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iphone voice only plan

iphone voice only plan

iphone unlocked

Order Shipped but rate plan states no voice plan

Just received my confirmation email from Apple that my order has been shipped. Under the Rate Plan it states No voice plan then under that is states: Unlimited 30 dollars (which is data usage) and Unlimited 20 dollars (which is texts) does anyone have any idea why this states no voice plan because I did pick a voice plan during checkout or will it just use my existing voice plan?

iphone unlocked

Using iPhone feature without data and voice plan

Is it possible to by a used iPhone and just use all the features that are available in an iPhone besides the voice and 3G data plan? I was going to buy an iPod Touch by I found that iPod does not have a camera.
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Voice only plan on att

I have an unlocked iPhone 3g. Im trying to confirm what I heard that you need a data plan for any iPhone on the att network. Am I unable to turn off the data feature in the iPhone preferences and get a voice plan only? I would hate to use t mobile
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do you have to have phone voice service to have a data plan

I see all of this stuff about $25 and $15 data plans for the iphone.
So my question #1, do I absolutely have to have a phone voice plan to make the data plan work?
I use the iphone as a ipod basically: games, movies, music, with surfing web, email, ect over wifi. but I would occasionally like the ability to use it when not connected to wifi.
Question #2: if there is no way to use the data plan without a cell plan, do they have 20 minutes a month plans? I currently use 10-12 minutes a month on my cell phone, but 20 minutes sounds good.
if both questions are no and no, then I suppose I should get an ipad which can get data plans by itself.
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i accidently deleted my voice memos on my iphone i was using itunes on two different computers and my voice memos are gone DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO RETRIEVE MY LOST VOICE MEMOS PLEASE HELP

itunes asked me if iwanted to erase all my files on my iphone when i connected it to my second computer.

i clicked yes

and all of my very important voice memos were deleted

however none of my photos were deleted...... and they count as files dont they?

anyway i need help on how to retrieve deleted voice memos


Mmmm Well why is Massage sent voice and Battery charging voice wont go in iPhone 4 eh

Mmmm.. Well why is Massage sent voice and Battery charging voice wont go in iPhone 4 ? eh

Iphone 4 voice Dial doesn't recognize my Voice

I cant get my I4 to recognize my voice. When i listen to music and give it a command it ends up choosing the wrong command or calling someone. Does anyone else have this problem? My 3GS was awesome with the voice control
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I want to take a voice memo off my iPhone put it into iTunes Library and convert it to an .mp3 How do I get the voice memos from my phone I can't seem to move them out of the Devices folder no matter how much I try to copy and paste or drag and d

I want to take a voice memo off my iPhone, turn it into and .mp3, and email it.  My iPhone shows up under Devices in my iTunes but doesnt allow me to move the voice memo files I see sitting there into my Library no matter how much copying and pasting or dragging and dropping I try to do. 


Also, I need to convert the file to an .mp3. 


How come no voice memo files show up when I go into my iPhone via My Computer?  All it shows are the videos and pictures in the DCIM folder, but not the voice memos.  Is there another way to access the voice memos other than through iTunes? 

Irony Voice Control can't be used to record voice memos

Does anybody else find it ironic and short-sighted that Apple didnt include a way to use Voice Control to control the Voice Memos app? Or am I missing something? This would be incredibly useful for me and Im sure for many others.
Heading over to the feedback page...
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Can you use voice control to play your voice mail

If so, how? When I say call voice mail it comes back with all kinds of crazy matches with random contacts.
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Google Voice intercepting voice mail

Someone called me just now and I couldnt answer, to naturally the call went to vocie mail. Whats disturbing is that the call went to my Google Voice vm box, not the voice mail in the phone. Im prety sure I didnt knowingly agree to this, and dont much like it.
How can I get my regular iPhone visual voice mail back?
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Can you get the iPhone without a data plan

Im a poor college student but I really want an iPhone. There is no way that I can pay $60 a month for the voice / data package, but $40 bucks a month is reasonable. Does anyone know if you can get an iPhone with just the voice plan? I cant afford data and I dont need it because theres wifi everywhere. Thanks in advance.
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iphone 4 - family plan

Sorry if this is a repeat. ATT website is anyways not working for upgrades. I am a old customer of ATT and i want iphone 4, this is my first smartphone. I have two phones on a family plan. When i use apple site, it asks my phone number, last 4 digits of ssn and zip code .. but this is only for one phone .. when will it ask me about the other phone ? is that a new order or will it be done later down the line ? I am worried if i go forward they might lock me in for 2 years with 1 iphone and other old phone.
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iPhone 3GS without plan

Hi all,
Id like to know how I can get an iPhone 3G S with no commitment. I already have an iPhone 3G S with a 2-year ATT contract. But I wanna buy another one for a French friend. What is the best way to do it and what are prices for both 16 and 32 GB?
Thanks so much
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How to sell your iphone and plan

Ok -- so i bought the iphone 3g - and bottom line, it is so slow it drives me nuts. I want to sell it. To check my email I have to tell it to fetch, then put it in my pocket for 5 minutes, then maybe it will be there.
Does anyone know a way to sell it and the plan?
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iphone 4s with prepaid plan

Can i use iphone 4s with prepaid plan (virgin, t-mobile etc.)? Also, which one should I buy (cdma or gsm) to use in other country?

