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iphone 5 charger not certified

iphone 5 charger not certified

iphone unlocked

Help with my charger saying its not certified and it wont charge

But my charger is genuine and my iPhone model is 5 16GB

Help me to fix this!





iphone unlocked

Iphone 5S Cable original now is not certified

Dear fellows,


I brought one IPhone 5S 32gb Silver just few days ago.


All works fine and is a great phone, just amazing, you can do anything with it. (if you have internet and a credit card it would help).


But yesterday I had a problem, the phone had only 10% battery, I connect the original lightning cable and the phone do not charge and said the mensage This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably, the battery goes 8% 7% ... 1% and the phone just shutdown.


Then I could charge and the phone turns on again with 4% but since than I can not charge anymore and it turn off again.


I tried other cable from my girlfriend and it charge normally until 100% with no problem.


I tried to restore, made reset and factory defauts, but nothing worked, my original cable do not work.


I think this happen because I bought one kit of SBS with a silicon housing, a car charger and a pen.


I used the original cable with the car charger and it said that the accessory is not certified. And I do not connect it more and used only the original Hall charger since that.


But now it do not work with the original cable and charger. Do not charge and do not connect to Itunes.


Someone have also this problem and find an solution?


Thanks in Advance,



iPhone 5s 'This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably ' help

What is happening here?


I keep getting this stupid message even when no charger is plugged in!


Im using the official charger that came with the iphone 5s box. I have other lightning connectors and thought maybe switching them would fix it but it hasnt.


Is there something wrong with my 5s? Do I need to clean the port on the bottom of the phone? Ive only had the 5s for about a week. I am using official apple chargers.


This started happening after my batter drained and I put the phone on charge. Is it a software bug?


Any help would be appreciated.


P.s. The message ONLY appears when it is not on charge. Which is studpily weird.

iOS 7 rejecting my genuine Apple lightning cable as not certified


Yesterday I bought a new iphone 5 A1429 model from eBay UK. it was on ios 6.1.4. I charged it and was ok. After upgrading to ios 7.0.3, first time when I plugged it for charging it shows This cable or accessorry is not certified...


I am quite astonished since I am using the original cable which came in box. Moreover its charging but I cant access my iPhone since its blocking the touch screen, nothing works, I cant unlock the phone.


What should I do?

I have an iPhone 4S and it's power charger can I use this charger for my iPod Shuffle Second Generation

I have an iPod Shuffle, Second Generation and now Power Charger for it.  I just got a new iPhone 4S with a power charger.  Can I safely use this power charger to charge the iPod Shuffle? 

my iphone will not turn on we plugged it into the charger in the wall the charger in the computer pc what do i do

What do i do my iphone will NOT turn on it is like stuck its fine it hasnt been dropped kicked or thrown or hurt in any way its just i plug it into the wall in the charger it will not turn on its a black screen and also i hold the ON Button and its still not working I tryed plugging it into the Computer and still Nothing...What do i do?!?

My iPhone 4 wont turn on It wont go passed the charging icon and then when I take the charger out it says it needs charge Its not the charger as iv tried several and holding lock and home button doesnt work please help

My iPhone 4 wont turn on, It wont go passed the charging icon and then when I take the charger out it says it needs charge. Its not the charger as iv tried several and holding lock and home button doesnt work please help!!!!!

how can i fix my iphone 3g if and only it displays the apple logo when it is connected to its charger but it displays nothing when the charger is removed

how can i fix my iphone 3g if and only it displays the apple logo when it is connected to its charger but it displays nothing when the charger is removed?

