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iphone 5 shuts off cold

iphone 5 shuts off cold

iphone unlocked

iPhone 4 shuts off when too cold

Four times now I have left my iPhone 4 in the car for max. 1.5 hours while going and shopping, for a meeting, etc. and I have come back to have it be off. (I never turn my phone off.) Id try to turn it back on but it wouldnt come on. After about 20 minutes of warming it up (between my hands) I could reboot it by pressing the front and top buttons at the same time.
The only commonality between these 4 specific times and all the dozens of other times I left my phone in car was that on these four days it was cold outside (like 4-9 degrees celsius).
I called iSupport and was told it was because of my software being out of date, so we updated it. Then it happened again and I was told to go to the store for an appointment. At the store he tried to convince me it was normal and Id just have to keep it in my pocket for the winter.
Has anyone else experienced this? It this normal or is Apple feeding me a bit of BS?
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Altitude cold issues for iPhone 4

Ive had an iPhone for the past 3 years, and have updated this past weekend to the latest edition (4). Ive been singing the praises of the phone at work for a few years now and have almost convinced my boss to get one. He just came into my office and we talked about this issue:
Hes a mountain climber. He needs a new GPS, but has heard the iPhone has a GPS chip in it. His understanding is that the phone has GPS issues above 10,000 and below 32 degrees., He is subjected to both conditions on serious climbs. Is there an app that can help him despite the temps/altitude? Is the 10,000/32 just a rough number?
Any mountain climbers out there that can assist me?
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iphone 4 doesn't like cold weather Anyone else having this issue

Hi folks. I am an avid winter outdoors person. I Snowmobile, Ski and go Ice Fishing on a regular basis. My ip4 constantly goes into recovery mode(at least I think it is recovery mode)every time I am outside for more than 1/2 hour. I keep it in a breast pocket next to my body in my snowmobile and ski jackets or winter parka when fishing. I know what the operating specs state but it is a tad frustrating to have to hold down the power and home button every time I come inside or stop along a trail to send a msg or check email. Ive tried restoring to factory settings and that didnt do anything. Any other time the phone work flawlessly, it just hates even the slightest cold weather. My 3g or 3gs never had this issue with the cold. So my question, is this issue because of the new style battery in the ip4 or is my phone just a dud?
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Airport Cold Spots

Is there any USB type plug in device I can get to increase the receiving power of Airport on my iBook ?
I live in a building where there are several cold spots. Thanks
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Iphone 3G Shuts Down

My iphone 3G is about 16 months old and I have the current 3.1.2 update installed. Yesterday the screen went black and the phone was unresponsive. I can hard reset and the phone turns and operates fine. It will then shut down sporadically (sometimes after a few minutes other time after a few hours) and I must hard reset to start over again. Frustrating thing is I dont know when it occurs until I pick up the phone and attempt to use it. When it is in this shut down mode, the phone rings for outside callers but it does not ring to the phone. It is as though the phone is off to me but not to outside callers. Also, the battery drains during this period as though the phone is on. Lastly, if I plug the phone into itunes when in the shut down mode it brings up a restore screen. If I hard reset and the phone is active and then plug it in, a standard sync occurs. Any help is much appreciated.
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iPhone shuts off by itself

My (two week old) iPhone will shut off by itself randomly. For instance, I check my email and put the iPhone down on the table. A minute or so later, I pick up the phone and the power is off. I try to use the on/off switch but the phone will not turn on. I end up pushing the home key and the on/off button at the same time and hold for 10 seconds. When I release the buttons, the apple logo comes up but the phone takes a good minute to get to the home screen. The battery is full, there is plenty of space. Any ideas? All help will be appreciated.
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iPhone shuts down instead of sleep- help

A summary of my long sob story-


I handed down my old iPhone 3G to my fiance.  He activated and has been using it.

But he is NOT eligible for upgrade pricing yet.


Monday his phone was stolen while he was at the gym.


We were able to use Find my iPhone to find it, and the cops actually went and recovered the phone (to our pleasant surprise).


BUT, the kid panicked and threw the phone in the toilet - supposedly. Oh, and stole the SIM card and tray.


So we dried the phone out in rice for 2 days just to be safe, even though we saw no signs of water, and got a replacement SIM and tray.


