tell me how to fix this problem.

how do i test the battery life on my iphone when i charge it to 100 percent and then when i use it to send a text message or anything it will drop to eighty percent real quick so how do i know if the battery life is getting weak

when i charge my iphone to 100 percent then when i go to use it to make a call or send a text message or even just to check facebook the battery percentage drops right down to 80percent so how di i test if the battery life in the phone is getting weak

Battery charge on iPhone 3G

I have a iphone 3G.
The salesman told me if I just use it for phone use I can go 14 days on a full charge.
Now she could be exaggerating, but every time I take my phone off of the charger, w/in an hour Im at 1/2 the battery juice.
What am I doing that is using so much so fast?
I notice I can go on the web,, but Im for sure not surfing, or even using the web. Do I need to turn something off?
I went to the store, and he went into general and turned of the enable 3G but it still is not retaining the charge.
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iPhone 4 Battery When To Charge

Ive done a lot of searching on the internet, forums like this one, etc but I never found a serious answer.


Im using an iPhone 4 (Never got a 4S) Ive had it a year (This past month I had it swapped at the Apple store due to an issue with the SIM tray)


Anyway Ive had a lot of different IOS devices in the past, iPod Touches, and this iPhone. Im wondering when I should charge the battery full cycle.


It always alerts me when the battery gets 20%, and then 10%. That gives me the impression that I should charge it now.


However, Ive noticed best results when letting the battery drain completely til the phone shuts itself off, and then charging it to 100%. It seems to hold its charge longer when I do it this way.


Does it matter, or am I doing it the right or wrong way?


I have a long history of battery life issues, especially with the iPods. My 4Gen iPod Touch was having a major battery life issue until the last software update, which apparently was supposed to help battery life on that device (Which it did)

I have an Iphone 3g and i can't turn on but if i plug it on the Iphone charger i can see the Apple Logo but it quickly disappears Apple Logo SOD When I connect it to the computer it won't charge and it won't turn on

I have an Iphone 3g and i cant turn on, but if i plug it on the Iphone charger i can see the Apple Logo but it quickly disappears(Apple Logo SOD)  When I connect it to the computer it wont charge and it wont turn on, I tried DFU mode and it doesnt work. I tried STABBING IT(lol, it works sometimes) and i doesnt work again. If i cant connect it to the computer i can recover it but i know that it still works. WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!

iPhone 3G Battery Charge Time

I have done some research on the charging of the iPhone 3G battery and have learned that it should take approximately 4 hours for the batter to receive a 100% charge (if it is completely dead when plugged in). Its my understanding that 80% of the batter is charged in the first 2 hours and then the last 20% takes an additional 2 hours. Given this is accurate, is there any harm in leaving the iPhone plugged in for longer than it takes to get a 100% charge (as indicated by the plug symbol in the upper right corner of the display)?
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iphone 3 battery wont charge

My iphone wont charge, Or connect to my pc, can anybody help?

Iphone won't charge - new battery

Recently my iPhone 4 stopped accepting charge.  I tried two wall chargers as well as my docking station, and none of them cause the battery to gain any charge.  Thinking it was the battery (which was 2+ years old), I ordered a replacement however after installing the new battery the symptom remains, I still cant get the phone to gain any charge. 


Has anyone had experience with this issue, and are there other things I can try to fix this?  My next attempt will likely be a fresh reinstall of the OS.



I have to turn off iPhone to charge the battery

At about 1 year ago I have asked in this forum about a problem Im having with 2 iPhones (2G and 3G).

If I connect the charger in both of them without turning them off, they cannot charge.

I have to turn them off and then connect the charger, and when the charger is connected they startup and then are charged normally.

Why is this happening?

When how to charge the iPhone for optimal battery life

I have an iPhone 3G 8GB. I was just wondering what the best way to go about charging the iPhone is, in order to optimise the battery life?
Should you wait until the iPhone is really flat/ low battery and then charge it up full, or are smaller and more frequent shallow charges healthier?
I also heard somewhere that every couple of months or so it is a good idea to let the battery run completely dead and then charge it up, in order to calibrate it or something... but that doing this too often could be detrimental.
Any help/ advice would be greatly appreciated! I dont know if I should let my iPhone run really low before charging it or if smaller more frequent chargers are the way to go.
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iphone battery wont hold a charge

i charge my phone every night but most days it says for example 80% battery then it just turns off and wont turn back on again till i plug the charger in, any suggestions ?

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