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iphone 5 not holding a charge

iphone 5 not holding a charge

iphone unlocked

iPhone not holding charge

I got my iPhone for Christmas. Ive had alot of problems with it(resulting in myself getting a new iPhone.) Ive noticed lately that it looses charge very quickly. It went through a phase where it would not charge, now it looses almost 1/2 of its charge in like 4 hours, and I dont think I really used it at all in that time. If I dont charge it at night, Ill loose 20%- with the brightness off and no apps running. I experimented with my friends iPhone 5c, and it stayed at 100% the whole night. She has more stuff on it- and many noticications the next morning, but stayed at 100%. I dont know if I should call and try to get a new phone, or deal with it. Do you have any advice on how to solve this problem?

iphone unlocked

battery not holding a charge

I recently had an issue with my iphone 3g where the accelerometer (sp) was not working correctly. I had it switched out at an apple store for a new (refurbished) iphone. since receiving this phone (with the same applications installed) it will not hold a charge for more than 4 hours. I have done a full wipe of the phone and did not back up from my computer. No wifi, no fetch, no bluetooth. I unplug from the charger in the morning and put it in my pocket where it sits all day. No texting, talking, browsing. At most I take it out of sleep to check the time. I read through the discussion board but I know the issue isnt location services or any of the other battery draining settings because my other phone had no issues with this. Do I need to go back to the apple store and will they replace my phone again? Thanks for any help/suggestions!
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Battery not holding charge

A couple of days ago, my iPhone started becoming red hot. It was difficult to hold. During this, the battery charge would deplete about twice as fast as usual. Before this, the phone could go all day and just be charged at night). This went on for a couple of days.
I then erased most of the apps on the phone and that seems to have taken care of the red hot phone issue. But, the battery wont hold a charge like it used to. I have to plug it in half-way through the day. Any idea why the battery wont hold a charge now?

My Iphone 3gs has recently stopped holding charge

My iphone has recently stop holding charge, it can be completely charged and will died in a hour to 2. It also has been shutting on and off, on me. It freezes contastly and will take as high as 5 minutes to get into a app. I was hoping someone would know or will have some information on it. Thanks !!

My iPhone 4 wont turn on It wont go passed the charging icon and then when I take the charger out it says it needs charge Its not the charger as iv tried several and holding lock and home button doesnt work please help

My iPhone 4 wont turn on, It wont go passed the charging icon and then when I take the charger out it says it needs charge. Its not the charger as iv tried several and holding lock and home button doesnt work please help!!!!!

Anyone else having a problem with their iPhone 5 USB Cord not charging unless by holding it

Got my iPhone 5 in Septmeber or October, and now the USB cord isnt working properly. I have to manually hold the cord just to get it to charge. Anyone else having this problem? Ive had to go buy a new one that cost me $52 after tax. Seriously?!

my iPhone 4 cannot charge continously it will charge then after few seconds its off then charge again I cannot open it because it runs out of battery do i need a new battery please help

my i phone 4 cannot charge continously. it will charge then after few seconds its off then charge again. I cannot open it because it runs out of battery do i need a new battery?please help.

If iPhone 4 Drops Signal Calls when Holding it do I simply exchange it

Im unsure what to do....If I noticed that when I hold the iPhone 4 cupped in my left hand and I lose the call and signal strength, do I bring it back to Apple for an exchange ?
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Notes app not holding changes since new iOS4 update for 3GS

I didnt notice it right after the update, but Ive noticed that recently my Notes app (the one that came on the iPhone) isnt working correctly. I use this app for a ton of things, & its VERY frustrating for it to not work. So Ive got a note Ive been trying to update, & when I make a change, it doesnt stick. It completely goes away, as if I never made any changes. But this problem seems to be random, because as far as I can tell, another note of mine seems to be letting me make changes. SOMEONE PLZ HELP!!!
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holding home key to quit back ground programs

With 2.1 we could hold the home key within a program and completely stop the program. How do we do that we 3.0 as the home key has different functions now?
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updated my iphone 4 to new version and screen is flashing colors and wont let me restore been holding home and lock button any ideas

wont even show the charging sign or the slide button phone turning on and off on own and apple sign disappering

My Iphone 3GS is out of charge Impossible to charge it from PC or ACDC adaptator i tried with 2 different cables i cant boot it what can i do


Yesterday evening my Iphone 3GS shut down because out of charge. when i arrived home, i put it on a dockstation all night long. i got 3% of charge. When i arrived at my office, i plugged it on my PC: no charge.... i used the AC/DC adaptator , no charge ... i tried with another cable ... same problem.


I cant reboot it using home and ON / OFF buttons together because it has not enough battery to restart.


What can i do ?


Thanks for your help.



I have a new iPhone 4 Which needs charging for the first time I know you need to give it a full charge but if I charge it for just an hour will it ruin the battery

I have a new iPhone 4. Which needs charging for the first time. I know you need to give it a full charge but if I charge it for just an hour will it ruin the battery?



my iphone 3gs cannot charge anymore when charge is very hot

I use a charger that is not original, when I charge, my iphone suddenly very hot, and smell burning when i charge, and at that time only once detected apple logo when I change with another usb cable, after I unplug and plug it in again I can no longer charging, although I bought the original charger.

