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iPhone green stripe at top of screen when ending call

iPhone green stripe at top of screen when ending call

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iphone message 'return to call' at the top of the screen won't go away

I was on the phone when I received a text message and the iphone had the green strip at the top that said touch to return to call so I touched it and it returned to the call but now the green strip with the message wont go away. Any suggestions? Do I have to go on itunes and return the iphone to factory settings? Will I lose all of my data if I do? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

iphone unlocked

Is there a way that you can hang up on specific contacts in a conference call without ending the call all together

iPhone4 - Top Button to Lock Screen During Call doesn't work

My old second generation iPhone I could press the lock button during a call so I wouldnt press mute with my face. With the iPhone4 that button hangs up the call! How do I lock the screen during a call?thanks

When ending a call the phone starts ringing another number or freezers crashes

Ive been having troubles lately with the phone doing its own thing, starting with, when ending a call it automaticly starts to randomly ring another number and when I try to stop it the screen changes to a greyish colour and freezes, no touch method works. When I try to go to the main Menu it goes there some times or I have to go to the top sleep button. I havent had to shut it down and reboot it as yet. The other problem, if related, I have no idea, is at times when going from one icon/app (Im not great on the terminology)  to another it is slow in loading.  Well thats all folks if no one can help its to the Genius Bar we go. Thanks

Contacts app stay open after ending an incoming call Thats annoying

Hi, I am using factory unlocked iPhone 4 with iOS 4.1.
This is what Im facing. It is quite annoying.
1. On home screen, I press sleep button. Phone goes into sleep mode(as usual).
2. I receive an incoming call.
3. I/caller end it.
4. Phone again goes back into sleep/standby mode.
5. When I press Home button, then slide to unlock, I find Contacts app opened. Why? This is quite annoying!
iPhone 4 iOS 4 iOS 4.1 Factory Unlocked

Green borders around iPhone's screen

Is it normal that screen has green borders around it? The borders are very bright, especially outdoors.
windows xp iPhone OS 3.1.3

iPhone appear green vertical line in the left screen

Ive just using my iPhone 3GS less than 1 month. something get wrong with my iphonee screen. Its appearing green vertical line. Suddenly appear. Once ive restore it from itunes and its disappear. Few days later it come up again.
What should i do
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iPhone 3GS screen problem - green colour missing intermittent

My iPhone 3GS has started to play up this morning. It is the first time that anything out of the ordinary has happened with this phone since I purchased it 8 or so months ago.
It is like the green colour stops working. The problem is intermittent, it comes and goes after it goes to sleep. It has started happening after I put the phone in my bag this morning - never been dropped or exposed to water, I have always taken very good care of it (like my first born even). Power-cycling the phone does not fix the problem.
Does anyone have any ideas whether this is a hardware or software fault or any tips that i can try to rectify this? I will be trying a backup/restore tonight then the Apple store for warranty tomorrow if I cant fix it.
iPhone 3GS screen problem - green colour missing intermittent iPhone 3GS MC133X iPhone OS 3.1.3

TS3672 why my iphone is so static when i put my finger on the top of the screen its moving up and down and when I open my emails the screen keeps on moving I cant even read and when I'm testing when I press delete it does not deleting the letters

Hello I am having problems with my iphone when i am texting i cant get hold with the letters correctly when i press p it goes o,or other letters which I dont need and it will send automatically what should i do with this its annoying

TS2802 iPhone 3GS screen goes black while making call or during call

My iPhone 3GS screen often goes blank immediately after hitting the home button, and does not respond when touching screen.  Very frustrating when trying to make a call, or trying to end a call

my iphone screen does not lock while on a call and therefore I end up losing my call by muting or some other function that my face activates

Verizon has tried to fix this problem and cannot.  98% of the time when I am on a call my screen does not lock and go black.  Therefore I often mute people by mistake of some other function takes over that my face has activated.  Very frustrating.  Doesnt repair by turning phone off and then on again.

what to do if upon charging after a few minutes it shows the plug symbol on battery but the green battery icon on the main screen is still half

what to do if upon charging after a few minutes it shows the plug symbol on battery but the green battery icon on the main screen is still half?

iPhone screen disappears during call then drops call

Upgraded to 2.2 on 3G 16gig . When on call and I move the phone away from my ear, screen disappears and drops calls and I have to reset. Tried rebooting, reseting, deleting all applications to no avail. I even had AT&T replace with new phone and I have same issues. Anyone else having this problem?
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iPhone 4 screen went black and I can't use top shut off button

What can I do to fix my iPhone 4 the screen went white and then Black screen

I cant shut it down because the top metal button doesnt work.

Picture of phone with keyboard under it on top of iphone screen

What is this?
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Top layer of screen

There is a film or some sort of clear layer on top of the screen, isnt it? If you look around the home button or the ear speaker, you will notice it.
Can that be removed and replaced easily?
Power Mac G4 1.42GHz (FW 800) Mac OS X (10.4.10)

What is this icon at the top of my screen

I circled the icon in the picture above. It looks like a phone facing down with 7 little dots under it. None of my friends phones have this icon and its driving me crazy.
3GS Windows Vista

New OS icon on top right of screen

I did the iOS 4 update yesterday. Today, Im noticing a new icon Ive never seen before on the top right of my home screen. Its in the shape of a small arrowhead pointing to the upper right. Anyone know what this is
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circle at top of screen

Hey guys,


I just got my iphone last night and I have no idea how to use it. I have a small circle at the top of the screen where the 3G was before. I have 3 out of 5 bars and am in an area where I usually have good service with my carrier (Sprint). Why is the circle there? Siri told me that she can not respond at the current time. Also, why do so many apps seem to only work when I have wifi? I pay for wireless service so that I can connect to services outside of a WIFI network.


