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iphone wont play music through speakers but plays ringtones

iphone wont play music through speakers but plays ringtones

iphone unlocked

iphone wont play music from speakers Help

Did I press something, did they break?
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iphone unlocked

i bought some music off of itunes music will play on my pc and one iphone I try to play it on another phone it wont play it looks like the songs i already have on my phone but it just won't start playing

i bought some music from itunes off my pc, it automaticly went to my wifes phone and my phone,my wife can tap on the songs and listen to the new music  but when i do the same thing on my phone the song wont play

iphone plays music out the speakers when headset aux cable unplug

Either when Im listening to music in iphone from aux in the car, then I stop the music and unplug the phone... music starts playing from the speakers. This happens, even after I had not used the phone at all (no music, or calling). Usually just unplugging the headsets just starts playing music all of the sudden out the speakers!!! (this happens to both Apple headset, generic stereo headsets, and aux cable). I didnt even had the ipod player ON.
Yes, this happen to me while I had a client in the car with me!!!! Do you know what is like to have a Japanese old men, all of the sudden get surprised by 50 CENT!!!
This is not cool APPLE!!! I busted my butt to get the iphone 3g (needed wifes permission and money)... so Im really paying extra money for a broken iPod Touch! Really, my ipod touch doesnt even do this!
So please if anybody can help, or if you know any solutions for this. I really could use this, because I often unplug my phone with guest in the car. (I have it plugged in always while driving, safety first!)
iphone 3g 16g iPhone OS 3.0

Music will not play playlists-only plays first song over and over

Music will not play playlists-only plays first song over and over. I have the original iphone and just had to exchange for new one due to screen issues. This is really strange, I cant find the setting to adjust this?
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iphone 4 ringtones and music plays but no alert tones

My iphone 4 has started playing up, the external speaker works for ringtones and music etc but not for text, email, and app alerts. I have checked all the settings and these are fine and the mute switch is off. everything works with the earphones plugged in.


When I press the volume buttons on the side of the phone it just displays the ringer logo but no bar to adjust the sound. if i have the earphones plugged in and adjust the volume it works fine.


Any ideas? I have searched theough the forum for similar issues and tried various solutions but nothing seems to work




Music Won't Play Through My iPhone's Speakers

Hey Folks, I have a *very* annoying problem, almost positive its a software problem/bug.


The ringer works through the speaker, but when I go to play music through the speaker, the Music app doesnt even have a volume slider to move. If I have a bluetooth headset connected, it prompts me to send the audio either to the headset or to Dock Connector even though nothings connected to the dock connector. If I do have my iPhone docked, sound plays fine thorugh the dock, and when i unplug it, sound will begin to play like normal thought the speaker for about 3 seconds, then going silent. Any ideas?


(Earpiece, Headphones, Bluetooth Audio, and Dock speakers all work great, just not the internal speaker.)




iPhone 4

Model - MC603C

Software - 5.01 (Build 9A405)

Ringtones wont play on iPhone

I created two ringtones from songs downloaded from Itunes. I have the latest Itunes and the latest firmware for the Iphone. I synced with the iphone and both songs show up in the ringtones list on the iphone. But both are silent when I select them. All the other standard ringtones work but my two custom ones make no sounds on the ringtone page or when they are selected and I get a call. Both work fine if selected in itunes. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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I connected my iphone 4 to my TV using A V cable but cannot get the music to play through my TV speakers

I am trying to play my iphone4  music through a visio HD TV.  I attached the phone using A/V cable (red/white)...but the music wont play through the TV speakers.  I can play videos through the TV with sounds...but not my ipod music.  any advice?

music on phone will not play out of car speakers

What am I doing wrong? I have a new car with the jack. I plug the cable in and it say aux like its supposed to. But it will not play out of car speakers. Please help me.
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Can iPhone 3Gs play music direct to remote speakers via wifi

Is it possible to play music from the iPhone 3Gs direct to remote speakers without going via a computer? Eg I was hoping to connect it over wifi using an airport express connected to my amp+speakers.
thanks for any advice.
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External speakers on Iphone 3Gs do not work and at times at random ipod and or apps are not open it plays static from the external speakers any help is appreciated

speakers do not play sound (music/apps) at an audible sound, unless you hold the phone right up to your ear. The ringer does not work, also at time it will just start playing static at basically half volume.

help please, thank you!!