The charge on my iphone 3g has completely gone and now it won't charge.How can I turn it on

my charge has gone and now the phone will not charge now. What can I do? please can someone help. Mick from the UK.

iphone 3g not charge show full charge but not

when i connect my iphone 3g ios4.2.1 with wall charger or computer it start to charge(thunder bolt sign),but after 2-3 miniute it show full charge(power cable sign). but it is not charging....

*i change my cable,charger,even computer

*i did reset my phone & still remain the problem....

pls help me

my iphone no charge put the cable and no charge

my iphone is 3gs no charge tthe baterie no charge and waiting for 1 hours

TS1631 I saw on tips & tricks you can change the volume on iPhone by holding down home button & swipe to the right but it still doesn't work

I cant adjust the volume of sounds on my iphone

HT1349 i have a iphone 4 brought it when it first can out It suddenly stopped takinga charge any charge about a month ago I took it to the Apple store where they said it didn't have any water damage and that they don't diagnose them anymore A

My iphone 4 conked out, no water damage or trauma, has this happen to anyone else?

TS2802 & 207;'m getting the ''Charging not supported with this accessory'' message nearly all the time when I attempt to charge my iphone 3gs with any power adaptor adaptors work on other iphones When it does charge the iPhone hol

Thought the problem was a simple dirty connection between the iPhone and the power adaptor cable so I cleaned out the little gap around the connection slot and got a surprisingly large amount of lint out - but that didnt change the situation.  I have several power adaptors that all work on friend’s iPhones but not mine. Ive updated to the latest iOS - no change.  Ive power cycled the iPhone - no change.  Ive searched a lot on the web expecting to find simple discussion of the pin-out pattern and which pin might be dirty/loose/damaged to cause this symptom and Im surprised that I cant find anything.

Recently put my iPhone on an older iHome and now it doesn't charge i've restarted my phone and restored it but doesn't charge whats wrong

Whats Wrong?

TS1702 How do you delete an app when the original way wont allow you I.E the little X does not appear after holding down on the app and it begins to wiggle

Need Help!

I dropped my iPhone4 briefly in the toilet dried it out wouldn't charge Replaced the battery phone works but still won't charge Will replacing the charging port help

I dropped my iPhone 4 down the toilet (clean water) briefly, but it was on. It worked for a while, but wouldnt charge. I dried it out, replaced the battery. It works, but now the battery wont charge. Could I have damamged the charging port, and is it worth puttting in a new port? Thanks for any suggestions...

My macbookpro died and I have been using my boyfriends macbook the itunes is an earlier incarnation of my itunes and have been using his pro to charge all the music has disappeared from my iphone but shows up when i plug it in to charge on his macboo

My macpro got wet and I have been using my boyfriends macpro to charge my iphone over the weekend, his itunes is an early version of my itunes library. I have no music showing in my ipod on my iphone. When I plug it in to the macpro it shows my music, and an up to date show of all my playlists new music etc when I click on my iphone icon, how do I get it back? Can I back up and sync from his library? Can I just back up my phone on his library and restore from that, will I get an exact copy, new stuff and all back


Any help appreciated

My iPhone 4 will charge on a wall socket but WILL NOT charge on computer or even connect to the computer and show up

My iPhone 4 will not connect to my MacBookPro. It will not charge on my MacBookPro, but it will charge on a wall socket and it will play music in a 3rd party speaker system


This is extremely frustrating not only can I not back up my iPhone but I also can not update its OS etc.

I have bought a Griffin car charge for Iphone4S it does not appear to charge in the car can anyone advise me on a remedy uk

I have bought a Griffin car charger for the Iphone4S it does not appear to charge in the car, charging at home no problem.

Has anyone have any ideas as to whats happening?

My iphone 4 locked up for several hours i then tried to reset by holding down the home button and power button at the same time for 10 seconds and then the home button for 10 seconds it is now completely black what do i do couldnt restore it in iTune

My iphone 4 locked up for several hours. i then tried to reset by holding down the home button and power button at the same time for 10 seconds and then the home button for 10 seconds. it is now completely black. what do i do? couldnt restore it in iTunes. Has anyone had this problem? Help!

Phone won't charge - won't hold charge - and getting hot

I hope there is someone who can help with this. I have been noticing recently, that when I plug in my phone to sync/charge, sometimes it gives me the full battery indicator even though it is nowhere near full. I can leave it on charge like this for hours and it will not charge. I have found that if I hard reboot (switching the mute button twice followed by normal hard reset), it will cure the issue and begin charging again.
Since updating to ios4 I had not noticed any issues with the phone until this morning when it wouldnt charge. I have tried resets and still it does not want to charge.
It is getting hot too and the battery indicator is shrinking really fast under average use (3G on, but no wi-fi and no blue-tooth) and not even going online other than checking e-mail.
Any help would be appreciated. I only have to nurse it until Thursday, but I wold like to keep it around to use as an itouch.
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my iphone will not charge

My phones charge ran outand when I plugged it in to charge it back up it would not charge. I have left it plugged in for days and it still will not charge

First iPhone charge

Hi im expecting an iPhone 4 in the next couple of weeks and i was just wondering what kind of first charge it should have?
Do i fully charge it straight away or leave it to drain then charge full?
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