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iphone 5 logo flashing

iphone 5 logo flashing

iphone unlocked

iPhone 3GS keeps flashing the apple logo HELP

My iPhone 3GS keeps flashing the apple logo, there was no update done....I dont think its taking charge cause everytime I plug it into the wall charger and plug it out (when it should be fully charged) It shows the low battery, needs charging sign...It wont turn on pass that PLEASE RESPOND! Thank you in advance!

iphone unlocked

Iphone 3gs flashing apple logo

I am unable to switch on my iphone 3gs the apple logo just keeps flashing but it wont let me turn it on or do anything else. Does anyone have any suggestions/solutions for this problem.

iPhone 3G tried to update but just get the apple logo flashing on and of

iPhone 3Gs tried to update but just get the apple logo flashing on and of so now canot use it

iPhone Apple Logo and Display Flashing

Apple iPhone was very hot and froze. I just reset it and it keeps loading up tot the Apple Logo, then flashes and resets itself. Wont let me reset or shut off. I plugged it into the Dock Connector it came with, and it wouldnt be recognized by iTunes. I reset it when it was in the dock and waited for it to cool down. I then held the power button and it started back up again.
It wont be recognized by iTunes to restore.
Any help?
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Flashing Apple Logo

For two days my battery life on my 3GS indicator has shown it just below full, which I found a little odd. Today I found that the phone had completely powered off without any low-battery notifications and I was unable to power it back on. When I connect it via USB to my laptop, it flashes and apple logo for a few seconds and goes black, and repeats this process in an endless loop. I am unable to reset it using the sleep and home button and itunes does not recognize as it being connected. Any suggestions?
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My IPhone 4s just started flashing the apple logo and will not turn on

My IPhone 4s just started flashing the apple logo and will not turn on. And recently the charge indicator is not accurate show very little charge even when it has been charging all night.  Any thoughts?

Flashing Apple logo when plugged in

I own an iphone 4, and recently my iphone stopped working completely, no feedback at all. When I plugged it in, it woudlnt come up on iTunes, it would only flash up with the apple logo as if its booting up, then shut off after about 5 seconds, then come up with the logo again etc. Ive also noticed that when I plugged it into a dock, the apple logo would not dissapear but instead stay, after a little while, it would do the double vibrate to show its charging before shutting off about 10 seconds later.  Ive tried many button variations such as DFU mode, holding home button while connecting via usb, I dont know what else I can try, please give any suggestions!

My iphone 4 was on ios 5.0.1 then a few days ago I upgraded it to ios 6.1.4 then the apple logo won't stop flashing Can anyone help to resolve my problem Thanks in advance

My iphone 4 was on ios 5.0.1, then a few days ago I upgraded it to ios 6.1.4, then the apple logo wont stop flashing. Can anyone help to resolve my problem? Thanks in advance

No power button iphone 3g stuck on apple logo then shut down completely no more apple logo when plugged in help

Dear anonymous browser(s) or lack-there-of,


If it wasnt explained clearly already in the title, my iphone 3g was running low on battery and died. I plugged it in and it was frozen on the apple logo for a couple of hours. I cant press the on/off button easily because the key is missing (must use a paper clip or pen to push it), but even when trying the reset option (home and power button simultaneously), nothing happens. Plugged in, this and that, etc etc. Can anyone give me a clue on what to do? May sound hopeless, but oooh the money! **** to technology. Anyway, help needed at your earliest convenience.



college student with $ to be a travelling vagabond someday and no $ for new fancy phone

iPhone LCD issues screen flashing lines

Let me know what you guys think about the issues I have with my 3G.
My 3Gs been behaving erratically, sometimes things pop up when I dont open them. For example, I want to check my email so I click on my the mail app, but then all of a sudden the compose window opens for some reason. I try to ignore this issue and kept using my phone..
Last night when I wake my phone from sleep, some flashing lines appear on my screen for about 3 seconds and then disappears, but I was able to use my phone after that, but its starting to bother me a little bit. Finally this morning when I about to leave for work, I turned on my phone and the same issue reoccurred but this time it didnt go away...the screen flashed different colors and lines flash and flicker all over the place, i can still see my background but the colors and shape was distorted. I was able to hold the sleep button and restart my phone.. After restarted, everything is fine again.
Also, upon close inspection, i realize my lcd is installed slightly more to the right..maybe about 2-3mm closer to the right, this is kinda annoying because i have a case and its harder for me the press the buttons that are on the lower right corner.
If I decide to exchange my phone, it will be the 3rd time in 2 weeks..I really hope this is just a software issue and can be repaired with future updates. Has anyone seen a similar problem?

