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iphone 5 screen frozen

iphone 5 screen frozen

iphone unlocked

i need help i was updating my iphone 3 and its on the enter passcode screen and it has the little sinc circle in the midle of the screen and its frozen


iphone unlocked

iPhone 3G Frozen Screen

While moving aps between pages I opened an ap, the sreen frove. It now shows the open ap and a notification I received from another ap (AP Mobile). I cant turn the phone off, I cant open any other aps, I cant close any aps.... Need some advice please. Either here or at b52gnav@aol.com
iPhone OS 3.0

iphone frozen on itunes screen

I just tried to update my iphone4 and now my phone is frozen with the itunes screen.  I attached to my computer and it wants to restore to the original settings - I dont want to lose everything on my phone if I restore to factory settings  -- Help please

iphone frozen on boot up screen

ok... so my iphone wasnt getting or sending text messages for about 15 minutes so i decided i should turn it off then turn it back on and when i went to turn it back on it started to boot up like normal but then it froze on the screen with the apple logo and has been like it for about an hour now and wont show up on itunes or anything i need help asap or i will throw this phone out the window... please and thank you
dell inspiron

iphone 4 - Mail screen is frozen

Can anyone help? The mail screen is frozen. It still updates etc but the touch screen isnt working. The rest of the phone is absolutely fine.
Is this a case of restoring the whole thing or has anybody got a sneaky way of fixing it without the restore?
Any help gratefully received!

iPhone frozen Black screen

Hi, my Iphone 3g froze. I tried to reset. I pressed the sleep key. Nothing happened. I then tried pressing the home key and the sleep key. Nothing happened. Then during this process, someone called me on my iphone. I saw who it was, but I was unable to pick up the phone. Then the screen went black. I do see the battery bar, time, At&T logo and bars. But the rest of the screen is black. Any suggestions? I am afraid if I restore the phone, I will lose my contacts. I dont have them written down. Thanks for any help!
3g Windows Vista

iphone screen blank and frozen and will not turn off or on

my iphone screen has no icons on it, will not turn off and is frozen, how can i fix this? and what could be the problem?
iphone 3G iPhone OS 3.1.2

iPhone 4s setup frozen on apple screen

I just received my iPhone 4s from Verizon. The phone is not yet activated. I took the phone out of the box, turned it on, and it went to a black screen dispalying a grey apple. It seems to be stuck on this screen. I rest the phone by holding power and the home button, and got the same result. I reset the phone to power off, plugged the phone up (not into a computer, but rather into an outlet), and still, the same result.


This is my first iPhone, but Ive read that you can activate through iTunes. Im currently at a high school, without access to iTunes. Also, and Im not sure if this is causing the issue, but the internet is strictly regulated at this school, and devices cannot connect to Wi-Fi without a password.

Iphone frozen on connect to itunes screen

Hi, I have an iphone 3GS and I tried to update it yesterday, admittedly its been awhile since i last updated it, but after downloading the software it has remained frozen on the connect to itunes screen. A hard reset does nothing at all. When it is connected to itunes it wants to download the software again, which has already downloaded and wasted 3Gig of my internet.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Frozen Screen

Can anyone help - my iphone screen has frozen. I cant slide to unlock, or even slide to put the phone off. I had switched my phone on and afterwards it wouldnt work. It wont let me even answer a call. I tried removing the sim card but this obviously didnt help!!!
iphone 3g Windows Vista


Help my new iphone has frozen and will only show the screen with the apple sign. It will not switch on or off. Ive tried everything. Can anyone help me please
iphone 3G iPhone OS 3.0

Why is my download screen frozen

I downloaded twitter to my new iPhone 4s.  The screen froze at Download Now and does not respond when I hit ok.  However, when I leave the screen, twitter has downloaded and works.  Now when I try to download Facebook, the old Download Now for Twitter comes up and fb wont download.

Frozen Start-up Screen

my iphone is frozen on the start-up screen (apple logo). is there a way for me to reset the phone?
hp Windows XP

TS3694 hi my iphone 3gs got frozen apple sign on screen

my iphone 3gs got frozen (apple sign on screen) and then i am doing update it shows 1015 error?

My IPhone is frozen on the lock screen and will not restart or respond to ITunes What do I do

I really need help. Its not functioning at all. Its frozen on the home screen, will not respond to Itunes, or its charger, it wont turn off, no matter how many times you hold down the Lock button. What do I do?

Iphone touch screen frozen and top right corner hot

Hi, Ive seen two posts from over a year ago about this subject, but there have been no resolutions posted.


I have an iphone 4 and all of a sudden the screen froze and I could not slide it open.  The phone itself is still working (Ive gotten text messages, spotify was on, and the buttons work), but the touch screen does not respond to anything.  Additionally, the top right corner (front facing) is hot, I mean really hot (its the corner with the camera lens) it almost burns my finger.


Right before this happened, I was going for a jog, listening to Spotify and the phone was probably a little overheated since its in my pocket while Im jogging and its 80 degrees outside, but Ive done this before and this hasnt happened.  At one point it let me slide it open, but then the screen did that thing when you delete apps and the icons jiggle and have those Xs in the corner, but then it wouldnt respond and so I shut it off again.


