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iphone battery drain after upgrade to ios 7

iphone battery drain after upgrade to ios 7

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Enormous battery drain after 3.01 upgrade

guys and gals,
anyone of you experiencing a huge spike in battery drain after upgrading to firmware 3.01? On 3.0 my iphone 3gs had no probs but after my upgrade last night he ran out of juice within a few hours while I was sleeping. This morning I recharged it but an hour later the phone is allready down to 80% and feeling warm. I guess there is something running in the background but I cant figure out what. Turning the phone on/off doesnt seem to do a thing. Any ideas or personal experiences?
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Why does my iPhone 5 battery drain so fast aft the latest upgrade

Why does my iPhone 5 battery drain so fast after the latest upgrade?

Battery Drain on IPHONE 4s after IOS 6.1.3

I am on IOS 6.1.3 64Gb IPHONE 4s. Battery drains within 1/2 day with the same amount of use as prior to 6.1.3 install.

What is the issue and are there any pointers on what to do to prevent the battery drain?

iOS 6.1.2 Battery Drain on iPhone 5

Updated my iPhone 5 to iOS 6.1.2 a few hours ago, and I feel that my iPhone 5s battery life has gotten ALOT worse than when it was on iOS 6.1.1 (although battery life was pretty bad there too). Phone was 100% after a full battery charge, 95% after recieving a 3minute call (WiFi & cellular off). Played Subway Surfers for a few minutes, battery went down from 95% to 89%. Phone is now currently on 71% with ---- USAGE: 35 minutes STANDBY:  1hour







Also, phone is a bit warm. This hasnt happened with the previous iOS updates. I updated through iTunes by the way.

iPhone 4 - ios 4.3 - Battery Drain

Hello all,Ive upgraded my iPhone4 to IOS 4.3. After doing so, Ive done a full charge (after it completely drained). I unplugged it at 10:00 AM today and by 16:00 the battery was down to 50% (with basically no usage during the day). I have push, bluetooth, wi-fi, Hotspot, Location Service disabled. I also disabled Ping on iTunes, re-sync the phone and done the Restrictions Disable Ping.It is still draining a lot of battery as none of these above solved the problem.What can I do? The phone is going to be 2 months old...

Ios 6.1.4 battery drain

Downloaded last night, went to bed with 96% battery woke up 6 hours later to 1% battery! Never happened till I updated. Anyone else?

Ios 6.1.2 still has battery drain

Ios 6.1.2 is still having battery life issues on iPhone, anybody else having battery drains?

iOS 6.1.3 Battery Drain

Once again having a drainage issue from iOS 6.1.3!!! This is horrible! EXTERMINATE THE BUGS!

Does ios 7 drain iPhone 4 battery and make it slower

Answers from ios 7 iPhone 4 users would be much appreciated.

iPhone 4 iOS 5.1 Battery Drain Major progress for me

Extreme battery drain after updating my iphone 5 to iOS 6.1.2

Is there any reason why the iphone 5 battery is draining so fast after updating to iOS 6.1.2?, before this update my battery was working perfectly

iOS 4.1 battery drain understood

So I went to the Apple Store locally today to have my iPhone 4 examined for the post iOS 4.1 battery drain and heat issue.
It took about 90 seconds for them to identify an issue and replace my phone. Apparently the 4.1 update changes the modem software rev and actually creates a background process that is unnamed and never stops. Its a bug apparently.
My iPhone 4 was one of the original 600,000 sold on day one. In fact, mine was delivered the day before the release. I am thinking the first phones might be more susceptible to this.
So, the replacement is running 4.0.2 and the older modem FW rev and is absolutely wonderful again. No 4.1 until this issue is resolved.
Point is, there is an actual issue with SOME of the phones, so dont let anyone tell you youre wrong and you shouldnt have to disable ANYTHING to use your phone normally.
The guys at my local store were very helpful and interested in this issue.
Anyway, if youre troubled by the battery drain, take your phone back and let them try to identify if yours is affected. After all, if we want the bugs fixed, we need to let them know and this forum really wont do that.
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Hello anyone have solution of battery drain on ios 7.0.4

Hello everyone i have very dengrous issue of battery drain on my iphone 4s, 5 and 5s gold running on ios 7.0.4 can anyone have solution of this problem

iOS 6.1 Battery Drain Problem

I have noticed an increased amount of draining from my iPhone 4, ever since the new iOS 6.1 was released yesterday morning. I have only used minor iMessaging and my battery has seemed to drop a percentage every two minutes or so just in standby. It is sad to say that the Battery Bugs have not been removed and this problem needs to be resolved. Who else is experiencing drainage?

