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iphone not receiving text messages from other iphones

iphone not receiving text messages from other iphones

iphone unlocked

My iPhone 4 is not receiving text messages from other iphones My iPhone 4 is not receiving text messages from other iphones

My iPhone 4 isnt receiving texts or iMessages from other iPhones. Is there a solution for this?

iphone unlocked

iPhone 4 not receiving text messages after turned off

When I am at work I have to turn my iPhone 4 off because it does not get service in the building.  It is off for around 8 hours/day.  When I get done with work, I turn my iPhone back on and check my messages.  It will show that I did not receive any messages.  It will appear this way for several hours...until I make an out-going call or send a text.  Then, it is like making and connecting a call, activates my phone and then I receive all the text messages/voicemails that were sent when it was turned off.  I have Verizon and have called them but the problem has not been fixed.  Has anyone else had this problem?  My iPhone 4 is only 2 months old.

Not Receiving Any Text Messages At All

Am I the only one with this problem? I can make and receive phone calls, but i cannot receive any text messages. It says I am sending a text and that it was sent, but no one is really getting them. I just upgraded my 3GS to the Iphone 4...should I call AT&T to get my messaging taken off then put back on to reset it or something? Thanks
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Why am I receiving text messages from me

Basics: my husband and I share an AppleID. He has a 4 and I have a 4S, and both are on the latest iOS.

My name is Megan and his name is Steve.


About three days ago, whenever my husband texted me it would show up as if the text came from me. So instead of saying that the text was from Steve Jones, it said it was from Megan Jones. It would show up as read, be in a green/blue text bubble, and be on the right side of the screen. Incoming texts are always grey and on the left.


I started playing around with it and now he no longer receives texts when I send them to Steve Jones. If I respond to his Megan Jones texts, hell get em.


This morning he texted his mom and she responded. I was able to see both his and her texts on my phone and what he sent came from my name.


What is going on? How do we fix it?

Not receiving text messages

I have an iPhone 4 with 4.0.1 OS. Just got it last Friday (yay!). Was able to receive and send texts for the first two days. Just noticed now that for the past few days Ive been able to send but not receive. Have asked a friend to send me a test message and nothing comes through. Nothing has changed in my set up or syncing that can account for this change.
Any ideas? Or should I be calling AT&T (shudder)?
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Why is there a delay in sending and receiving text messages

Other people with iPhones and myself have noticed that we receive texts hours later than when the other person sends the text. Also, i get the same text over and over again. Anyone know how to stop it? Anyone else have this problem?

I am having problems receiving and send photos in text messages

I am not able to receive or send photo text messages

Changing iPhones want to save text messages

I have an iPhone 3G and I have an iPhone 4 on the way. When I transfer all of my information over I would like to transfer all of my old text messages as well.
Can I do that?
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I just upgraded my iPhone 5 to IOS 6.1 now my wife gets CC on on text messages She will send me a text from her phone and it will show up on on her own message queue as a new text really weird how do I fix

I just upgraded my iPhone 5 to IOS 6.1 -- now my wife gets CCd on many of text messages.  She will send me a text from her phone and it will show up on on her own message queue as a new text.  I was sending and receiving text messages to co-workers while on a business trip and she was getting the entire conversation on her phone.  Only began to occur after the upgrade.    really weird.  how do I fix?

I just got a droid MAXX and I'm not receiving texts from iPhones

ok so i just switched from an iphone after having 2 for 4 years and i got a motorola droid maxx 2 days ago. i am not receiving texts from iphone users and i dont know why. i gave verizon my phone and so i cant turn off imessage but i cleared the phone before i gave it to them. i have also changed my apple i.d. and i have deactivated all my products such as my mac book pro and my two previous iphones. this is exactly why i switched because apple has to be a CULT and make everything so complicated. please help me solve apples stupidity.

no text sound while receiving text

Not receiving messages sent to myself

A colleague was getting connection failure errors on her iPhone (but I was not) so I was checking that all of our settings were the same (server names, SSL, port numbers, authentication, etc.).
I accidentally changed a setting on MY phone and starting getting the same error.
I couldnt fix it, so I deleted and re-added the account and its working again, except when I try to send myself test messages (from my Comcast, Earthlink, or other account). Im only receiving those messages on my laptop (Mac Mail) but not on my phone. I also tried to cc myself on a message and, again, only got it on my laptop but not on my phone.
It does say that I have 7 unread messages but it wont actually get them.
This is soooo frustrating.
BTW, I was unsuccessful at fixing my friends phone, but there are other threads about this problem and I think it might be the phone itself.
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My wife and I both have iPhones 4 and when I get a text she get the same text how can I change this so only I can get my text

My wife and I have both IPhone 4 and we both get the same text message, how can I change this so we both get our own.

Receiving e-mails - inconsistency on 2 iPhones running same e-mail address

I have two iPhones (3GS) with the same e-mail account running on both, along with a PC (XP) running Outlook 2007 - so 3 devices each accessing the same e-mail account.
I have an inconsistency with receiving e-mails - one iPhone might receive an e-mail, the other devices dont. Both iPhones receive an e-mail, the PC doesnt, etc, etc.
I have followed instructions to leave messages on server, but this does not seem to cure the problem.
Any advice/help would be much appreciated.
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iphone receiving read messages from mac mail

My iphone used to only receive unread emails as long as entourage on my mac wasnt open. Now i have moved to mac mail and my phone is receiving read messages from mac mail. Is there a setting im missing that will make my phone only receive new messages?
I still want my mac mail to receive these same emails later as it used to work.
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Receiving messages from banks

How do I get my iphone4s to receive text messages from my banks?

