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iphone greeting save failed

iphone greeting save failed

iphone unlocked

How to backup save outgoing voicemail Greeting Message

hi, how can I save/backup the voicemail greeting message callers hear before leaving a voicemail message?
Macbook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.1)

iphone unlocked

Can the iPhone 4 with iOS5 have more than one custom voicemail greeting

Is it possible to put more than one custom greeting on the iPhone 4 with iOS 5?  I sometimes would like certain people to know where I am or what Im doing so they may take the opportunity to join me without me answering the phone each time it rings when Im hosting a seminar or teaching a class. I would like to record a couple of responses that I could pick from, but dont know if that is possible.  Thanks!

Custom greeting

For some reason I can no longer record custom greetings. I have powered the phone off and on several times but no good. Any ideas?

Can you set up multiple greetings using custom voicemail greeting on a iPhone 4s ma

Can you set up multiple greetings using custom voicemail greeting on a iPhone 4s?

2G to 3G Upgrade Keep Voicemail Greeting

So I just upgraded from the iPhone 2G to the 3G. I really dont want to record a new voicemail greeting because I was happy with the one I had on my 2G. Is there a way to move my current one to the 3G? I thought AT&T stored the vmail greeting on their servers... ?
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Outgoing greeting not working

In my iPhones voicemail, in the Greeting, I have recorded and selected a Custom greeting. People calling me say that they only hear Default greeting instead. Whys that? How can I fix it?
MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Voice Mail Greeting

Ive managed to make my own iPhone ring tones with Garage Band very easy to do..... what Id like to do is using Garage Band record a greeting for my voice mail. Seem like it should be easy to do.
Anyone know if it can be done...How?
MacBook Mac OS X (10.5.1)

deleting Spanish voicemail greeting

In error, I recorded a Spanish greeting on my iPhone 4 voicemail. How might I delete it?  I can only find options to change the Spansih greeting  -- but not to delete it.

Voice mail greeting language

The prefatory language in my voice mail greeting (Your call is being answered by an automated voice mail system...) is now in Spanish rather than English. My correct outgoing message comes on after this but most callers are hanging up as soon as they hear the Spanish. Is this an iPhone problem or an AT&T problem, and how do I fix it?
iPhone 2G

When I tried to save a photo from my Facebook I accidently pressed Don't access my photos and now it won't let me save any pictures from my Facebook Please can someone advise me how I can change this in my settings etc

When I tried to save a photo from my Facebook I accidently pressed Dont access my photos and now it wont let me save any pictures from my Facebook... Please can someone advise me how I can change this in my settings etc?

IOS 7 visual voicemail greeting cannot be accessed

Just loaded IOS 7 and noticed I can no longer access the greeting from my visual voicemail.  No changes can be made as it cannot be accessed and it hangs the phone app.


Phone - Voicemail - Greeting (upper left corner)


Have tried restarting the phone as well as calling my voicemail manually (thinking maybe something would be triggered or set) to no avail.


iPhone : 4s with IOS 7

Carrier : Sprint US

Voicemail Error - There is No Previously Recorded Greeting



I hope this is the right place to post this. I have looked all over the internet and have not found any information regarding my problem, so I decided to turn to this community for help.


I went to listen to my voicemail greeting today and I received the error message written in the subject line: Voicemail Error - There is no previously recorded greeting. The only problem is, is that I havent changed my greeting at all since I recorded it in the first place. Also, interestingly, when I call my phone from another phone my voicemail greeting plays as it should. I realize that this means I technically still have my voicemail greeting, but I find it really irritating that it doesnt say so on my phone. Has anyone had any experience with this issue? Is there somewhere on my computer where my iPhone backs up my voicemail greeting so that I can restore it?


Thanks for your help!


Long Delay to Start of Voice Mail Greeting

I am curious, how much of a lag time you have before the caller hears your voice mail greeting when you do not answer the phone. In my case it seems excessively long - nearly ten seconds of silence from the last phone ring before my voice mail message gets activated.
I record my message immediately upon pressing the record button, so this cannot be the source of the problem. The lag time is so lengthy, that callers have told me that they thought I didnt have voicemail and hung up before leaving a message!
Do others have this problem? If so, how have you fixed it? If you dont know, you may want to call yourself, and see how long before your voice message greeting gets activated.
Thanks kindly in advance.
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I have an iPhone 4 and I'm able to save photos that have been emailed to me on the iPhone However I cannot figure out how to save a video attachment that has been emailed to me on the iPhone Any help would be appreciated

I have an iPhone 4 and I can save photos (to my camera roll) that have been emailed to me on the iPhone.  However, Ive been unable to figure out how to save  video attachments that have been sent to me on the iPhone.  Any help would be appreciated.   

There is an app in my iphone which i want to save in my itune but itune is not saving that app same app is not in itune store now so what can i do to save in in itune in my pc

i have icloud backup data.I want to transfer that backup apps to my itune in my Pc.So can I Transfer?

Call Failed on OS 4.3.3 iphone 4

Hi all,


having a very strange problem. I recently upgraded to the OS 4.3.3. I have the Iphone 4 Unlocked and im using Airtel Network (india).


