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iphone 5s voicemail password keeps popping up

iphone 5s voicemail password keeps popping up

iphone unlocked

New iPhone 5 does not have visual voicemail When I tap the voicemail icon it just calls voicemail and prompts for the password

My new iPhone 5 does not show visual voicemail. When I tap the voicemail icon it calls voicemail and prompts me for the password. Im able to access voicemail this way I just dont get visual voicemail.

iphone unlocked

Iphone 3GS keeps popping up with enter apple password

my mum has had this phone for 2 years now and everytime she unlocks the phone it comes up with enter apple password so she does and then it pops back up at least 3 times.

She then goes to play one of her games and the game loads to the menu and pops up with enter your apple ID & Password she writes it in and then it throws her out of the game.


Ive restored the phone

checked for updates and 6.01 is the current version

deleted the game and re-downloaded it

Ive made a completely new Apple ID

and none of it seems to work


Any suggestions?

voicemail asks for password; says password incorrect

This afternoon, I had an incoming call. I was busy, so I chose to let it go to voicemail. However, I have not been able to use the visual voicemail. When I touch that part of the Phone app, a screen quickly appears saying Password Incorrect: Enter voicemail password. I do not remember ever making a password- but if I did, I know I can call AT&T to get it again. The problem is that the pop-up just appeared today. I am one of those people that relies heavily on their voicemail, so I need to be able to access it.
Any help would be appreciated!
PS- I have not called AT&T yet, because I do not currently believe that the problem pertains to the network as much as it does the phone.
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HT1687 Got a replacement phone says I have to enter a voicemail password though I never had one I got the temp one and now it says to retrieve VM enter password and message where do I do that

Got a replacement phone, says I have to enter a voicemail password though I never had one. I got the temp one and now it says to retrieve VM enter password and message where do I do that?

iPhone 3g voicemail password a

I just reactivated my iPhone and it is asking for my voicemail password. Does anyone know what this could be?

voicemail Password on iphone

I have a password so hopefully my whole household cant listen to my voicemail...but it never prompts me to GIVE the password. it is always open. I tried changing password and it changed..but still no place does it say enter password before I can listen to the voicemail...... any help out there? thanks!
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Why do I keep seeing a voicemail password prompt on my iPhone

After uploading the latest iPhone operating, every time I use the phone, after I disconnect, I get a voicemail password prompt. How do I stop this? I have tried logging into voicemail using the old way of pressing 1, but what controls the prompt?
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My iPhone has a Voicemail password Incorrect message on it

This message now comes up EVERY time I use my phone, whether I have vocemail or not, and Ive never set a passworrd for my voicemail. It started with the new software download. Does anyone know how to make it stop? Thanks!
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iphone keeps asking for voicemail password after ios4 update

I updated to ios4 on my iphone 3gs. The only quirk that I havent been able to fix is that it asks for my voicemail password every time I go into the phone app. I dont have a voicemail password and I dont want one. Any thoughts on how to get this to stop?
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Voicemail password

Hi. Suddenly I am getting a pop up that says Password Incorrect Enter voice mail password, and I am not trying to access the voice mail.
My phone is running the latest OS.
Any help is appreciated.
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Voicemail password

Why does my 3Gs phone now ask me for a voicemail password when I log in. Ive never had a password for VM on my phone.
3GS iOS 4

Voicemail password

My new 3GS has started telling me that my voicemail password is incorrect. The problems are that this happens whenever I want to make a call and that this never happened on my previous iPhones. In addition, I dont recall setting a password for voicemail on the iPhone. Since Im traveling, I cant take it into an Apple store to have it checked out.
Any idea as to what I can do to stop the messages or should I just wait until I can take it into Apple?
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Voicemail password

I just upgarded to an iPhone 5 and now I am getting a prompt for a voicemail password. I dont recall ever setting a voicemail password so anything I enter of course is incorrect. Where is this password set? Thank you.

voicemail password

I installed the new OS4 on my 3G iPhone, and now I Im getting a prompt for a voicemail password - how can I get rid of that? Typing in the unlock password doesnt work.
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Password for voicemail

I updated my 3G software yeaterday & now it askes for password for voicemail which I have never set up. How do I disable and get access to my voicemail?
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Voicemail password after update

I have updated to the new OS4 software and have only one problem. So far my phone is working fine and I had no problems with the update itself. Phone is not slow, iPod works fine, etc... However, I keep getting a pop up box asking for my voicemail password, even if I dont have a new voicemail. It pops up constantly throughout the day. Any ideas ?
3GS iOS 4

Incorrect Voicemail Password

Okay, so after the 4.0 update my 3G keeps popping up with the message Password Incorrect enter voicemail password. The problem is I dont have a voicemail password and never did have one. I tried my iPhone lock password and the common 0000, but neither worked. I push cancel and it goes away, but will randomly pop up. I cant get any voicemail messages or listen to my greeting. If I push the question mark it says If you forgot your password, call AT&T for assistance.
what is the deal? If I call will they ask for a password, cause i dont know what to tell them.
I just updated to the 4.0.1 software, so thats done.
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Voicemail Password prompt

I keep getting a box requesting a voicemail password. It appears every time I try to make a call, etc. It is very annoying. It started happening once I loaded OS 4.01 onto my iPhone 3Gs.
Any solutions?
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TS4430 Cannot remember my voicemail password

I restored my phone to its original settings and now I cannot log into my voicemail.  I also cannot remember my voicemail password. How do I restart this set up process or retrieve my password?