Mail not receiving messages suddenly

I have two email accounts on my original iPhone. I noticed tonight when I checked my email on my desktop that there were messages in both inboxes, but they were never received on my iPhone. When I push the circular arrow in the bottom left of the screen to get my mail it just keeps saying, checking for mail. Usually when I go to my mail, I would notice that the mail was checked within the past hour or so (as I have set). But the past couple days it has not been checking unless I push the button to do so...but still not receiving messages. I tried to check the settings but couldnt get it to work. My passwords, etc. are fine. I just cant get messages. Is there something up with mail and the new 2.0 on the original iPhone? Thanks, Brian
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TS2755 Receiving picture messages

My friend can only receive picture messages from other smart phones...she cant get any pictures sent to her from friends with out a smart phone.  What do I need to change in settings

POP to imap and still receiving messages in both places

Ok I posted the other day about getting too much mail.... I get all my mail on both my iMac and my iPhone. So I was told to set the gmail account up as imap. I changed it to imap within Gmail then went to my iphone and deleted the old Gmail account and set up a new account using these instructions:
I was excited to half my mail however I woke up this morning and yet again, all my mail is in both places, the iPhone and the iMac, so what am I doing wrong here?
I just set up the imac mail to be imap and ummm right now its downloading 3277 emails! No one told me that would happen, I thought this was going to get me less email, not more! Yikes.
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not receiving text and calls

I am not receiving incoming or outgoing text and calls without rebooting phone several times a day. Anyone have any pointers please feel free to state
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Receiving a text while on a call

When this happens I get a really annoying and quite loud squealing sound as opposed to the normal ding sound. Does anyone else have this problem? Ive had my phone for a few weeks, but didnt notice it till yesterday, the first time since I got the phone I received a text while on a call. The sound is hard to describe. Reminds me of an old 50s sci-fi movie with a scientist trying to contact aliens on a radio. The squealing sound the radio would make as he turned the dial...
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TS2755 Issue receiving messages from specific person

My daughter has a new 5s, I have a 4s with a different carrier. She can text me but I cant text her, they just bounce straight back undelivered. She has received texts from other people. We both tried resettting network settings, restarting phones and deleted our contacts and re-entered them. Any ideas ?

Search Open text messages using Spotlight or Messages App

This is my issue. I have been using the messages app and spotlight to search keywords and/or phrases in old text messages.


Scenario: Using the search bar in the messages app, I lookup Mac. It returns 2 results. I click the message I want to view and it opens the most recent message in thread. So I tried using Spotlight. Granted, it returns more results (about 6,7), but when I click the message to finish reading it, again, it opens the most recent message in the thread. Is there an app that actually searches messages and lets you view the message?

I just bought iphone 4; I turned off SMS but I am still receiving and sending messages is my phone not working propertly or is it like this

I just bought iphone 4; I turned off SMS, but I am still receiving and sending messages and get charged.

is my phone not working propertly? or is it like this?


is there any way that I can only use imessage?

HT3529 read text message re-appears as new when other text messages received

Attempted to search for a discussion that matched my situation, but have not been able to.  I was wondering if someone can help here.  I use a iPhone 4S and frequently text to and receive from friends.  I also have group text with friends.  Recently, when I receive group text messages, it triggers individual messages I have already read to reappear as unread new message.  I have tried to delete the individual text message but the next individual text message takes its place in re-appearing.  I even deleted the group text but it still happens. 


I will backup and master reset if necessary, but wanted to get community input first. Any ideas?  Thanks.


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When i send a video text the person receiving has no sound

I will send video texts and i have sound on my end and when i play it in the chat it has sound. But there is no sound for the person receiving the video. Why Is there a setting i need to change or one they need to change on their phone. Help

Saving text SMS messages to a text file

Is there a method to convert/export SMS messages to a text file? I noticed there are some PC files out there that do this. Is there an equivalent Mac app that would do this function?
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i have just switched to samsung and i have removed the sim from the iphone however i am still receiving texts rather 'imessage' on the old iphone how do i make sure all messages only come to my new phone

i have just switched to samsung and i have removed the sim from the iphone however i am still receiving texts rather imessage on the old iphone. how do i make sure all messages only come to my new phone

i accidently deleted a series of text messages from one person is it possibel to recover them can i lock the messages recived from this person so that i cannot do this again

Can i save or lock text messages so that they cannot be deleted by accident? is it possible to recover deleted messages?

Syncing messages between two iPhones

I have been using an illegally unlocked 2G (I live overseas). I finally purchased a factory unlocked 3G and got it all synced with the 2G.
For whatever reason I didnt start using it straight away, so I have a buildup of messages that I would like to transfer to the 3G. I was able to sync my calendar and my contacts, but I cant seem to get the messages to move over to the 3G.
Any tips?
roxpat, who will start using the 3G immediately once this gets resolved
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