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iphone activation without original apple id

iphone activation without original apple id

iphone unlocked

iphone 3g and original apple in-air headphones

Im buy apple in-air headphones with remote control about 6 mounth ago.
Microphone work fine, im can play/stop/rewind music, but volume control not work.
Today im install on phone last software 3.1.3 but it not help.
On russian site about it wrote : remote control supports iPod nano 4generation, iPod classic 120 Gb ,iPod touch 2-generation and iPhone 3GS.
So, what about iphone cant use volume control? Or its can?
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iphone unlocked

Do Apple replace my original iPhone 4S headphones if the plastic is getting away

Do Apple Store replace my original iPhone 4S headphones as the plastic is getting away. My iPhone is still in the original 1-year warranty.

Thank you

Apple to remove sim lock once original commitment has been fulfilled

Now that the Original iPhone 2G is coming up to 2 years, a lot of the people who purchased it, have their contracts expiring. Therefore they would legally own their iPhones and can do what they want with it.
I have heard that other phone/mobile carriers remove the lock once the original commitment has been fulfilled. Does that mean towards July 2009, Apple might in fact remove the SIM lock on the iPhones with the serial numbers that surpass the 2 year mark?
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i already upgrade to iOS 6.1.3 but cant pass through the iphone Activation it always say activation server is temporarily unavailable help me

i buy from my friend. but the Safari explorer and Weather forcast seems to be crashed. so i made a decission to upgrade to iOS 6.1.3...

Is Apple able to change an iPhone 3G Baseband 6.15 back to its' original baseband

I was giving an iPhone 3G whose baseband was switched to an iPads baseband of 06.15 and I would like to get it back to its original baseband.

TS3424 Hi i recieve this messege Your iPhone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable i tried all options in this article http support.apple.com kb ts3424 but the messege continue to appear on iphone3 during upd

Hi i recieve this messege Your iPhone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable. i tried all options in this article http://support.apple.com/kb/ts3424 ,but the messege continue to appear on iphone3 during update to ios6

HT4623 I have an apple 3GS phone .I connected to iTunes while updating from 4.1 version after the updation has been completed it's coming unable to activate iPhone because the activation server is temporarily unavailable.I connected to iTunes but

My iPhone cannot be activated can u tell me the reason.

HT5014 The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported The SIM card that you currently have installed in this iPhone is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activation

please give me suggeston

How to Check If an iPhone Is Original Read more How to Check If an iPhone Is Original

is there any way to check the serial number from Mac official websit ?

I change my apple id because i forget my password to my previous apple id but the problem evertime i update my app store my previous apple id still existing even i have already new apple id

I change my apple id because i forget my password to my previous apple id but everytime i update my app store my previous apple id still existing even i have new apple id already

Please do a recall on Apple iphone 4 and 4s Chargers is this an APPLE call or cell phone company problem Apple please help I I take excellent care of my wall charger and it unravel where the charger is attached to the Apple iphone call can u help

Dear community Happy New Year .listen I have a Apple Iphone 4s:I have had this as a gift since may 2012.Its good,but my daughter and about 10 other people I know are having problems with their wall chargers in home and maybe even mobile im not sure.I especially take great care in disconnecting my device and removing the cord when not in use. the wear and tear cannot be that often to cause this damage we are all having !The cord on the charger is unravelling from the base where the apple iphone is attached when or while charging. I have use the cord in very bad conditions because #one I cannot afford to replace this item at the OFFICIAL APPLE STORE so Im guessing people like myself is going to discount stores to make purchase of chargers they most likely not work! I have tried 3 and none work spending anywhere from $8.00-$15.00 dollars. Im also concern about the fact that a lot of CHILDREN who must most likely go un supervised on using this unravelled IPHONE CHARGER CORD  when their parents maynot be aware. I not the voltage may not be of that large in which someone could cause shock or harm Im not certain of this either, However theres always a first Im asking can you either number one recall these chargers via Apple Corportation or two these cell phone companies who sell your product make them accountable for this .I learned today through Apple that the cell phone companies that sell Apple product use 3rd parties material to produce these mobile and home wall chargers and that they are not made by APPLE CORPORATION I WAS VERY UPSET TO KNOW THIS !I am asking you APPLE  to look into this very important concern that not just me but other consumers may have before their is an injury. also if you sell a $500.00 product thats MADE IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY CERTAINLY YOU CAN INCLUDE A GENIUNE CHARGER WITH YOUR APPLE PRODUCT WHEN SOLD IN CELL PHONE COMPANIES STORES AND STRIP MALLS ACROSS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND SURELY PEOPLE ARENT AWARE THAT THE REAL PRODUCT IS ONLY AT THE APPLE STORE EVEN IF THIS IS TRUE !  ps I called the apple store today to get a replacement they wanted to charge me would only offer me a $1.25 cent discount ! IST THIS WHAT APPLE PAY TO HAVE OTHER COUNTRIES MAKE THE IPHONE? THANKS APPLE FOR HEARING MY

CONCERNS....mpena309@gmail.com   or mybigoboy@icloud.com

what to do with original iphone 2g 8 gb

I have an iphone 3gs, 32 gb ordered and the original iphone. My ipod nano 4gb just died (old one), so I have some choices to make about my iphone 2g:
1. Sell it, no idea how much what with 3gs at 99.00.
2. Make it my new ipod.
3. Use it as my developer iphone (obviously limited due to old hardware).
4. Unlock it and play with that.
5. ?
Any ideas?
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original iPHone

i have the original iPhone and my contract ends sometime this month. does that mean i get the new contract pricing for the 3Gs? or do i have to pay at&ts extra fees?
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Original iPhone