Thanks in advance.

Incorrect Voicemail Password Notification

Is anyone else having a problem with the new update where an Incorrect Voicemail Password notification keeps popping up when you use the phone icon on your iPhone? We just downloaded the new software a couple of days ago and both my husband and I are having this problem and cant figure it out.
iPhone 3GS iOS 4

Upgraded to 4.2 - Voicemail Password Required

I updated my wifes iP4 to iOS 4.2.1 today. Now a dialog window keeps popping up asking for the Voicemail Password. She has not seen this dialog before today. She doesnt have a voicemail password. Shes not in the voicemail portion of the app. If she cancels the dialog she can continue. If she enters anything in the password field she can continue. The problem is that this dialog keeps popping back up. Second problem is that she wants me to fix it - now! I did restore her phone, but this did not resolve the problem. Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem?
I updated my iP4 to iOS 4.2.1 today with no known problems.
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The We're sorry we are unable screen keeps popping up after I restored my phone and updated to the new software the space bar the button for numbers and the button to the right of the space bar doesn't work so I put in my Wifi password on eit

I really need help!

HT2458 Why did AT&T add a password to voicemail

For no reason known to a seasoned iPhone user, as I setup my new iPhone 5, a popup asked for my voicemail password!  I have never had a voicemail password and had no idea what it was, so I entered some numbers that might be the one, but  iPhone just kept asking for this.  Never did it tell me it was wrong or Try again.  I finally called AT&T and they reset the PW and I should change it.  But WHY Is there any need for this to be different than the iPhone 4 or 4S, with all the added frustration. 


Maybe there is a logical reason for such a password, as it allows one to get voice messages from any phone.  Maybe this service has value, but might that be better served with an OPT IN or OPT OUT question during the setup rather than the confusion with a one answer dialog box.


Comment welcome!

Password Incorrect appears when trying to access voicemail

I am not getting my voicemail. Instead, when I tap voicemail, a prompt appears which says Password Incorrect--Enter voicemail password. I have no idea what my voicemail password is/was, so it wont let me create a new one when I go the change password in settings. What now?

Popping sound when locking iPhone

Hi, I just got my iPhone replaced by apple for the second time, Everything works fine except for when after I make a call or receive a call and I go to lock my phone, Instead of the normal lock sound I get this popping sound. When I wake my phone up and unlock it, there is no sound even when I lock it again. Only thing Ive found that helps is putting the headphones in and out and resetting the phone but when i go to make/receive a call then put the phone to sleep, the popping sound comes back. Is it a defect with the hardware? Since my previous two phones never did this, I dont wanna go back to apple asking for another phone.
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Notification keeps popping up

I have an iPhone 3GS (if that matters).  And a notificaiton keeps popping up on the screen saying something like this accessory is not optimized for iPhone,etc.      Also from time to time (esp when I open my camera for some reason ?) it asks me for my itunes password.


Does anyone know how to keep this thing from popping up every 20 seconds?   And also should I be entering my iTunes password when it asks.   I usually hit cancel cause I dont want to type it in.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you.

iPhone battery has expanded popping the screen and the motherboard off

So this morning I woke up and took my iPhone off the dock - Immediatley I noticed it hadnt charged overnight and was at about 36% - I thought there was something up with the Dock - So I tried it out with my Touch - Worked fine, I leave my iPhone in the house and go out shopping - when I come back The screen has popped off and the battery looks hugely expanded I.Imgur.com/5XNwQ - it wasnt on charge at the time and the phone is about 2 years old.


Will apple do anything to fix this seeing as it seems like a defect with the battery?



Also - is this thing dangerous? I dont want to keep it in the house if it has a risk of exploding.

Wrong Apple ID's keep popping up on phone

At one point in time, my brother, sister, and I all shared one computer. We shared all of our music because of this. We no longer share music libraries. On my iPhone now, their IDs keep popping up asking for their passwords even though I dont have any of their music in my iPhone library. How do I delete their Apple IDs from my phone so that it will stop popping up?


How to stop reminder message from popping out

iPhone 3G running iOS 4.0.1
I dont have a 3G connection in my plan, so I turned the cellular data off. Now, every time Im doing something on my iPhone and Im somewhere far from Wifi a message pops up each time reminding me that Cellular Data is Turned Off, go the settings to enable it.
Is there a way to prevent this message from popping out? Its really annoying.
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How to stop SMS messages from popping up on screen for everyone to see

Cant the iphone be set to alert a user to an SMS without the message itself popping up on to the screen for everyone near the phone to view? This could be...disconcerting.....
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