Started it up last night.  It said it needed a charge, but it seemed to be working. (yes!!)


Unfortunately it was in Recovery mode and the only backup we had was 6 months old.  Oops. Lesson learned.


So we restored the phone to factory settings, and then restored it from the backup.


Everything seemed to be working surprisingly well.


Until we realized- it doesnt go to sleep anymore- it SHUTS DOWN.


So like if you dont use it for a few minutes, the screen goes blank.  But it doesnt wake up if you push a button.

You have to plug it in to power, and then hold the power/home buttons and force a reboot.


obviously you cant use a phone that needs to be rebooted every 5 minutes.


Ive seen complaints about this in the forums- with jailbroken phones.  This phone is not jailbroken and is totally legit.


So the question is-

Is there anything we can try to bring it back? some special secret super restore? zap the PRAM (just kidding, but something like that)?


The phone is ancient and long out of warranty.  But it was working fine til this punk-a$$ kid decided to streal it.  And since hes not yet eligible for an upgrade, we dont want to spend $350 for a 3GS (cheapest option), when we could get a 4S for 199 once his contract is up in a few months.


Maybe theyll take pity on us at the Apple store and offer a refurb or something... or I guess theres ebay/craigslist...


But I figured it was worth seeing if anyone here had any other tips to try before we give up on it as dead.




(Sorry so long...)

iPhone shuts down all the time

I bought my iphone in the summer and the past couple weeks it keeps shutting off completely. I have to hold down the top on/ off button and the home button for it to come back on. Whats wrong with my phone any ideas how to fix it.
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iphone turns for a second than shuts off

last night turned my 3gs off now when i try to turn it on it turns on for a second than shuts off
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My iPhone 4 shuts off randomly

Im listening to music then my iPhone shuts off randomly. It does this throughout the day, it shuts off anytime, when its just in my pocket not doing anything or listening to music. This has happened for a week now and I did the recovery mode and restored it, but I cant figure out whats wrong.
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PC Shuts Down When iphone is connected

My home PC (Windows XP) shuts down when I connect my iphone 4. The error message is that there is a camera driver problem.http://wer.microsoft.com/responses/Response.aspx/13873/en-US/5.1.2600.2.00010300.2.0?SGD=7d16ed54-6e31-4c0e-9e7a-452a6eb8c0d6#here
I unplugged my webcam but this still happens. My windows and itunes are up-to-date. My USB drivers are ok when I attach my flash drive and external hard drive.
This does not happen when I connect the iphone to my netbook or office PC (which also uses Windows XP). So what can be the problem? When I google, I find many people with the same problem but there is no clear solution. Some people say I must delete my camera roll from the iphone but that means I cannot have this function in the iphone? Which really diminishes the iphones usefulness in this aspect.
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iPhone unexpectedly shuts down

Hi all,
I bought this brand new iPhone 3GS a few weeks ago. From day 1, it started shutting down unexpectedly, at random times. It usually was when I was surfing the web or during a phone call, but later it also started doing it while it was quietly sitting on my desk. If its connected to my iMac, it restarts automatically; if not, it just stays off.
I contacted the local tech support and they agreed to replace it with a brand new one. However, the new device started shutting down pretty much the same way, from day 1 as well.
I tried uninstalling all apps, switching off 3G, wi-fi, but nothing seemed to affect the problem.
Just once, I happened to be staring at the phone when it did it, and I noticed that right before it went off, the battery indicator went red (when the actual battery level was around 85%). When I turned it back on right away, the battery level displayed was correct.
No matter how extensively I googled this, I found no other iPhone owners complaining about this issue. I now came to think that its a specific batch problem rather than a wider iPhone issue.
The local support says theyre not willing to replace my second device with a third one, which I understand from a certain point of view, but then again, Im stuck with a (brand new) iPhone that just doesnt work.
Any hints would be highly appreciated, thanks guys.
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iPhone 3G shuts itself down battery 0

This used to happen sometimes, but now my iPhone shuts itself down with full battery status, and when I turn it on again, the battery is at zero.


Any good idea what I might do (except buying a 4G 3 months before the 5G comes out)?


