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iphone 5s headphone doesn t work

iphone 5s headphone doesn t work

iphone unlocked

iPhone 4 headphone jack doesn't work

I got my iPhone 4 yesterday. Its not new and out of warranty since I bought it second-hand. The speakers and the earpiece both work fine, but when I plug my headphones in, the sound keeps coming through the speakers. (When obviously it should come through the earbuds.) I tried plugging and unplugging it over and over again, I checked the phone settings, I tried rebooting the phone several times, and even restored it as a new iPhone. I tried 4 different kinds of headphones, and they all work fine on other devices, but my iPhone just doesnt recognize them. I checked with a flashlight to see if there was any lint or dirt in the headphone jack and nothing was in there, but just in case I cleaned it with a cotton swab. I did a software update, I blew hard in the headphone jack, but nothing just works.


Advice would be much appreciated!

iphone unlocked

I just tried to DL the new operating system to iPhone It appeared to work and prompted me to set up the cloud etc But no apps work and there is no music in my library iTunes says it failed to restore but retrying doesn't work help

I just tried to DL the new operating system (5.1.1) to my iPhone.  It appeared to work, and prompted me to set up the cloud, etc.  But no apps work and there is no music in my library. iTunes says it failed to restore, but retrying doesnt work.  help!!

My iPhone 3G doesn't turn on The worst bit is that the menu button doesn't work too well either Help

I was charging it from 1300-2300 (10 hours) since the apple logo wasnt coming up but that lightning bolt sign appeared.

When I came back, my phone just has a black screen and isnt turning on.

The top menu button is practically useless and Ive retries connecting it to iTunes but it doesnt even do that


Ive had this iPhone for more than 3 years and with time its worn on and so the menu button has faltered and I dunno what to do.


What can I do for it to turn on again

headphone controls do not work on my iPhone only

the microphone/pause/next track button on my apple headphones (the ones that came with the 3g phone) has stopped working with my iPhone.
The headphones work fine on another iPhone 3G. Furthermore, the button on other set of (brand new) headphones does not work with my iPhone.
I did a factory reinstall of the iPhone software. did not fix.
Any thoughts?
Many thanks in advance. Neil
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I have three headphone and none of them work my iPhone 5 only plays music and videos on the speaker

I have three headphone and none of them work my iPhone 5 only plays music and videos on the speaker

App Remote doesn't work on MacPro desktop but does work on MacBook laptop

So I have AirExpress connected to my stereo and I can use both my iPhone and iTouch Remote App to control my iTunes library from my MacBook. However, my desktop computer (a MacPro) has all of my music. And the MacPro will not identify my iPhone as a device so I can enter the 4 digit code. Why?
Mac Pro Mac OS X (10.5.1) 2.0GHz - 5GB RAM

white iphone4 16G headphone not work

My white iphone4 16G is new and I just got it 2 days agao!

I can not hear any sound from the headphone no matter I call my friend or they call me. My friends says they can hear me easily, which suggest the microphone is ok. I highly suspect the headphone of this iphone4 is not working!

The only way to hear them is to use speaker or plug in earphone.


Do you know what happens? no quality check before shipout to customer

How do I turn of Find my iPhone alert No button on the display works The 'home' button doesn't work And the power button doesn't function Should I wait until the battery runs out

I used iCloud.com find my iPhone to send an alert to my iPhone.  Now, the iPhone is effectively locked -- no button presses or screen touches work.  I cant even turn it off.

The Find My Phone feature in iCloud lets me a) display its location; b) Play Sound ; c) do Lost Mode or d) Erase Phone.  Why wouldnt Apple provide a way to run off the find my iPhone Alert?

Now I have the most useless slab of technology: An iPhone that a) will make pings from Find My iPhone; b) make incoming call alerts; c) issue sounds when mails/texts arrive -- BUT NOT PERMIT ANY LOCAL HAND INPUTS OR REBOOT!

