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iphone 5 losing battery fast

iphone 5 losing battery fast

iphone unlocked

How would i go about conserving battery power Because my iPhone battery constantley needs charged because its draining quite fast and idk why

I really need help with trying to figure out why my iPhone 4 or iPhone 4Ss battery keeps draining so fast even when Im not using it the phones battery drains. I might as well say that I have to use the phone all the time just on the charger because it drains so fast. And I just got this iPhone this Christmas so its not that old.




Please let me know cause idk how much longer i can take this lol.


Thanks, Alan

iphone unlocked

the battery on my iPhone dies fast

The battery life on my iPhone dies within 8 hours even when I do not use it

iPhone 3G gets Hot and battery drains very fast

My 3G Gets really warm and battery dies over minimal usage, whats wrong with it
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My iphone 3gs battery is draining fast

My iphone 3gs battery is draing fast (within 4-5 hours) even when all applications are turned off and it is warm to the touch. Problem started after I last updated my software. I have tried restoring to factory settings as a new phone but I am still having the same issue. Is there something wrong with the software? I bought the phone August 2010.

iPhone 4 incredibly fast battery drain

Ive had my iPhone 4 since February and never really had any problems with it. I have always had 3 email accounts, two of which push automatically, and all notifications and had good battery life (charge once at night, if that). Beginning the other day, a full battery will drain in about 4-5 hours with no usage. 2 hours if Im actually using the thing. Also, the phone is unusually warm.


In order to fix this problem I tried the following:


Shut off my iPhone (holding top button)Shut off my iPhone (holding the top and home buttons, I read this was different)Turned off all notificationsDeleted all apps that I had installed after and shortly before my battery life went to ****Went to the multitasking screen and closed out of every app listed


A similar issue happened with my fiances iPhone 3Gs and once she deleted her eBay app everything worked fine.


The part that confuses me is that this wasnt a gradual degredation of the battery. I havent even had the phone for 4 months!


Im out of ideas on what to do. Please help me


Note: I have Verizon iOS 4.2.8, which isnt listed as operating system option when submitting your question.

IPhone 4 very hot and battery draining fast

I am having an issue with my IPhone 4 that just started yesterday. It is VERY hot to the touch the screen and the back of the phone. It is also not maintaing a charge. I charged it all night and just taking it off the charger and not using it till I checked the time one time it was down to around 96%. I talked on it for maybe 5 - 10 minutes and only talked and it was down in the 70s. By the time I picked it up again once in the office to check battery power I noticed it was down in the 50s. I am constantly having to charge it and cannot stand to hold it in my hand due to it being so hot. Any advice or ideas?

iPhone 4 battery still draining fast after ios 5.0.1 update

5.0.1 update did not help, my battery still drains just as fast as it did on 5.0. My phone used to last 2 days no problem, now it lasts about 6 hours, I could go to bed at 5% and wake up with 3%, now if I got to bed with 25% its dead by morning. I have all iCloud services turned off, only Maps turned on for location services, notifications for Phone, Messages, Reminders, Calendar, CNBC RT and Words Free. I have 2 email accounts, one is a pop3 and the other Exchange, both are set to pull every hour and preview is turned off. Is the issue with notifications? the only thing that has changed from 4 to 5 is I have notifications turned on and my reminders & tasks are synced with Exchange. Im starting to think the issue is with notifications, I tried to turn off email notifications for the lock screen but they still show up.


Are we getting another update after 5.0.1 soon for the continued battery drain issue?


Email notifications continue to display for locked screen even though the option says Off, is there something else Im missing?

updated iphone 4 with ios 6.1.2 and now the Battery is draining way too fast

is it only my iphone, our?!?!

battery going dead to fast

Battery going dead to fast.

Fast Battery Charge

When my battery drains to under 10%, I charge it and it fully charges in about 30min, is this normal?
how long does everyone charge their iphone for?
should I let it keep charging longer or just unplug it?
as well does charging it while im on my comp on itunes the same thing as charging it by wall?
I just got my iphone last week so still getting used to everything,
thnx for any advice
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Battery drains too fast

