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iphone 5 phone keeps pressing buttons with my face during calls

iphone 5 phone keeps pressing buttons with my face during calls

iphone unlocked

How to put iPhone into recovery mode by pressing buttons on the phone

How to put iPhone into recovery mode by pressing buttons on the phone
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iphone unlocked

I can get the apple logo on the phone but nothing else Have tried resetting by pressing the two buttons at same time but no response Any ideas please

iphone only displays logo, nothing beyond this. any suggestions please other than two buttons pressed at same time? thanks, stu

Face setting off buttons during a call

Just upgraded to Iphone 4 and when I have the phone to my ear to talk, my face is setting off the buttons on the screen like the speaker button. It didnt do that with the 3Gs. Am I just a cheeky fellow? Is this happening to anybody else?
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During call face is hitting Mute End Contacts etc buttons

I had the iPhone 3G for two years. After dialing a call, one brings the phone to ones ear, the screen goes black BEFORE contact with ones face, and the call proceeds. I never had a problem with this in two years - not even a single time. The iPhone 4 I got early yesterday is consistently allowing my face to mute calls, hang up on calls, hold calls, etc. before the screen goes black. Of course I dont realize this because my cheek does it and Im not looking at the phone, so it leads to repetitive dialing.Anyone else having this problem? Any fixes? I may just have a dud and will have to return it.Thanks.

i am having trouble talking without pushing buttons with my face is there a way to lock the screen

I am having problems talking on my cell phone without pushing buttons with my face. Is there a way to lock the screen?

My screen keeps active while I am talking and my face keeps touching the speaker or mute buttons How can I fix it

Normally the iPhone touchscreen goes dark and keeps inactive while the phone is held by the ear, but my screen doesnt, and I keep touchig it with my face while talking, and accidentally pushing the mute or speaker buttons. Is this a problem of my iPhone or only some confihguration that I cant find?

Face to Face Calls

I dont hv the option or icon in my contacts to make face to face calls. Whyyyyyyy ? Anybody else hv this problem
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My cheek face is hanging up my calls

HI...I have oddest question about the iphone 4 and i dont know if i can explain it right but here goes...
When im on a call, I sometimes accidently hangup, put call on hold, activate/deactivate speaker etc...Basically my face is in contact with the touch screen as im talking and its hitting the buttons
What am i doing wrong?
I had a 2G prior to this and never has this problem.
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Buttons being pressed in error during calls

When Im talking on iphone my face keeps pressing the mute button. This is very aggravating because while Im talking I push the mute on accident and then the person Im talking to cant hear me, then they hang up. What can I do to correct this?
Also my brightness setting is set to Auto-Brightness ON, but it does not change with the light around it, Sunlight, and Nighttime.
I purchased a DLO silicone protective cover for my phone. Is this covering up some sensor on the phone? Is there a better case out there that does not cover sensors and where to get it.
Thanks, RD
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My iphone is leaving marks on my face during calls longer than 30 minutes require the exchange of the device Or turn to Justice

Hello,I come here to know what should I do since my device, an iPhone 3GS,left burn marks in the shape of the center button on my face. The incident occurred after performinga call of slightly over 30 min.There will replace the unit? Or is it necessary to resort to justice?cordiallyLucian Assis

When using my iPhone 4 as a phone strange use of one I know I can't hear the caller unless I put them on speaker It is unaffected by pressing the mute button or the volume controls It also works with the earpiece

When using my iPhone 4 as a phone ( strange use of one, I know) I cant hear the caller unless I use an earpiece or put them on speakerphone. The phone has been fully restored and synced and has the most recent software update, but none of this has removed the problem. Is it just broke?

In the last two or three weeks I've learned that phone calls from a friend who uses Sprint Network don't cause my phone to ring Her calls route to voice mail I'm not notified with the message that my number is unavailable I use iPhone 3 A

My friend uses an Android Phone and Sprint network. My phone will ring for other peoples calls, and Im also notified for others voicemails. Does anyone  have any idea why her calls to me are going immediately to voice mail, while she hears that my number isnt available?

my phone won't ring just vibrate The volume and silence buttons on the leftside of the phone aren't working

my phone wont ring just vibrate. The volume and silence buttons on the leftside of the phone arent working

Face time heats up the phone

My iphone 4 gets hot while on a facetime call. Is this a common thing.
The last call was for 15 min.
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Frozen phone buttons

The phone buttons on my iphone3gs have frozen and only goes into favourites, so I cannot get to keypad, voicemail or missed calls. Everything else is working fine - all apps etc. Contacts works if accessed direct, but cannot be accessed through phone due to frozen buttons. Can anyone advise?
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Ambient sensor not turning off back light when phone is up to face

Ive just noticed that my iPhone 3gs is not turning off the back light when on a call. Even when I put it down then cover it with my hand the issue persists. Os anyone else having this issue?
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i updated my iphone4s from the phone it self and know its stuck in recovery or dfu mode how do i get out of this mode iv tried everything with buttons on the phone nothing itune wont even accept it

i updated my iphone 4s ios from the phone it self it load with on sreen a apple with load line when done it said connet to itunes but wont it doesnt read i dont want to restore and lose all my photos and videos i went to best buy and they tried toget my photos of when all the screen says connet to itunes i went to virizon they tried transwering my datat to another phoe nothing went apple all they can do is restore i dont want to so the aid sent it to drivesavers if i do that it could cost anywhere from 400-1200 is there aby to get my phone open without losing any of my stuff if i dont want to send the phone to drivesavers please help

My phone does not let me make phone calls but I can receive calls and messages and I can send messages why is this Is there a fix

Can u please help me out

my son locked himself out of his iPhone 4 now the phone is disabled I went into iTunes and it sent me back to the phone to enter code The only key pad available is for emergency calls only How do I restore usage of this phone

Please help!

