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iphone missed call reminder

iphone missed call reminder

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Reminder sound for missed calls SMS or voicemail

I would like to find out whether the iPhone 3G has the capability of generating a reminder sound or vibrate when a call, SMS or voicemail was missed. Right now, I have to wake-up the screen to see. My old phone had that capability, and I thought it was very useful. If the phone itself cant do it, is there an application that can compensate for that missed feature? Thanks for your help.
Macbook Mac OS X (10.4.11)

iphone unlocked

missed call notification for iPhone 4 how to

I am looking for the application which can notify me about missingcalls or received SMS when the screen of the phone is locked. It seems that it is not so easy to find one at the appstore! Could anyone point me to app which can do this? Thanks in advance!

Iphone will not ring.i just get missed call

I started having this problem yesterday. Someone tries to call me and my iphone will not ring. However on their end it rings several times until my voicemail answers. Its not like it goes straight to voicemail. When i push the main menu button on the bottom of my iphone it shows my missed call and who it was from but never rings. Its doing this about 90% of the time. Anyone else have this problem or know why?

Blocked missed call

My iPhone just rang once and the message Blocked missed call appeared on the screen. The Recents list shows a call from Blocked Caller. What the heck is this? I dont have any blocked callers that I know of, and I cant find any settings for this, either on the iPhone or on my AT&T (USA) account.
Intel 32-bit Windows XP iPhone 3G 16GB OS 3.1.3 iTunes 9

Every time I get a missed call my iphone 4s remains dangling NEED HELP

Every time I get a missed call my iphone 4s remains dangling, and i have to reset.. Ive restored several times

Still no missed call notification in ios 5

I thought with ios 5 and LED flash alerts Apple had finally rectified the one most-stupid, glaring, knuckle-dragging deficiency of the iphone - that unless you actually turn it on, you have no way of knowing if you have a missed call.


Just taken my new iPhone 4S out of the box, switched on LED alert flashes (Settings - General - Accessibility - LED Flash for Alerts) and when a call comes in, Woohoo! - the LED flashes. But if I dont pick the call up, nothing further happens - no periodic flashes to notify me that I have missed a call.


Am I doing something wrong, or have Apple completely missed the point?

Missed call before I have a chance to answer

Im new here so Ill apologize if this question has been answered before but I couldnt find a reference to it via search.
Ive had my phone for two days. Every time it rings, I grab it out of the belt caddy to answer but before I get a chance to it says missed call. Is there a way to let the unit ring a few more times before that happens? Ive even tried calling myself from a nearby phone and the same thing happens. Once I got a cryptic message that said something like slide to turn off.
I really like all the features of the Iphone other than the fact that it doesnt work very well as a phone. The inexplicable lack of bluetooth voice dialing is baffling. Maybe someone can tell me when that feature will become available?
IPhone 3G

Music Podcast plays after missed call



Im a long time iPhone user, recently upgraded to iOS6. I typically use the pull out your headphones method of turning my music/podcast off when I get to work. What ive found is that if I have a missed call while the phone is in my pocket, the music/cast starts playing again, randomly, often in the middle of meetings. Embarassing and unnecessary.


The sort of quality slip which has been avoided so far..

still no alert every two minutes for missed call voicemail

Wow, with all the updates Apples been doing recently you would think they would have the two minute alert for missed call by now! We only get one chime two minutes after the missed call and thats it. God for bid you miss an important call/voicemail that somebody in your family is dying and they need to go to the hospital, or you need to pick somebody up thats stuck in the middle of the road somewhere. I hate checking my phone every 5 to 10 minutes to see if I missed a call, message or voicemail its annoying!

Can somebody please tell me why they dont have this feature, and why we cant have it?

Recents does not show time of missed call

I just switched to AT&T from Sprint to get into an iPhone, and Im very disappointed that the Recent calls page in the iPhone 3.0 OS does not show the time of missed calls - if it occurred yesterday. It does show a time if I check it on the same day the call was missed, but if it occurs after I go to bed and I dont get to it until the following morning, the only thing it says about the missed call is Yesterday. What time did that call come in? Thats kind of important info, wouldnt you say?
The Recents page is pretty useless without specific information about all missed calls. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a setting to turn off relative dates like in OS X Finder? Why doesnt it show date and time for all msgs in the Recents page?
MacBook Pro 15" Mac OS X (10.5.7)

Getting rid of red missed call text

Is there a way to change the display of missed calls from red to black text? Im looking for something that would allow me to acknowledge that I see the missed call so that it can go back to normal.
Macbook Mac OS X (10.5.7) iPhone 3GS (32GB Black)

My iPhone 5 gives a busy tone whenever someone calls the first time The person has to call a second time for the ringtone to be heard How o I tux this issue I have a missed call every time and then a ringtone

My iPhone 5 gives the caller a busy tone the first time when the phone is actually not in use. The caller has to make another call to get the ringtone. I will get the first call as missed with no ringtone and then the second time it will ring. What can be fond to solve this problem ?

Is the time of the missed call really not showing in the notification in 3gs

In the iPhone 4 or 4s, I know that I can see the time of the missed call in the notification, in the 3gs, will I only see the name of the person who called without the time beside it?

iPhone 4s makes a short alert sound but no text msg and no missed call

Sometimes my iphone 4s will make a brief, 1 pulse alert sound and when I slide the lock button over, I see no missed calls, no text messages, no voice mails, battery life shows good...Cant figure out why the phone does this periodically.  Any thoughts?