I have already re-booted twice by pressing both buttons and letting it reboot with the white apple sign, this has not worked.


Please respond if you know anything to do as I am no longer under warranty, I am an unemployed recent grad and cannot afford to get this fixed!


Thank you soooo much!

on business trip - iphone 4 frozen on Clear all Recents screen

Im on a business trip, and my iphone 4 is frozen on the Clear all Recents screen. No problems for the 2 months I have had phone, then this suddenly happened this afternoon. Everything else works fine.
Cancel button does not respond. I was able to clear the recent calls, but now nothing responds and I cant get out of this screen to dial new calls.
I am hesitant to do a complete reset unless absolutely necessary. Not sure if that would wipe out all of my contacts during my trip. Maybe a back-up would work, but I dont know enough about it to take the chance while on a business trip, unless I hear that it will solve the problem. My media is on a different computer at home, but I can live without it for a few days. 14.3 GB free space on iphone 4, if that matters.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
iphone 4 iOS 4

what to do when your iphone is frozen on the apple screen Have restored several times and no change

what to do when your iphone is frozen on the apple screen. i have tried restoring several times. no change

silver apple screen frozen

I was syncing my 3G phone and it seemed to complete, but it got stuck on the black screen with the silver apple in the center. If I force shut down, it comes back to that screen and stays there. For a period of time it wouldnt shut down at all. It will not register in iTunes; in fact, the last time I tried to connect it it opened iTunes and then crashed the program.
Any thoughts?
iPhone 3G Mac OS X (10.5.4)

Touch screen frozen and won't shut off

What do I do if my touch screen is frozen and I cant shut it off?
Vostro 1400 Laptop

Touch screen Zoomed out totally and is almost frozen

Tried switching off, reset, restore via i-tunes etc..
Who can help me?
The Netherlands
iPhone OS 3.0

Touch screen frozen and won't turn off

What do I do if my touch screen is frozen and I cant shut it off?
Vostro 1400 Laptop

HT1688 apple icon is frozen on screen

My apple icon is frozen on my screen after resetting it.

my iphone 4 screen is frozen i cant receive phone calls nor i can open the lock cause the touch is not working

my iphone 4 screen is frozen i cant receive phone calls nor i can open the lock cause the touch is not working. i didnt drop the phone nor it got wet. i restored the phone i restarted the phone kept it off for the entire day. please help me

HT1947 ITunes has frozen my entry screen on my moble telephone and I do not know what to do.HELP

My apple laptop has locked up my phone...it is frozen reading iTunes logo and  a Connector illustrated...Verzon says that I can get the answer on ITunes , but I do not understand what to do...

My iphone 4 is frozen on the lock screen My iphone 4 keeps freezing at the lock screen

My iphone 4 is frozen, on the lock screen, ... My iphone 4 keeps freezing atthe lock screen? iphone 4 FROZEN ON lock screen

Frozen iPhone - Completely frozen

My phone just froze up on me. I cant consistently get a black screen with the apple logo by pressing sleep/wake and home. When I do, I have pressed the home button repeatedly with iTunes open trying to get iTunes to recognize the phone so I can restore it. So far, nothing has worked. I didnt uninstall iTunes, but that seems extreme. Any suggestions, or should I just wait until 6/24 for the iPhone 4
iMac Mac OS X (10.6.3) iPhone 3G 16GB

Had an iPhone 4 updating the OS when it was interrupted by the computer going to sleep and now is frozen on plug into iTunes screen Home Power button combo will not reset iTunes does not acknowledge the phone is plugged in

I recently upgraded to the 5s, so I delegated my old iPhone 4 to a music player/daughter checking instagram and email.  Three days ago I plugged the iPhone 4 into iTunes to update it, the OS began updating.  During the update my computer went into sleep mode, interrupting the OS update.  Now the phone will not do anything but show the screen with the graphic indicating to plug the phone into iTunes.  Ive tried a hard reset (holding down power button/home button), plugging the phone into iTunes before/during holding down the home button, holding down the buttons for various lengths of time in various permutations according to info Ive found online, etc, and nothing happens beyond a brief showing of the Apple logo and then back to the same screen.  iTunes will make a connection noise when the phone is plugged in but otherwise makes no indication that a device is plugged in (no iPhone button in the tool bar, etc.).  Any ideas or do I need to take it to an actual Apple store and hope they dont tell me it is completely bricked?

HT1688 my phone has frozen up i can push the top button and the bottom button but the slide bar on the touch screen wont let me power it down

my phone has frozen up, i can push the top button and the bottom button, but the slide bar on the touch screen wont let me power it down.

frozen phone sceern while updating to i0s5 windows 7 logged in as admin mode the phone goes to off and returns on with a screen and a picture of data cable pointing to itunes icon

frozen phone sceern while updating to i0s5, windows 7 logged in  as admin mode,,, the phone goes to off and returns on with a screen  having a picture of data cable pointing to itunes icon

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