It seems like my iPhone battery is draining too fast. This just started about two days ago. I had an 80% charge and a few hours later it was 34%, and all I did was check facebook and twitter one time.
Then this morning, I had 99% charge before i went to sleep, then 88% when I woke up.
This isnt normal for my phone.
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Why does my battery drain so fast Now that i have the IOS 5 I am using a iphone 4 should i restore and reinstall

anyone else have this problem

it started happening after  I downloaded the new software also my battery gets very hot when charging with wall charger

i took it into my local apple store in Calgary they checked battery did there test thing said its fine

iPhone 3Gs Battery is draining very fast 5-6 hours in standby

I just got an iPhone 3Gs yesterday.. I plugged it into charging once received and started transferring my old back up and apps and music to it, then after unplugging it, the battery lasted around 6 hours and I can see a decrease in the battery fill every time i look at it. After recharging again and goin to sleep, the phone was out the next day i woke up. Whats the deal i dont have Push Mail, Wifi, Bluetooth, nor 3G on.. though the Push notification for Apps was on, but will that cause such fast drain in the battery? please help!
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Iphone 4 ios 7.0.3 battery draining very fast Please take action on the same Apple

Battery of my iphone 4 ios 7.0.3 drains very fast, previously the battery lasted much longer hence substantial difference. Please correct this apple.


Why does my iPhone 5 battery drain so fast aft the latest upgrade

Why does my iPhone 5 battery drain so fast after the latest upgrade?

Extremely Fast Battery Discharge

I have an issue that has now happened twice. My battery discharges extremely fast, by which I mean it falls from 60/80% to nothing in just a few minutes. The phone itself becomes extremely hot (almost too hot to touch).
The first time it happened charging it bought the phone back to life. It was fine for about a month. It has now happened a second time, so far (after 30 mins) it has not come back to life.
Has anyone else suffered from this issue, or any ideas about how to fix?
I should add the first time this happened I took it to the Apple Store Genius who told me to reinstall the OS - which I duly did
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Battery goes down incredibly fast after 3.0 update

Hi there,
Has anyone else noticed that their battery indicator seems to be going down at a rate of knots after the OS3 update? I took mine off charge full this morning at 0730. Its now 0950, Ive not used the phone much at all and it is below half way already!!
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FIX FOR iPhone 4 battery draining fast phone running hot

I had the same issue many have reported here and in comments on blogs, where their +_battery was draining at least twice as fast_+ as on an iPhone 3GS with iOS 4. Some threads suggest +_this happens to iPhone 4 when restored from a 3G or 3GS_+, and indeed, thats what Id done. A few people said that resetting to factory settings and installing everything fresh solved the issue, giving them better battery life than theyd seen on any prior iPhone. Many of my apps have files or settings stored in them, so I didnt want to have to set everything up again. A fresh install is a real pain.Deep in an iPhone 3G thread mentioning a similar battery problem after upgrading to iOS 4, someone said theyd deleted all their mail accounts, and set those up fresh, which solved the issue for them. I tried that today, and it worked.*_BEFORE AND AFTER_*:Thursday and Friday, the iPhone 4 went from 100% to 15% in under 6 hours. Today, after this fix, the iPhone 4 is at 87% after 12 hours. Thursday and Friday the phone was hot to the touch whenever I picked it up. Today its always cool. Apps usage and movement among coverage areas on each day have been exactly the same. The only change was resetting up mail.*_STEPS TO FIX_*:Do this on WiFi so you can sync and check mail fast.1. Delete all mail accounts.2. If MobileMe user, delete MobileMe account, and remove all Calendars, Contacts, Notes, etc., from the phone (so you dont have dupes when you re-sync).3. Turn off phone, and back on again.4. If MobileMe user, add MobileMe account first. I enabled all options, even Find My iPhone (Thursday and Friday I had it off, in case it was using power). Wait long enough for contacts and calendars to sync, check to make sure. I use MobileMe mail on Push.5. Add back each additional mail account. I have 5. I am in a marginal coverage area, so I set these accounts on Fetch Hourly. I also have Preview 5 Lines (I think the default is Preview 2 Lines. This doesnt matter.)6. Go into Mail, go to the MobileMe Inbox, and scroll your way down letting the messages come in. You can see them come in when you see the Preview Lines update, and then scroll some more.7. Go into each additional mail accounts Inbox, scroll your way down, letting the messages come in.8. Go to the combined Inbox if you use that, make sure all the messages are in.9. The WiFi activity spinner may remain spinning even after Mail says it is done Checking Mail. This is because other parts of mail accounts are being synced for the first time. Let the iPhone sit in Mail combined inbox until the spinner stops. Quit Mail, go back in, and watch the spinner after its done Checking Mail. If the spinner doesnt stop after 5 seconds or so, let Mail sit again. Once its caught up, going into mail will Check Mail, and the spinner will stop a few seconds after as it should.10. Youre done. Hopefully your phone stays cool and your battery life reflects the boost from the 20% larger battery. If not, the next step to try is Reset Network Settings, and finally try a factory reset and installing everything fresh instead of doing a restore. Hopefully you wont need to do that. I didnt.