Thank you!



iphone shuts down when speaking

My iphone 3gs with system 4.2.1 shuts down by itself after some minutes while speaking. This did not happen with my previous system that followed the phone when I bought it? Can this be caused by any apps like Viber (that I newly have installed) or any other apps that did ok with the old system, but not with the new system?
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my Iphone 3gs shuts off and on by itself several times

I bought a Iphone 3gs from a friend and it has no service on it yet. Anyways it turns itself off and on several times through out the day would not haveing and service cause this issue? Also when i plug it up to the computer and try to sync it with itunes it continuesly does it over and over. Could i get some help please

iphone 3gs shuts down suddenly

when i connect to my charger it says iOS 6 configure, connect to iTunes. when i connect to my iTunes the apple logo appears and than disappears again and again. i have tried putting the phone in dfu and than restoring it. It worked properly for an hour but is giving the same problem again

iPhone 3Gs shuts off unexpectedly

About two weeks ago, my iPhone 3Gs started randomly shutting off. What happens is this: Im usually browsing a web page, and the screen goes dark (there almost appears to be a ghost image of the page Im viewing, as it darkens). I then have to reboot the phone, the apple image comes up, and a few minutes later, itll happen again. The next time I reboot, all of the battery power is gone, and Im left with the little red marker indicating a dead battery. This happens whether the battery is at 50% capacity, 30% or 65%, but each time it does, the battery seems to drain completely. I backed up the phone yesterday and have both the latest version of iTunes and the latest iPhone software. Any suggestions based on the above? Should I just head to the Genius bar? Thanks. I should add that Im using my HP laptop in this setup, if that makes a difference.
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my iphone 4 shuts off when unplugged from wall

Can somebody please tell me how to fix this so that I may use my Iphone again

iPhone 3GS Shuts off Randomly

Ive had my iPhone 3GS since Feb. of 2010. The same phone since Feb. 2010 with no problems. I noticed my phone started shutting off around 20% in December. I didnt think of it as a big problem. Then it got worse and started shutting off around 35% in mid-January 2012. Then it started shutting off at 50% around early March. Now its June 2012 and its basically shutting off around 70-80%. Sometimes it shuts off around 87% when I try to play a phone game. Its gotten to the point where I cant use my phone outside at all because itll just shut off. Ive tried restoring the phone and that doesnt work. Ive tried X-ing out comments I dont use. Ive known other people with this problem whove tried restoring to factory settings and that didnt work. I dont want to waste my upgrade on the iPhone 4S when the iPhone 5 is coming soon. I dont know what to do. This phone is ******* me off. Please help.

Is there a battery replacement that I can get? I dont have money to cough up for another phone. I dont want to waste my contract upgrade for another phone. I want to wait until the iPhone 5 to upgrade. And Im out of warranty now so Apple probably wont replace my phone.

iPhone 4 randomly shuts off Fix

Hi all, I bought an iPhone 4 off a friend about a week ago and just today at around 30% battery it shows the black screen with the spinning wheel then shuts off. And I have to plug it in to power to get it to turn on (Right now my lock button is broken, getting fixed soon) and once it powers on it shows the black screen with the red low battery charge symbols then quickly to the apple logo and back to normal and shows the same percentage. I really want this to not happen anymore. Im on IOS 6.1.3 with no jailbreak with wifi Bluetooth (not connected) and 3G on.  The lowest Ive ran it down to since Ive owned it was 19% so I know 30% isnt low battery, and the battery life is great. But I would really like it to not do this anymore. Any suggestions? Thanks!!!!

iPhone 3G S shuts off and will not power back on

I was in the car and I had just sent a text message on my iPhone 3G S and I pressed the button at the top to lock the screen, 5 minutes later I tried to turn it back on to do something and it wouldnt light up or turn on. I pressed the home button and the lock button at the top and it still will not turn on. I thought maybe it went dead so I got back to my dorm room and plugged it up to try to charge it and it still will not power on. What should I do?
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My 3GS iPhone randomly shuts off

My 3GS iPhone randomly shuts off or gives a low battery indicator even when the battery is not low. I tried going to the Apple store and they were not helpful saying to close out apps using the multi-task button. Even after doing that, my phone was continuing to shut down. First is was around 33%, then 54%, then 76%, then even at 97%. So I had the battery replaced with a brand-new battery.