The original iPhone I bought 1 year ago is the worst phone I have every had. Part At&t service it AWFUL. I get at least 3-6 dropped calls daily and when they are not dropped, people tell me they cant hear me, there is static or broken words. I cannot receive ANY calls in my apartment in Emeryville, CA. I miss my client call ALL the time. I am wondering 2 things:
(1) Does Apple plan to drop its contract with At&t when their time is up with them? If so, when is this? (considering if I will switch back to Verizon), and
(2) Has anyone experienced improved service and phone reliability when they went from the original iPhone to the 3G?
btw, I live in a major metropolitan area - San Francisco/Berkeley. I lose calls driving down Martin Luther King. I cannot get any service in 2 local cafes, where everyone else is talking on their Blackberries!
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Original iPhone to 3g

Thinking about upgrading. I am under the impression that the 3g doesnt come with the AC plug. Does the cable and plug from the original iPhone work for the 3g? Does the 3g come with headphones?
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3.0 should not have been recommended for original 3g iphone

This software is just too much for the original 3.0, it has slowed my iphone to an unacceptable pace. Can I revert back to the original software?
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upgrade from original iphone to 3G

I had the first generation iPhone and I just bought the 3G.. when I was synching the new one.. it asked ifI wanted to restore the information from the old phone.. I said yes.. does it change anything? shouldve i said synch as a new phone? Thank You

Apps on the original iPhone

Hey, I have the original iPhone with the 3.0 software... For some reason, everytime I try to use an app like Tap Tap, it comes up on the screen then it goes back to the home screen. This is the same with all of the other apps on my iphone. How do I resolve this?
Thanks for your time!
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A2DP and original iPhone

Hi All,
I just bought the Altec Lansing BackBeat 903/R bluetooth headphones. When I paired it with my original headphones, they work with the phone but not with the music from the iPod function on the phone. The manual says that I need A2DP in the iPhone to work. Is that included with the original iPhone. I cant seem to find an answer anywhere.
original 16 Gb iphone iPhone OS 3.1.2

Upgrade from Original iPhone

I have an original iPhone and it says on AT&T that I can get a discounted upgrade. Does anyone know how much this would be?
Also do you know if any AT&T dealers still have an 8G White iPhone for Sale?
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Switching from original to 3g iphone

well, my original iphone broke today. it fell out of my pocket when i was fishin and went in the water. i got the phone out and it didnt work, but i have the sim card from it out. do i need to just buy an iphone 3g and put my old sim card in? or do i have to start a new contract? and is there a price difference in the 3g phone and original phone? just all the information you can give me about switching phones will help. thanks!

Original iPhone AT&T question

Hello everyone,
Ive had my original iPhone since August of 2007. I was practically given another original iPhone a few weeks ago. My wife and I are on a family plan with at&t now, but were considering switching her to the other iPhone to use. I know that the cost for the new 3g/month is different than the original/month - does anybody know what the cost is for 2 original iPhones on a family plan? Will it inlcude the txt or does everyone now pay extra for txting? Thanks for your time!
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original iphone 8gb

does anyone know if the original iphone is capable of picking up 3g network, i have given mine to my daughter but need to know if it is worth getting an iphone tariff with internet access.
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No original box for iPhone 4

So I was finally able to get an iPhone 4 that my mom bought from her local at&t store and the sales girl said they didnt come in the original box. I also thought you would activate them at home for new service just like the previous models, but they activated it at the store. Any one have this problem or is it total bs. Will I be able to take the phone and receipt with me and exchange it for one new in a box at my local store?
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Original iPhone Locked Up

Unable to reset or power down original iPhone in any way. Also, when I try to enter my passcode none of the numbers are accepted. I can receive incoming calls and messages though.
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3.0 features not available on original iPhone

Read a post some time ago that certain features will not work with the original iPhone. GPS is certainly one, what are the others?
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No MMS on Original iPhone

Can anyone explain to me from a technical standpoint why the original iPhone wont support MMS? The last thing I heard was it was because the processor was not powerful enough. Powerful enough for what?! That sounds bogus to me. If its a slower processor, then it just takes a little longer to manipulate the picture...
And come on... I can attach a photo to an e-mail and send it! Why cant I send it via MMS? I can capture video and play video already on the phone. Further, the iPhone 1st generator is capable of manipulating audio in real time (see SMULE products, and maybe others) but it cant do a non-real-time upload of a video or image?
Im calling shenanigans.
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Switching to 3G-S from an original iPhone

Should I download the 3.0 software for my original iPhone before I make the switch to the iPhone 3G-S?
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iPhone Activation

I have just reinstalled my laptop with Windows 7. Whenever I connect my iPhone to my computer it asks for the activation of my computer although it has been activated before. It even uses my old email adress which is out of date for more than two years now. After the activation it says that the computer has already been activated and everything works fine. Any Ideas of what I can do to stop this continual harrassment?
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iPhone Activation

hi,. im new here. I just upgraded my iPhone(1st.gen) to v.3.1.3 and I dont know how to activate it,. I mean do I need to have that AT&T sim card ? where do you get that ? Im not from USA by the way.,
it says that, the SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported.
pls help. o_O tnx.!
iPhone (1st gen.) Windows 7 Activation

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