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iphone contacts disappear then reappear

iphone contacts disappear then reappear

iphone unlocked

Text messages randomly disappear reappear

Hey -

For a while Ive been having a problem with my iPhone 3G. All my text messages will disappear from the phone. Sometimes they come back for a short time before disappearing again. While theyre invisible, I cant recieve new texts either, and when they come back some (but not all) of the texts Ive been sent in the meantime are visible. Ive tried restarting the phone in a few different ways, all of the obvious stuff. Its very annoying. Im probably going to upgrade to an Android device soon, but until then I was wondering if theres any way for me to see my text messages at least vaguely reliably. Theres no software update available either; Im at 6.1.3 which I believe is as far as Apple supports the 3G.

iphone unlocked

contacts disappear

my cintacts list unexpectedly disappears

contacts and calendar items disappear when exchange server is off

Hi All
Ive been having this problem for a few weeks now and its most frustrating. My iphone is setup to sync over the air to our corporate exchange server. It seems that when the server is down for repair/patching ALL my contacts and calendar items disappear from my iphone. This doesnt seem to happen if the phone is out of signal?
I know that I can sync directly with Outlook, however this would then mean that the phone is only updated when synced with my laptop at work. If I sync both over the air AND with Outlook, I get duplicates of everything in my calendar.
Im not restoring my iphone to factory defaults to get rid of the duplicates and go back to over the air sync only.
Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get calendar and contacts to work offline when the exchange server is down?
Main PC is running Windows 7 and exchange is 2007. This problem is only recent, I think in the last month of two. Nothing has changed other than the last few firmware updates from Apple.
Dell Inspirion E6500 Windows Vista

GMail Issue Deleted Drafts reappear when I refresh safari

I use Gmail.com in Safari for emailing and the Mail app just for the notifications.
I deleted a draft in Safari and when I refresh it, the draft reappears.
I thought it might be an IMAP issue or Gmail itself. Its not. The issue is with safari.
Heres others having the same issue:

Deleted pics reappear New pics don't show up

I took 3 pics today fine then went to delete them from camera roll, but when I go back into camera roll the 3 pics are back in there. Weird thing is new pic I take or save show up as the camera roll thumbnail but when I open camera roll the new pic is not there, just the 3 pics I deleted previously.
Please help as right now the camera is useless on my shiny new 3G iPhone.
Mac OS X (10.5.6)

My photos disappear from iPhone and iPad

Please help, my photo do not seem to appear in my camera roll

Keyboard dose not disappear IPhone 4s IOS 5.1

In some situation when you change spotlight search to home screen on IPhone 4s with IOS 5.1 the keyboard dos not disappear, and persist on home page and other application pages, only powe off/on the phone can help for this issue, but it comes back again after while, this is an apple IOS bug, is there any permenent solution for fixing this annoying bug ?


PS : this bug is also exist in perviouse versions of IOS.

iCal Events Created in iPhone disappear

When I try to create a new event or modifcy an existing event in my iPhone it disappears or reverts to the version created on my iMac.
Any clues?
MacBook Pro, iMac Mac OS X (10.5.1)

Contact Disappear

My last sync erased my contacts...
My address book has data but doesnt sync.
Any suggestions?
Imac 24 Mac OS X (10.5.3) 24" imac, 3GB, 500 HD,

Notes - disappear on iphone and wind up in both INBOX in Mail and REMINDERS

Is that the normal process for notes? I used to use iphone Notes much like sticky notes on my mac, now the notes all go to Mail and while that is fine, I dont want to lose them on the iphone and I would like the to go only to Reminders, not Inbox... if I delete them from Inbox, they disappear everywhere.
I must have made some setting wrong and I cant find it.
Can anyone tell me where I veered off the main road ?
Macbook pro, iMac, iPhone, iPad Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Mail New Emails Disappear When Selected Using iPhone MacBook Pro etc

