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iphone wall charger show plug

iphone wall charger show plug

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iPhone Charger wall plug which cable

Which cable goes with the iphone 3g wall plug adaptor/charger? I have two cables which are slightly different- one possibly came with my ipod touch 32gb and another came with the iphone 3g. I cant distinguish which goes with which product. One usb cable has a broad, thicker white plastic end which would go into the ipod/iphone and the other has a more narrow/thinner end.
As a friend has today told me his went on fire whilst charging his iphone 3g using the wall plug adaptor/charger here in the UK, I am anxious to tell the difference in these to cables to check Im using the right one!!
Many thanks,
Baz, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
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Meaning of the wall-plug icon while in charger

Hello !


When I charge my iPhone it first has the lightning bolt while charging, then switches to the wall plug icon when its charged. When I leave it this way, the battery depletes slowly just as my macbook does until it reaches about 93% then the lightning bolt is displayed again indicating its again charging to 100%.


Ok so here is my question: When its finished charging and the wallplug icon is shown, does the iPhone still get some small charging current to slow down battery depletion or nothing at all? Or in other words: Does it make a difference when I take the phone off the charger as soon as the wall plug is shown compared to leaving it in the dock?


Kind regards,


my iphone will not turn on we plugged it into the charger in the wall the charger in the computer pc what do i do

What do i do my iphone will NOT turn on it is like stuck its fine it hasnt been dropped kicked or thrown or hurt in any way its just i plug it into the wall in the charger it will not turn on its a black screen and also i hold the ON Button and its still not working I tryed plugging it into the Computer and still Nothing...What do i do?!?

iphone wall plug.apple product

Ok i got a wall plug to charge my iphone and it said oem apple product..how can i find out if it is an actual apple product
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HOT iPhone while charging to a wall charger

just wondering if anyone has experienced the same.
tonight while i was charging my phone to the wall outlet (the one with the changeable prongs) i noticed it getting very hot in the center of the phone. i then took off the case, and changed the cable (the cable was a lil old) and took it to another wall outlet and still got the same heat!
so after that i plugged it into my computer, and the temp went down to normal.
hmmmm.... any ideas?!
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My iphone will only respond to a wall charger and not my computer

My iphone 3g needs to be restored, but when I plug it into the computer, not even the apple logo will come up. When I plug it into the wall I can get the itunes logo and the usb cord to show up, but not when it is plugged into the computer.

Wall Charger for iPhone extension cable

I have a wall charger and standard iPhone cable but its too short. I was thinking of adding an extension cable but would it be safe to use in conjunction?
By too short as in the surge protector is on the ground and the desk is 4 feet high and the cable is less than 4 feet high and when I put it on the ground it takes the iPhone with it.
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iphone 3g out of power and not recognize by pc and wall charger

hello everyone
i have my iphone 3g given by friend in my birthday
it was working well. but 2 weeks ago it was not reconize by pc, wall charger and itunes etc.i dont now what is wrong. i have checked all the available option.now my i phone is out of power.
also i need to metion when i charge my iphone i get itunes and usb logo stuck in my iphone.
i still have my warranty till semptember 2009.i am from australia
if there is no solution for this problem can i get my iphone 3g replacement online. i want to do online processing because i am busy whole week
thank you
for your commitment

whats an wall charger

im getting an iphone 4s yeah i know old,who cares..but in the box it comes with wan wall charger?what is it?are you meant to have two plug sockets i have there in my plug sockets..someone help me please

3rd Party Wall Charger

I recently purchased a Belkin wall charger for an iPod Touch. Can anyone tell me if this is going to be compatible with the 3G S? I didnt save any paperwork on the charger.
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Wall charger for nano - compatible

I am wondering if I can use the 2nd generation Nano wall charger with my iPhone 3G? I travel a lot and the option for using the World Travel Adapters on that charger is a feature I would like to be able to use. I checked all the electrical info on both that charger and the one that came with my iPhone and they seem to be the same, just didnt want to take any chances..
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No sound when plugging in to wall charger

My iPhone always made a sound when I plugged it into the wall charger. I liked this sound. About a week ago, it stopped making the charging sound. How can I get the sound back?
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Searching for wall charger for use in China

Hi everyone.
I have been searching the Internet for a wall charger solution for use in Hong Kong (China). Does anyone have any recommendations? So far I have found these.