Now not only does the phone randomly shut down saying a low battery, but it is not recognizing the charge on the battery. I had the phone on for six hours unplugged and it remained at 100% charge. Then I went to make a phone call on it and after two minutes the phone completely shut off. It would not accept a charge. I had it charge overnight. I tried using different cords. I tried plugging it into a USB port on a computer, using the wall charger, and a car charger. The phone kept saying the battery was dead. Then miraculously then phone started to work a day and a half later, but only for one phone call. Then phone died again and has not accepted a charge for two days now. You would think after two days, the NEW battery would be charged.


My phone is not under warranty. I do not have the funds to purchase a new iPhone at this time.I know there have been a lot of posts about this, but I have tried every concievable option out there and nothing is working. Im frustrated. Is this an operating system error and can it be fixed? Or is the phone trashed? ARGH!!

Help my iPhone 3GS randomly shuts down what is wrong Help my iPhone 3GS randomly shuts down what is wrong

when an iPhone shuts itself down due to low battery does it

when an iPhone shuts itself down due to low battery, does it turn itself back on automatically when you plug it into a charger? i know that i probably should just test it on my iPhone, but i need to answer this question immediately to a friend, so i hope i can find someone who can tell me the answer here. thanks in advance.
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iPhone 4 with I OS 4.2 shuts downs with 30 battery still remaining

I have been an Apple fan for years, But recently my new I Phone 4 has been giving me a lot of trouble.
I purchased the Phone in Oct10, it was working great till last week. All of a sudden my phone automatically switches off with 30% battery still remaining. when I plug in the charger it starts from 30% percent battery and goes all the way till 100%. but when I start using it, it lasts till 30% and then kaput. no warnings, no signs just switches off and all attempts to switch it back on fail till the charger is plugged in and, then it will start still showing 30% battery and then charging all the way till 100%.
I wonder if this is a software or a hardware issue, I am worried as the Phone was purchased in Singapore where I used to live but have moved back to my home town New Delhi in India. I cant go back to Singapore to get it fixed and if I go to a service center here I dont know how much I might have to shell out.
Im desperately looking for some help.
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iPhone shuts down after end of phone call

My new iPhone 3G cuts out/powers off at the termination of any incoming or outgoing call. I have to wait 5-10 seconds to get it to respond again and power up. Has anyone had a similar problem and how did you fix it?
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iPhone 3GS still shuts down frequently after battery change

Hey everybody,


I have an iPhone 3GS. Like 2 month ago, my phone started to shut down frequently and restarting immediately afterwards. During this process, Im losing around 30% of my battery. I updated to the newest iOS and also did a full reset without backup.

Then I decided to replace the battery. A trusted company did it (no Apple stores in Germany, but this company is a very good reseller with a good repair point.) and afterwards, my phone still kept on resetting. I tried to charge the iPhone over night, but I just gained 2%. I returned the phone to the store, they checked it again but couldnt find the error. They replaced the battery again though.

Is this a known error? Does anyone have a solution? Feel free to ask me some more questions about this topic. Hope we can find a solution.

I already appreciate your help guys.



Iphone water damage still working charging but shuts down

My iPhone recently suffered some water damage but still works. By works I mean its still fully functional in the sense that I can do just about everything I normally did with the phone. The only difference is that when I let the phone sleep/auto lock it powers itself off. The only thing is it doesnt do this immediately. For instance if I turn it on and use the iPhone press the power button to place it in sleep mode and I pick it up and immediately press the home button it functions normally. But give it a minute and it powers down. Any ideas? Sounds like it might have something to do with the battery?
I placed it in rice and will leave it over night to see if that changes anything. Any ideas people?
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iPhone 3GS shuts down randomly when SIM card is in

without SIM card it works properly! I have updated to iOS 5.0.1, also got a new SIM card from our provider, without results. iPhone shuts down and reboots every 5 minutes when SIM is in. Does anyone has the same problem? What can I do besides sending it to the Service?

Would a resetting help?

iphone 4 just shows the apple logo screen then shuts off what do i do

i my iphone just starts up and shows the loading screen when it turns on then it just shuts off but it onloy does this when im charging it i dosent even turn on when off the charger

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