My son locked himself out of his Iphone.  Now the phone is disabled and the only ablitlty on the phone is to call emergency.

The screen instructs to go to Itunes; however, in doing so, Itunes sent me back to the phone to enter the passcode. The phone doesnt give an option for that.  Again, all I can do is call emergency if I needed to.


My phone doesnt ring when im getting a call and wont let calls or txt go thru.

iphone does nothing when pressing home button

does anyone else have this issue ?
randomly when i press the home button to wake up my iphone, it does nothing.
the iphone is still on though as if i send a txt to it or phone it, it wakes up and rings etc. i can then swipe to use the phone normally.
it doesnt do it every time, or even every day, but it has done it twice this week so far.
i am running 2.2.1 but it is has happened on previous firmwares also.
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My sound buttons keep stopping working and when I click onto a video it doesn't even have the little slider that you use to turn the volume up What is wrong with my phone

My sound buttons on my iPhone 4S keep stopping working, even wen I use the switch to turn my phone on loud it comes up and as soon as I hit a volume button it disappears! Also when I am on a video on Facebook etc the volume slider isnt there?

My iphone 5 will not let me control my volume at all it is turned all the way up i try to use the buttons on the side of the phone and they dont work and when im on a call i cant change the volume

Im having trouble with my iphone 5.  For about 6 months now i cannot change my volume while on the phone or using the buttons on the side to turn the volume down. I took it to the sprint store so they could fix it and they said they have never had this problem before.  Ive owned every iphone from the very beginning and never had this problem before. please help.

Power & volume button keeps pressing by itself

I have a problem with the buttons.
First, its my power button. For no reason, it seems like it is pressing itself. When I click the home button and is navigating around, it switches off, like the power button is pressed. After a while, the Turn Off slider came out. Exit the thing, it keeps going back and forth, and then ask me whether I want to turn my phone off.
Gave it a few knocks with my palm and the volume button goes crazy. It goes down all the way by itself, and when I press the volume up button, it goes all the way down again. and again. and again. And sometimes, the stunt go the opposite direction.
So, is the problem hardware or software? Could I get it replaced?

Spontaneous pressing of mic button

I use the headphones included with the iPhone at the gym and there seems to be an issue with them. Im not sure whether they are defective, so I thought Id check here first. The mic button seems to be activated by sufficiently loud audio (not that Ive tested empirically). I get random pauses and phone hangups and it annoys me to no end. Regular headphones have no such issue. Has anyone else experienced this?
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Does pressing on the screen too hard hurt its sensitivity

I was wondering if its possible for the iPhone to lose its sensitivity to touch if you press on the screen harder than usual? I usually lightly tap the screen and such when making phone calls, but when playing games I notice my fingers are pressed a tad bit harder than usual.
Is there any risk of the phone losing its sensitivity over time or by pressing too hard?
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Audio distortion when pressing sleep or home button

When playing audiobooks (Audible.com quality level 4) I hear a brief audio distortion or hiccup (enough to drown out 1 spoken word of audio) when I press the sleep button to turn off the screen. I hear a similar distortion when I press the home button to turn on the screen. I sometimes hear a similar distortion when I try to use other apps while an audio book is playing.
I have an iphone 3G running iphone 3.0 firmware. This problem started when I upgraded to 3.0 firmware.
It sounds like the processor gets to busy during the hiccups and cant keep up with audio decoding for a brief moment. Just a guess.
iPhone 3G iPhone OS 3.0

Why can I only hear and be heard on phone calls if I put the phone on Speaker

The only way I can hear a call or be heard is if I put the call on Speaker.  No one can hear me and I cannot hear them unless I switch it over to speaker --it happens with all calls--incoming or outgoing.  If I do a reset, will I lose all of my settings? 

Since I downloaded iOS6.1 I can not hear my messages phone calls emails or any sounds when the phone is lock Any setting I can change

Since I downloaded iOS6.1 I can not hear my messages/phone calls/emails or any sounds when the phone is lock. It doesnt connect to bluetooth either. Any setting I have to change?


My sounds settings are ON and my side mute button is NOT pushed down to orange.


When the phone is unlock all the sounds are fine, but as soon as it locks it goes dead silent mode!

Can anyone tell me how to go way back like 11 months to read a text with out pressing the load more button

Can anyone tell me how to go way back like 11 months to read a text with out pressing the load more button?

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