My iphone 5 backup battery case not working after the ios7 update and it says it is not certified and may not work reliably with iphone 5 while it worked properly before the update Please fix this issue as soon as possible

My iPhone 5s backup battery case is not working after the iOS 7 update and it states that this case is not certified and may not work reliably with the iPhone but his this same case worked perfectly fine before the iOS 7 update . Could you please fix this problem as soon possible .

hi I am having problems with my Iphone 3gs Phone keeps turning off even thought plenty of battery time left Tried downloading fix fo calendar bug but didnt help When plugged into charger it doesnt happen.Disconnect from charger and turns off in mins

Hi everyone..I purchased an secondhand Iphone 3GS a couple of years ago for my wife and there havent been any problems until recently. It maybe a coincidence but seemed to happen when we downloaded the new IOS several months ago. The phone with still show the battery is at 70 per cent but suddenly it turns itself off. We are not able to turn it back on until we plug in the charger. I thought it may have something to do with the CALENDAR BUG so I downloaded the fix from ITUNES last night but it didnt help. I have tried replacing the battery but no luck. Even bought another 2nd hand Iphone 3GS and did the back up for the phone and put sim card in new phone but still have same problem. We are older people and our IT knowledge is very limited and therefore we are looking for help from anyone with the same experience. Ready to throw the phone away ! I also have an Iphone 3GS and I even put my wifes sim card in my phone but didnt seem to have any problems but I didnt download any of her files onto my phone just put in her sims card

Please do a recall on Apple iphone 4 and 4s Chargers is this an APPLE call or cell phone company problem Apple please help I I take excellent care of my wall charger and it unravel where the charger is attached to the Apple iphone call can u help

Dear community Happy New Year .listen I have a Apple Iphone 4s:I have had this as a gift since may 2012.Its good,but my daughter and about 10 other people I know are having problems with their wall chargers in home and maybe even mobile im not sure.I especially take great care in disconnecting my device and removing the cord when not in use. the wear and tear cannot be that often to cause this damage we are all having !The cord on the charger is unravelling from the base where the apple iphone is attached when or while charging. I have use the cord in very bad conditions because #one I cannot afford to replace this item at the OFFICIAL APPLE STORE so Im guessing people like myself is going to discount stores to make purchase of chargers they most likely not work! I have tried 3 and none work spending anywhere from $8.00-$15.00 dollars. Im also concern about the fact that a lot of CHILDREN who must most likely go un supervised on using this unravelled IPHONE CHARGER CORD  when their parents maynot be aware. I not the voltage may not be of that large in which someone could cause shock or harm Im not certain of this either, However theres always a first Im asking can you either number one recall these chargers via Apple Corportation or two these cell phone companies who sell your product make them accountable for this .I learned today through Apple that the cell phone companies that sell Apple product use 3rd parties material to produce these mobile and home wall chargers and that they are not made by APPLE CORPORATION I WAS VERY UPSET TO KNOW THIS !I am asking you APPLE  to look into this very important concern that not just me but other consumers may have before their is an injury. also if you sell a $500.00 product thats MADE IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY CERTAINLY YOU CAN INCLUDE A GENIUNE CHARGER WITH YOUR APPLE PRODUCT WHEN SOLD IN CELL PHONE COMPANIES STORES AND STRIP MALLS ACROSS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND SURELY PEOPLE ARENT AWARE THAT THE REAL PRODUCT IS ONLY AT THE APPLE STORE EVEN IF THIS IS TRUE !  ps I called the apple store today to get a replacement they wanted to charge me would only offer me a $1.25 cent discount ! IST THIS WHAT APPLE PAY TO HAVE OTHER COUNTRIES MAKE THE IPHONE? THANKS APPLE FOR HEARING MY

CONCERNS....mpena309@gmail.com   or mybigoboy@icloud.com

charger not working for iphone 5s

When is Apple going to stop being so ridiculous and trying to Monopolize the accessory industry and stop blocking 3rd party chargers from working?

iPhone VS Charger Battery

The battery life of my iPhone can it fall faster if I use a battery charger (APC or Duracell) other than that provided by Apple?
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My iphone charger seems to disfunction

The voltage between the metallic frame of the iphone and the ground is around 80 Volts. What I am supposed to do ?