I seem to receive calls and text messages very easily. But my outgoing calls dont work at all. I constantly get the Call Failed error. Please help

Can't get into iPhone after failed update

I hooked up my phone this morning to get the latest update. Right in the middle of the update, I accidentally knocked it over and out of the socket. Now it is telling me that it is in recovery mode and I need to restore it to its original settings. I dont want to lose all my info and contacts on it. Is there anything I can do besides losing everything?
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iPhone Update failed

I have a first gen iPhone (8gb) and was updating it to 2.2 when iTunes gave me an error message. So my iPhone disappeared from the side bar but my iPhone still was trying to update so i left it for a few hours and when I came back the iPhone was still at the same place. It has never been jailbroken. I would like to know if theres a way to fix it myself. I dont live near a genius bar the closest one is about 400 miles away.
MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.6)

iPhone Call Failed

All of the sudden today, I can not make outgoing phone calls on my iPhone. Incoming calls work fine, synching is fine, all applications work fine. My wifes iPhone works fine, so the cell towers are working. No matter what person I try to call, the call fails. I have reseated the SIM card and rebooted the phone several times. I am out of ideas.
MacBook (white 2GHz) Mac OS X (10.5.4) Bootcamp with XP Pro

iPhone 3GS - Call Failed

I had my iPhone 3GS, since March 2010, iOS 5.0.1 and my carrier is TELUS. Over the last few months when I try to make a call I keep getting call failed error after a few failed attempts I will eventually be able to get through. But all this call failed crap is really starting to annoy me.

I have phoned TELUS for help and they had me remove the SIM card and then put it back in and then reset my network settings, I have also done a restore through iTunes all with no luck.  I have also tired other solutions that I have seen discussed in the support forms with no real luck.

Anyone out there have any other suggestions?

Bluetooth has suddenly failed on iPhone 4S

Until recently, I could pair my iPhone with my car stereo, a Samsung sound bar and a portable Bluetooth speaker. Now it wont connect to any of these.


Ive been through several discussions and have

- turned off Siri and location services

- reset the iPhone, including re-downloading the latest iOS.


My iPad connects to these devices with no problem.


Any suggestions please?

iPhone 3G backup session failed

Ive looked through the forums here for answers, but, Ive yet to see one that matches up with the isuse Im having.
OK, I sold my new ex-girlfriend my iPhone 3G and got a 3GS. I did the update and restore on my MacBook Pro, setup her old data, and added the music shed purchased. All works fine, phone makes calls and all that jazz.
She has a Dell laptop and I told her to update iTunes to the latest version and then plug the phone in to her computer. The iPhone is recognized and shows up in the left-hand bar. But, when she right-clicks and tries backing up it will try to begin and then throw the error message that the backup session could not be completed.
There is no firewall software on the laptop other than the built-in WinXP b.s. The anti-virus software is the free version of AVG.
Does anyone know if there is a place that can relay more detailed error messages for the Win version of iTunes? Do you think it has to do with the phone being updated and setup on a Mac but now being used on Windows? Will I have to redo everything using her computer?
Any help or direction will be greatly appreciated.
MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo Mac OS X (10.5.7)

Can't restore my iphone after failed update

I just updated my Iphone 4 to IOS 7.0.3, it worked for a few hours then put itself into recovery mode. I tried to restore it through iTunes, and it says that I have to restore and update my iPhone. I did that and now it is saying that it cannot restore my iphone due to error 21. Ive changed USB ports, and even tried restoring it on another computer. But it is still stuck in recovery mode. And cant do anything, my Itunes is up to date, so is my computer. And i have no firewall up at the moment to stop it. How do i fix this?

iPhone 3GS OS Upgrade Failed

Hey Guys,
I downloaded the latest update of itunes and attempted to update to the new OS everything seemed to be going ok then it failed, now my phone is stuck on the screen of the itunes symbol and the power cable, its not being recognized in itunes either any ideas on how to fix?

download apps from appstore in iphone failed

i tried to download skype from te app store in iphone using wi-fi connection,but i didnt even downloading.it says loading... and never complete th download. so i stopped it but all got is a blank icon with loading... name in it.
anyone knows, how to remove it?
i try to re download it from the appstore in iphone but i cant,coz it said installed..
help me pliz..

failed download applet and install it in iphone

my work place has a wirless enviroment, whenever we vist the website, normally it shows up a page to authenticate identity, but iphones safari stops at the download page, and says: downloading and initiallzing the applet, please wait...
i wondering whether iphone support applet or do i need to do someting with that?

garageband failed to install on iPhone 4 iOS 5

For some reason i am not able to install garageband on my iphone4. Realised it hadnt installed when downloading a number of apps through itunes on my mac. I have now tried to do it seperately and it came up with a message, garageband failed to install


Why cant i install it. Its a new 8gb iPhone 4 and i have 3.3gb free.


Hope you can help.

iPhone update failed and is no longer seen by iTunes what next

I applied the latest update to my phone and it failed.

iTunes suggested that I restore the device.

The restore operation failed as well.

Now my iPhone is no longer detected iTunes.

It does not appear as a removeable drive or camera to Windows.

Online troubleshooting failed to help.

The only reaction that I observed is that Windows informes me that I had connected a high speed device to a slow (USB 1.0) port and suggested connecting it to another port.

Next I am going to take it to the AT&T store where I got it and see if they can help.

Can you save Texts on iPhone 3g

I have only just got my iPhone 3g and the sms function seems pretty limited? I am right in thinking there is no inbox / outbox / sent... so I guess you cannot save texts either? Everything is on the same page? How would I save an SMS thats important?
Many thanks
Imac IMac

iPhone does not save the photos I take

my iPhone was working great and taking nice photos, but for the past 2 days, I can take photos but the iPhone does NOT save them. they are nowhere. Nothing. Gone !
This happened after an emergency reset of the iPhone (Start + Home button, hold simultaneously).
What can I do ?

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