I have an iphone 4s after upgrading to ios6 my battery drains very fast.and phone gets heated up

I have an iphone 4s after upgrading to ios6 my battery drains very fast.and phone gets heated up

Why is my iPhone5 battery draining so fast worse than my iphone4

My phone seems to be loosing battery really quickly. It came only slightly charged but I have since fully charged it and notice it drains much faster than my iPhone 4. Is anyone having similar issues?  Frustrating!

Battery drain super fast after iOS4.2 update

We have talking so much about the 17 missing tones. Yeah, its not there.
Did you notice the battery drains extremely fast after the update?
Mine drop 35% in just 1 night. And it dropped 15% in the past 30 mins.
****, Im charging twice a day now.
Please observe your battery. TQ...
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iPhone 3G battery losing charge very quickly

I purchased my iPhone on Friday. The battery seemed to hold a charge very well over the weekend. But today I noticed that when I was in a 3G area the battery seemed to lose its charge very quickly. If you went to the, settings/general/usage it showed that I only had 2 Hours 25 Minutes of usage but the battery was almost completely drained. Help!
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early 2009 MBP Battery FAST drain SLOW charge

I got a new MBP in march of last year. When I first got it the battery would last forever. It now only lasts a couple of hours. Also, if I take it off the charger for 5 minutes, when I plug it back in, it takes 2 hours to recover. It used to charge at about the same rate as it would discharge. My full charge capacity is 4215 (down from 5500 I believe) with 209 cycles. I have calibrated it, although not in the last couple of days. Is anyone else experiencing this VERY SLOW charge? Should I take it in? It has shown 79% for the last hour, plugged in...
Thanks so much
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Battery losing charge more quickly

Up until now I have been pleased with my 3GS battery...but in the last couple of days it seems to be losing its charge more quickly with less use. At 5 pm tonight it was at 90%. I havent used it since and now 3 3/4 hours later it is down to 60&. It is on my home network, and I havent changed any of the settings. When I first got the phone I was playing several hours of games and the battery was lasting much longer. I generally plug it in to the computer each night for a sync and a charge and usually I get it down to 20 or 30% The only thing I can think of that might be the problem is the car charger...it has the option for a quick charge...
Any hints or help?
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I have a 4s runing 6.1.1 every 5minutes it promp me network lost and i have very bad battery issues lit draine so fast what should i do

I have a 4s runing 6.1.1 every 5minutes it promp me network lost and i have very bad battery issues lit draine so fast what should i do?

My battery drains fast and standby and usage rates are the same I've tried multiple fixes I think the fault occurs when someone sends me a MMS when I have MMS switched off Does this sound feasible

My battery drains fast and standby and usage rates are the same.  Ive tried multiple fixes, multiple factory resets, and replaced the phone once.  I finally reset the phone with no applications other than the built ins, and kept logging time and usage rates until the fault occurred again.   I think the fault occurs when someone sends me a MMS when I have MMS switched off.  Does this sound feasible? 

dust is going into my iPhone FAST

I have a 1 month old iPhone 3gs and already I have noticed many dust specks under my home button, I was wondering if that is normal or mines is just bad, the dust also looks so ugly. thanks
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i am having iphone 3g with 3.13 .if i charge my iphone full and then switch off and on after few hours the battery is getting discharge .and my phone is giving 4hours of battery backup i have changed the battery also

am having iphone 3g with 3.13....if i charge my iphone full and then switch off and on after few hours the battery is getting discharge.....and my phone is giving 4hours of battery backup ...i have changed the battery also

whats the solution?...

Books playing too fast on iPhone 3G and 4

My books play fine on my old iPod, but when I play them on either of my iPhones, they play too quickly, which makes them unbearable, as the readers all talk in a strange hyper voice.
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My Iphone batterie get discharge very fast

Help me please my Iphone batterie is getting discharge very fast in half hours of use it shutdown but the batterie indicator show 70% but if I try to turn it on again the indicator is at 2 or 3 %
PS:I have it from 2 years
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