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iphone 5s says cannot connect to voicemail call your service provider for assistance

iphone 5s says cannot connect to voicemail call your service provider for assistance

iphone unlocked

After restore-cannot connect to voicemail-call AT&T

Help I restored my iPhone and now it says cannot connect to voicemail! It doesnt even tell me to call visual?
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iphone unlocked

service provider

does anyone know r there any other service providers for iphone besides AT&T
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Service Provider

When will the iPhone be available on other service providers? Its incredibly frustrating. I am a huge fan of everything Apple but this is a great disappointment. I refuse to switch to an inferior service provider just to get the iPhone. What is the logic behind this?
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New Zealand Service Provider

Im moving to New Zealand later this year and will be taking my iPhone with me. o2 have legally unlocked it for me and it works with other network sims.
I want to get the best use of my iPhone (data wise and visual voicemail) so want roughly the same deal im on in the UK, 600 mins unlimited texts unlimited data £25 on a 30 day rolling package. Ive had a look at the vodafone nz website and there doesnt seem to be anything similiar.
Do other networks supply iPhone plans or is it only vodafone in NZ?
If not, do vodafone do either a 30 day pay monthly plan like the one im on, couldnt spot it myself though or do they offer a pay and go iPhone plan?
Any help appreciated.
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iPhone 3Gs with Bell as the service provider feedbacks

Since november 4 2009 Bell is offering the iPhone , i have buy-it since all my services are from Bell
(TV , TEL , CELL , DSL).
Now i am searching any feedbacks from users and of course i am talking about Bell Canada.
Bell is offering 3 packages : Basic , Mid , Full and for my needs i have take the Mid package $75.
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change of service provider in India

(iphone) Can i change the network service provide in india , as there are two of them. airtel and vodafone. i want to change from vodafone to airtel . pls help

Will iphone 4 work with Airtel Service Provider if I buy it from us coz it's much expensive here

plz help me

How do you stop the phone from connecting to the service provider and downloading

My service provider says my phone is connecting with them and constantly downloading. It is running up my data plan bill. I am wondering if there is a way to switch that off or a way to make it stop?

Are there any problems purchasing an iPhone in the US and using it in Canada with a Canadian cell data service provider

Wondering if a particular iPhone operating system has to be purchased in US to make it compatible with Canadian networks?

How can i merge calls via iPhone 3 GS as my phone is not supporting to the call merge while call merging is available on my phone via my n w provider

Any one help me out in this?

unable to connect to https pages using mobile provider

HT1688 i have no sim showing up and when i do get service soon as i get a text or call i loose service and takes few minuets to come back

i keep loosing service and now it says i have no sim and wont get any service back

call is shown in voicemail but not in the call list

phone calls are usually shown in the call list and if someone leave a message it is shown as well in voicemail
if people leave a message its always shown in voicemail... but it happens that these calls are not shown in the call list...
that confuses me..
any ideas on this..

Today my phone was stolen so i called my service provider and had my account suspended then i found it at a pawn shop so i reactivated it however my phone says that it has no SIM and I am unable to send recieve any messages how can i fix it

Today while I was at work my phone was stolen. After unsuccessfully trying to track down the kids who had it, I called my service provider and asked them to suspend my account. A short time later, I found my phone at a local pawn shop and called to reactivate my phones service. The woman on the phone said that it should only take a few minutes to reactivate. However, a coworker also told me that whenever a theft gets reported to the service provider, apple puts your phones serial number on a list that disables yours phones re-enactment until the service provider confirms that the phone has been found. Im not sure if this is true, but my phone should have been working a few hours ago, and it still says that there is no SIM everytime I try to send a message. Should I just wait it out or is it more likely to be at the fault of my service provider?


Why I can't I use Visual Voicemail on AT&T Service

At this time, Visual Voice Mail with AT&T is down in some areas. AT&T knows about the issue and is working on getting it resolved per a rep I just spoke to.

After Restore Got Voicemail Without Service Contract

My old iPhone 3G doesnt have a service contract and in preparation of giving it to a friend, I erased all content and settings, then set it up as a new iPhone. Prior to doing this I was using it on wifi with various apps. My friend plans on doing the same and not get a service contract. After the restore though, I noticed the native phone app showed 3 voicemails. Prior to the restore it was a solid red dot, because of the no service contract. Is there a way to remove this so it doesnt show any voicemail? I am not sure why it does anyway.
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My iPhone doesn't call Voicemail but if I do it manually it works

I have two iPhone 4s with iOS 7.1 and Consumer Cellular(AT&T re-seller)


One phone works fine. The other one has some quirks.