iPhone 3G on the prepaid plan

Supportive of Apple products as I am, I have brought yet another one home - iPhone 4. I intended to still use my well kept 3G occasionally, and thought a prepaid plan would be a way to go. However, I have just heard back from ATT, and they told me that they dont permit iPhones on prepaid plans?!
Is that not wasteful ? Anybody aware of a way to still use my 3G beauty as a phone?

iPhone 3G S prepaid plan

I have not been able to find out if it is possible to get the iPhone 3G S with a pre-paid plan. Is that possible?
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iPhone 4 without Data plan

Canadian here.
I am interested in purchasing the iPhone4 outright from an applestore (unlocked/750 dollars)
I currently have a standard phone plan with calling, text, voicemail but no data.
What I was wondering, is will my current carrier (rogers) be able to put my standard phone plan onto a micro sim so I can use the iPhone4 without data. I only want the phone for calling and text and do not need email or 3G internet. I know with a 3gs you can just put your sim in the phone and use the standard phone plan no problem but will rogers be willing to put a standard plan onto this new type of sim or will they be fussy and say that microsims only work for data plans?
Help please!! I dont want to buy the phone and find out after that i cant use it unless im paying 80+ dollars a month for unneeded data
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Regarding the new iPhone data plan

Im an original iPhone 2G customer and I have stuck with the frist generation phone till now. I wasnt impressed with the 3G or the 3GS but this newest 4G looks super slick and I want it.
1.) I never even thought about how much data I use because the plans were always unlimited. Will customers have the ability to check the ammount of data they have used in a month so as to avoid overage charges?
2.) If it true that If I do not go over the 2GB cap that I am actually saving $5 on the data plan?
3.)Do most users stay within the 2GB cap? I mean, I always thought using Google maps and checking my mail and watching YouTube videos on the bus was putting my way over the 3GB limit. Am I mistaken?
Thank you for your help.
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plan for unlocked iphone

Im coming to the US this summer for school and was wondering if its possible to bring my factory unlocked iPhone from Europe and use it in USA.
Also if it is possible what is the best plan for an unlocked iphone (no contract)
Thanks in advance
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Using another phone with an AT&T iPhone plan

Hey all... I tried to search for this topic on here.. But didnt exactly know what to search or where to look... So, sorry if it has already been answered...
I have an iPhone 3G... and I was considering purchasing a back up/regular phone to use when I didnt want to take my iPhone somewhere...
I thought I remember from when I had my first iPhone that charges were incurred when using a non-iPhone with an iPhone plan. If I remember correct, you could use it for voice but not data.
Is this still the same?.. Can you text, use the internet, etc. with a non-iPhone on an iPhone plan, without being charged additional fees?!..
Thanks in advance!!..
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Can you use iPhone without a data plan

I would love to get an iPhone but do not need, nor can I justify the expense of a monthly data plan. Can the iPhone be used without a data plan? Other than the obvious, what features do you lose without using a data plan? Thanks for the input!
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If you cancel your iPhone plan with AT&T

Is your iPhone still usable as if it were an iPod Touch? If you shut off the iPhone with AT&T, will it still be functional as an iPod, internet browser, email, etc. like the iPod Touch is?
Im thinking about canceling my service with AT&T, but would like to keep my phone and still use it as an iPod.

Family plan with iPhone 4

Is it possible to have a family plan with one iPhone and 3 other regular phones? Would it be the same price as a family plan of 4?
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Plan prices for iphone 4

Does anyone know what the plan prices will be for AT&T for iphone 4?
im on a family plan with my mom (a non iphone user) and am eligible for an upgrade. Can i opt to keep the plan i currently have and just pay the upgrade fees?

iphone 4s drainning my data plan

when i was using my iphone 3, my monthly data usage is around 30-50mb. most of the i am in wifi coverage. since november 2011, i upgraded to iphone 4s, my data usage tripled. its now around 130-150mb.   i intentionally leave my phone under wifi connection whole day yesterday, but at&t data uage still goes up. i cant figure this out. i am using the same apps still. is there anyway i can find out which app is draining my data limit?

iPhone question about a service plan

My mom and my sisters have all 3 of their cell phones on a family plan through ATT. Is there a way I could get the service plan price iPhone 3G S by buying it from ATT and requesting it to be linked to our current family plan or is that even possible?
Also, is there a difference in the iPhone 3G S 8GB, 16GB and 32GB other than extra storage? Do they each have seperate features or are all the same?
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is it possible to dev for the iPhone without a phone plan

hi all,
Id like to dev for the iPhone, but I dont want to purchase a phone plan. I have an iPhone. Is it possible to slip in custom apps via wifi?
Regards, Brien

New iPhone 4 and no more unlimited data plan

Hi all, I just bought the new iPhone 4. Ive had the original iPhone until yesterday with the unlimited data plan. I kept my same voice plan but opted for a new data plan as well as the tethering plan. Now I cant even stream music on my iPhone like I used to without going over my monthly limit rather quickly.
Do you know if I can go to any AT&T store and change my plan back to the unlimited data plan and ditch the tethering plan? As long as I do so within 30 days. I want to keep the phone, just change my plan back to what I had.
Thanks in advance.
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