Why does my battery drain so fast Now that i have the IOS 5 I am using a iphone 4 should i restore and reinstall

anyone else have this problem

it started happening after  I downloaded the new software also my battery gets very hot when charging with wall charger

i took it into my local apple store in Calgary they checked battery did there test thing said its fine

Major Battery drain after iOS 7.1 update 5c

I believe there are numerous threads in regards to battery drain issues after applying the iOS 7.1 update, but ive seen no real fix yet.

Before the update I could go to work with a 100% charge and leave work on the afternoon with about 50-60% left when finishing work.

After the update, its dead even before i finish work. For example, yesterday my phone was at 100% at 10am when i started work and died at 4:30 pm(!).

I only used phone to check about 20 mins of facebook, check some mails and send a few sms, no calls at all (that i usually have). How on earth can my phone drain this quick ! It worked perfectly fine before this update..


Im tired of reading possible fixes that involves disabling this and that fuction, like parrsalax, back app, auto brightness or whatever it now can be - I had the same setting before the update, why should I now have to reduce the function of my phone becuse Apple made a bugged update?


Ive contacted Apple support, and they suggested trying a firmware reset (again) but without restoring my backup.

iOS 6.1.2 Battery Drain Issue Test

My iPhone battery was good up to iOS 6.0.1, with 5 hours of usage (2G) and even up to 5 days on standby! After upgrade to 6.1, it loses 2~3% battery every hour on standby (Wi-Fi and 3G off) and only lasts for 1 to 2 hours of usage before dead. It is not as bad as some who report losing 10% of battery every hour on standby, but to me, the battery life has reduced to a quarter.


I have gone through many suggestions and solutions from reset and restore to using old backups and so on, but none of them worked.


With my recent test, I am almost sure that the bug is in iOS. I charged the phone to 100%, unplugged it and set the Airplane Mode to ON and guess what? It is 5 hours now and the battery is still on 100% of charge!


I am using 2G network and the signal in my area is very good (full antenna). I think the problem is in communicating with the BTS towers and nothing related to apps or settings.


It is obvious that the Airplane Mode saves battery, but in recent iOS updates, its 2G network that ***** battery more than usual.


Are any of you with battery drain issue have tested this or may test it and report the results?

IOS-5 battery power drain issue

Did somebody notice a major power drain issue after iOS5 upgrade on iPhone4? Last night at midnight, it was ~90% charged. In the morning, it was 37% charged. By noon, it was dead. I didnt make even 1 call during this time. Connected to Wi-Fi at home and strong 3G signal. Bluetooth is off, location services are off, all that stuff. The same phones battery would last for 40 hours with my normal usage with IOS 4.3.5. Anybody knows if any specific feature of iOS5 is causing this battery drain?

iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1 battery drain partially resolved with push turned off

A week ago I realised that my phone was heating up rapidly and my battery was being drained alarmingly fast before days end. I used to go a whole day and would only hit 50% battery use.


After some research, reading and testing of my own, I can say with some certainty that after turning off the push notification and location services on my phone battery life has dramatically improved returning to pre update performance and the overheating has ceased.


This is by no means a fix, as I believe the problem is far from resolved but rather a temporary solution until apple can identify and resolve the problem. I that this would help whomever is out there experiencing the same problem.


Apple we need a fix for this problem asap as we should not have to limit the functionality of our phone due to some buggy code.

IOS 5 rapid battery drain including in sleep mode springboard crashes FIX

Iphone battery life drain or not drain

Okay .. i like to preserve my iphone battery life and lifespan longer. My iphone 3G settings has 3G off, Wifi off, Bluetooth off, Push off, 1 min Auto-lock, Auto-brightness off, and brightness about 10%. I try not overcharge it .. I keep it charged for about 2 hours or 2 hours and half.
What confuse me is to drain or not drain the battery completely before charging? Should I charge it when battery is drained (it shows battery picture)? Or Should I charge it when the battery is low (it shows the 10% battery message)?
PS: In the link, http://www.apple.com/batteries/iphone.html , on Use Iphone Regularly is not clear to me.

iPhone 3G battery drain

My iPhone 3Gs batter has been draining at an alarming rate for the past couple of days. Is this because my battery is simply old and dying (Ive had my iphone for about a year), or is there something I might have done thats making it drain so quickly all of the sudden?
For example, just last night I charged it to 100% and took if off the charger thinking I was going to use it but just went to bed instead. When I woke up (approximately 8 hours later) my phone was dead. I used to be able to go the entire day constantly using my phone and the battery barely reach 50%, so I dont understand how the battery performance could just decrease so dramatically overnight.
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iPhone 4 battery drain even while standby.sometimes