Does anyone know how to fix the headphone problem after I updated my phone to ios 7.1 my headphones don't work anymore help plz ;

Does anyone know how to fix the headphone problem after I updated my phone to ios 7.1 my headphones dont work anymore help plz ;)

New iPhone old Wi-Fi doesn't work

Ive had my new iPhone for about 2 weeks now and its worked great. Wi-Fi everywhere, no problem.
Got back to my parents house today and it wont join their network. Just says Unable to join network. The internet is password protected but still works just fine on old iPhone and Macbook
I have tried to restart the phone, no difference.
Any suggestions?
Thank you
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My iphone doesn't work

When I start a phone call, noboby can hear my voice. Only when I click on speacher (loud voicevivavoce) my voice.
Sorry my english is not excellent.
LG Windows XP It is blue

Want iPhone but AT&T doesn't work Here

Have AT+T for nearly 7 years; and its been so-so for where we used to live. Have recently moved and neighbors say AT+T doesnt work here. They say only Uni-Cel/Verizon does. So Ive learned a lesson, my new Sony-Ericcson cant even go to roam. We have no cell coverage at our new home what-so-ever. AT+T said they might be upgrading tower coverage at some point, but they couldnt be more specific and nothing is definite these days, so the wait might be several years if at all.
Will iPhone ever go non-exclusive? Would like to upgrade to an iPhone, but will have to change carriers in order to get cell service at home. Anyone know if Apple will expand beyond AT+T?
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My Iphone doesn't work anymore

I have a Iphone which worked perfectly until I moved a couple of months ago. It doesnt recognizes any card (I have prepaid now, does that matter?)
I used to live in the Netherlands but moved to Belgium.
Can anyone help me?
Thanks in advance

The camera on my iphone 3 doesn't work

The camera app on my iphone 3 will not work. It appear to be a software proble. Any ideas?

My iphone 4 doesn't work and I REALLY want my photos off of it

After having my phone for over 2 years, last night it stopped working. I had used it all day yesterday until I went to turn it on in the evening and nothing happened. I cant turn it on, make a call, receive a text, i tunes doesnt recognize it, find my iphone cant locate it, absolutly nothing! I have tried charging it, leaving it alone, pluging it into my computer, turning it on (nothing happened). So then I went to the apple store today and they discovered that I had water damage in the headphone plug in. I have never dropped my phone in water so it must be from bringing it in the bathroom to listen to music while I shower and steam found its way into my phone. I have nearly 4,000 pictures on there that I REALLY want off of it! I love photography and some of my best work is on there! Due to previous issues with syncing icloud is turned off. Also by the way, my home button does not work and has not worked for over 3 months. Does anyone have any advice on how to get my photos off my phone? Is removing the memory card an option? If so does anyone have an idea on what the cost would be? I would appreiciate any advice! Thanks so much!

My iPhone 3 screen doesn't work

I woke up this morning to my alarm on my iphone. It was in my hand, then I literally watched the screen have all these lines appear, and fade away. Now it is black and I get texts and calls (it stills vibrates and rings), its just that the screen is completely black. What do I do?

iPhone Push doesn't work

i have big problems at the moment. my push on my iphone doesnt seem to work.
its on 4.3, not jailbreaked or anything and in most applications push doesnt work.
in some applications it works sometimes:
whatsapp: sometimes
skype: sometimes
n-tv: never
facebook: never
twitter: never
wunderlist: never
and even with some other apps its not working.
i tried iPush Test and iPusher to test if its somehow working,
but it isnt.
iPhone 4 iOS 4

iPhone 5 doesn't work during calling



I cant use my iPhone during calling and I dont uderstand why

Ive done every update

Hope you can help me

Thanks you



Chicago- iPhone 3g doesn't work here

I just bought my first brand new iPhone from the Apple Store a few days ago. I got a big surprise when I called today. I called for tech support because of dropped calls. Apple Tech support stayed on the line when they called AT&T tech support.
The iPhone is not the best phone for your area.
3g is not supported well, there are many problems there.
They have not even scheduled when they will be building the proper equipment there.
The Chicago area, particularly Evanston,is not conducive to iPhone.
*** ? Is AT&T that bad? I am switching from Verizon, which is fine.
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spotlight doesn't work on iPhone 4 IOS5

spotlight doesnt work!!! It doesnt find contact using MAIL field or NOTES field or any other, expect NAME of contact!!!


