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iphone ringer volume low

iphone ringer volume low

iphone unlocked

my iphone 4 ringer volume is too low

I have tried a reset and there is no plastic on the phone. Is there any other ideas to fix the problem?

iphone unlocked

iPhone 3GS volume adjustment not ringer volume question

I have an iPhone 3GS and I was wondering if you can adjust the overall application volume (i.e. Outside of a game or video clip) separately from the ringer volume. On my old iPod touch, I could use the volume toggle to decrease the volume before a video clip started (for example) to not disturb my wife in bed. Once the clip starts I can decrease the volume on the iPhone, but I often start with a loud second or two first. Is there something Im missing? Thanks.
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My iphone volume is extremely low This goes for calls alerts music etc I had an iphone 4 before that was much louder but when i got this new one the volume sounded like a whisper any suggestions

My iphone volume is extremely low. This goes for calls, alerts, music, etc. I had an iphone 4 before that was much louder, but when i got this new one the volume sounded like a whisper. Both volumes are at their max but i can barely hear anything. I have missed many important calls because the ringer was so quiet i couldnt hear. any suggestions?

Ringer volume vs application volume

I usually leave my ringer volume set to maximum. However, many games I like to play are too loud at that volume, so I have to turn them down... but then forget to crank the ringer volume up again until I notice that Ive missed some calls. It seems, though, that some apps maintain their own volume setting independent of the ringer -- that is, it doesnt say ringer when I adjust the volume during the game.
It doesnt seem right for application volume to be tied to ringer volume. Is it up to the app writer to do something to use their own volume as opposed to just using the ringer? And is there a way to make the ringer volume restore to its previous setting after screen lock?
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Can someone please explain to me why from time to time, the volume and my phone seems to decrease. I check the settings and it is at a high volume and then some time during the day it is down low... A real pain.....
Is this a flaw in the hardware? or what
Can it be fixed to stay at the high volume?
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Ringer volume keeps going to zero

Hi,I own a 3GS and my husband just got a 4. Were having an issue with his ringer volume. It will go all the way down to 0 (or 1 bar). I went in an changed his settings so that the buttons cant change the volume (turned it to OFF) and raised the volume through the bar all the way up. Yet today while at work I kept getting his voice mail. He just called and yet again, the volume was at 1 bar so he didnt hear the phone ringing. When he went into settings the button option was still at OFF but the sound bar was all the way down. We cant figure out what is changing the volume. I dont have this issue on my phone (the 3GS). Is there something else we should be checking?Would love input on this as Im 7½ months pregnant and we really cant afford missed calls.

Iphone ringer volume problem fix

This is basically because of water vapours which get into the port for earphones at the top left of your mobile.

The problem is that your device might be thinking that the junk stuck inside the jack is actually a stereo plug connected, so it turns your built-in speakers off thinking youre jamming with your headphones on, though youre obviously not.

There used to be a fix for this problem via jailbreak by just deleting some file and making one terminal in the port disabled so that you could use ringer with and without earphones.


But now that most of you would have upgraded your software by now so i have got one simple fix for you guys.. and that is....... just try to remove trapped water vapours and possibly some rust that may have deposited there in the audio out (earphone port/ headphone jack) at the top left of your iphone.


In order to do that, just try a cotton bud which we normally use to remove earwax and clean the inner sides of audio port/ headphone jack or whatever you call it.

Its as simple as that.

iPhone 4 - no ringer or sound volume bars

My iPhone 4 no longer rings when a call comes in, keyboard clicks have disappeared and the mute switch and volume buttons do not function (the volume bar does not appear on the screen). I have confirmed that everything works normally when earphones are plugged in (including external speaker sound).


I have restored the software, checked all my settings and cleaned the phone inside and out with electrical cleaning solution. I am sure that it is a hardware problem. Any idea what component I should replace?


Many thanks.

Low music volume on iPhone 4

I got a factory unlocked iPhone 4, and today I put the music I had on my iPod touch 4g.

But, to my nasty surprise, the music AND ONLY THE MUSIC plays much lower than on the iphone. I made a test and tried the same music track on both devices.


On the left, my ipod... on the right, my iphone. As you can see, the settings are exactly the same. It isnt shown, but obviously the volume setting is also the same


Does anyone know why does this happen? As I stated this is only when playing music. The volume for games is the same on the ipod and iphone.


EDIT: By the way, both devices are on iOS 5.0.1

Ringer volume keeps changing itself

So, as the subject line says, my ringer volume keeps changing itself.
I like to keep it at the loudest setting, but I often find the slider in settings has backed itself down.
Anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions how I can keep it from changing?
Im still running 2.0 - would an update change this?
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iPhone Ringer Volume Independent of general sounds

Anyone know if apple will ever allow for the Volume of the iPhone Ringer to be Independent of general sounds.
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Great Product by the way
Thank You
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recent low volume levels on iPhone 3G

I have noticed a recent volume drop in my iPhone 3G (v3.1.3 - 7E18). I used to keep volume up to only about 1/2 to 3/4 of max volume. Now it is up all the way and it isnt very strong. If it is turned down to 1/2 it is barely audible.
I checked to make sure the ipod volume in settings wasnt locked or turned down, but its set at the max level there.
The phone and the ear bud headphones that came with it are about a year old. Does this mean I need new headphones or is this a problem with the phone itself? I would love to be able to turn up the music again!
Thanks for any suggestions.
(and yes, my own hearing is OK- LOL!)
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Extremely low volume on iPhone speaker

I have been listening to the iPod feature on my iPhone without issue for a few years. All of a sudden, the volume is so low that I can not hear the audio. Ive checked the volume on the phone, the little red button on the side isnt visible, volume is all the way up on both the iPod app and the phone in settings. Ive removed apps that arent essential to me and have been on the phone before yesterday. Ive also done a restore on the phone. Any suggestions?
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iPhone bluetooth headset - very low volume

I just got my iPhone bt headset and the volume is VERY low (even when the iPhone volume setting is max)- to the point that the headset is practically unusable when in car or walking a busy street. Is this a reason-to-return issue or can be fixed (battery calibration, etc.) by myself?
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volume of the iPhone is changing automatically to low volume of the iPhone is changing automatically to low

Hi Apple-community,


since a couple of days I have a problem with my volume at my iPhone 4.

