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iphone 5 downgrade from ios 7.1 to 7.0.4

iphone 5 downgrade from ios 7.1 to 7.0.4

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Huge iOS 6 issues on iPhone 4S - possible to downgrade to iOS 5

After upgrading my private and the company iPhone 4S with iOS 6 things are REALLY BAD and its on both of the devices!


- Battery life out the window, dropping 30-40% within 2 hours of NO USAGE

- The phones are boiling hot non-stop also after shutting down everything and a bit more

- Bluetooth keep turning itself on but without showing the symbol, I notice it first when going into settings

- Bookmarks gone constantly

- The phone goes slow

- Loss of connectivity across network and wifi on regular basis, glitch and then it comes back

- Apps struggle to install or operate without crashing

- Cant run Google Maps in Safari or the app....wont load the map at all

- Accepting calendar invites results in me cancelling the appointment for everyone on the invite


I have interest in having iOS 6 any longer. Is it possible to downgrade to the latest iOS 5 version again and if so how?


And why the bloody **** is there no official statement from Apple addressing these issues even if it would only be that they are working on a fixed iOS 6?


Its NOT better to keep quiet and ignore the users. I cant bloody work with my phone and my company is loosing revenue because of it....bad decision to go iPhone across the company =(

iphone unlocked

TS1275 can i downgrade iphone 3gs from ios 6.1.3 to ios 6.1.2 i

i an using iphone 3gs with ios 6.1.3 and im just woundering id i can downgrade to ios 6.1.2 or lower please

HT1688 how can i downgrade my device because ever since i updated to ios 5 all my favorite app are gone is there any way i can get back down to ios 4.3.5

Every since i upgrades to ios 5 all my favorite apps are gone and my phone is just different is there any way i can get it back down to ios 4.3.5? Please help

Can I downgrade my iPhone 3G to iOS 4.2.1

So I upgraded to iOS 5...

And I didnt know they werent compatible.

Could I possibly downgrade to 4.2.1 or even restore my factory settings?

This phone couldve been hacked to work with local carriers...

So, is it possible or is my phone a goner?

Downgrade IOS

I have an iphone 3gs. Did the latest update and now it displays an error message of activation server is temporarily unavailable. This phone has been previously unlocked. Help with any suggestions on atleast downgrading the IOS so that the phone can be used again? (Before the update the phone was working fine)

Updated to ios 5 and would like to downgrade to ios 4.3.5 How can I

Just yesterday I upgraded to ios 5 and I am just having isses using it is there anyway i can downgrade to ios 4.3.5? If so how and if not what are my options if i have any? Thanks in advance!!

How to downgrade back from IOS 4.2.1

I have had enough of woes with my I-Phone 3G, after upgrading to IOS 4.2.1.
Any way of backtracking to a more stable state? I was fine till IOS 4.1. though the performance was slowing down. Now totally stuck since last 3 days.
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TS3694 can i downgrade my ios

I want to downgrade

HT1414 How can I downgrade from ios 6 to 5.1

Ios 6 is a rubish. I need maps. I do not like new maps. Google maps are so much better: precice and faster to load. During the hurricane services were limited and unreliable. I am agravated too much by ios 6.

Can I downgrade back to iOS 4.0

The iOS 4.0.1 upgrade is not worth the ability to see actual signal strength. Does anyone know how I can downgrade back to the original iPhone 4 operating system? Until 4.1 comes out (which will hopefully deal with the slow functionality and screenlock/password lock issues), Id rather use 4.0.
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Apple let us downgrade to iOS 6.0

Well, this battery drain issue is coming from iOS 6.1 to me and it seems that it is common on almost every iPhone model (4, 4S, 5, etc). It maybe not the iOS itself, perhaps from this version, the iOS gives some opportunity to some Apps to do some stuff in the background that kills battery. Some of us have this kind of apps and having battery problem, other don’t.


My iPhone battery was good prior to iOS 6.1, with 5 hours of usage and even up to 5 days on standby! After upgrade to 6.1, it loses 2~3% battery every hour on standby and only lasts for 1 or 2 hours of usage before dead. It is not as bad as some who lose 10% of battery every hour on standby, but to me, the battery life has reduced to one quarter of past.

I am sure Apple is working on it and iOS 6.1.2 seems to be an urgent upgrade to solve, but I knew it wont solve my problem, because I don’t use the Exchange account and the update aimed to solve that issue.

I think the best solution is that the Apple gives us the choice to downgrade to iOS 6.0 until the next stable version is ready to go. This solution will give the Apple the time to find and solve the problem and gives us our phones back to use.

How to downgrade from iOS 4.2.1 GM to iOS 4.2

Currently running iOS 4.2.1 GM. How do I update to iOS 4.2 public release?
iPhone 4 32GB iOS 4 iOS 4.2.1 GM

TS3694 i keep try to downgrade my iphopne but it wont let me i want to downgrade it because it wont read my sin card it just says no service

i am trying to downgrade my iphone and itunes wont let me i want to downgrade my iphone becuase it wont read my sim card it just says no service

iPhone 3GS 4.1 downgrade to 4.0

How can i downgrade from iOS 4.1 to iOS 4.0 ?
Please help me !!!!!!
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Is there any way to downgrade from IOS7 to IOS6 on iPhone 4S

TS1275 downgrade iphone 4 from ios6 to ios5

Is this possible? If so, how.





