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iphone 5 only charges when off

iphone 5 only charges when off

iphone unlocked

HT4319 How can I make a face time call from one country to another supporsing both parties using iphone 4s What will be the caller charges If there is no charges as we use wifi will there be a charge till connecting the call

How can I make a Face Time call from one country to another( supporsing both parties using iphone 4s). What will be the caller charges. If there is no charges as we use wifi, will there be a charge till connecting the call?

iphone unlocked

Charges for iphone 4

I bought an iphone 4 from apple online store in Canada. The price including tax and shipping fees on receipt totally is 759. But I checked the cost from bank, the total is 779. What the 20 extra charge is?

Use of iphone without roaming charges

Hope someone can help, Im off to New York soon and was wondering if there is an app, or good maps of New York and surrounding areas that can be used offline.
Dont really want to arrive back in the UK with a huge phone bill waiting for me.
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Zeppelin Charges 3G iPhone

Hi, Does anyone have the fancy B&W Zeppelin Speakers for iPod/iPhone? If so does it charge the 3G phone? I know 3G phones cant be charged via firewire pins now - only the USB ones so I was wondering if anyone can let me know as Im considering buying if it does charge it.
Im hoping the newsgroup can answer this faster than the B&W sales or tech support people!
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iPhone Apps charges

Are the charges for an app a one time fee or are they a monthly fee. I cannot find this answer anywhere. Help please!
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Charges using iPhone abroad

I am going to the US in November (from the UK) for a week and wondered what roaming charges I can expect, and how to avoid any. Does anyone know what sort of data charges I can expect with occasional map use. Also if I put the phone in airplane mode can I still use apps that will use the GPS chip?
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iPhone not charges with Windows 7

Ive windows 7 buid 7600 installed on my work computer and it cant recognize my iPhone. I havent iTunes installed and I dont want it at my workplace. I want only to charge iPhone but it charges only during windows loading. As I undestand its driver problem.
In the device manager I see MTP USB Device with a following problem Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19).
What can I do with it? Thanks in advance for any help.
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iPhone 4S data charges while on wifi

My iPhone 4S is still incurring data charges while on wifi. I am almost always connected to my home router and I am plugged into my charger at night,

however my bill shows data charges of 1 to 25 KB every hour around the clock. I just recently changed my data plan to a mobile share rather than a individual data plan. These round the clock charges have started showing up since the plan change. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

my iphone 4 only charges to 5 and then it dies out how do i fix this

its not charging with any outlet plugs, and i dont know how to fix it, any ideas?

Iphone 4s not recognized on any devices only charges

i have an iphone 4s and but my laptop is not recognising it anymore, neither any other laptop in the house, i am using a Macbook pro, and also my car has also stopped reading the iPhone, my iphone is useless right now, please help and tell me what should be done, as i ran out of options, i tried different cables, i restored my iphone and nothing seems to fix it, i think the problem is with my iphone not the devices i connect it to it, today i tried connecting my friends iphone to my car and it worked perfectly fine, also the iphone charges normally when connected to any device but that is it, nothing else, it only charges but its not recognized as anything else. One last thing, neither itunes or iphoto recognize the iphone, whenever the ipone is connceted to any device, it is not read, its like plugging it into a wall.

How Come My iPhone 3G No Longer Shows Up Nor Charges in iTunes

All of a sudden my iPhone 3G doesnt show up in the iTunes sidebar on my 20 iMac, but using the same cable, it does on my MacBooks iTunes. I have tried plugging it in directly to the iMac as well as to my Belkin hub, but it no longer shows up in iTunes, nor does it charge when plugged it. The iPhone stays dark when first plugged into the iMac now. I have restarted the iMac a few times, I have powered the iPhone on and off, and I have reset the iPhone more than once....... all with no change. However, the iPod now does show in the sidebar and on the Desktop, and it charges now after the iMac restarts were done. All the software is updated on both computers and on the iPhone 3G. Does anyone have any other suggestions to try. The iPhone 3G works in every other way as usual.
Thanks for your help!
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Can I remove iPhone's SIM to avoid Roaming charges

I want to avoid roaming charges when traveling abroad.
Can I just remove the SIM card from my 3Gs and continue to
use it as a PDA?
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Ensuring charges aren't added when using iPhone abroard