HT5014 just installed 5.1.1 Iphone4 does not play music threw speakers or head set jack

just installed 5.1.1 and cant play music threw the phone speakers or headset jack. it will play music through a base. also the phone rings and text notifications work. i tried to reinstall software. it seens the phone does not reconize the speakers in the software. thanks for your help.

My iPhone 4 wont play any music Help

I have tried EVERYTHING. Except going over to the apple store. The phone rings just fine. But the sound on the apps wont work. And the sound wont work when I try to listen to my music. Hass anyone else had this problem ?

my music wont play

when i go to the music library and select a song to play, it will go to the now playing screen and skip the song i selected and skip about 10songs and then finally stop. The majority of songs just wont play. I have tried turning it on and off, turning the shake shuffle setting off, and resyncing my phone. Any ideas what is wrong?

my music wont play

If I try to play any songs in order- or by playlist it skips around the songs and doesnt play anything out loud.  Ive tried syncing and rebooting and both were useless.  this is ******* my off as I Love my music- help.

Iphone wont play any music headphones or without nothing works help

So, my iphone has been working fine. Then yesterday, I usually listen to Pandora Radio through my iphone, through my headphones at work. Now, no sound. It says the track is playing, ive tried diff stations, nothing plays sound. So i tried the Ipod on my Iphone...no audible sound either. It says its playing, but I cant hear anything, even with the headphones out. This is very frustrating, any help would be greatly appreciated.
iPhone OS 3.0

My iPhone 4 when I play music it will play but the volume control does't show up so it won't make any sound

My iPhone 4 when I play music it will play, but the volume control doest show up so it wont make any sound. It also wont make any sound when I play videos, but when I plug in headphones it will play.

Iphone 3G Plays Music When Calling

My old iPhone 3G (the only phone I have right now) is having some major issues.  The largest being that when I try to call using the included iPhone microphone w/ earbuds it attempts to play music (Whether there is music to play or not), which of course ends the call.  This normally happens before the other person picks up, but it can work for several minutes to half an hour before doing it.  I have tried:


1.) Restoring the iPhone (At 4.2.1 right now)

2.) Removing All Music (The little play icon still flickers at the top right, and then my call disconnects)

3.) When calling without headset the call works fine


Other issues can include:


1.) Sluggish response time in any IOS version-accually much better in the new 4.2 version than the 3.1.2 that I was running

2.) An annoying popup that keeps coming up that says something along the lines of This Accessory is not made for the iPhone.

3.) Before I restored I had issues with app crashes

4.) Annoying little glitches here and there, most of which disapeared after the restore

5.) Will randomly play music


Acually the second biggest issue is that when it plays music, it will pause randomly and then play.  After a few seconds it will fast forward (Almost if someone is scrubbing it) and then play normal again-then repeat the same thing.  The catch? This only happens when I have headphones on.


Oh yes, and I replaced the battery on it several months ago, hauntingly close to when this all started ...  Anyways wanted to get someone elses opinion.


Thanks Ahead for Any/All Help!

iPhone music no longer plays in car

I have an iPhone 3GS with iOS4. For some reason (not sure if is since the most recent software update) music will no longer play via my Alpine car system (has connector cable). It displays a message saying the accessory is not compatible, but it always was before, and also my partners iPhone 3G still plays in the car OK. It works fine as before with headphones or on my home surround sound system just not in the car. Any suggestions gratefully received.
3GS iOS 4

Iphone app which plays music from my mac

I was wondering if anyone knows if theres an app which can play music from my mac. My iphone is 16bg and my mac has over 500gb of music/video. Why cant my iphone just pickup media from my macs hard drives and allow me to play it without syncing and deleting from my iphone? It an connect to my home network and access the internet so why not access files?
Mac 20" Intel Mac OS X (10.5.8)

My speakers to my iPhone 3 just shut off this morning nothing will play through it I don't know if this is the right place to ask the question but what should I do