Hi,I think we should change the topic / subject to--iPhone 4 battery drain even while standby..sometimesBy checking the usage hours one could observe that it goes up even though on standby..not all the time though.My first 1-3 days of use after a full charge was good, dont see usage hours going up. Once I received a text message and if I left it without reading it for a while and later upon checking I started to see usage hours shoot up even though it went to standby after receiving that text message (or did it? screen did go off).This doesnt look like a battery issue to me...its more to event triggered but Im not sure.Ill submit this to the feedback page as well and wait for a fix.Other observations..1. Experienced this behavior in iOS 4.2.1, 4.3 and 4.3.1 within a span of few months2. First notice this issue after enabling Calendars synchronization in Exchange while still with iOS 4.2.1. Turning Exchange Calendars off did not help.3. Obviously upgrading iOS doesnt fix it yet.Apple case reference: 212050695P.S. Does Steve know about it?

50 battery drain in 45 mins iPhone 4S

Got a new iPhone 4S in May this year. The battery life even before IOS 6 was bad but now its horrendous. As I type this its used 50% battery in 45 mins. I have turned brightness down, turned off all unnecessary notifications and iCloud and even deleted facebook app. What can I do to fix this. For a phone that cost £500 I would expect better! Any help will be gratefully received. Is there anyway I can speak to someone at apple? I dont know how to go about this and the nearest apple store is a 45 min drive from us!

iPhone 4 Battery Drain not because of 4.3.1 update

Ive had my iPhone on 4.3.1 since the day it came out and it has worked perfectly as it has in the past. Today i took my iPhone off my charger in the morning and about an hour later it had lost 20% battery. I charged it back to 100% and later in the day took it with me and a few hours later i noticed that i only had 22% left, surprised, i turned it off so it would last till i got home but when i turned it on half an hour later it had lost all but 6% while it was completely off. I dont think it has anything to do with the iOS since it has been fine the past few weeks. I havent updated anything on it recently either (no new apps etc) I also had all apps closed. My iPhone was also somewhat warmer than normal today. Anyone have a similar problem or know what is wrong with my phone.
any help appreciated, thanks
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possible reason for battery drain in iphone 4S

my view could be bizzare but i would like the guys working at apple to check / find out whether  the possible reason for the battery drain  is - leakage of power through some internal metal earthing or any metal area near the battery touching the metal body part which is killing the battery when in i phone is being used. this could be a problem in some or all phones. earthing causes the battery to leak power there by resulting in battery charge getting used up.


i am saying this bcoz some times  i feel a kind of jews on my fingers when a little sweaty.


would like to know whether others using iphone 4S have experienced  this  kind of feeling  of jews on their fingers

iPhone 3GS Battery Drain 4.3.1

For some reason i have 4.3.1 and lately, overnight my battery has been draining 20% +, it drains fast even if am in airplane mode. I have no apps running.

How do I fix the battery drain on my iPhone 4

Anybody have major battery drain with ions 5.0.1?

Iphone intense battery drain

Iphone 3G

6.15 Baseband

Tried 4.2.1, 4.0, 3.1.2, 3.1.2, 2.2

My iphone is draining battery like ****! Tried SAM,

Push doctor,

Activating with original sim,

deleting some launch daemons,

turning off push and data access,

signing out of App Store,

Restored almost 30 times over past 60 days,

Reinstalled baseband many times,

Erased all content and settings

I never ever installed anything on iphone


I restored to firmware activated with original sim and still i see my battery 100..99..98..97..95..90...% in front of my eyes.


I turned on Airplane mode.. Still draining battery


No data usage is shown and correct stats are shown in Usage


Killed processes using Terminal..


I dont use mail app, itunes app


Battery drains..


It is my costly paper weight


Also Warranty is already ended of Iphone 3G


Help please

iphone battery drain and warm

Hello experts, i recently bought my first iphone 4 from best buy four days ago
i was really excited but i noticed that it drains battery quickly
i left it at 100% one night and when i woke up it was 97%
when i used it i played angry birds, nfs shift, and gti, (it lagged a little) all for around 15 minutes i played but not continuously, and then i surfed the web on 3g for about 4 minutes after that battery went down to 82%
and the battery gets warm when i play games like nfs, and while charging but not too warm
this is my first iphone i dont know whether i should take it back to best buy or not,
Any help would be greatly appreciated Thx
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