European iPhone 3G - UK Charger

I may be buying an Italian iPhone with a european charger. It comes with an adaptor to convert it to UK voltage, but would i be able to buy a spare UK charger, to replace the European one?
Would this damage the iphone, or are all the handsets the same?! Is it just the charger thats different?
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using iphone 3g charger with ipods

does anybody know if it OK to use the iphone 3g charger that came with the iphone to charge ipods? Im wondering because I would like to be able to take along only one wall charger for both the iphone and ipod when traveling. The charger for the ipods is way larger than the one that came with the iphone, make me wonder if it can be safely used to charge ipods (nanos- 2nd & 3rd gen and classic).
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Solar Charger for iPhone 3G

Hi All,
Anybody aware of any home/office based Solar chargers for the iPhone 3G ?
Ive seen some portable ones but there seems to be some question over compatibility.
I dont need the portable aspect... ideally Im looking for a sucker it onto a window with a cable coming off to the iphone.
Help or comments appreciated
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IPhone and IPad charger

I have both an ipad and iPhone. The iPhone charger is 10 amp. Knowing little about electricity, I would like to know what would happen if I inadvertently plugged the ipad charger into the iPhone. Would it damage it or would it just charge faster?
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Can iphone be used when plugged into the charger

Can you use the iPhone with all of its features while it is plugged in to an outlet using the charger? If so, is it still charging?
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When will there be a car charger available for iphone 5

I want to know when there will be a car charger available for iphone 5?

iPhone charger ruined

Yesterday, I pulled my iPhone out of my purse to find that a penny had gotten stuck in the charger port. After finally managing to yank it out, I thought everything was ok. However, today I realized that when I pulled the penny out, some of the pins in the charger area were broken and/or displaced. Now, the iPhone will not recognize the USB charger when it is plugged into a wall outlet nor a computer. Is there any way to fix this, or will I need to get a replacement iPhone? Also, because the phone is less than a year old, will the replacement phone be free? Thanks for any and all help!
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iPhone 4 car charger

I have an iPod Touch 1st generation car charger. Can I use it with my new Verizon iPhone 4?
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5th iPhone 5 charger

I am about to be on my 5th Iphone 5 charger in less tha a year because they just stop working. Is anyone else having this problem? 

iPod classic charger with iPhone 3g

I will be receiving a 3g phone tomorrow. I have a question concerning chargers. Will the charger I have for my iPod Classic video 30GB work with the iPhone 3g
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Will it mess up the iPhone 4 use the iPad charger

I have just added to my apple products by getting and iPad. But I also have an iPhone 4 and just found out its better for my iPad to use my iPad charger but I wanted to know if it would mess up my iPhone to use my iPad charger.

Can I use my ipad charger to charge my iPhone 5s

Can I use my ipad adapter to charge my iPhone 5s


Help IPhone charger started FIRE

Help! So my phone was plugged into the charger, in the wall, like normal, when I smelled something burning... it was the charger end! I immediately unplugged it to stop fire hazards, but the burning already had damaged the inside of my iphone, enough to where it works, but cannot be charged, so therefore is dead.
I went to buy a new charger, and tried it out but it didnt work. SO it is the old chargers fault. And then to my surprise, I researched this problem, and apparently there have been many other cases of it happening!! Also, Im not sure if this is correct, but maybe.. there was a recall on the type of wall chargers they give you with a new iphone a year ago, but are these the ones they are still giving now?
My phone is only four months old. So it is under warranty. What will happen when I go to the apple store? Will it be replaced immediately? For free or will I have to pay? I am leaving on a trip in two days and really need to have my phone for emergencies.
Dont get me wrong, I love apple products, but it is very frustrating when there is a risk of my apartment catching on fire, and having to buy a whole new phone because of something that is not my fault.
Thanks for your help!!

Using iPad charger w iPhone 3GS

Is it safe to do so? Id like to carry only one charger.
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Unplugging iPhone charger when not charging

Hi, randomly specific (and possibly dumb) question here:
Since Ive heard that iPhone chargers draw power whenever theyre plugged in (regardless of whether the phones attached), I try to unplug my charger whenever Im not charging my phone. After an apartment reorganization, its most convenient for me to plug my charger into an extension cord instead of directly into a wall outlet. If I just unplug the charger from the extension cord, am I stopping the unnecessary power draw, or does the extension cord itself (an ordinary cheap one) still draw power because its plugged in? I.e. should I be unplugging the charger from the extension cord, or the extension cord from the wall? (Or does neither way have any real effect?)
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Charging an iPhone 4 with an iPad charger

I just got a new iPad 2 and would like to know if I can use the charger that came with the iPad to also charge my iPhone 4.
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