Thanks for any help guys. And, any additional tips regarding iphone would be awesome. I am so naive to this new device!

Iphone touch screen frozen and top right corner hot

Hi, Ive seen two posts from over a year ago about this subject, but there have been no resolutions posted.


I have an iphone 4 and all of a sudden the screen froze and I could not slide it open.  The phone itself is still working (Ive gotten text messages, spotify was on, and the buttons work), but the touch screen does not respond to anything.  Additionally, the top right corner (front facing) is hot, I mean really hot (its the corner with the camera lens) it almost burns my finger.


Right before this happened, I was going for a jog, listening to Spotify and the phone was probably a little overheated since its in my pocket while Im jogging and its 80 degrees outside, but Ive done this before and this hasnt happened.  At one point it let me slide it open, but then the screen did that thing when you delete apps and the icons jiggle and have those Xs in the corner, but then it wouldnt respond and so I shut it off again.


I have already re-booted twice by pressing both buttons and letting it reboot with the white apple sign, this has not worked.


Please respond if you know anything to do as I am no longer under warranty, I am an unemployed recent grad and cannot afford to get this fixed!


Thank you soooo much!

strange flashing on screen at top

I have strange intermittent flashing at the top of the screen in the top bar, what is causing this

Yellow spot on top-left of iPhone 4 screen - will Apple replace

Ive had an iPhone 4 since the launch, and havent had any issues with it until the other day when I noticed a yellow spot/blob in the top-left corner of the screen.
I recalled back at the launch people were seeing this issue and for some it had something to do with the glue needing to fully dry. In my situation I doubt thats the case.
Im not under warranty or Apple Care, but Im wondering if anyone has had a similar issue and can shed some light on the policy at the Apple Store regarding getting a replacement phone.
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froze on Top Gun went to Apple screen for 1-2 minutes app or iPhone prob

I was just playing Top Gun on my iPhone when it froze (in between missions) and went to the Apple screen. It was unresponsive (even ignored when I held down the power button to turn it off). However, after about 1-2 minutes, it stopped being unresponsive and presented the passcode screen. After I entered my passcode it went to Home. Top Gun looks like it saved all of my info except for the final mission that I completed.
What Im wondering is, would this be an error with Top Gun? Or is it possible my iPhone overheated or that there was some sort of problem with the iPhone itself?
Thanks for your help.
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Blue Little Triangle In Top Left Corner of Screen

Might be a dull question and probably been answered before, but since the IOS4 update on my Iphone 3G i have notcied a blue little triangle in the top left corner of the screen, it is directly above the Signal strength indicator. Does anybody know what this means, thanks you in advance
iOS 4

TS1827 My iPhones top part of the screen is not working

My iPhones screen is not working right

Purple triangle in top right hand corner of screen

From I upgraded to the new iOS 4 this arrow will not go away wat is it and wT is it used for also if it not for anything how do I make it go away cheers
iphone 4 iOS 4

My 3Gs phone on the top of the screen reads ATT 3G

Is this what it is supposed to look like or should it read
ATT 3Gs?
iPhone 3Gs iPhone OS 1.x

navigation bar at top of screen has disappeared in email

I have a weird problem. The navigation bar at the top of the email screen has disappeared. i.e., the bar with Inbox in the middle and an arrow box to the left with the name of the email account youre in, and then a box on the left with edit I think. Its the nav bar underneath the very top where the time is displayed and above the search bar.
Ive tried deleting and restoring email accounts, but no joy. This basically means that once I go into an email, I have no way of moving backwards or forwards...
Id appreciate any help or suggestions.
iphone 3gs iPhone OS 3.1.2

Screen issue image slightly cropped at bottom or top

The image on my iPhone seems to be slightly too large for the screen. When I open up to the home screen, the bottom half of the words phone, mail, safari and iPod are cropped. I can move the screen image up with my finger so that the words are fully readable, but then the line of text across the top of the screen gets cropped slightly. The screen image can also be moved very slightly from side to side. When moving between the home screen and an app (or between apps) the screen appears to resize slightly: it goes from slightly too large, to normal size while changing to the new app, and then once in the app, it enlarges slightly so that the bottom of the screen is slightly cropped.
Otherwise, the iPhone functions normally.
Ive had my iPhone for a little more than a month. I didnt notice the problem until I downloaded a few apps.
Anyone else experiencing this?
iPhone OS 3.1.2

Screen suddenly huge with lock icon at top unusable any idea

A friends iPhone suddenly shows sort of a huge/zoomed in image of the front door to get into the phone. All we can do is shut down/restart but still the same problem.
Any idea what the heck is going on? Someone called it and he couldnt even answer.

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