Hi there, I have a UK iPhone on the O2 network, and Im going to be spending a few weeks in US and Canada. I dont need to use the iPhone for calls etc. as I will be using Skype on it when a wifi network is available. I want to make sure I dont get charged anything whilst abroad (other than any charges that may be made for accessing wifi networks). Im assuming if I leave the iPhone on airplane mode this will stop any charges being made by O2?
I understand I wont be able to make/receive phone calls and SMS but thats fine.
Thanks for your help.
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What ALL to expect when buying MY iphone i.e total charges activations

Im lookin into purchasing an iphone as my regular phone has gone on to better places...
1. can i purchase the phone directly at lets say Bestbuy w/o activatin it?
if not and leading to:
2. What should I ROUGHLY expect in total charges, if i am forced to make a decision regarding calling plan and addition features, including and if any activation fees and possible pro ration charges, ect, ect..
I just want to know what to expect when I go in as till now I was simply thinkin of going in with $300 to buy the phone and take it home and play around with it and THEN go about activating it and all that..
I basically just want 400-500 talk minutes with some sort of N&Ws package and a text package of sorts and most IMPORTANT, unlimited data access....
please school a young buck on the worldly ways of AT&T!!
thank you!
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New iPhone no longer syncs with iTunes or charges via MacBook

seen that there are quite a few varied posts concerning iPhones that arent syncing but none that have the exact problem that Ive currently got, which is:
I have a week old iPhone 3GS, I have connected it to my mac a couple of times and it worked and charged fine via the usb cable, however it is now not doing anything when attached, if the handset is turned of it automatically turns on but doesnt show that it is charging or syncing.
I have followed all of the trouble shooting advice via mac support but still no joy, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
I was hoping that my new toy was going to be a little more user friendly than this, Im an experienced Mac user and am a little dismayed at problems so early into the honeymoon period with my shiny new iPhone.
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Will GPS on our iPhone result in tons of roaming charges

Hi all,
iPhone here, in Canada, with Bell. Bell charges insane roaming fees for data.
If we installed a GPS (Navigon, TomTom, or something else that stores maps locally instead of only accessing them remotely) on the iPhone for when we go out of town (we live about a two-hour drive from a major city we visit frequently, and which is outside of our normal coverage area, and often make trips down to the States as well)...
...will it work with data roaming turned off?
...if we have to turn data on for it to work, how much data does it use?
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Updated my osx and now iphone charges but won't show up

Ive tried restarting my iphone, restarting the computer, itunes, reloading itunes. I have itunes 9.0.2 (or whatever the latest is) Mac OS X 10.5.8, an iPhone 3gs with 3.0.1- and have tried with two usb cords and ports both of which are part of my macbook pro.
The iPhone charges when plugged into the computer, but is not recognized in iPhoto or iTunes. Its not jailbroken, or hacked or anything.
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data charges



I have an iPhone 4 with 200MB data plan. Since upgrade to ios 5 I am seeing data usage charges around 1AM resulting in excess charges to my AT&T data plan. Is there any way to prevent this data usage from my iPhone?

Roaming Charges

Does the UK iPhone have roaming charges, and are these for internet downloads as well
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Charges for imessage

I would like to know if you are charged for messages sent through imessage if you are no on a wifi connection.  I believe the answer is no but have omeone telling me you will be charged if you are on 3g. Also, I have been told that the imessages use data from your plan.  Can anyone confirm or deny?

Non Wi-Fi internet charges

Having only recently bought my iPhone I was alarmed to see a complaint in the Letters section of the Financial Times (28/12/2007) regarding the prohibitive cost of non Wi-Fi internet access. Apparently this person has been charged approaching £100 for a few hours of surfing away from WI-Fi or wired access.
My understanding was that the O2 tariff included unlimited data access whether by WI-Fi or using the Edge network. I have re-read O2s terms and feel certain this is what it means, but there is a tiny element of ambiguity....
This hasnt been helped by a second letter to the Financial Times (4/1/2008) which seems to be in agreement with the first.
Can anyone with a UK contract confirm that there is indeed no additional charges for internet access using the Edge network?
I see that someone else on one of these forums had bemoaned the lack of Edge network coverage in parts of the UK. I thought that wherever there was an O2 mobile signal there was Edge - is that not the case?
Could it possibly be that the letter writer above was accessing the internet using some kind of dial-up connection (ie not Edge) and hence the charges?
Very confused!!