When my iPhone is locked, very often the volume is changed to low. I cannot hear any phone call, SMS or any other event where a tone is started. Im checking then the volume and it is at 1 bar - normally close to 100% silent.

Question: What can that be?


Many thx upfront to all feedbacks!




Very low volume on iPhone bluetooth headset

I have the iPhone bluetooth headset. Some days ago the volume via headset is very low. I almost dont hear my interlocutor during conversation. The volume level on iPhone set to high. How can I resolve this problem?
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Iphone 4 volume level low when using earplugs

I can barely hear music and video when using the earplugs. Even when the volume is at max. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix the problem?

Low Volume Receiver

I have a 3G. For the first couple of weeks I have had no problem with the volume of either the ringer or the receiver (ear piece). Now the ringer volume still works fine. However the volume of the ear piece /receiver is so low that it is practically impossible to hear the other person on the line.
This is nuts. Any ideas would be very very appreciated.
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phone volume too low

works on speaker, inaudibly low when making a call.  they hear me fine. 


Have updated, charged, done hard reset.  Help!  Thanks!

iPhone 4 low earpiece volume after ios 5 upgrade

Hi all.


I have upgraded to ios 5 and biggest gripe i have withit that now my iphone 4 earpiece volume is now lower in volume but further more the quality of sound is worse... Sounds like a low end earpiece speaker the voice that comes through is weak and with lack of natural bass basically nothing like it was on 4.3.1 i had before.


Anyonr noticed deteriorated quality after the upgrade?


Regards S.

iPhone 4S low volume on Phone speaker during calls only

iPhone 4S low volume on phone speaker during phone calls only.

Have checked all packaging removed and can adjust volume levels o.k. in all other apps.

Adjusted volume using l/hand side buttons whilst in-call and still cant get it very loud.

If I use hands-free speaker phone at its lowest volume level its louder than normal speaker at its highest level.

Been through all settings but dont know if I have I missed anything obvious? 

Does turning down volume in app always have to turn down ringer

I have missed several calls because I turn down apps and it make the ringer equally as quiet.  I have the same problem on my iPad.  Any fixes?

Low Incoming call volume

I finally got my Iphone 4 and I find the incoming call volme to be extremely low. The ringer and Ipod volume is great. If you are wondering, the phone is not enclosed in any case yet. Any suggestions/help?
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Ringtone volume too low after 3.0 upgrade

I upgraded to 3.0 today and now my ringtones are so low I can only hear then if the phone is right next to me in a quiet room. Is anyone else noticing this? Is there a solution?
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3GS speaker volume low

Any ideas why? The ringtones and speaker volume seem very quiet. FYI using 4.1.2 and volume is MAX. cheers.
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Volume when listening to iPod low

When I listen to the iPod on my iPhone 4 the volume is significantly lower than it should be and lower than with XM, Pandora, etc.

I do not have the volume limiter turned on so thats not it.


Any thoughts?

iPhone 3GS low mic volume and hot battery

I just got my iPhone 3GS a week ago and i got some issues with it. First i have to say that its a lot faster than my iPhone 3G. After few days the phone suddenly got hot and sucked out my battery. After charging it to 100% during the night i made 2-3 phone calls 2-3 minutes each and then my battery was at 20-30%. The phone was hot so i restarted it and then optimized my settings to lower the used power. This was yesterday and today it works well again.
I also have an issue with the mic volume. My friends tell me that they can barley hear me. It seem to work better when using bluetooth headset.
By posting this here i hope someone at Apple will read it and do something about it.
Overall i love the iPhone!
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Very Low Call Volume of two week old iphone Any pointers to resolve this

I just bought the iphone two weeks back. Everything was fine until after I synched up the iphone 3g with itunes and installed some free apps from apple store. I can barely hear other persons voice. Note that increasing the volume using the side buttons is of no use. I am still on version, 2.0.1 ( 5B108).
Does anybody else has this problem? Any one knows about the resolution to this? PS: while i was typing this message I received an att message asking me to upgrade version of my iphone. Is that a good idea ?
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Volume phone ringer level constantly drops off

I have the 3G phone, purchased it in January, have version 3.0 and have noticed a problem before the 3.0 update ----
The ringer volume on the phone slowly drops off. I can keep the slide bar at the middle for sound, the ringer is great, after a few days or so it goes to no sound - slider is all the way off, volume shuts off by itself. Cant say if it has happened since new = January - but it has been a long time and before 3.0 upgrade. Anyone have or hear of this problem ?
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how to keep ringer volume on high whne sleep or off then back on

okay new to iphones....but i seem to notice our phones when we use on/off button to put it to sleep or turn it off completely the volume setting goes back to default level not the higer level i have it set for to hear ringer and while in calls so we can hear conversation and i dont mean speaker phone either.
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