My iphone 4 screen brightness keeps flashing and it seems as an internal problem

Hi everyone, my iphone brightness is going haywire, as if it was adjusting the screen brightness but the autobrightness is off, so i know theres something wrong. can anyone help?

Do I need a new LCD or power cable for iPhone 3G Just fixed and having screen problems Flashing on and off

A friend gave me their iPhone 3G to fix the other day, he wanted a Bezel putting on.


Long story short, I put the bezel on and now every time you turn the iPhone 3G on, the screen sort of flashes on and off constantly, and it will keep asking if I want to power off like the power button is being held down. It will turn itself off if I dont click cancel then slide it, so I think that maybe the power button has been broken and the phone thinks Im constantly pressing it down.


Should I replace the lock button? What should I do? I really need advice fast.

strange flashing on screen at top

I have strange intermittent flashing at the top of the screen in the top bar, what is causing this

Flashing red bar on home screen

I was using google mobile app yesterday on my ihpone and when I next looked, on the home screen at the top is a flashing red bar with google written in it. It runs underneath the bar with the battery and signal etc, this has also gone red. I can not get the flashing bar to go away. I have the software 4.0.1 my handset is 3g so I cant get a multi tasking bar or anything. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Screen flashing going black - Can't end calls

Im sitting here 4 days now since my husband bought me the iPhone 4; hating the fact that he did this. There are so many things about this phone that I cannot understand.
For starters, after placing a call, Ive noticed that my screen will begin to flash or go blank entirely. Lets say that the number Ive called rolls to voicemail, this leaves me unable to press the end call button. Ive noticed that if I cup my hands around the screen, I am usually fortunate in that the screen pops back up and I can then slide my finger over to press the button and end the call.
Why is this happening?
Thanks guys.
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flashing red low battery line and can't recharge

i have a red flashing low battery line and my phone wont charge. need for work. help! thanks!

My phone randomly goes on negative effect and flashing lines

My screen is cracked, and my phone randomly starts going into negative effect and flashes lines. Im not allowed to buy a new one, so can I get it fixer? Or do I really need a new one..

My iPhone4 Says imei and iccid unknown Connected to I tunes and now my phone is flashing on and off

Hi.. Freaking out! P

Please help!

My phone fell in water for literally an nano second. Got it out and while the phone was wet, it started wo issue.i placed it in bowl with rice and since then I have been recieving a imei and iccid: unknown screen. I did a bit of research and someone suggested to connect to I tunes and restore. My phone show s that it is updating and installing software. However, my phone is now flashing on and off for several seconds. Whats going on? Any ideas out there

Thanks in advance for your time!!!

I have an Iphone 3g and i can't turn on but if i plug it on the Iphone charger i can see the Apple Logo but it quickly disappears Apple Logo SOD When I connect it to the computer it won't charge and it won't turn on

I have an Iphone 3g and i cant turn on, but if i plug it on the Iphone charger i can see the Apple Logo but it quickly disappears(Apple Logo SOD)  When I connect it to the computer it wont charge and it wont turn on, I tried DFU mode and it doesnt work. I tried STABBING IT(lol, it works sometimes) and i doesnt work again. If i cant connect it to the computer i can recover it but i know that it still works. WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!

updated my iphone 4 to new version and screen is flashing colors and wont let me restore been holding home and lock button any ideas

wont even show the charging sign or the slide button phone turning on and off on own and apple sign disappering

Hi my iphone 4 home screen keeps flashing on and off repeatedly if I'm using my phone or in an app it will just go black then light up to the home screen and it does this over and over Then the power off option will pop up what should i do

Hi my iphone 4 home screen keeps flashing on and off repeatdly. I will beonmy phone or in an app and it will go to a black screen and then light up to the home screen. Then the power off option will pop up. I have tried letting it die and recharging it and powering it off neither worked. Does any one have an idea on what this could be or what I can do?