Internet charges

My uncle was considering giving me an iPhone. Im curious about that though.
Does it charge to use the Internet on the iPhone, even though youre leeching off your wireless connection?
Also, if he does.. would it charge on my Simcard, or would it be charged on him?
Thanks a lot. Fast answers help! =)
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Preventing charges

I gave my sister my iPhone to use to see if she liked it. I turned off data roaming and 3g. Am I safe from the charges? When I turned off wifi to test if she will use edge or 3g. She was unable to connect.
I remember a long time ago I didnt have the internet data plan on my iPhone and I called from a diffrent city and I got charged $200. I was wondering if anyone can explain to me the problems?
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Turned off phone service will I get data charges How to connect iPhone to

Ive had to temporarily suspended my iPhones - phone service with ATT. Ive noticed that I can still connect to the internet, email and do all things data when connected to a wifi network, as well as make Skype calls with iPhone. Am I going to get charged for this data use?
In addition is there anyway I can connect iPhone, via wifi, to my mac for data/internet use? I have Airport and Bluetooth but dont seem to be able to connect the phone, though the computer recognizes and pairs it, it wont connect it via either pathway.
Is Airport just a receiver of a wifi signal or can it broadcast wifi; I dont have an Airport base station and have not used wireless in my home ever? I use a dsl modem to connect via ethernet to the internet. Is there a low cost way to broadcast my ethernet internet connection so that iPhone will pick it up?
Thanks so much
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iPhone charges only when turned off and won't connect to laptop itunes

I have an iphone 4 and it charges only when its turned off, wont connect to any windows or apple computer; desktop or laptop. i tried changing the cable. on the occasion, it would start charing without being turned off, but after a few times, it would go back. when it comes to connecting it to computer, it just doesnt work with any cable.

I dont know if this has anything to do with it, but my home button would sometimes not respond, but I usually fix it with cable quickly.

ATT charges on FaceTime

Does anyone know how ATT handles the FaceTime charges?
For example, my brother has an iPhone 4 in Europe and I am in the USA. Last weekend I placed a call with him and did FaceTime. It was great. Here are my 3 questions related to this:
1. Does ATT charge me for the duration of the whole call or is it just to initiate the call and then the rest is on WiFi?
2. If I do it on an iPod Touch is the FaceTime call free from ATT charges?
3. With IOS 4.1 can I place a WiFi FaceTime call with my brother using my iPhone 4 and totally avoid the ATT network and thus avoid ATT charges?
Thank you!
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internet connection charges

I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem and how they fixed it in relation to the Iphone internet charges data usage.
I have connected my iphone to the home wifi and have the bars displaying that I am connected. Then I do some downloads surfing etc., and I am charged for usage via my carrier, 3g Telstra network.
I phoned Telstra help and they stated that to overcome the problem I should remove the sim card every time I am on my home network so I will not be charged. They further stated that there is a problem with the Iphone software not connecting to the correct system and just running via the phone.
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Charges for 3GS from AT&T-do I need text too

Ive been looking at the apple and AT&T website for the monthly charges for the new iphone. It says $30 for IPhone data plan, then there are varying charges for test messages starting at $5 and up. On my current bill for my 1G iphone, all the data and test is $39.95. (no extra charge for text messages)
So the data plan doesnt include texts on the new plan for the 3GS? Thanks for your input.

Annoying Internet Charges

Ive been having troubles with Internet usage charges. Im currently on O2 and had 12 months free Web and Wi-Fi Bolt On. Once the free period expired I cancelled the Bolt On so I wouldnt have to pay £10 a month to use it. I have also turned off everything in iPhone settings that it would connect to the Internet through - WiFi, 3G, Data Roaming, Push Notifications, etc - so that I wouldnt be charged for Internet access. However, I am still being charged for it, even though I am not telling my iPhone to connect to the Internet, in any way, shape or form. Does anyone know if this is likely to be a stuff up on O2s behalf, or is it an iPhone thing?
Any advice appreciated
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Data charges while out of the Country

I am going out of the country on a cruise.
I do not want any data charges.
If I turn data roaming off is that all I have to do to avoid charges?
Will text messages still come or is there a way to turn this off?
The question concerns both a 3G and my sons 2G.
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