My install of 2.2.1 on the iPhone went fine and the phone seems to run as it always has - very well. However, since the update last week there have been 3 instances when an email message sent to my .Mac email address has disappeared. All three times I would hear the ding of an email on my iPhone first (before my MacBook Pro alerted me) and tap the Mail icon which had the usual red 1 indicating a message was unread. Each time I launched Mail Id see the message and first 4 lines of it in list view for about 1 or 2 second. Then it would disappear before I could tap it to open the whole message. I looked through every folder of my .Mac email account but could not find any of these messages anywhere whether looking in the iPhone, my MacBook Pro or the webmail browser interface. Not sure if its iPhone version 2.2.1 related, Apple server realted, or something else, but it never occured before the upgrade. Im running OS X 10.5.6 with all the current fixes that Apple has pushed out and only have my .Mac email account configured in Mail, no other Gmail, Yahoo, MSN or whatever. Seems odd and a bit troublesome as two of the missed messages were somewhat important work related messages I wanted to receive. Anyone else had this happen or at least hazard a guess as to what the deal might be?
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Scared to sync to Outlook will my iPhone calendar appts disappear

Just upgraded to Outlook 2007 from useless Windows Mail, and I am worried about syncing my phone to the Outlook calendar. Will my iPhone appointments be erased when I sync it to my empty Outlook calendar? I have the most current version of the iPhone OS, itunes, etc. I just dont want to lose everything from the calendar on my iPhone, but I would really like to have the two calendars synced (through USB).
Thanks for any advice or additional tips you may have!!
3Gs Windows Vista Outlook 2007

MMS settings disappear

Hi, my mms settings disappear every time i go out of the settings menu. I keep entering them and every time i go out the APN, user and password settings disappear thus i cannot send or receive. Should this be happening?
iPhone iPhone OS 3.0

emails disappear without sending

Ive recently started getting a problem with my iPhone: I write an email, hit send, and then the email just disappears. Doesnt get sent, doesnt go into a waiting outbox, just disappears into the ether. It seems to happen when I have a weak (or no) internet connection, but it used to be the case that it would just save the message in an outbox. Thats not happening any more. Its incredibly annoying as I deal with my emails while  on the train, and now I can never be quite sure whether the signal is strong enough for the message to send, or if its just going to disappear when I try to send it.


Can anyone help?

Gmail e-mails disappear

Ive used GMail without a problem until recently. Now, old e-mails are no longer visible in my inbox, but I can see them there through Safari. The iphone e-mail function just makes it look like they dont exist.
I am currently using MS Exchage so that I have my calendar and contacts. When I link this account through the GMAIL option, I do not have this problem.
Any help appreciated.
3G iOS 4

Weather icon disappear

I have never jailbreak my new iPhone 4, but after I have sent a email out, I jumped back to the home screen, I notice the Weather Icon disappeared. Restart and reboot my phone, but still cant get it back.
Anyone know how to restore this app without a complete restore?
Macbook Pro Mac OS X (10.6.4) iPhone 4, iPad

Voiceover causes screen to disappear on iphone 3gs 32gb with IOS4 upgrade

As title says really - when I triple-click to engage voiceover or when I turn it on from the settings menu, the screen simply goes blank. Voiceover works but no screen until I triple-click again. I have tried closing down all applications and re-booting but still the same.
This is a never-been-jailborken iphone in very good condition and about 18 months old and Ive had it from new. Any clues?
Many thanks,

Mail Messages arrive then disappear

My emails are being pushed to my 3g iPhone but they almost immediately disappear from my Inbox. Any solutions?
iMac Mac OS X (10.5.4)

Texas Hold'em suddenly disappear

I dont know if its just me but why is it that almost all my apps are not functioning as i expected? especially this Texas Holdem, everytime i open the app it will suddenly goes back to home. i tried deleting it on my ihpone and itunes library but still the problem persist. i even reset my iphone 3G but it did not solve the problem. This also happens to my other apps like moto chaser and ifish. Adrenaline Poker is the only apps that is not affected by this problem and seems working properly so far. Who could anyone explain this to me? This problem is driving me nuts!!!
macbook Mac OS X (10.4.11)