Wall outlet charger recall

Hey are the apple stores still replacing the wall charger plugs that came with the Iphone 3G because of recall? There used to be an area on the apple website about it but now I cant find it? Link?
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Iphone 3G will only charge from USB cable via comp and not the wall charger

Hey everyone
Can someone advise me what the problem is, have tried buying new usb cables and wall charger but still it refuses to charge from the wall plug.
Anyone got any idea? it works perfect every time via computer.
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iphone 4 will not turn on after turned off unless plugged into wall charger or computer

After I turn the phone off, it wont turn back on unless I plug it into the wall or the computer. Then it just comes right on. I have no other problems with the phone other than this and it only started about a week ago.

Tech spec for iPhone 4 compact USB wall charger

Ill be traveling to Sweden from California, and Im trying to find out what I need to enable me to charge my iPhone 4 from the AC wall current there. If the little charger that came with my iPhone 4 can accept a wide AC voltage input range (say 100 - 250 volts), then all I need is a mechanical adapter. However, if the little charger only accepts North American current (110 volts), then I need both mechanical and electrical transformation.
Ive been looking on Apples site, in the manuals, etc., and I cannot find an authoritative statement about the electrical inputs allowed by the little charger. Can you point me to such a document? Im surprised Apple is making it so hard to find this information.

Charging with wall charger no longer working

iphone 3g worked charged perfectly before synchronizing to macbook pro. Now it will only charge when the laptop is running, not through wall charger - yes, I tried every outlet in the house as well, same result. I am pretty sure this is user error, thanks for the suggestions.

My iphone 3gs charges when using a wall charger but will not charge or sync to a computer

My ihphone 3gs charges when using a wall charger, but will not charge or sync to a computer.

Please do a recall on Apple iphone 4 and 4s Chargers is this an APPLE call or cell phone company problem Apple please help I I take excellent care of my wall charger and it unravel where the charger is attached to the Apple iphone call can u help

Dear community Happy New Year .listen I have a Apple Iphone 4s:I have had this as a gift since may 2012.Its good,but my daughter and about 10 other people I know are having problems with their wall chargers in home and maybe even mobile im not sure.I especially take great care in disconnecting my device and removing the cord when not in use. the wear and tear cannot be that often to cause this damage we are all having !The cord on the charger is unravelling from the base where the apple iphone is attached when or while charging. I have use the cord in very bad conditions because #one I cannot afford to replace this item at the OFFICIAL APPLE STORE so Im guessing people like myself is going to discount stores to make purchase of chargers they most likely not work! I have tried 3 and none work spending anywhere from $8.00-$15.00 dollars. Im also concern about the fact that a lot of CHILDREN who must most likely go un supervised on using this unravelled IPHONE CHARGER CORD  when their parents maynot be aware. I not the voltage may not be of that large in which someone could cause shock or harm Im not certain of this either, However theres always a first Im asking can you either number one recall these chargers via Apple Corportation or two these cell phone companies who sell your product make them accountable for this .I learned today through Apple that the cell phone companies that sell Apple product use 3rd parties material to produce these mobile and home wall chargers and that they are not made by APPLE CORPORATION I WAS VERY UPSET TO KNOW THIS !I am asking you APPLE  to look into this very important concern that not just me but other consumers may have before their is an injury. also if you sell a $500.00 product thats MADE IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY CERTAINLY YOU CAN INCLUDE A GENIUNE CHARGER WITH YOUR APPLE PRODUCT WHEN SOLD IN CELL PHONE COMPANIES STORES AND STRIP MALLS ACROSS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND SURELY PEOPLE ARENT AWARE THAT THE REAL PRODUCT IS ONLY AT THE APPLE STORE EVEN IF THIS IS TRUE !  ps I called the apple store today to get a replacement they wanted to charge me would only offer me a $1.25 cent discount ! IST THIS WHAT APPLE PAY TO HAVE OTHER COUNTRIES MAKE THE IPHONE? THANKS APPLE FOR HEARING MY