iPhone 3G 2.1 Apple Logo Freeze

I dont know if anyone else had this issue, but when I updated to 2.1 this morning, then restored from the back-up I made just prior to the update, I got the dreaded Apple Logo Freeze.
After much Googling and YouTubing, and repeated hard-restores (Sleep + Home until power off + Hold Home and connect to iTunes), I figured it out.
My back-up was currupt. I simply did another hard-restore, and then restored from a back-up I made last week. Granted, Im going to have to make a few changes that Ive made since last week, but otherwise my iPhone is working well again.
Hopefully thisll help anyone else out that is about to pull his/her hair out too!
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i have an iPhone 3g. i used the erase all and reset option on my phone.
i let it do its thing for about 2 hours now.
it wont switch on now its stuck on the apple logo during the boot.
i tried doing the hard reset but nothing is happening(HELD THE HOLD AND POWER BUTTON AT THE SAME TIME.)
Please help.

My iphone 3g is stuck on the apple logo

I tried to reset my phone and now its stuck on the apple logo.


Then i tried to restore my iphone and it gave me an error message 1604 and 1611, so i got stuck in recovery mode and i downloaded irecovery and now im not in recovery mode anymore but im stuck on the apple logo again.


My iphone is unlocked and jailbroken so im not sure if thats why i cant restore.


Can someone please help?


I need my phone :/

iPhone 3G Stuck on Apple Logo

Hi everybody,
I have a 8GB iPhone 3G that has firmware 3.0 running on it. I had plugged my phone into my computer since it was about to die. I had installed an app from the app store on my phone and turned my phone off for the night. I turned it back on a few minutes later realizing i had to send an urgent email. I tried turning it on and it had gotten stuck on the apple logo. I had waited nearly fifteen minutes for it to do something, but nothing had happened. So I waited some more and nearly a half hour had gone by. I had taken the phone and reset it using the power and home button. It turned back on and was still stuck on the apple logo. I reset it a few more times (waiting fifteen minutes in between seeing it stuck on the logo). All of a sudden I looked at my phone and it showed the Apple logo and a loading ring with it. I had thought ok maybe its turning on but its been doing this for awhile now. When the loading ring comes up it spins for 3 seconds or so and gets stuck near the top left part of it. I have no clue what the ring means or whats going on with my phone. After a few minutes the screen goes blank and the apple logo comes back up after a second. ive tried searching for help everywhere but nothing. Someone please help me i dont want to lose an iPhone. Also ive been having other random problems as well like just different apps not opening correctly or they open and close and at one point all of my apps started doing that. I took it into the apple store and the guy didnt help at all and was a complete jerk. He looked at the liquid indicator and said it was pink and i have never gotten the phone wet in any way. He showed me how it was corroded. I think apple just isnt standing behind a phone they know stops working after a year or so and they realize they have falty liquid indicators so they wont help you. I thought apple would be better than that, guess not.
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iphone stuck on apple logo

my iphone is stuck on the apple logo after i reset it. i tried reseting it again but it gets stuck and a spining wheel apears over the apple logo. helpp!!!

iPhone 4 is stuck on Apple logo

I was trying to update an app and it would never finish. So I decided to reset it. I noticed that it was taking a long time to turn back on. After I let it sit, trying various methods to reset it, I finally decided to do a restore. A message came up saying that it could not restore device because it could not recognize it. The apple logo is still showing.

Stocked up apple logo - iphone 3g

My iphone 3g did  not open anymore after i choose resetting its setting... Only apple logo appears but nothing happens... Ive already tried to reset it but still the apple logo stocked up... Please help me what to do....

iPhone 3G not booting just the Apple logo

Is anyone having or had this problem and fixed it some how? Last night, I exited Beatmaker app while it was playing a tune, and the phone crashed...since then, the phone has yet to boot to the main screen...it just remains at the Apple logo screen and stays there til it becomes dim...thats it. Ive tried to connect it to my comp to restore it, but iTunes is having difficulties recognizing the iPhone. It gave me an error msg stating that I should reconnect it, but it just keeps repeating itself. Does this mean my iPhone is permanently corrupt? You guys recommend I go to the store or troubleshoot some more? I really cant think of any other way at this point... please help.
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Does the Apple logo light up on the IPhone 3G S

I remember reading about this possible feature on the iPhone 3G S. The reason I ask is becuse Im looking for a case and dont want to cover the logo if it does light up.
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