MMS disappear after instaling ios 4

After instaling ios 4 no MMS on Iphone 3gs! Even when I go in settings>mesages no icon for mms turn on/of! Please help me to fix it!
ibm iOS 4 x60

safari disappear upon mail account set up

I have problems with my iphone 4 as my safari disappeared suddenly. I restored my phone as i tried resetting my home screen and enabling restrictions. However when i set up my mail account, the safari disappeared again. Hence i realized that its due to the mail account setup. Previously i have not experienced this problem as my iphone has safari and mail accounts setup. Now my friends also have this problem (even with 3GS) hence i hope someone could help us to fix this. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
Iphone 4 iOS 4

Make keyboard disappear in text mode

How can I make the keyboard disappear in the text screen so I can use the whole screen for reading my texts?
iMac Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Delete button in tableviewcell disappear after orientation

I create a table view, every time orientate, I will reload it. When i swipe to make the delete button appear, and then orientate the device, because of the reload, the delete button disappear.
How can I solve it?
iPhone OS 3.1.3

Calendar events disappear seemingly randomly

This has happened twice within the last week. I have found all of the events in my iPhone calendar just disappear. This seems to be a random occurence. The first time it happened, I was entering an event and everything just froze. The second time (just now) I woke up from a nap and found everything gone.
The first time, everything except the most recently entered events reappeared with a sync. This time, no luck. I have no idea how to reload everything.
Has anybody else experienced this? I am using the latest 2.1 iPhone software.
15" 2.2GHz MBP CTO Mac OS X (10.5.5) iPhone 1st Gen 16GB; iPod Nano 8GB 2nd Gen; Time Capsule 1T

Push notifications disappear from Yahoo Mail

I upgraded to IOS 4 a while back (still waiting to do 4.0.1, seems like some have real signal issues). After a while, I stopped getting push notifications from Yahoo mail.
I confirmed all the settings were correct, everything is set to push. I also have an IMAP account which is not push, but it was living happily along side my yahoo mail account.
I tried changing all settings to fetch, then back to push, and it still doesnt work. I tried rebooting the phone, that didnt work. A few days ago I deleted the yahoo mail account, and re-added it. Yay, I got push notifications back! But today, theyre gone again
One event that may be to blame is that I plugged it into an older JBL speaker/dock that the iphone says is not compatible (but happily works fine with). Do you think this can cause Yahoo mail push notifications to get screwed up? I hate to have to delete and re-add my yahoo mail account every few days. Im going to test to see if the dock is the culprit tonight, but Im just wondering if anyone else has these problems?
iPhone 3GS iOS 4 Windows 7

I deleted a few contacts from my phone The contacts still appear when I type their names into my text messages How do I get rid of these contacts permanently My contacts are backed up to my iCloud

voice mail icon wont disappear after deleting message

the red dot does not go away after listening and deleting message.tried going back into messages and there is not any.Tried restarting phone to no avail.

When sync contact details phone numbers email addresses disappear

When I sync my contacts with my computer (Outlook 2007) most of my contact details (phone numbers, email addresses, ...) disappear! I have 800 contacts.
Only first and last name of contact stays in Outlook 2007 contacts. After a few seconds details also disappear from my iPhone. Then I need to restore my iPhone to get all details back. I tryed to sync on different computers allready, but its the same.
How can I get my contacts form iPhone without loosing my contacts details? What could be the problem?
HP Windows 7

HT1808 Applications access to photos are disappear in my iphone5 setting and i unable to tap it

The Applications access to photos are disappear in my iphone5 setting and i unable to tap on it to access my photos

Has anyone recently had problems with your iPhone Mine keeps shutting off by itself When it does come back on wifi is gone and it's hard to get back on I also had the settings disappear once This has been happening for two days now

I have cleared cookies, reset the settings and it doesnt need an update. Hopefully its a glitch in the software and apple will realize it and fix it? I havent had a real problem till now, but when I googled it, I noticed many had the same problem with no resolve for the past 3 years. Hopefully they will notice this problem and fix it for the next update. This has been happening to me for two days now ( started on June 21, 2013) and my phone has not gotten wet or anything. Is this occurring to everyone this week? Is it because I have too many applications? I have 2.3 gb left of storage and 11.4 used. I deleted the cookies. I thought maybe a virus but there is no virus scanner for iPhone :(

Thanks for anyones help!

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