CONCERNS....mpena309@gmail.com   or mybigoboy@icloud.com

wall charger USB hub charging problem



I discovered a little problem with charging iPhone. Lets start with describing the situation:


1. Devices used:

- original iPhone wall charger

- MacBook Pro USB port

- iPhone 3G

- original iPhone charging wire

- USB 4-ports hub


2. Whats the problem?

- I wanted to test charging iPhone through USB hub connected to Apple original wall charger

- at first, some information: charging via wall charger and via MBP USB port works fine

- I connected USB hub to MBP, and then iPhone with original cable - iPhone was charging properly

- next I connected USB hub to Apple wall charger, then iPhone with the same cable - iPhone wasnt charging!


3. Question

- why iPhone charging works through USB hub connected to the computer, but the same doesnt work connected to wall charger?

iPhone will not show up in iTunes when I plug in USB

I am not able to sync my new iphone 3G S when I plug it into my computer. My old iphone that I did the latest update has the same problem. They will not even chirp or start charging when I plug them in. My shuffle will show up, sync and charge, no problem so I know that the USB ports are working properly. My phones will only charge on wall outlet adaptor. Tried two different apple iphone cables. Could this be a bug or am I doing something wrong?
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Charging iPhone 3G with iPod Video's usb wall charger and usb cable

Hi all! _
i wonder if it would spoil my iPhone 3Gs battery if i were to use my iPod Videos usb wall charger and usb cable to charge my iPhone
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HT1476 iPhone 3GS not charging with apple wall charger comes up with charging is not supported with this accessory any ideas

Hi guys as above my girlfriends phone has just started playing up when charging . Shes running the latest firmware 5.1.1 , any ideas to resolve this issue ? Thanks

i have had a problem with my iphone 4 and charging it everytime i plug my charger in it says 'accessory not supported' i have gone threw 6 apple iphone chargers in two months help thank you

i have had a problem with my iphone 4 and charging it, everytime i plug my charger in it says accessory not supported i have gone threw 6 apple iphone chargers in two months help thank you

My iPod is stuck on a screen were it shows the itunes symbol and it show i need a plug in device Ive tryed everything I can do can anyone help me

I need help with my iPod, its stuck on a screen with the iTunes symbol and the charger below it can anyone help me?

HT1386 Why doesn't my iphone show up when I plug it into my computer I do not have a listing for devices and thus cannot backup my iphone contacts etc

I am trying to backup my iphone contacts through itunes... Oddly, my iphone 4 is not visible under Devices when I plug it into the USB port on the computer. It doesnt seem that I will be able to connect to or access or change anything unless my phone shows up as a Device in Itunes on the left side. Suggestions? I have tried two different ports and neither permits my iphone to show up as a device in itunes.



hey my iphone 3G 4.2.1 is dead It aint starting When i plug a charger to it then Apple's logo gets appeared for 2-3 seconds and its getting buzzed off neither PC nor Itunes is detecting the iphone i guess therz battery around 20-30 last i saw

hey...my iphone 3G(4.2.1) is dead. It aint starting. When i plug a charger to it an apples logo gets appeared for 2-3 seconds and then its getting buzzed off! neither PC nor Itunes is detecting the iphone. i guess there was battery around 20-30%(last i saw)...please please help me out!!!!!!

My iPhone 4 will charge on a wall socket but WILL NOT charge on computer or even connect to the computer and show up

My iPhone 4 will not connect to my MacBookPro. It will not charge on my MacBookPro, but it will charge on a wall socket and it will play music in a 3rd party speaker system


This is extremely frustrating not only can I not back up my iPhone but I also can not update its OS etc.

My iPhone will not charge when I plug it first I have to unplug it and when I plug it again then it charges

My iPhone 4 (GSM) will not charge when I plug it first, I have to unplug it and when I plug it again, then it charges... It is very weird... Has this happened to anyone?


Thank you in advance for the answer.

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