Any sugestion ?


iPhone 4 with IOS 5.0

Doesn't work Ipod application on Iphone 3G

Im today installed upgrade 4.2 on my Iphone 3G. After restart my Iphone doesnt work with Ipod application. On screen view Ipod - blank content and no one buttons dont work on the touch ! whats problem ?
iOS 4

One external speaker doesn't work on new iphone

I only get sound out of the speaker on the left. The right one remains silent. I just got my iphone yesterday. What can I do to fix it? SHould I take it back and exchange it?

iPod function of iPhone 3G doesn't work

I couldnt find the solution during my search..
I was at a friends house today. I wanted to play a song on my iPhone through his computer. We hooked it up and iTunes started to sync. My friend grabbed the iPhone, unplugged it and rebooted the phone while it was rearranging the library (or something along those lines). Since then, the iPod function hasnt worked. It will start, but then close withing ~3secs. When I connect to iTunes, all of the songs are there, but theyre grayed out and I cant add, play or delete any of the songs on the iPhone. As far I know, everything on the phone is supposed to sync manually.
I have a backup from May, and I just finished backing up the phone right now.
Any ideas on how I might be able to fix the iPod function? If I had to, there isnt too much different from my May backup to now, but some. Of course, Im not even sure if that would work.
Thanks for any help.
PC iPhone OS 3.1.3

home button on iPhone 4 doesn't always work

My home button on my iPhone 4 doesnt always work. I would say 25% of the time I have to continually press on it to eventually get it to work. Often I have to restart the phone to get it to start working again.

My lightning conector doesn't work with my iPhone 5 what can i do

I need help, my lightning charger dont work with my iPhone 5 and i want to know what can i do in this case, the garanty can help me ?

Find my iPhone doesn't work - iOS 4

Until yesterday, with 3.1.3, find my iPhone worked. I update to iOS 4 my iPhone 3Gs and Find my iPhone doesnt work anymore. I tried to activate/discativate several times, I also reboot but nothing.
Anyone has same problem?
iPhone 3Gs iOS 4

iPhone vibrate doesn't work solved

Hey guy I found a solution for you.

I had the same problem with my iPhone 4 and I tried right below solution, check it out.



First of all, I tried all the solutions for the iPhone written other websites but It didnt work properly. Weak vibration. I even changed the vibrator with new one, but it didnt work. I tried my old vibrator with the other iPhone of my wife, it works in there perfectly. I think something wrong with the connection area of the vibrator. Problem is the phone.



Then I decided to solve it by myself. I open back cover of iPhone and first removed battery then the vibrator. And check if there is anything stocking the vibrator head then try to remove the ringer button from inside, clean around, and put everything back like vibrator and the battery. Finally you good to go. Vibration working like new one.



All of this try worked for me. I hope it works for you too. Give it a try and feedback. Thanks, good luck.

Iphone 4 Bricked DFU doesn't work

Okay so I decided to update my Iphone 4 and for some reason it failed and I got an error. Now my Iphone doesnt go on at all unless plugged into a PC. So Ive done a number of things to try and fix the issues of my Iphone with extensive research, ive tried the TinyUmbrella thing and it comes up with an unidentified phone. When I try to restore the phone from Itunes I dont see any information besides Iphone everything else like Serial, Capacity and Serial number say N/A. When I restore the phone, Itunes download OS 5 and it failed the first time, SO i downloaded version 4.5 which also failed. I played around with it for a while and got a bit further. Now when I try to restore the phone itunes actually gets pass the verifying process and into the restoring process, while in DFU mode (BLACK SCREEN) and then the moment it changes to restoring Iphone the phone restarts and goes into a boot loop. the phone by itself goes into a boot loop the moment I plug it in. So far I cant find a way to get around this. Ive tried 4 different OSs with 2 different PCs both 32 and 64 bits non work.

Any suggestions to how I can sort this out?

iPhone 4 with iOS7 camera doesn't work

Just got a iPhone 4 from my sister when she upgraded and updated it to iOS 7 and the camera doesnt work now. Is there anyway to get it to work?





iPhone 3G earphones remote doesn't work

My Apple remote earphones dont work even though i can still hear audio. Basically the remote pause and skip function has stopped working as has the mic. Any ideas?
iPhone OS 3.1.2

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