For starters, it wont dial Voicemail. But I can manually dial Voicemail(i.e. my own phone number) and Voicemail works just great.


What could cause that?

How do you send a call to voicemail on the 4s

How do you send a call to voicemail on the 4s?

New iPhone 5 does not have visual voicemail When I tap the voicemail icon it just calls voicemail and prompts for the password

My new iPhone 5 does not show visual voicemail. When I tap the voicemail icon it calls voicemail and prompts me for the password. Im able to access voicemail this way I just dont get visual voicemail.

Is there a way to make a call goes direct to voicemail

I have a simple problem but sometimes when I don´t want to be disturb, I would like to make a contact goes direct to voicemail. Is that possible on iOs6?

Voicemail Unavailable message - every call

Whenever I finish speaking to someone on the phone, I go to end the call and the message Voicemail Unavailable keeps appearing on the screen.
Im not sure when it appears during the call as no noises are made, but its always there when i go to hang up. I have no messages waiting for me and I am getting voicemail when people leave it.
Has anyone got any idea why this keeps coming up?
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disable the voicemail section when missing a call

greeting. i dont know exactly how to word this, but when i miss a call the voicemail thing on the phone pops up?. i am new to the iphone and thus used to just pushing speeddial 1 to check my voicemail. when i do that on the iphone i get a message that someone is already logged in which i guess is the iphone. can anyone tell me how best to use this other voicemail thing on the iphone and/or disable it from being automatic?
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visual voicemail empty but when you call it says full

on my original iphone, my visual voicemail is empty. however, when a caller needs to leave a voicemail, it says that it is full. i have had the phone for awhile, so i know that this isnt a need to setup.
i checked the discussions, but wasnt able to find anyone with the same problem.
thanks for the help!
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still no alert every two minutes for missed call voicemail

Wow, with all the updates Apples been doing recently you would think they would have the two minute alert for missed call by now! We only get one chime two minutes after the missed call and thats it. God for bid you miss an important call/voicemail that somebody in your family is dying and they need to go to the hospital, or you need to pick somebody up thats stuck in the middle of the road somewhere. I hate checking my phone every 5 to 10 minutes to see if I missed a call, message or voicemail its annoying!

Can somebody please tell me why they dont have this feature, and why we cant have it?

TS3780 my iphone 4 is unable to connect when trying to set up a voicemail and i dont know how to fix it can someone help please

my iphone 4 will not keeps saying that my voicwmail is unable to connect, please try again later, what shal i do to get it back online ?

My iPhone 5 on EE 4G goes straight to voicemail when people call me and I'm connected to LTE Is there a solution to this other than turning off 4G

When I am connected to LTE (EE network) my iphone 5 goes straight to voicemail and I cant receive calls?!  Anyone know a solution to this problem?

Visual Voicemail has call back button in the middle of the screen

I just noticed this yesterday, my visual voicemail has the green call back button running across the middle of the screen, and no delete button whatsoever. I can still listen to my voicemail messages. Also, only the top half of where the call back button is located is receptive to touch. IE: It shows older voice messages below the call back button, but I cant access them.
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No able to connect to data service

I have an iPhone 3GS, and I get a message saying:
Could not activate cellular data network. You are not subscribed to a cellular data service.
i have an O2, pay as you go handset, and the 3G symbol is shown.
Any ideas?
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email will not send for several days need assistance

I have an email that will not send. Other emails have sent and received since then. Need to figure out a way to remove the email that is trying to send?
Where can I find the email that will not send and delete it?
Any advice?
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Turned off phone service will I get data charges How to connect iPhone to

Ive had to temporarily suspended my iPhones - phone service with ATT. Ive noticed that I can still connect to the internet, email and do all things data when connected to a wifi network, as well as make Skype calls with iPhone. Am I going to get charged for this data use?
In addition is there anyway I can connect iPhone, via wifi, to my mac for data/internet use? I have Airport and Bluetooth but dont seem to be able to connect the phone, though the computer recognizes and pairs it, it wont connect it via either pathway.
Is Airport just a receiver of a wifi signal or can it broadcast wifi; I dont have an Airport base station and have not used wireless in my home ever? I use a dsl modem to connect via ethernet to the internet. Is there a low cost way to broadcast my ethernet internet connection so that iPhone will pick it up?
Thanks so much
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  • iphone 5s says cannot connect to voicemail call your service provider for assistance

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