I am not able to receive incoming calls some time on my iphone5 When made calls to my iPhone I am not getting missed call or incoming call My network signal is ok This Issue occurs some time in a day

I am not able to receive incoming calls some time on my iphone5. When made calls to my iPhone I am not getting missed call or incoming call. My network signal is ok. This Issue occurs some time in a day.

the person who is calling says my phone was ringing or some times it got discounected after one ring.

my phone network was ok

how to disable SMS missed call and calendar alerts on lock screen

I was able to disable to preview of the SMS but i want to altogether disable any kind of alerts on my lock screen. any knowledge how?
MacBook 5,1 Mac OS X (10.6.3) iPhone OS 3.1.3

useful reminder

Would like to check any useful iphone4 remainder for use? Thanks

Reminder from Apple

I just received a nice email from Apple reminding me to pick up my reserved phone on Thursday.
As though I would forget or something.
Still laughing.
It also said there would be a separate line for reservations, and theyd hold my phone all day.
one I built Windows XP Pro

Reminder Madness



1) Create a dated reminder without an alert date/time for today in any task management app on the iPhone (for example 2Do or Todo) except the Reminders app itself, or in iCal or www.icloud.com/calendar and sync it via iCloud with the Reminders app.


2) Note that the reminder in the Reminders app now has an otherwise inacessible Due field of (all day).


3) Look in the Notification Center and you will see the reminder with (yesterday) next to it despite the fact that it is due today.


4) If you click on the Due field in the Reminders app, you will see a slider selected ON on a field called All-Day . If you click the slider to Off, a date/time selector field below will then be revealed. Select a specific time later today.


5) Note that the synced reminder has now disappeared from the Notification Center despite the Remainders app setting


Does anybody out there get any different behavior?

When is the reminder app going be fix

When is the reminder app going be fix?

I got reminder that will let check as done 54 days of reminders that cant check *** done. Yet go off the times don show in the app.

Any ideas?

sticky visible reminder

Is there any way to put a reminder/note on the welcome screen so that when you switch on the phone the reminder stares into your face (like a sticky note)? This was straightforward on my old phone and it was a very quick and convenient way to set up a very reliable ad-hoc reminder. I tried setting an alarm, but as soon as it goes off and you switch on the phone or snooze the alarm the notificatoin disappears again...

Don't get 2 text reminder messages

When a text arrives, I only get one reminder alert, when the option on settings say if it is on, I should get 2.....can anyone confirm how many reminders I should be getting & if I have a bug...
Macbook Pro (Mid 2009) Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Calendar Reminder - Default Settings

Is there a way to set my iPhone 3GS Calendar to have all meetings I create remind me 15 minutes prior.
Currently the default is NO REMINDER.
Windows XP

Unable to open Reminder App

Unable to open the Reminder App.


I have the Reminder app.

I loaded all the birthdays I have to remember.

A couple of days ago, I noticed that the icon has a red circle with a 1 in in it.

I touched the icon and it sorta blinks but does not open.

If I hold it, all the icons start to jiggle and I do NOT want to delete the app after all the time I spent inputing.


I tried the suggestion of holding home and power until black with white apple showed up.

But the app is still not working.

How does the unread sms reminder work

What is the sequence? I know there is a total of 2 reminders after the first original alert. Sometimes i hear it, sometimes i dont. Thanks.

Voice Mail Reminder - Audio

I wish the voice mail would sound a reminder to let me know I have a voice mail. I often dont realize I have a VM waiting because my phone is out of sight (in my pocket). It seems that the text messaging app sounds off to remind that a text has been received. Has anyone found a VM reminder feature on their iPhone? Maybe its there and I have missed it? And of course, if the feature is included or will be some day, I hope there is a way to set how many reminders the phone will sound and also the abiity to disable it.
MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.2) Glad I switched back to Mac.

How to stop reminder message from popping out

iPhone 3G running iOS 4.0.1
I dont have a 3G connection in my plan, so I turned the cellular data off. Now, every time Im doing something on my iPhone and Im somewhere far from Wifi a message pops up each time reminding me that Cellular Data is Turned Off, go the settings to enable it.
Is there a way to prevent this message from popping out? Its really annoying.
White MacBook, iPhone 3G, 64GB WiFi iPad Mac OS X (10.6.3)

Can you make a reminder calendar sooner than only 2 days out

Trying to use the iphone calendar to remind me of events (ie birthdays) but the best it allows me to do is only 2 days out. Not enough time to send out cards!
Windows XP

iOS Calendar Continuous Alert Reminder until acknowledge

Hey all, Ive been trying to figure out how to get a more robust calendar app on iOS. The default app is just weak and crippled. Is there any 3rd party apps that will allow the appointment to continue to ring/buzz every X minutes until I acknowledge it? I have found apps that can allow me to sync with my Google Calendar (must-have for me...), but I have yet to find one that can repeatedly alert me until I actually view the appoint.



Ive been using the iPhone for the past 2 weeks. I came from the Android ecosystem. Ill admit, as sleek and as user-friendly iOS is... there are certainly things that Android is way better at... Yes there are 3rd party solution at times, but more often than not, itll cost ya. With Android, there are almost always free alternatives. But like people say to me... you gotta pay to play.

Please advise!


is there a birthday reminder app that doesnt want to copy my contact info

I am trying to find a simple birthday reminder app that just sends an e-mail to me or does a pop up. I have downloaded a few but they all want to have my contact info uploaded onto their servers. Is there an app that i dont need to do that? Perhaps i am just old fashioned but i prefer not to send all my friends info to others (although i am sure it is all out there anyway!)
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