Downgrade to 3.1.1

Hi. I jumped the gun and installing 3.1.2 and now regret it. 3.1.1 seemed better. Battery life isnt very good, screen scrolling seems jumpy, and 3G speeds arent as good. Im going to try to calibrate the battery tonight. If that doesnt work can I downgrade to 3.1.1? If so will I lose the profiles placed on the phone by my admin (its a work provided phone)?
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How do I downgrade to 4.0.1

If i restore my phone from a backup made a week ago, will the software go back to 4.0.1?
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How to Downgrade from OS 4

Im having problems with OS 4 on my 3G 16GB, its gone very laggy and slow and i can see on here im not the only one with this issue.
I have tried to downgrade to 3.1.3 using iTunes 9.2 (latest) and the 3.1.3 firmware file that was in iTunes but i keep getting an error message when the restore is nearly finished. It then just goes back into recovery mode and iTunes recognises the iPhone as in recovery mode.
I have even tried to download 3.1.3 off the internet in case the ipsw was corrupt in iTunes but am getting the same error..
does anyone have any ideas or could i be doing something wrong
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Can you downgrade to 2.0 if you want

Reading the posts, as much as I want 3.0, it scares me to learn of the problems some people of been having; I depend so much on my iphone; does anyone know if its possible to downgrade t. 2.x if I make the leap and find my iphone hobbled?
I dont usually have problems with updates, but the more I depend on an instrument, the more paranoid I become about upgrades!
Thanks. Ger
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How do I downgrade I've Given Up

Ive restored the phone multiple times, Ive rebooted the phone multiple times. 4.x broke the 3G... period. I even wasted my time going to a genius bar, and they guy flat out said I have a 3G and theres nothing he can do. We restored as a new phone, but it only helped the problem for a few days. Id gladly upgrade to a new phone for 199, but they have ridiculous upgrade policies with the phones preventing it from happening until 2011.
So unless I dont want to answer phone calls and listen to music, among everything else, I am forced to downgrade this phone to 3.x. How do you do it?
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downgrade to 3.1.2

dear all,
is there a way to downgrade my iphone 3g from os 3.1.3 to 3.1.2?
some days ago my iphone began to be on the blink. if i connected the power plug the apple logo appears and newer clear away. i restored the backup and it worked till today. after i slided an app from one home screen to another i could not longer navigate throuhg the screens and apps. i could not shut down the phone, stop music, switch to another app or do anything more. i had to hard reset the phone to use it normally.
So i thought it could be a problem with 3.1.3.
thanks for any help. kind regards,
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Downgrade my 3g

Can someone explain to me how I can downgrade my iphone 3g from 4.2.1 to 3.1.3 (I think)? I have an iphone 3g still and since I have upgraded, it is extremely slow!! I would like to try to go back to see if I will like that better.

Can I downgrade to 5.0.1

I have a iPhone 3GS and ever since I upgraded to 5.1 I have had drastic drop in battery life. I used to be able to listen to music and text lightly for several hours without worrying about the battery. Now I can barely get 5 hours out of it some days.

Example: Took phone off the charge at 8:30am. Plugged in my headphones and took surface transit to work (20 minutes). Unplugged my headphones, checked for messages and made sure all my apps were off. Put it in my pocket and worked for 4 hours. No phone calls, and recieved 3 texts messages. Full cell signal the entire time. But after 4 hours my phone was down to 30%!!!!!

Ill answer the obvious tech questions now. I never turn on bluetooth. Wifi was off. Screen brightness is at maybe 20%. I have turned off ALL location services, including Find my Iphone (I hate turning that one off). I compulsively double tap home and turn off all apps.

Ive been playing around with this for a while. Everyday I turn off more and more features to see why its happening.

The conclusion I have come to is that my battery issues started with ios 5.1

PLEASE someone help me out. I hate having to constantly planning for somehwere to charge my phone throughout the day or use a bulky battery pack case I had to buy just to make it through the day.

Is there a way to downgrade to ios 5.0.1? I was reading about a ifaith program but you need some SH Blobs? or something like that.


Im not the only one having this issue either. I have several friends on 5.1 with a 3gs and they all have battery issues


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how to downgrade from 6.1.3 to 6.1.2

hi ive just upgraded to 6.1.3 but i want to downgrade back to 6.1.2 but i do a restore and i choose 6.1.2ipsw but it allways says file is not compatible

downgrade firmware

does anyone know a virus free iPhone firmware downgrader? And how do i do it?
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How to downgrade an app

Is there any way of downgrading an app?
(I have updated all apps, but now one of them doesnt get copied to the iphone because it was compiled for FW 2.2.1, but my iphone is still on 2.2 -- and Id like to stick with 2.2 for a while ...)
Thanks a lot in advance.
Best regards,
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How do I downgrade from OS4.3.5 to 3.1.3

I accidentally upgraded my phone when I plugged it in to my computer the other day and I would really like to go back to a previous version.


How can I do this? I have an iPhone 4.


Thanks for your help!

How to Downgrade back to 7.0.6

I have an iphone 4 GSM, and when i upgraded last night it was working perfectly even faster than usual( cause thats what the update was meant to do) but 10 minutes after that it just started lagging, its so slow, i have to swipe about 4 times before i can write my password, ive  tried deleting some applications but it is still slow. Please how do i downgrade, just until apple fix these bugs

What happens if I downgrade my baseband

Hi. I have an iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1.1 and Baseband 4.12.01.

I want to know what happens if I downgrade my baseband to 4.10.01 or 1.59.00? Like will it effect my apps, iOS, brick my phone, things like that..

And if possible how to do it?



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