I Dont know what to do about my speakers they shut off for no reason

iPhone Randomly Plays Music when Headphones Unplugged

Hi, kind of a strange problem...
Sometimes, seemingly at random, when I unplug my headphones, music will start playing out of the speakerphone. Its always Achtug Baby by U2 (I see why its Achtung, starts with A but why U2 I dont know, lol).
Just wondering if Im somehow doing something that would cause this behaviour or if this is a documented bug.
Macbook Pro 2.4Ghz Mac OS X (10.5.4)

TS1630 I can't get my music to play all of sudden It happened after I paired the audio with my Maxima I turned off bluetooth and it still would not play

I cant get my music to play all of sudden. It happened after I paired the audio with my Maxima. I turned off bluetooth and it still would not play

I am try to put ringtones on my iphone 3g from itune's and it wont let me it wont even pull them to my iphone list

I am try to put ringtones on my iphone 3g from itunes and it wont let me it wont even pull them to my iphone list and it use to all the time idk whats going one

Plays ripped music in iPhone but no sound on iTunes purchases

The subject pretty much says it all. I upgraded to 2.0 last night and tried to use the iPod in the phone today. It recognized all the music I had in it and played the music that I ripped into iTunes via CD no problem. HOWEVER when a song would come up that I had purchased from the iTunes store, it would show the album art and the track time would run, but no sound would eminate from the speakers.
Anybody else having this problem?
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I have three headphone and none of them work my iPhone 5 only plays music and videos on the speaker

I have three headphone and none of them work my iPhone 5 only plays music and videos on the speaker

Music Podcast plays after missed call



Im a long time iPhone user, recently upgraded to iOS6. I typically use the pull out your headphones method of turning my music/podcast off when I get to work. What ive found is that if I have a missed call while the phone is in my pocket, the music/cast starts playing again, randomly, often in the middle of meetings. Embarassing and unnecessary.


The sort of quality slip which has been avoided so far..

iPhone 4 connecting to TV for the 1st time with new Composite AV Cable only plays sound not video on TV However this new cable works fine with old iPod to play videos on TV Suggestions

Im trying to connect my iPhone 4 to my TV to play videos via use of a new Composite AV Cable but only sound will play off TV, not video.  Ive tried every yellow/red/white input on the TV but to no avail.  Any suggestions?

Music album cover images and track titles show on iPhone 4s but music doesn't play - any ideas

I am a Young at Heart Senior, new to iPhone 4s, have an old creaking pc with Windows XP Home.....but plan to enter the real world any day soon by buying a new Mac!


Here is my problem, I purchased an album on iTunes and mistakenly started to sync it to my phone, (although I dont have iCloud loaded on my pc). I stopped it mid download and later noticed that the total track numbers were showing as a red number above the more button as if they were waiting to complete the download. It stayed there while I thought about it for a few days, but when I click the Album button all the tracks are listed.


Now to the funny part.....when I click on a track or indeed any of them, it doesnt play a sound...but the progress bar above moves as if now playing.

So, I thought.... no problem, I would connect the phone up to iTunes and delete the tracks....but when I do so, this album and none of its track titles show in my music list for the phone......weird.


So, I have a large album with titles only on my phone, no music behind the titles (which, incidentally, is rubbish anyway) and I cant get rid of it off my phone, any of you young whizzy iPhoners have any ideas how to clear it off ?


I did think I might just Restore my phone, but wondered whether downloading all my stuff from iCloud would still include the dreaded  Now Thats What I Call Christmas album, which I only purchased in late 2011 to play at a seniors Xmas party...........you live and learn!


You will guess from my ramblings that I am not at all techy, but consider myself willing to learn and apart from this hiccup........I luuuurve my iPhone!

My iphone wont play through accessory

My 32GB iPhone 3GS wont play music through the plug in accessory.  I have 2 different accessories that plug into the bottom of the iphone to play music and both no longer work.  I have checked the accessories with my other iPhone and they work with it, so it must be the phone.


Both accessories used to work.


When the iPhone is plugged in the music is played through the external iPhone speaker like it isnt connected at all.


I have inspected and blown out the iphone connector.  Everything appears OK. 


Could this be a software issue? Or a hardware issue? Everything else seems to working fine.


Ideas? Help please

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